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Dragon Clans of the Elements

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The Dragon Clans of the Elements



For millions of years, four elemental Clans and their guardian protector have lived together in a realm like no other. Each territory has a biome unique to the dragons that live there. They hold dragons of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Every full moon, the dragons meet at a beautiful shrine that lays in the center of the territories. It displays the insignia of each Clan and the one of their Guardian, Ayra (a Guardian Protector, played by me). She watches over each Clan from her home in the Atmosphere and helps protect them from the threat of DarkClan. This evil, twisted group of dragons seek power and blood. A long time ago, they were part of the realm, living in peace with the others. They were equal to the other Clans, and had a territory for themselves too. However, they lacked good prey, and stole from the other Clans, breaking the oath of peace. Ayra expelled them from the Realm to prevent further conflict. Dharak, (Ayra's partner in protecting the Realm) was angered by this. He secretly favored DarkClan and had been supporting their attacks all along. When Ayra learned of this, she challenged Dharak to a battle. After weeks of brutal, fierce fighting, Ayra prevailed and banished Dharak as well. In an attempt to keep him from coming back, she transformed him into a Zombie.



Today, DarkClan lives in a crumbling ruin a few miles from the Realm, hungry for revenge. Their leader is Dharak (Ayra's brother, also played by me) who once was a Guardian Protector too. If you choose to be in one of the Elemental Clans your role is to take care of your Clan but also keep guard against DarkClan. You do not seek war, but you must defend the Realm. If you have a character in DarkClan, your role is similar to the other's, but you will be launching attacks on various Clans trying to kill dragons, steal eggs, etc. It was Dharak that held DarkClan together, so you are to do his bidding. It's all about revenge. Dharak seeks to get his revenge on Ayra through the four Clans. When enough players have joined, a full-fledged war will begin. This will be between the Elemental Clans and DarkClan, but if Dharak shows himself, Ayra will confront him.


About Each Clan:



WaterClan lives in a marshy, river-filled territory. They mainly hunt fish and other water dwelling creatures. Their camp is located at the bottom of a lake and the dens are built into rocks at the lake floor. The strengths of WaterClan include the ability to breathe underwater, underwater echolocation, and very strong tails. Their greatest weakness is that they cannot survive 48 hours without water.



EarthClan lives in a dense, lush forest territory. They mainly hunt deer and foxes, but are they are the only omnivorous dragons in the Realm. Their camp is located in a huge hollowed out tree and they nest inside the trunk and up in the branches. The strengths of EarthClan include healing, a muscular build, and the ability to control trees and plants. Their greatest weakness is fire.



WindClan lives high up in the mountains amongst the clouds. They hunt birds and mountain goats. Their camp is located at the peak of the mountain and the dens are carved into it's face. The strengths of the WindClan dragons are speed, navigation, and stamina. Their weakness is strength, and their bones can break eaiser than others.



FireClan lives in a rugged, volcanic territory. They hunt lizards and snakes, and do not need water to survive. Their camp is located inside of a massive volcano, with the dens carved into the inside walls. The strengths of FireClan dragons include immunity to fire, heat, and the cold. Their greatest weakness is water.


DarkClan: DarkClan lives in a crumbling ruin a couple of miles from the Realm. They hunt and scavenge for anything they can find, which includes eggs and hatchlings. Their "camp" is the most intact part of the ruin, and their "dens" consist of hollowed out piles of rubble. Their strengths include the ability to drain the energy and color from objects, the ability to melt into the shadows, and the use of Dark Magic. Their greatest weakness is light.


Which dragon species belong in which Clans:



-Costal Waverunners

-Deep Sea


-Water Horse

-Two-Finned Bluna

-Blue Striped

-Water Walker

-Seawyrm Pygmy

-Shallow Water


-Tsunami Wyvern

-Blusang Lindwurm



-Bright Breasted Wyvern





-Vine Alt.

-Green Striped

-Gold Horned Tangar





-Spotted Greenwing



-Misfit Pygmy










-White Striped



-Sunsong Ampitheatre


-Golden Wyvern

-Royal Blue


-Golden Wyvern





-Hellfire Wyvern



-Crimson Flare Pygmy

-Red Striped









-Black Alt

-Dark Myst Pygmy


-Black Marrow

-Black Striped



-Night Glory


-Shadow Walker



Leader~ (leader of Clan)

Deputy~ (second in command)

Healer~ (treats wounds and illnesses with herbs and magic... DarkClan doesn't have one)

Warriors~ (trained fighter; defend the Clan)

Hunters~ (hunt for the Clan)

Scouts~ (patrol the territory and report back to the leader/deputy)

Egg-Mothers~ (dragons raising eggs/hatchlings)

Apprentices~ (mature hatchlings training to be warrior, scout, etc.)

Hatchlings~ (baby dragons still living in the hatchery with their mothers)




1. Follow all DC rules

2. Post applications in OCC when it is made

3. Do not control/kill other players dragons

4. Keep killing of dragons to a minimal

5. No powerplay, I am the only one with special powers (Healers have a little bit too)

6. No more than three dragons per account

7. Put three colors that go with your Clan under Other (ex. WaterClan: blue, white, teal)

8. Use correct species for the Clan you want to join

9. Only leaders and healers can come to speak with Ayra one on one, for the Atmosphere is a sacred place

10. Have fun!



[B]Character's Name:[/B]


*Post applications in the OCC please!

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Members of the Clans:



Leader~ Alania the Tree Whisperer-Terrae (kronosdragon)

Deputy~ Dajima-Stone (kronosdragon)

Healer~ Missy-Misfit Pygmy (girlfairy76)

Warriors~ Silverleaf-Canopy (Celebi112)


Scouts~ Genrivan-Vine (Durppie)

Egg-Mothers~ Valentina-Bright-Breasted Wyvern (foxfairy34759)

Apprentices~ Berry-Green (TheShinyMew)

Hatchlings~ Limpet-Green (Durppie)



Leader~ Song of the Wolves-White (UmbreWulf)

Deputy~ Lymu-Thunder (Tiffashy)

Healer~ Luminskar-Moonstone (Chasilin

Warriors~ Argon-Nebula (elirainpelt); Wishwing-Daydream (Dragonlunge)

Hunters~ Glaedr-Gold Wyvern (TotallyDrow); Velocia Energy-Whiptail (Zeke1479)

Scouts~ Dharsii-Purple Nebula (Drakossozh); Dreams of the Protected-Daydream (GuardianProtector); Mice Flare-Pygmy (Zeke1479)

Egg-Mothers~ Istum-Electric (elirainpelt)

Apprentices~ Yellowwing-Pygmy (BlazingPheonix)




Leader~ Siidrakon-Hellfire Wyvern (Drakossozh)

Deputy~ Sitran-Spitfire (elirainpelt)

Healer~ Irisiseble-Magi (Chasilin)

Warriors~ Blazing Soul-Ember (Shapeshifting dragon Cyrus)

Hunters~ Enya Starfire-Red Striped (SubtleStarlight34)

Scouts~ Firewing-Crimson Flare Pygmy (zajo54321); Summer-Sunset (moonsong101)

Egg-Mothers~ Fyria-Hellfire Wyvern (Moonbeam22)


Hatchlings~ Kyrena-Magma (SoiledLove)



Leader~ Shatter Heart-Ice (GuardianProtector)

Deputy~ Guidefull Waters-Two-Finned Bluna (GuardianProtector)

Healer~ Dancing Waters-Water Walker (Tyra-Ice)

Warriors~ Strongshield-Guardian (Shapeshifting dragon Cyrus)

Hunters~ Bluestripe-Blue Striped (dragonwestie64)



Apprentices~ Tyra Glacier-Ice (Tyra-Ice)

Hatchlings~ Wendy Water-Water (PeachSapling)



Leader~ Dharak-Zombie (Moonbeam22)


Warriors~ Garthalon-Vampire (SpaceNewts)

Hunters~ Shastaci-Nocturne (Chasilin)

Scouts~ Dracouraca-Vampire (Tiffashy)

Egg-Mothers~ Mi'Sad-Night Glory Drake (CYDA LUVA83)

Apprentices~ Shadow-Dark Myst Pygmy (Drakossozh)

Hatchlings~ Azael-Black Alt (ToatallyDrow); Leaza-Night Glory (CYDA LUVA)

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((Thanks Sock! Okay people, roleplay away!))


Ayra gazed down as she normally did from her home in the atmosphere at the Realm below. However, she did so with worry in her eyes. The threats from DarkClan and Dharak were daunting. If only I... NO! That would have been wrong. He is punished enough as it is in his current state. I wouldn't have needed to kill him. she thought angerly to herself. Shaking her head, she soared off higher into the Atmosphere, determinded to keep her brother off her mind.

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Dracouraca soared over the clouds silently. It was at the dead of the night. Were no souls would be awake. Apart from the dragons like him, looking for something to report to his leader. The vampire could see the mountains were the Wind Clan lies, he hissed lowly to himself as Dracouraca gave a strong stroke of his wings to gain more height. He needed to be high if he wanted to scout the Wind Clan, after all, it was his job to do that for his clan. He belonged to the Dark Clan, one of the most fearsome and dangerous clans. They kidnapped eggs from the other clans along with frighten hatchlings. Dracouraca doesn't know much about each clans but he knows its not his job anyway, his job was to scout.


He glided above the clouds carefully, scanning the area below him carefully. The vampire gave another stroke of his wings. Dracouraca froze in his tracks when a light purple odject appeared in the sky, instantly knowing that it was only one dragon that looked like that. Ayra. His leader's sister. He hissed alertly, nearly forgotten that he was flying above the Wind Clan's territory. Dracouraca did a sharp turn to return back to his master to report the news...




Lymu's tail lashed to side to side boredly, she had been staring at the cloudly night all the time. It was hard to see in the darkness for her, who knows what could be lurking out there? Perhaps the Dark Clan? She crunched her fist into balls, a wave of hate and hurtness swept over her. Memories of her brother getting snatched from the nest when they were both young was in her mind. Her brother's fighten face was painted in her mind as he got snatched away by the zombie, Lymu tried to save him but she was far too late.

Thoughts nagged her on how she should had grabbed him just in time, and save him. Electic sparks danced around her, shooting out of her tail, hitting a rock. She was a thunder dragon. She didn't know if she was proud to be one. But she was one. She was the Deputy of the Wind Clan.

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Missy was picking off the big leaves. Most f her herbs were being eaten by bugs.Eww bugs! Missy didnt want to think about bugs. She continued on almost going off territory."oops!" she said and ran back. Missy tried swooping all the bugs out, but some remained. She growled.

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Dreams of the protected sat among the clouds above her territory. Watching the clouds roll by she cracked her neck.Ugg i've been laying down to long. She said streching out her blue wings. [/u]Mabey i should head back to camp and check in... Above a dark shadow pasted. Focusing Dreams of the protected merged into the clouds and watched. Inhailing sharply as she saw the tip of vampires wing Darkclan! i must inform the clan! Bringing her wings close to her body, the daydream passed threw the cloads. Thinking heavily she waited for the perfect gust. .....Now! Quickly spreading her wings feeling the wind under her body. She flew around the mountainous terrain towards her camp. Soon she would report what she had seen to Lymu , her deputy.



Soaring above the rivers of his clan ShatterHeart the leader of Waterclan flew. His gaze set on the horizion watching for trouble. He was mad, no he was ferious. Just a few days ago many of his clans eggs and hatchlings were ravaged by the evil Darkclan. If I ever! catch darkclan on my territory there'll be blood! Harshly the great leader flicked his wings sending shards of ice scatering to the earth.

Landing in a thick marsh Shatterheart walked towards the water. If a tradigity as great as this ever happens again then i will have failed my clan. Treding into the water the ice dragon disapeared under the waves to join his clan.





Drifting into her den Guidefull Waters sat sorrowfully. I-im....broken thought the usualy cheerful bluna. Slowly her tail wraped around her the fin at the tip making the water arounder her to stur, causing her to close her eyes. As she put her body on the soft ground her winced from a cut. turning her head she looked at it. Must of got that defending my hatchlings Swallowing the beautiful dragon felt tears threatening to fall. Guideful waters reated her head on a close by rock. Soon she felt the lure of sleep calling to her as she thought of two now gone small hatchlings resembling her circling around her playfully. The images faded away as her body relaxed and a single tear was shed.



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"Dharak? Lord Dharak?" the snake voice hissed from the darkness. Dracouraca searched for the zombie dragon in the area. Dead trees were surronding him and the vampire was standing in the clearing. Dracouraca was getting annoyed on how his leader wasn't in sight. He must report to him instantly. Its not the news that his leader wanted to hear but he must know it, now. Dracouraca scanned the area carefully, he wasn't very used to being watched. Normally he was the one watching everything and everyone. Everything around him was lifeless and dead. There wasn't any colors around here, in the Dark Clan's forset, colors did not exist to them. Cause they drained all of the colors out of the forset. It used to be beauiful and filled with life and now its dull and gloomly.




Lymu took a deep breath to calm herself, wrapping her tail around her like a blanket. The thunder dragon stared at the sky more to try and take things off her mind. She was beginning to wonder were the other members of the Wind Clan were...

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((Please delete your posts and put them your applications in the OCC where they belong))


Dharak was roused from his sleep suddenly at one of his scout's voice. He growled angerily at rasped, "What is it!?" His tail lashed back and forth in annoyence, and his molten wings twitched angerly.

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Username: Pinkieseb

Character's Name:Bloodvein (Blood for short)

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Clan: DarkClan

Rank: Deputy

Personality: Always angry, Always hungry for blood! Loves to kill and attack defenceless dragons!

Other Is this thing still accepting?

I cant find any OCC! Please just accept/deny

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Missy hissed as something flew by.Wild dragons... Missy thought glaring. She started running to camp to tell Alania the Tree Whisperer. Maybe he wanted to...? she thought. No, it can't be Dharak... I thought he was banished! But those were stories when I was a hatchling... Missy thought again. But she still had to tell Alania the Tree Whisperer. She decided flying was better, though she did not use her wings much, it felt good to spread them out, not being cramped anymore.

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Song's eyes flickered open as sunlight crept into her den. With a yawn she shook the dirt out of her scales and slowly rose to her feet. It all seemed peaceful. Things never last around here with DarkClan on the rise, she thought solemnly. Shaking her head, she padded out of her den and surveyed the camp. All seemed well. She nodded and said a small 'good morning' to each dragon of her Clan as she walked by. Song growled and cursed herself silently as she tripped over something. She looked up and saw the tail of a dragon under her feet. "Sorry, Lymu. Good morning," she said, brushing herself off. She suddenly saw Dreams of the Protected, a loyal scout of the Clan, rocketing towards her. Oh no, she thought, taking a running start and leaping into the air in order to intercept the Daydream. "Is something wrong?" she called, tail streaming out behind her like a streamer. Please don't let it be DarkClan. Please. She came to a stop right in front of Dreams of the Protected. "What happened?" she asked, her voice taking a more serious tone.

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Lord Siidrakon perched atop the tallest pillar of rock in the center of his "court". It was at the molten heart of a great volcano with many pillars of rock jutting up from the magma below. He had taken the center perch for himself as the leader of the Fire Clan. The massive hellfire wyvern spread his wings to strech out his muscles. He had been sitting here all day, worrying over matters of the newest hatchlings in the Fire Clan and food stocks and a dozen other tiresome issues. I figure I'm due for a break to strech my wings. I must stay strong if I wish to remain leader. With a beat of his great wings, the hellfire wyvern took flight. He flew up and out of the great volcano and circled up into the air.


Shadow slunk through the dark crevaces of the ruins. He had been creeping around this area looking for food. Food was hard to come by in Dark Clan territory, and even harder to keep if someone caught you with it. He had sofar had no luck with finding anything to eat and as he continued to slip silently through the ruins he noticed the land was becoming greener and plants were replacing the ruins. I figure this is Earth Clan territory. Oh well. I'll be more likely to find food here. And nobody will be around to take it from me. The young darkmyst pygmy silently scaled the nearest tree and began to transverse the tangled branches of the forest canopy.


Dharsii slipped through the sky silently, patrolling the border of the Wind Clan's territory. So far on his rounds he had not seen anything of interest, but he had been on the far side of their territory. Away from where most of the Wind Clan lived. He would have to be sure to check in with Lymu once he got back to see if other scouts had reported anything recently.

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Dreams of the Protected stoped, panting, heavily beating her wings. ''Song.'' bowing her head at her great leader ''Dar-darkclan spoted...'' The blue and pruple dragons vision started getting blurry over..worked..myself She slowly landed on the ground below. Slumping over and laying her wings out tired. Her arua weakening



Looking up Shatterheart watched as members of his clan swam. Usings echolocation he asked any members of his clan that were within the waters. Has anyone seen Guideful waters? The deputy had been missing since the attack. Sighing he sat on the largest rock and looked into the air and thought to him self. I've been leader of the clan for along time... many many dragon have come and gone...And many things had happened. The Ice wounder how long the ''peace'' with in the clans would last and when darkclan would unlesh their attack. These thoughts caused him to burr his eyebrows together.




Awakening Guidefull Waters slowly arose from her den. This was not her only one. The two finned bluna had many dens scattered all around their territory, which her clan did not know of. Somedays she would just sit on land and watch the sun setting and the moon rise. As she was now. Being distracted Guidefull waters never noticed her tail moving over the border into earthclan territory..

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((Who would like to be Tyra's mentor? smile.gif She's an ice dragon and apprentice to be a scout of the water clan but she needs a mentor who's been teaching her how to become a scout. ^^ I'll delete this post if I get an answer.))

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((Who would like to be Tyra's mentor? smile.gif She's an ice dragon and apprentice to be a scout of the water clan but she needs a mentor who's been teaching her how to become a scout. ^^ I'll delete this post if I get an answer.))

((awww if only there was a scout for waterclan *tears* theres only the leader and deputy))

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"She had been spotted, boss," Dracouraca spoke in his snake like voice, hissing to every single 'S' prouanced in his sentance. The vampire was half expecting the Zombie to get into rage or something. Dharak would know what he mean't by 'she'. She, was the guardian. That guardian of this realm and happens to be his boss's sister. A dangerous enemy. He didn't need to repeat himself on what his master already knows. "Ayra."




"I'm fine, Song. It been a dark night. Memories of the past had been bugging me-" Lymu's speech was cutted off when her leader all of the sudden taken off. The thunder dragon took air and swooped after her, it wasn't long before they were near Dreams of the Protected. Lymu was going to ask the same question but Song asked it too quickly for her.

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High in the boughs of the Mother Tree sat a lone dragon, looking out across the vast ocean of green laid out before her. Its hills and valleys rose and fell like waves on a turbulent sea, and the wind carried the voices of the trees throughout her forest home. She listened carefully, peacefully, longingly. She loved the stories that they often told her, of the past and the present. They were all the Mother Tree's children, spread far and wide in the forest realm governed by the great Terrae known as Alania, the Tree Whisperer.


Today was like any other. When she was not making her runs through the trees on the lookout for danger, she was lying high up in the Mother Tree, overlooking her children and listening to them. The forest told her where the rivers ran, and where the best hunting grounds were. It spoke to her in a tongue as ancient as the dragons themselves. Alania's mother and her mother's mother knew this language well, and learned to understand it long before they learned to understand the common language among other dragons.


Alania lifted her head as the winds changed. She breathed in the scent of pollen. The great Oaks were releasing their seeds tonight. It was a good night to do so, too. The air was warm in the early days of summer, and the plants were all blooming, filling the air with their sweet scents. The wind brought with it the ancient songs of life that the trees made this time of year. It was sweet, and signified raw natural beauty.


((Just as a heads-up, you don't have to follow her name with "the Tree Whisperer" all the time. It's just a title, not her full name. ^.^))

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Deep beneath the clear, blue waters of the Water Clan lake swam a young ice dragoness. Her slender limbs cut right through the cold water with grace and agility. Tyra was born to swim in the crystal waters. She weaved back and forth, to and fro until finally, she surged upward and her indigo blue muzzle broke through the surface, the rest of her following. Her body levitated in the air for a few moments then she laughed with joy before plunging back down into the lake. She was the clan leader's daughter, offspring of the great Shatter Heart, yet she spent most of her time away from the water clan settlement, exploring. The bright sun's rays penetrated the crystal clear water, reflecting off Tyra's deep indigo scales and lighting up her soft, pale blue wing membrane. Her violet eyes shone with mischief and playfulness as she glided through the water. Since the dark clan's leader had been driven away when Tyra had only just hatched, she grew up in peace, exploring without fear. She did, however, know about the Dark Clan from what her father had told her and some days she worried that they would one day come back and bestow their revenge upon all the clans of the elements. This, though, wasn't one of those days; today, she was happy and content.

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Enya sat with her tail wrapped around her feet, staring out over the land from the rim of the home volcano. Heat rose from the magma far far below, and it comforted her to know her home was safe. While she wasn't a warrior any more, she would still fight if it meant her clan would be safe. But until then, she was content with her hunter rank now. Speaking of which...


"The clan will need food soon," She thought to herself out loud. Enya raised her nose to the air, trying to get a good scent of any snakes or lizards. Beyond the smell of ash and heat, she could tell they were active, smiled to herself, and stretched her wings. With powerful claws flexing, she dove into the air, sailing down the side of the volcano before pulling up and sky rocketing into the air. A lizard now struggled in her claws from the result of a quick snatch, but her claws would not let go until the hunt was complete.

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"What!?" Dharak roared, getting to his feet immediately, towering over Dracourca. "Where was she? Did she see you?" Despite his anger, there was worry stabbing at his mind. Ayra was in a much better fighting condition than he. He wasn't quite yet used to his new powers.... or lack of them.

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Alania sniffed the air. Something was...off. She stood up and walked out toward the end of the branch, standing among the leaves and hanging moss as she looked out over the landscape. The trees were singing, but there was an energy in the air. Any other creature would not have noticed it, but in all her years of listening and feeling the forest around her, she could sense it.






She could practically taste the worry of the wind. It was carrying a creature unnatural to their realm.


And then, it was gone.


She looked up at the night sky, the cloud cover all but obscuring her vision of the stars above. Whatever had come was gone now, but that didn't give her any peace of mind. She knew that the DarkClan was always on the prowl at night, seeking to steal away eggs. Thanks to her nightly rounds, however, few have managed to take any from her home in the Mother Tree. Still, this did not mean she could be lax. She leaped down from her perch, jumping lithely from branch to branch until she landed heavily on the ground, dandelion puffs scattering their seeds to the wind as she walked through them. In the distance, she spotted the little Misfit pygmy, Missy, approaching quickly. She feared that she already knew the news she was bringing.

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