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    If there is something on my scroll I can breed for you PM me and I will see what I can do :D
    If my Inbox is full please feel free to email me!

    IOUS: (All completed)

    Big Thank You to anyone who Glomps/Gifts me - Much Love!
    Any Dead Eggs on my scroll are failed Vampire Bites.

    * 2nd-3rd gen Shimmer Stair from (Satan) X Desipis, Pyro Xeno OR Spirit Ward.
    * Any 2nd-3rd Gen Tinsel x Royal Blue line
    * CB Gold
    * CB Silver
    * Silver - 2nd gen (x Mistletoe Parent)
    * Avatar of Change - 2nd gens (x Radiant Angel father)
    * Avatar of Destruction - 2nd gens (x Lurker mother)

    * Mistletoe - 2nd gen (x Undine Parent)
    * CB Vampires bitten from original release Vamps

    Group Lineage Projects:
    * Native American Lineage
    * Dragons of Berk
    * DC Hunger Games Lineage
    * Caribbean Lineage
    * Brimberstone Breedery
    * Resurrection of the Weeping Angels

    Some of my Personal Lineage projects can be found via the link on my signature! :D

    My Step-Sister's Scroll name: CCPhoenix