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Ice Dragon Lover <32ec2k9c.jpg 11jciyq.jpg 25k56cl.gif 33nw5tv.png lineagemoontitle.png ARK2-1.gifmw5bat.jpgMy Art Thread! ~ Lotsa Dragon Fun! | Wishlist is in Profile | Steamrider is my bestest buddie in RL! 8DStatus: Offline

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    Icy Tundra of the Dragon World
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    ~My Art Thread~


    ~My Own Bred Lineages~

    I'm planning on starting my own Ice Dragon Lineage called the Glaciers. 8D I've got two Ice dragons thanks to the wonderful Kassa-Pyro, so hopefully I'll be starting my lineage soon. ^_^ However, I'm not sure what kind of lineage I want it to be; I'm leaning towards either a purebred Ice or a stairstep. :3

    ~Wish List~

    Top Priorities: CB Ice Dragons (I will love you forever if you gift me CB Ices! :D <333)

    CB Reds
    Yellow Nebula
    Blue Nebula
    Red Nebula
    Pinks (preferably CB but I'll accept any lineage :3)
    CB Female Hellfire Wyvern
    2G, CB, or cool lineage Silver
    2G, CB, or cool lineage Gold
    2G, CB, or cool lineage of each Tinsel
    CB Tan Ridgewing

    My goal is to get a CB male and female of every type of dragon. :D I prefer caveborns but I know some dragons are hard to get CB so purebred or 2nd generations will do for the ones I don't specifiy CB.

    ~Current Rp's~

    I'm a fairly experienced roleplayer, having done it for a couple years now. ^^ I love to rp, especially with Dragons, so here are the current Dragon Cave rp's I'm apart of. Rp's with a * are ones I'm waiting for approval on.

    The Valerian Chronicles
    Wings of the Changeling
    Dragon Clans of the Elements
    A Prison for Hatchlings
    Forgotten Hatchlings of Ivina
    Our War
    Captives of War

    NOTE: I tend to be a one character roleplayer, which in other words means I have one main charie that I use for all the roleplays. Though I will probably conjure up a few more charies later in the future. My main charie is an Ice Dragon named Tyra, so you'll more than likely see her around alot in the rp forums. ;)