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Fell Haven 2

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((yeah, posting, I should do some of that. and homework too, but that can wait. probably. and I'm trying my hardest to finish the picture, my hand won't co-operate with my brain >.<))


Kara lay on the roof of her boat, staring up at the sky and trailing her tail over the edge so it skimmed the surface of the water. Days off for her were few and far between, but she liked to enjoy them when she could. Just Kurt, the river and... "Kara? Are you there? Kara, it's Darwin. We need your help."


Kara sat up in the boat, and pressed the Answer button on her phone-watch "Speaking..." she said, with a sigh. She knew it was too good to be true.

"Ah, good, Kara. I'm SO sorry to disturb you, Especially on your day off, but someone's set the roof of The Faulty Tower on fire... again. Do you think you could...? "

"Sure, I'll be there in five..."

"Thanks, Kara, Darling, You're a star. I'm really, truly sorry to have to disturb you, but you're the only one who'll be able to get there quick enough... I'll try and make it up to you, I swear."

Kara tapped the screen to end the call, and stood up on the boat. She opened the trapdoor and hopped through it in one fluid motion, landing in the seat beside Kurt.

"I have to go, sweetie, someone's set the tower on fire again and they need my help. Yes, it was my day off, but that's apparently changed. Don't bother waiting for me." She kissed Kurt on the forehead, and jumped back onto the roof before setting off for the Faulty Tower..

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In his room, Issac didn't actually sleep. He just thought about what was to come.


"I wonder if I'll see anyone I know... It'd be nice to see familiar faces I guess..." Issac mumbled to himself. Soon his bird landed on the window to his room, so he opened it. The crow flew to the head of his bed and rubbed his beak along Issac' forehead. "You really are quite the intelligent bird, aren't you?" The bird seemed to nod to his question, he clearly understood English.


Issac then got up and looked out the window. "I lied, I wasn't really tired. I just need some time alone." He grinned. "Wanna come with me?" The bird nodded in reply. "If they find I'm gone, it shouldn't bother them too much. They know what I'm like."


Issac then climbed out the window and started shuffling along the rim, the building design made it all too easy to do so. Soon he noticed that it went all the way around, with no easy way down to lower floors, so he decided to manipulate some metal from his bed to make his ever-famous arm blades. Using them as climbing tools, he jumped down and jabbed them into the wall. They were stronger than the average blade because of Issac's capabilities with metals. On his way down, he saw a tower was on fire. He knew he had to quickly investigate.


Eventually he got to the bottom, once he did he started running towards the tower that on fire. Not caring that he still had his armblades on either. He had to force himself through the crowd, but when he got there he knew it'd take too long to get up there to do anything. Just then his crow landed on his shoulder.


"If only I could fly like you can... I can't really get anywhere close. And I'm not fully sure how I could help anyways..." Issac said to the bird. Maybe a familiar face or two might show up. You never know what might happen.

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((Will do.


Okay, just to make things super fun, the lost forms all seem to be FH Graduates. If I have approved yours, please repost in the OOC. Link found on the first page/post/))

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((uh oh. Guess I should have kept my profiles shorter. This happened when you tried to add them, didn't it?))


They were sitting in a corner of the libary that was mostly hidden by bookshelves. The setting was good, Florentine thought, as well as the company.

She gave the young man who sat on the other side of the table an appraising glance.

Unfortunately he seemed disinclined to play.


Really, when she had agreed to do a presentation with Tegan Larksong about the politic impact Fell Haven's various headmasters had had in the course of history, she hadn't expected to actually have to study with him. Who cared about who ran a lousy school at the end of the world for brats with superpowers?


Florentine sighed and pushed her pen from the table. In the silence of the libary the sound of it's impact on the floor was like a sudden shout.


Tegan put his own pen down and knelt to pick the pen up.


Florentine took it from him with a sweet smile and let the pen travel over her lush lips and then when she was sure to have captured his gaze drew it down to her decolletè.


Tegan's lips twitched. And then - very deliberatly - he raised his gaze back to her eyes.


"I have noticed how beautiful you are." He whispered. "No need to point it out."


She made a pout. "But you are not going to act on it, are you?"


"Sorry, I am taken."


She pouted some more, but she could see a loosing proposition when it was shoved into her face. A young man who wanted to get serious about a flirt wouldn't have mentioned a girlfriend. With a sigh she went back to working on their assignment.


Tegan kept looking at her and thought about Moonshine. He had to call her soon. It was humilating how much he missed her.


The door opened and two professors entered and started talking. Florentine didn't pay much attention to them until Tegan went stiff suddenly. He stared through the shelves in the direction of the entrance.


"I am just saying that a honest empath would stay away from politics.", Professor Salome Airth said, "What if he uses his power on the parlament to make them do what he wants them to?"


Tegan closed his eyes, shook his head and silently burried his face in his arms.

Florentine surpressed a giggle.


"Don't get ridiculous, Salome. As far as I know he can't influence more than one person at a time and not without people noticing he has done so. If the young Larksong would ever abuse his power that way he'd be in trouble in an instant."


"As far as anyone knows. Has someone ever bothered to thoroughly study his abilities?"


"Ah ha! That is what is eating you up. You want to study his power."


"No! I really think he's a danger. And it's driving me crazy that none of you sees it."


"Honestly Salome, that hostility is hurting you more than anyone else. It's not Tegan's fault that he's The Deans nephew."


"Who said it had anything to do with that?"


The other professor chuckled.


"Don't try to deny it. What else could be the reason you are so opposed to him? If we judged any super based on the fact that we might have missed a part of their power which they might be able to abuse we couldn't allow ANY super to go into politics anymore. Or actually anywhere important. Do you want that?"


"No of course not."


"So what IS your problem?"


"I got a new maschine to gauge the amount of power my students are using this morning. Very expensive. I've spent the whole morning to assemble it and wanted to test it after lunch. But someone must have loosened a bolt while we were in the Caffeteria. If I hadn't doublechecked when we came back the test would have destroyed all that expensive equipment. Can you imagine how much trouble I would have been in if that happened. They'd have said I wasn't careful enough."


"I am sure it got loose accidentally." The other professor said calmingly.




"Tegan Larksong was down at the police station during lunch. Apparently his friend Cizzur had gotten into a fight again and he had to bail him out. So he can't have manipulated your equipment."




"And why did you think it was him."


Professor Airth sighed. "Because I don't trust him."




"And because he is the Deans nephew.", Professor Airth admitted.


The other professor laughed, finally found the book he had been searching and the two of them left the libary again.


"I had no idea you were a Master Villain.", Florentine said jokingly once they were outside. "Are you planning to conquer earth?"


"Who says I have to stop with earth?" Tegan shot back. "I am planning to conquer the universe."


Florentine laughed out loudly. "I can't believe she thought you had sneaked into her workroom and loosened her bolt."


Tegan nodded. "Quite ridiculous!" he agreed.


Especially when one had a friend like Moira who could accomplish the same without running the risk of being seen, he added silently. A pity it hadn't worked. Now he'd have to think of something else.

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After Caim left Eli continued to trudge down the road, lost in his thoughts. He didn't really feel like walking around, not with half the neighbourhood peeking out through their curtains at him, but where could he go? There were few places left in New Mansburg now where people didn't know who he was.


It was the fault of that TV crew he thought bitterly. He was surprised they hadn't shown up at the Hakers, considering they popped up nearly everywhere else. They had first shown up at a hostage situation about a year ago and from then on seemed to enjoy following him and showing him in the worst possible light. Okay, so he had set a giant inside-out dog shaped monstrosity on a man and it had taken off his arm, but he had been high on drugs and running through a public area with a gun. If Eli hadn't taken him down he probably would have taken someone out. Not that anybody bothered saying that, or that Eli had managed to retrieve the arm and the doctor had been able to reattach it.


Having no idea that someone had started following him he was mildly surprised to be addressed. Something in the voice sounded familar and Eli turned around expecting to see a police officer nervously wanting his report early or something. What he saw really surprised him.






A police car drew up outside the Amigne Academy and an officer climbed out. This was one of her least favourite parts of the job, telling the family. It was important they find the girl first though, lest she find out via another channel, or worse, her father showed up.


Walking into the building she talked with a secretary. They were asked to wait in a side office while a teacher was sent to find Louise. She was last seen the in library.

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Tegan and Florentine finished working and were just putting the last books back when the door opened again.


"Hello? Anyone here?"


Tegan peeked around the bookshelves. He didn't reacognize the woman, but the university was large.


"Just us. Can we help you, Professor?"


"I am looking for Louise Harker. I've been told she is in the libary."


"Maybe on one of the upper floors." Tegan said and tilted his head. The woman was upset. "I'll help you search", he offered. "What do I tell her when I find her?"


"There is a police officer waiting for her in the registry."


Tegan's mouth opened a little.


"I'll search the second floor." he said finally "How does she look?"

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Louise Haker, a short girl with curly brown hair peered over the top of her book and through the bars of the bannister. A teacher had entered the library on the first floor and was talking to a couple of students. Not being many people left their voices carried, although Louise was unable to hear what they were saying.


Deciding it was none of her business she returned to her book. She still had some time before the library closed and she wanted to finish this chapter. Her history teacher had been dropping hints about a pop quiz sometime this week and she didn't want to be unprepared.

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Tegan opened the door to the second floor and immediatly saw a short, brown haired girl with a book on her lap sitting at the bannister. She didn't look like someone for whom the police would look because she was in trouble.

Which didn't really make things more hopeful.


"Uhm." Tegan cleared his throat to keep her from being alarmed. "Are you Louise Harker?"

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Louise looked up from her book again and saw one of the two students that she had seen before. Closer to she recognised him as that Tegan boy so many people talked about. Rumour had it that he used to be a bit of a playboy and hit on anything in a skirt. He was also supposed to be rather weathly.


Rich, good looking boys did not often talk to Louise, or even many boys at all. Fewer still knew her name.


"I am" she said putting her book down on the table and looking up at Tegan with suspicion. "Why do you ask?"

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Tegan read her emotions and could guess at her thoughts. He considered making a comment about her soft curls to relax her, but decided against it. Most likely what he had to say wasn't going to be relaxing at all.

He walked to her and leaned against the barrister and pointed at the professor who was still searching the first floor.

"She came to tell you that there is a police officer waiting for you in the registry."




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Now this was puzzling. The police? What did they want?


Louise stood up and looked over the bannister and saw the teacher. Confused Louise glanced at Tegan but started to move past him to the stairs.


"Thanks" she told him as she passed, still wondering what it was about. Was it her dad? Had he gotten into another fight down at the pub? But they wouldn't come here would they? Unless he got hurt.


Now feeling slightly worried she moved faster and hurried over to the teacher.


"What is it?"

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While Issac was out, both Isis and Leon knew he was already gone. He never rests for long and since he didn't come out, it was only assumed he climbed out the window.


He always does this... he can never sit still for long can he? Leon thought.


Leon got up and decided to head outside.


"Where are you going?" Isis asked as he got to the door. "You don't exactly know your way around here and you'll look funny wearing your usual garments."


"I'll find my way around. However, if wearing armour isn't the best idea, I'll jsut wear my robe over it all." Leon replied. "It's not like everyone in the world has to dress the same, do they?"


"Ugh, fine, you're just as bad as Issac is sometimes. No wonder you two can never agree on anything..." Isis muttered... "Just don't get into any trouble like Issac normally does."


"I'll try not to... and since when do you actually care about me?" Leon joked.


"You know... maybe I should've taken that shot when I first met you. You and Issac both have only proven to be more trouble that what it's worth." Isis said sarcastically.


So then, Leon threw his cloak on over his armor, then put his sword on his back and headed out the door and down the long flight of stairs.


When he got outside, he decided he'd just look around a little. His curiosity of this place got the better of him. They used a lot more electricity than he was used to seeing. Athlon wasn't exactly a populated world, and maintaining a city was even more difficult. Athlon was a dark and dying world, most of what existed there were creatures of darker sorts. It's how Elisedd had become infected by a demon in the first place, they're everywhere. Leon's body couldn't really house any demons, anything like it that simply touched him had a serious toll on his body. It would knock the breath out of him. This new world would certainly be a much more enjoyable experience for him.


As he walked through the semi-crowded streets if the downtown, he got some strange looks from people. A lot of them looked fearful or hateful.


What's their problem? he thought. Is someone with a sword really that scary? Do they really think I'm going to use it on them or something?


The strange looks from people only continued. He decided he'd put his hood up to try and ignore them as he continued.


Eventually, he ran into a kind of training area. Some people were running on strange platforms that simulated forward movement with a kind of moving surface. Some were using really complex pulley systems to lift weights. Letting his curiosity take him as usual, he decided to go inside and see what it was all about.


"Welcome." Said a person behind a counter. He was about 5'6" and had light blonde hair brushed to the side. He wore fitted black jeans and a simple green polo shirt. Over his eye was a funny looking type of shaded monocle or something over his left eye. The lens was a greenish yellow colour. Unlike traditional monocles though, this one hung on some strange ear piece, which covered his left ear. "This is the Buff and Tuff Gym. I'm the owner JT Lord." This person eyed Leon suspiciously. "You're new around here aren't you?"


Leon wondered what to say to this guy. He was at a loss for words.


"If you want you can join the gym, for about $15 a month you can use the facilities as much as you like. Of course, you can take the first month free as a trial." JT said, then there was a long pause. "Or you can keep standing there like an idiot not saying anything. Does English work for you bud?"


"I'd like to see about the free trial." Leon finally said. "Do you have a weapon training room?"


"Of course I do. I try to have everything possible when it comes to any kind of sport, from martial arts and fencing to soccer and rugby. You name it, I have it." JT replied. "But before you can use my facilities, you'll need to take off your robe and give me your name."


Leon removed his robe as the person asked, revealing his armor underneath.


"My name is Leon Salamance." Leon then wrote it down and handed the paper to JT.


"Thank you very much. Now, the weapons training room is over there." JT pointed to a door. "Please be careful not to destroy anything..."


"I'll try not to." Leon laughed.


I wasn't joking. I'm serious. JT thought. He then clicked on his ear piece, the screen infront of his eye said it was uploading information to the main computer in the building. But oh well, it's not like I can't rebuild my facility. Anyways, a new super in town. This ought to be interesting. Once I add his energy signal and levels to my database... sure enough I can see if his line up with any other powers. If it does then I might be able to tell what he can do. If not... there are ways...

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Carrying two grocery bags in one hand rather then one in each was uncomfortable.


He blamed it on the super who had intervened in his last fight. Normally Cizzur would have gladly fought two others at once, especially since his first opponent was already on the ground, but what to do against someone who could turn his skin to diamond?

Cizzur had ended up with as many bruises as his initial opponent. And he was pretty sure his right arm was broken.


Of course he had been given all the blame.


Cizzur allowed himself to feel sorry for himself for a few seconds, but then his own consience reminded him rather pointedly that he had started the fight.


He wasn't even sure if the comment about loosers that had no place at the university ha]d been directed at him. His opponent certainly hadn't known he had stood in hearing distance.


Tegan hadn't been as upset about having to bail him out as usually. Cizzur wished he knew what his friend was up to this time. He turned the thought around in his head and then changed his opinion. He would rather not know, he decided.


Tegan followed her more slowly.


"I am not sure." the teacher said, "I was just told to fetch you. I don't think you are in trouble though. The officer didn't seem angry with you.. but they were rather grim."

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Now Louise looked concerned. Maybe her dad really was hurt. Or worse. It was the only thing she could think of.


"They're in the office right?" she asked edging towards the door. It was hard to keep the note of worry out of her voice, not that she was really trying. Even if he had been a jerk lately with his temper tantrums and bad moods, Louise still loved her father. She didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

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Having no idea that someone had started following him he was mildly surprised to be addressed. Something in the voice sounded familar and Eli turned around expecting to see a police officer nervously wanting his report early or something. What he saw really surprised him.



Garth grinned at the sound of his name; Eli recognised him, which was a good start. Well, with a body covered in colourful doodles and eyes that looked almost white, he'd be surprised if anyone managed to forget his face. Controlling his excitement with some difficulty, lest he start making their shadows do something crazy like dance or leap from the pavement, the Umbramancer nodded.

"Yeah, the one and only... Wow, I haven't seen you in ages- I only knew you were living here when I saw you on the news, but I never expected to actually bump into you. I was just following those police cars, seeing if there was anything I could do, when I saw you..." he said, highly aware that he might start babbling like an idiot at any time. Scratch that, he already was. "I almost didn't recognise you, you've grown about three foot... Oh, gosh. I'm babbling. Sorry. How are you?"

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"They are" The professor watched as Louise hurried over the lawn. She looked toward the student who had been helping her.


"You are Tegan aren't you? The empath."


The teenager nodded.


"Do you think you could... follow her? They usually tell us what is wrong so people don't panic. That they haven't... I think Louise might need a friendly shoulder to cry on.


Tegan didn't seem happy about the prospect but shouldered his notes and followed after Louise.


There was a price to be paid for all power.


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"I'm fine" said Eli, smiling for what felt like the first time in ages. "Well as fine as you can be in a place like this. I have a roof over my head and three meals a day, so you can't really complain."


He moved closer to the man that had been his first ever real friend. Garth look different from when he last saw him. Not just older, but a little more world weary. Eli wondered if he gave a similar impression.


"So you saw me on TV huh? It's wasn't that thing at the petting zoo was it? I swear it wasn't like what they made it out to be."




Louise entered the reception area and the secretary pointed her over to the waiting policewoman. Louise had seen a lot of crime type programs on the TV and knew just by looking at her that her worst fears had been confirmed.


"Oh my god.....what's happened?" she asked, almost too afraid to listen to the answer.

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((Should I play the officer too?))



"How much do you know about gold?" the desk clerk of his apartment asked him when he arrived in the building.


"That it is expensive." Cizzur said drily.


"No I mean would you be able to tell it from a fake?"


"Do I look like a jeweler? Where the hell should I have learned about gold?"


"Oh I just thought ..."


Cizzur narrowed his eyes. There was only one destination this particular train of thought could end. The desk clerk thought that as a criminal Cizzur would know how to seperate valuables from fakes so he wouldn't be cheated by his broker.

He balled his hands until the metal claws he was wearing bit into his skin.


The clerk ducked behind his desk.


"Why are you asking?" Cizzur said, taking deep breaths to stay calm.


"Someone tried to pay their rent with goldcoins. Or at least it was looking like goldcoins."


Cizzur blinked and unconsciously shifted one of his bags to the other hand. "The world is a strange place." he said, his anger forgotten.


"Go to a jeweler." he advised and walked to the stairs that lead to his apartment. No lift for him.


Only when he arrived in his room he realized that he had carried one of the bags with an arm that had felt as if it was broken a few hours ago.


Frowning Cizzur went to a mirror to take a closer look.


And froze


All his bruises were gone.


Cizzur sank to a chair feeling suddenly cold. This was not good at all.

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"I'm fine" said Eli, smiling for what felt like the first time in ages. "Well as fine as you can be in a place like this. I have a roof over my head and three meals a day, so you can't really complain."


He moved closer to the man that had been his first ever real friend. Garth look different from when he last saw him. Not just older, but a little more world weary. Eli wondered if he gave a similar impression.


"So you saw me on TV huh? It's wasn't that thing at the petting zoo was it? I swear it wasn't like what they made it out to be."

Garth, who's childhood meant he knew exactly what the word 'starving' was supposed to mean, could see exactly what Eli meant; he had food and a house, nobody was actively trying to kill him, so life was pretty good. Not excellent, by any means, but good.

"That's good." he said, before Eli continued and asked him what exactly he had seen on the TV. Garth tried to remember- it had been some months ago now- and shook his head. "No, I don't think it was that. I think it was about that man and his arm... I heard from someone I knew, his friend was a witness, that the man had a gun, so it was probably the least you could do. Anyway, I know you. You're not the type to go around chomping people's arms off for fun... It's not like I haven't got into scrapes lately. I had to move house when the local vicar- do they call them that here?- starting telling everyone what I was, and that it made me the spawn of Satan... I had three people throw holy water at me before they relised it only make me wet."

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Isis was bored in the apartment, so she tried to turn on the TV. It worked for about a second... then it shorted out, then the lights did the same, so she went down the stairs to the clerk to report it.


"The electricity went out in our room." she said. "Perhaps you could send someone to fix it?"


The clerk eyed her suspiciously, still wondering about the gold. "How do you tell real from fake gold?" he asked.


"Ugh, everyone always asks... my brother knows more about it... but from what I understand is you find the density of it, you take the volume and divide it by the mass..." She said to him. "I think gold is something like... 18 H2O density... which is 1 gram per every cubic centimeter I think... so yeah... Either way, that won't fix the electricity."


The clerk's eyes narrowed as he then wrote something down. "I'll call maintainence right away... we'll see what happened." As he said that, he pulled out a phone book and opened it up to 'jeweler.'


((LOL Ruins, Vicar, god I never thought I'd hear that one on here... Been a while since I'd heard anyone use that besides my own family xd.png))

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((Fortune? If you are still around could you pm me if you want me to play the officer?))


After walking up and down for a little trying to figure out what this meant for him Cizzur finally concluded that all his apartment did was driving him crazy.


He walked back down and heard the desk clerk asking someone else about the gold. Apparently the other person had a better idea how to figure it out.

Cizzur wondered if the clerk would take that as evidence that the other person was a criminal too because why would normal people know about how to identify gold?


It turned out the other speaker was a young woman with long black hair that reminded him of Moira. Of course Moira had no blue streaks in her hair. Or a quiver with arrows on her back.


"The electricty is down again?" he asked, refering to the end of their conversation. It didn't surprise Cizzur. If one wanted things like realiable electricity or other 'luxuries' one could always rent a place at the inner circle.

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((Lolwhut, Dragonlord?))


It was hard, sneaking about unnoticed when you were like Shattershard; even in a town where supers were almost, but not quite, accepted people still tended to gawp at a twelve-foot long dragon-beast that sparkled like a drawn full of diamonds. He'd learnt the hard way to stick to the shadowy places- the alleys, backstreets and underpasses- and only hunt in the poorer areas, where the streets were littered with people that nobody would miss. Otherwise people would come looking, people with firesticks who travelled in the metal boxes that screamed and flashed. Deeply annoying people who shot pain at Shattershard, little pellets of metal embedding themselves in his skin as he fought his way out of their traps. No, he didn't want anyone noticing him.

Shattershard stepped over a snoozing homeless man, the deadly talon's on the his foot just tickling the end of the man's nose. He could have stepped down and crushed the man's head like an over-ripe melon, but he had just eaten so the urge to kill wasn't on him. The man muttered and stirred in his sleep as Shattershard's tail trailed over his body, then he was gone, leaving nothing but faint footprints made with blood.

There was smoke on the wind when he sniffed the air, but Shattershard ignored it. It was none of his concern, anyway.

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Isis turned to see this new person. He looked... interesting to say the least.


"Good day." She said to him. "And yes, the electricity went out. Since you said 'again,' I take it this happens often?"



Meanwhile, Leon had started training in the gym. The dummies that had been made for sword training could really take a beating unlike any other. Usually he would've at least broken on by now, but these ones lasted a bit.


While Leon trained, JT watch him on the screen at his desk. "Interesting, it isn't only him with an energy reading. His sword has one too." JT clicked at his scanner on his eye again to make sure he wasn't getting an accidental reading from anything else. "And it's definite. It's coming from the sword. I've never seen anything like this before..." JT was going throug Leon's energy signals on his computer. "None of them seem to line up with an existing signals. I guess I'll have to find out by other means..."

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Melodee wandered the streets like she did every night. She shivered in the cold air and wrapped her arms around herself. She saw flashing blue and red lights and assumed it was the police, so she headed in the opposite direction. Today hadn't been a very productive day. She hadn't been able to land a job yet, and she had spent the last of her money yesterday. Penniless and chilled to the bone, she felt low and worthless. The only thing she wanted to do was sing. It was the only thing that could possibly cheer her up. She quickly changed her course to the The New Mansburg Little Theatre. There shouldn't be anyone nearby, considering people believed it to be haunted. The last time she was there, she hadn't seen much out of the ordinary. It was a quiet place.


Upon reaching the Theatre, she went around the back and went in through the stage hand's entrance. Finding the stage as she had left it last, she pulled a matchbook out of her bag and lit a few candles, bringing faint light to the grand piano sitting on left stage. She slid onto the piano stool and began playing three notes, over and over. She started humming, then added a few words. Soon she was crooning a haunting melody, one as sad and lonesome as she was.

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Trudging through the alleys, Shattershard suddenly heard the faintest sounds of sweet-sounds and sweet-voicing; he perked up at once, his pace speeding up as he mentally traced the sound back to it's source. His crystal feet left cracks and gounges in the pavement as he trotted, wings folded tightly back and skin twinkling in the light.

Despite having eaten lately and passing over a chance to kill, he was always on the lookout for his next meal. Sometimes he was known to lure a woman or girl away with his beguiling abilities and keep her as his servent for a while, her obeying his every whim and eventually becoming his dinner- a perfect arrangement, in his eyes. Shattershard was planning to do the same to the mystery sweet-voicer who was so foolish to attract his attention. The very thought made him grin like a shark, lashing his tail in anticipation. Pheramones that could ensnare the senses of those who breathed them in began to drift from his body, smelling faintly of wilting roses and a hint of dried blood.

The dragonlike creature sniffed the air, hoping to catch some sort of scent from it; unfortunately, the air was full of the stink of metal boxes that made it hard to track anything. He followed the faint scent and the sound around a ramshakle-looking human's den, shifting onto his hind legs so that he could use his forefeet to open a door. Falling back onto all four feet with a thud, Shattershard tried to be stealthy as he padded through the corridors towards the sweet-voicing. It was louder than ever now, so sweet that even the remorseless predator was a tiny bit moved.

But he was hunting, and that was the only thing on his mind...


((Fortune posted Melodee's form on the first page of the OOC.))

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