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SCROLLWishlist: Low gen shimmers and tinselsI accept and honor IOU'sI have a 2nd gen Holly that I can offer an IOU for a low gen shimmer, please PM if interested.

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    People I owe dragons to:

    Safrienaer: bronze shimmer from Satan Lurkers x Caven Lurker (completed)
    Tawanda001: First bronze shimmer from AMtlv (completed)
    nxtashaxt: Silver shimmer from 5E Silver Moon (completed)

    People requesting egg:

    Zerhai: Hope egg from A World of Hope.

    People who owe me dragons:

    Valeth: Offspring from Dawn's Silvery Night (completed)
    Adri: 4th gen Prize x Ice or Se 7 en x Golden Wvyren
    thenameisplissken: 3rd gen Thuwed ember (completed)
    Mysticangel: silver shimmer from http://dragcave.net/lineage/KLiWW