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Fell Haven 2

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For a long time Fell Haven, under the pretence of being a rehabilitation centre for young super villains, was nothing more than a prison, or in the most cases, a death sentence. Nobody cared about the children and teenagers who were sent there. They were criminals after all. What did it matter if they died? Those responsible for helping them start a new life as heroes were uninterested and many children failed to meet the terms of release they had been given.


Those that failed were executed on their eighteenth birthday.


Things changed when a new head teacher took over the running of Fell Haven and turned it into a proper school. They fired most of the old teachers and kept only those who actually cared or were of some use. They created a new curriculum with a new aim. Instead of trying to force the students to become heroes for a world that didn’t care about them, they instead taught them to focus on building lives where their powers were useful, but not dictated by them.


At first only a small handful of students managed to graduate using the new guidelines, but it was still an increase on those that usually made it out alive. Bit by bit, year by year, the number of graduates began to grow. Fell Haven is still viewed by many as a living hell, but for those who are serious about mending their ways and starting again, it is seen as a place of hope.


The outside world is still far from accepting though. People know any super from Fell Haven only went there because they had broken the law and perhaps done terrible deeds. Other supers and regular people find it hard to trust and like those that may have stolen or murdered in the past. Even the graduates of the new regime are treated with suspicion and are constantly watched over by their more heroic counterparts.


New Mansburg is seen as a good place to start again, with a fair number of Fell Haven students ending up there. Both super heroes and super villains are rife, allowing those who wish to try their hand at saving the day a chance to gain the trust of their peers and those that wish to simply lead normal lives to know they aren’t the strangest thing around.


The city is vast, containing a river, a park and a shopping mall so popular that people from the neighbouring towns will travel over to shop there, despite the possible risk of falling foul of super villain criminal activity. However, with a small army of heroes on hand the danger never really seems real and life is as peaceful as it can be in such a place.


But now things have started to go wrong. There is a killer on the loose. In the last month four super heroes have been found murdered. There are only two other things linking them together. The baffling way they died, and the fact that not one of them went to Fell Haven.




Amigne Academy is the only college in the city that permits both supers and normal folk alike, as long as they do not cause too much trouble. Because of the excellent opportunities both the college and city present, many parents from across the country send their super offspring there to study.


The Spyder nightclub is located in downtown New Mansburg. Its customers are either supers who just want somewhere to relax, small time criminals or teenagers who think it's cool to hang out with dangerous people. It has a bar, a dance floor, a stage for DJ's and bands and a seating area on the balcony. The top floor is restricted to staff members and 'special' customers.


The New Mansburg Police Department (NMPD) and the Fire Department are both located near the city centre, close to the mall. The position allows both of them to reach any area in the city quickly.


The New Mansburg Plaza Apartments. A cheaper living space in the downtown of New Mansburg. Great for being right in the city, but its quality is somewhat lacking.


The Inner-Circle Estates. A bit farther out from the centre of the city, it's almost outside its boundaries. A slightly more expensive living space, but it takes longer to get to the main areas of the city as well. Be careful not to get confused as to which house is yours here.


The Faulty Tower. It was originally the New Mansburg Tower, but unfortunately, after so many rebuilds from bomb attempts (some successful sadly) it was renamed the Faulty Tower by some of the Heroes. The name stuck with the public and so did the tower. It is located near the centre of town. It used to be a bank, a bank it no longer is as the vault was blown out more than once.


Bobo's Pizzasnacks. This little restaurant is located near Amigne's Academy, open all night and sells sodas, beer and cheap pizza of questionable quality to hungry students.


The New Mansburg Federal Bank. Located next to the Police station because the original bank located at the Faulty Tower was a bit too easy a target. It is now a bit more successful and hasn't had as many break-ins.


That's Amore Pizza. The competitor of Bobo's, they serve higher quality pizza but they have slightly more limited hours and are a bit of a drive from the main area of the city, near the Inner-Circle suburbs.


Hell's Hangout. Genuinely known for being a hangout of villains. Some darker and less known heroes will go there to get information. Once in a while an undercover cop will be sent, but since some villains are smart enough to recognize a face, it can be difficult, and very dangerous.


La Deva. This very expensive restaurant is built entirely from glass. People can't look in, because the surface look like mirrors but the guests can look out. Located on a little hill it allows a great view over the city, especially in the night.


The Buff and Tuff Gym/Fightclub. Where those who want to can work out, train their bodies, tone their muscles and learn Martial Arts. The Fightclub is kept secret and new members only learn of its existence when invited by a current member.


The New Mansburg Little Theatre. The Theatre was abandoned at the turn of the century and no one has touched it since. While it was a popular attraction in its prime, it now resides in one of the poorer districts of the city. It is believed to be haunted, a rumour reinforced by sightings of shadowy creatures and eerie music. ((Off limits to everyone except my characters.))




Cookies and love to Laura-Lana and DragonlordJT for writing up most of the locations.


Standard Rules


1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising

3) You may only kill another persons character if they allow you to

4) Please be active. No really. If you go more than two weeks without posting (without prior warning), you will be removed from the RP.

5) Respect the other RPers

6) Keep it PG-13, but romance is allowed.

7) Every post must be at least four sentences long. Try and beef them out a bit so people have something to work with.

8) OOC must be enclosed in brackets (( )).

9) Please do not post forms. They must be PM'd.


RP Specific Rules


1) Only three characters per person.

2) Only four powers per character.

3) No duplicate powers. If somebody already has Telepathy or Gravity Manipulation, then you can’t have it.

4) I reserve the right to add more rules if/when needed.



Character Form (FH Graduate)


Character Name:

Age: (Must be 18 or over)





History: (Doesn’t have to be in depth, but should contain why they were sent to Fell Haven to begin with and what they are doing now.)


Character Form (Hero/Villain)


Character Name:

Age: (Must be 15 or older)



Alignment: (Hero/Villain)






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1st ~ Molly Gumbride / Elastic Lass: Deceased

Power: Elasticity

Found dead in apartment bathroom.


2nd ~ Kain Turogel: Deceased

Power: Self Multiplication

Found dead by nightshift workers at Eden Apartments, where he worked as a security guard.


3rd ~ George Millton / Firefly: Deceased

Powers: Levitation and pyrokinesis

Found dead in the park.


4th ~ Samantha Edgekins: Deceased

Power: Receptive Empathy

Found dead at local TV Station.


5th ~ Lux : Deceased

Powers: Light and Teleportation

Found dead on kitchen floor.


6th ~ Tsunikama Lutima : Deceased

Power: Earth

Found dead in parking lot.

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((Your character is to ignore this until invited into the fight club. Anyone trying to get in without any prior information or such will be notified that they're breaking a rule and will receive the sharp end of my tongue. I do have back up too.


Also, NPCs, except JT Lord, aren't allowed in the fightclub for obvious reasons. I don't think you'd want them killed accidently by someone with super strength.))


Dear Whoever You May Be or Think You Are,


Welcome to the Buff and Tuff Fightclub. You are now a member so long as you follow these simple rules.


1. You do not talk about the fight club, unless at the fight club. Any talking of the fight club outside of the fight club will get you kicked out.


2. Due to rule #1, I've had some questions about how to invite friends. Simple, you bring them over and you show them like a normal person.


3. Anything I, JT Lord say, goes. This is my facility and I will not have some moron destroying it.


4. No powers allowed. See those red lights I have set up everywhere? Those detect when a power is being used. Even if it's passive. Tell me of your passive powers and I'll reconfigure them to your energy levels so that they won't stay on all the time.


5. The holographic eye-piece over my left eye and ear allows me to scan your powers and alert me of your energy levels and vital standings. If I see you're about to have a heart attack, I will more than likely stop the match and make you stop and rest or something. I will not tolerate dead bodies here. I don't need the police bugging me about this whole thing and shutting down the operation. You don't want to ruin it for everyone, do you?


6. In the event you use your powers, I will turn on the specially made plasma turrets located throughout the building and use them on you. I designed them myself and I don't need any one causing any problems. I'm sure you don't want a 400 degree F mass of plasma shot at you, so don't start a power fight.


7. Don't break the walls. I highly doubt you want to anyways, they have a special barrier within the double layered walls, anything that touches it will get a shock unlike any other. A dematerializing barrier hurts a lot and I don't think you want to lose your arm by trying to punch through the walls.


8. If requested, I will raise or lower the gravity in the room, if you want. However, only I am able to do so in the only room in the dojo that won't be affected by the increase in this area, thus it is my final decision. I would recommend you not ask me to set it to 100 times gravity unless you truly can handle it. Otherwise you'll be squashed like a bug. As a caution, I do have 0 and negative gravity if you want. Then you can fight on the ceiling or in no gravity at all, fight like you can fly through the air.


9. Any attempt to hurt me will result badly. All the floors, walls, and ceilings, and every door, has a specially set blood reader. If I start bleeding, the turrets I warned you about earlier will attack any living thing within 5 feet of my heat source. Don't try it. It'll only end badly for you.


10. No robots allowed in the fight club. Past experience has taught me that it's unfair because they don't feel pain and don't have any rate of slowing endurance.


And finally,


11. If for any reason the Cops arrive or have a look around, I will lock up the back area where the Dojo is. You'll be locked in there until the cops leave while I sit up front. Any fights going on will be at a state of time-out until I return. Only I can open the Dojo via the retinal and palm scanner. Same with the Gravity control/ judge room. Don't try to bypass them. They emit high voltage shocks to anything that isn't me. Don't worry about getting stuck in there if I have to leave or I die. Should my heat source and vital signs falter or I leave or something, the dojo will automatically open, should something happen. This entire system is built on security so I've tried to be prepared for almost any outcome.


Your host,

JT Lord.


P.S. and please, have fun while you're here.

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Amigne Academy


The Amigne Academy is located on the outskirts of the city. Behind it there are fields and woods.


Directly opposing the entrance gates is the tower that houses the Department of Economy where skill of management and finance are taught.

Professor Eleusius Larksong used to be head of this department until he was chosen to become Dean of the whole university. If someone speaks of ‘The Dean’, they mean him.


The so called ‘economy tower’ is surrounded by a semicircle of buildings. From left to right they house:


The Department of Arts where music, theatre, film and the like can be studied.

Notable is the culinary arts degree, which is also known as the ‘cookie course’ on the campus

For some people it’s surprising that architecture is located here as well


The Department of English and Linguistics offers courses from ancient Egyptian to Mandarin as well as courses in Literature


The Department of Sciences that offers among others degrees in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Biochemistry


The Department of Social Sciences is responsible for a lot of varied course of studies. Among them Law, Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology and Religion


The semicircle ends with the building of the Department of Technology where studies like Computer Science or Engineering take place.


A semicircle surrounding the first semicircle is centered by the Student Registry. To the left of the registry is the Cafeteria.


The rest of the half circle is made up by The Apartments. The Professors live there as well as some of the students. However it’s rare that more than two thirds of the apartments are occupied. Most students prefer quarters in the city. The way might be longer, but the apartments on the Campus demand to high a rent for the low quality they are offering.


Behind the Apartments to the right is the Library.


Next to the Library is the vast complex of buildings that house the Department of Sports and History.

A professor teaching History or Archaeology seems to have not much in common with one teaching Physical Education, except that their collections need a lot of space as do those that teach sports, but the professors seem to work well together and there is none of the backstabbing that goes on in the other departments.

Behind the Department of Sports and History are fields and woodland.


Behind the apartments to the left -with a certain safety distance to all other buildings- is the Department of Supernatural Research.

This department is for students wanting a degree involving superpowers. It’s located on the outskirts of the University because of the supposed hazard of researching untested powers.

Surprisingly about 70% of the students are normal humans fascinated with the concept of superpowers and only 30% of the students are actual Supers.

Most Supers interested in the research of superpowers are drawn to Colleges which are exclusive for supers.

Professor Salome Airth is the head of the department. She is the deputy of The Dean and seems to be involved in constant war with him.




The Dean: Professor Eleusius Larksong has the backing of most of the groups who support the academy with their donations. Besides being influential, he is a very good organizer and has a hand for public relations.

However no one has ever accused him of being just or impartial. In fact he’s well known for favoritism and nepotism, neither of which makes him particular popular among the professors of the university.


The Dean’s deputy: Professor Salome Airth is everything the Dean is not. Born into an average family she made her way based on nothing but her own talents.

In the course of her carrier she developed an extreme distaste toward the privileged, who seemed to be given everything she had to work hard for.

As a consequence she detests The Dean with a passion.

Professor Airth has the backing of the Aradia Group, The Freezes and has a good reputation both among the professors and the students.

Those two things are what keeps her from being fired, because The Dean dislikes her right back and especially resents the fact that she’s doing a poor job of her duties as his deputy, because she tends being distracted by her students and research.

Professor Airth is mostly kind, but can become quite self-righteous in the wrong circumstances.


Head of the registry: Paul MacIntyre is in charge of the registry. He’s a shy, quiet, hardworking man, who seems to have no ambitions at all.

He has a good relationship to both the Dean and Professor Airth, despite the fact that Professor Airth’s tendency to forget about the duties being deputy puts on her tends to triple his work.




The fees for attending the Academy aren’t very high and there are several scholarships. Thus the university depends on donations. Among the core backers of the university are:

Lord and Lady Demare belong to the richest people in the land. Their company specializes in developing weapons, airplanes, trains and cars. Lord Demare is a Super but Lady Demare isn’t. They have no children and seem to have made Amigne Academy their pet project.


Estelle Ludwig is a Super as well as a Superstar. She has made her degree in drama in the Amigne Academy and has very fond memories of the place. As a consequence she acts as the ‘face’ of the university. Being the sole heir of a prosperous family she has a lot of personal wealth and donates generously, but more important is that she uses her connections to make sure a never ending stream of donations comes the way of the academy.


Individually no member of the gigantic Larksong Family comes close to the personal wealth of Lord and Lady Demare or even that of Estelle Ludwig, but put together they easily dwarf both of them. A lot of companies and even more real estate belong to one Larksong or the other and even more high positions are filled with them. Moreover no matter how distantly related, they support each other so well, that bad tongues compare the family to the mafia.

The Larksongs are intermarried with most of the prominent families in the land, be they Supers or not, but supernatural powers don’t seem to run in the family itself.


Nevertheless – most of them being law abiding and wealthy enough to have needed the help of one Superhero or other at one point in life- they do value them and cultivate friendships with each Super that deigns to spend time with normal people. As a consequence they are trusted by a large part of the Supernatural community. Large enough that the voices of those Supers are drowned who point out that the tendency of the Larksongs to value loyalty to the family above concepts like Right and Wrong could prove a serious problem if there ever was enough criminal influence among them.


The Larksong family orginates from New Mansburg and so far there has been at least one Larksong offspring joining the Academy in each semester. The families joined efforts on behalf of the Academy make sure it hasn’t run into money problems yet. The influence of the family is the reason why the position of The Dean is virtually untouchable even if he would loose the support of his other connections.


Neither Professor Dafnia Freeze nor Dr Justus Freeze is a Super, but they are well known in the Supernatural community. Dafnia Freeze isn’t just a professor for psychology; she is the leading authority when it comes to brain chirurgy.

Dr Justus Freeze research goes more in the direction of biochemistry and he specializes on the changes in the human body in regards to Superpowers.

The two of them believe that Supers abusing their power to become Super villains is an illness that can be cured and have successfully managed to gain custody over more than one child that should have been taken to Fell Haven.

When the new headmistress of Fell Haven started to have success they applauded in public, but most people know that the two of them would like nothing more than see her fail.


The research center of the Freezes cooperates with the Department of Supernatural Research and offers employment for its graduates.

Additionally the Freezes donate large sums to the academy. No one knows exactly where the money is coming from but rumors say it has to do with the government.


The Aradia Group is a group of Superheroes who believe that it’s important not to loose touch with the normal people. Their donations don’t only take the form of money but that of supernatural support when it’s needed.


The Quells are an old established Superhero family, who regularly donates money to the University. It’s not the money that is making the difference though but the credit their support gains the academy among the old fashioned Superhero families.

Critics have pointed out that the Quells have failed in sending one of their own offspring to the academy so far, but the Quells defend them selves by claiming they simply want to avoid giving the impression that said children have bought their degrees instead of working for them.

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((Fell Haven's done?! But it was still going when I peeked in three days ago (without posting, I know, but not for lack of trying to come up with something that wasn't utter garbage)! Aww, I wanted to see how things played out with Zygard... *sigh* Oh well maybe it's for the best; a fresh start sounds like just the kick in the pants that my muse needs right now.


On that note, I'd like to ask whether or not the original roleplay's plot would have any bearing on graduates other than dealing with the stigma of having once attended FH. For example, if I was allowed to join with the twins, would they still have to worry about being controlled by Zygard again? Would they know of Eli's connection to him? While I'm at it, does your baddie only attack heroes that haven't been to FH, or is any super aligned with the good guys a potential target?))

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((Mmkay. In that case the twins won't hold Eli's family against him much. They know a thing or two about crappy parents after all, plus they've had five years since FH to get over any lingering doubts they might have harbored about him. Heather will be just as polite toward Eli (and just about everyone else) as she was in Fell Haven. Rebecca's attitude toward him will have improved, at least - from dislike bordering on loathing to neutral ground. Hey better than nothing, right? ^^;


me: Haha, as tempting as it may be I don't think the twins would appreciate another visit from Zygard. Although... I do love torturing them.

Heather and Rebecca: NO. *glare*

me: Tch! You guys are no fun...


Sigh... Fine then, keep your secrets. lol Thanks for answering my questions Fortune. smile.gif

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Whoa ya'll. This was posted yesterday and has already gone crazy! Love that it is so popular, but let me take a gander around and check things out and then I'll edit this post. This is just really to let Fortune know that I am looking around smile.gif


~LL wub.gif


EDIT: There isn't much to change in the first post at all. Lovely sentence structure, correct spelling and grammar. Beautiful!


The only thing would be the format of the locations. When you have the title of the place, you might want to bold it. Here is an example:


That's Amore Pizza. The competitor of Bobo's, they serve higher quality pizza but they have slightly more limited hours and are a bit of a drive from the main area of the city, near the Inner-Circle suburbs.


See what I'm sayin' ?


Oh and are you going to put down what happened to the four supers that were killed that way people know?

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Holy cow, guys. Three pages in two days. o_o I totally thought there was tons of critique going on in here. I might actually suggest that you create an OoC in here, Fortune, so that any critique you receive won't be buried in all this discussion/debate about the RP. :3

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Alrighty, whatever you choose is fine. T'was just posting an option because I know I'm wary to post any critique in this fast growing RP. But I see LoveLost is tackling it. :3

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Oh God....*wades through OOC posts.* I'm going to take another look and Socky m'dear, you are right. Tackling it is definitely what I am doing with all of the OOC posts. *gulps*


Okay found one other thing on there and do you have all the information in there that you want or do you want to add more?


If you go more then two weeks without posting (without prior warning), you will be removed from the RP.


then -> than



Also you have a rule about more than four sentences. Knowing your posts that you make (which are always very nicely done) I know that you would like a post that isn't like this


She walked down the street.  It was really dark and hard for her to see. There was a man at the other end of the street looking at her. She gasped as he ran towards her.


You may want to specify that those four sentences should be be fleshed out sentences not dick and jane sentences.


The young woman walked down the dark alleyway unsure of where she was going.  With the moon hidden behind the clouds, it was far too dark to even see beyond where her feet were.  At the other end of the alleyway, there seemed to be some sort of man staring at her making a shiver crawl down her back.  In a moment, it seemed, the man was running at her making her gasp in fear as she tried to run the other way only to be caught by her long hair and jerked backwards.


Four sentences, but packed.

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{{Thank you guys for deleting the OoC. A ton of OoC in a new RP is very difficult for an approver to wade through. Had it been me, I would have waited until all conversations died down for a few days before even poking my head in here.


Please be respectful of the approvers who are trying to approve the roleplays. I know that everyone is excited, but there is a reason why we have rules that state to only post in unapproved RPs if it is to help the RP along. }}

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Yamaha Tech. INC. A tall black windowed building in the center of New Mansburg holds one of the most advanced labs in the world.  At Yamaha Tech. I.N.C. The primary focus is the study and replication of superpowers.  All test subjects are volunteers... possibly... maybe...)


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Soooo terribly sorry Fortune! I haven't looked at this in a couple of days and I feel so bad! I will have to look tomorrow because I have to go to bed. But please look to my profile to see why it is taking so long smile.gif

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((it only becomes spam when it's more than a few pages. a little idle chit-chat is fine.

PS, you do know your signature says Kow rather than Know, don't you? if it's meant to be a pun or something, just ignore me, I don't get it xd.png))

Actually, when I am trying to find out if Fortune has done anything or not, that idle chit-chat becomes spam. And from what I understand, anything not pertaining to the RP is spam.


Plus like Khallayne and Socky have said, they wouldn't have even looked at this RP until the chatter had died down. So in a way, it is spam.


Aaaaanywho, Fortune, I have a question regarding the fight club post after the active characters post. Is that a final part of the RP or is that something that JT (or TJ?) was posting for others to see until it needed to be deleted? If it is a part of the RP, then....


2. Due to rule #1, I've had some quesitons about how to invite friends. Simple, you bring them over and you show them like a normal person.


quesitons --> questions


. In the event you use your powers, I will turn on the specially made plasma turrets located through out the building and use them on you.


through out --> throughout


Don't worry about getting stuck in there if I have to leave or I die. Should my heat source and vital signs faulter or I leave or something, the dojo will automatically open, should something happen


faulter --> falter

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How lovely! Thank you very much for doing that. Now, I am rather sure that ya'll are ready to be moved. You have the following:


Correct Spelling


Basic Grammar



Character Forms

A Place to Store Character Forms








•Setting / History


•Character Sheet


•No spelling errors


•Basic grammar (punctuation and capitalization)


You seem to have everything, so I think ya'll are ready to be approved!



EDIT: Wow! Ya'll are the first RP I have approved since my first day on the job! Great job guys and have fun with this RP smile.gif

Edited by LoveLost

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((Thank you very much LoveLost happy.gif


Can I ask that everyone delete all none relevant OOC please? If it doesn't contain information regarding the RP poof it. Descriptions of powers can be added to user forms.


I'm going to start going through/adding approved forms. Once yours is up you can start.))

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((Woha! Good thing Ware alerted me to the fact the RP was finally approved. I had given up on checking biggrin.gif


A more in depth description of Amigne University has appeared in place of my first ooc post in case anyone is interested in visiting it.

If you want anything added pm me and I'll do it biggrin.gif.

Most of the information is window dressing anyway.


Guess I better go and update my Trios profiles now, so I can pm them.))

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"He wasn't always like this" sniffed Anne wiping her eyes on the back of her hand. "He was a wonderful man when we met. Very romantic. Very caring. I always felt loved."

"What changed?" asked the man sitting opposite her gently.


"It started when he lost his job at the bank. When it got closed down and moved they cut down on the staff needed. They upgraded you see? Got a lot of machines in to do most of the work. He tried to look for another job, but nobody was hiring at the time."


Anne sniffed again, feeling silly despite herself. The man reached across the counter and put his hand over hers to console her.


"Please continue Mrs Haker."


"Well it got to him you see. He got very depressed. Started drinking. Staying out late. He developed this temper. I'd never seen that side of him before. I thought it was just a phase. Something he'd drop when he started working again."


She looked down at her lap. She couldn't believe this had happened. She felt the man's fingers gently tighten around hers and looked back up at him, giving him a sad smile.


"What happened when you came home today Mrs Haker?"


"I'd gone shopping, only I'd forgotten to get his shaving foam. He only uses this one brand. He's allergic to the others you see? He started shouting and..."


"He pushed you?"


Anne nodded and used her free hand to wipe her eyes again.


"I'm sure he didn't mean it. It must have been an accid...oh god! Louise! She's at college! She needs picking up. She'll be wondering where I am."


"One of the officers will go and fetch her Mrs Haker" said the man soothingly.


He looked over at one of the policewomen lurking by the kitchen door and nodded at them.


"Mrs Haker's daughter Louise is at college. Can you send someone round? She studies at Amigne, right Mrs Haker?"


This last question was directed back at Anne, who nodded her confirmation. The man nodded his own at the policewomen and one of them left the room.


"What about Gary? He's going to be in a lot of trouble isn't he? When you find him?"


"Yes Mrs Haker. I'm afraid he is."


The man pulled back his hand and stood up.


"I'm very sorry Mrs Haker."


Anne nodded and sniffed again.


"Can you tell him. I don't blame him? I still love him. And give my love to Louise?"


"Of course."


The man watched as Mrs Haker stood up and left. When she was gone he walked through into the hallway and the second policewoman trailed after him.


"Mr Haker won't be very far away. He hasn't taken his car and I doubt any bus driver will let him on. The entire house stinks of alcohol. Personally I'd check the nearest pub."


When he reached the bottom of the stairs he looked down at Mrs Haker's body on the floor. It had been quite a tumble. By the looks of her neck her death had been instant. Very little pain.


The photographer shifted to one side to allow him and the policewoman past and the two of them exited via the front door and into the garden. Several of Mrs Haker's neighbours were standing around, talking to police officers or standing on tip toe to peek over the hedge. The man closed the door behind him as the policewoman headed to her car.


There was a tall man in white lounging under the lone tree in the garden, apparently fascinated by the rather pathetic attempt at a pond. It was cluttered with weeds to the point you could barely see the water. The man strolled over to him and stared down at it as well.


"Can we leave now?" asked the man in white without looking up. "Such events bore me."


The first man sighed. He had known Caim for over two years and in all that time the man had never shown so much as an ounce of consideration for other people. It really annoyed him at times.


"Yes. There isn't much more I can do here until they want my report. I doubt they'd want my help in searching for Mr Haker anyway. Tends to make people panic when they hear a Necromancer is after them. They make mistakes. Hurt people."


Caim finally turned to look at his master, who was still trying to see exactly where the edge of the pond was.


"It's none of your concern what these silly people do to one another. You have a higher calling. I keep telling you this Eli."


"And as I keep telling you Caim" said Eli looking up at him. "I'll keep giving my help as long as they want it."

Caim smirked unpleasantly.


"But that's the thing. They want your help. They don't want you."


((Edit: So where are all these people who claim they were desperate to RP? I've seen them peeping in here, but no posts.))

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Issac, Isis and Leon all were slightly disoriented after the travel between worlds, and since Isis and Leon had never been outside Athlon, they felt the difference.


"There's less darkness here." Leon stated almost immediately. "Fewer dark creatures like back in Athlon... no wonder the population of it is so low..."


"There may be fewer here, but don't let your guard down just because of that. There are still dangerous people in this world." Issac commented.


"Heh, yeah and if any of those guys try anything..." Leon started as his reached over his shoulder, drawing the large sword that hung across his back. "... I'm pretty sure they won't enjoy a smack down from this thing."


Isis only laughed at Leon's enthusiasm.


"What? You think I'm funny?" Leon grinned as he put his sword away.


"Yeah, she probably thinks you're funny looking." Issac added in before Isis could reply, laughing. "Your hair is a mess, you haven't washed in weeks, and you smell like an ape." Issac laughed some more.


"That's what I get for hanging around you." Leon's grin broadened.


"You two are quite obviously male, there'll never be a doubt about that. You don't have to keep trying to prove who's bigger." She giggled. "And Leon?"




"Stop compensating with that sword of yours. Everyone knows." Isis laughed.




As they got themselves re-oriented and set, Issac saw a city in the distance. Somehow he knew it was where they had to go.


Besides, it's not like we have anywhere else to go... He thought.


So after mentioning it to his friends and a quick discussion, they decided it'd first be best to find somewhere to live. However, there was one major problem. All of their money was that of Athlon, which was gold and silver coins. No paper money like there was here.


"We might have an issue..." Issac started. "We have no jobs and no money at the current point. We'll need to get jobs or something. I'm only hoping we can do that without any problems.


"Don't sweat it, you've been here before right? We might run into someone you know or something." Leon commented.


"I was in this world, but not here exactly. This city is a lot cleaner than the one I lived in... and for another part of my living here, I was at a 'school' called Fell Haven, in the far north. Which is where I ended up with Elisedd." Issac added, thinking back to the friend who helped him realize how much there was to care for in the world, rather than hate.


Isis noticed her brother slow a little. "You miss him, don't you?"


"Wouldn't anyone?" Leon added.


"Yeah..." Issac's voice drifted.


It took some time, but eventually they reached the city limits. As the entered through the north, they saw a sign pointing to the left which said something about some "Inner-circle Estates." They simply ignored it and continued towards the actual city.



Once they reached the city, Issac and Leon knew they'd have to get a better view. So when Issac saw a fire exit on the side of a building, he lowered the latter but moving the latch with his power. Leon simply jumped up about 25 feet and landed on it, getting himself a very clear headstart.


"After you." Issac motioned for his sister.




Upon reaching the top, Issac could finally get a better idea what everything was. His powers were almost overwhelmed by all the metal in the area so he had to rely on his eyes. There was an apartment building towards the center of town, along with what appeared to be a police station, a bank, and a mall.


"You can't tell where we are by feeling it out?" Leon asked.


"Too much of a shift, remember, Athlon didn't have as much metal utilized. I'm going to have to get used to it again and ignore all the extras." Issac replied." Soon a crow landed on Issac's shoulder pad. "Hey boy, I was wondering when you'd show up. I almost thought you didn't make it here."


Soon they went back down and headed towards the apartment building called 'The New Mansburg Plaza Apartments.' When they went in, the bell over the door rang. Issac's crow decided to head to the roof of the building.


"How may I help you?" The desk clerk asked.


"Good day. I'd like to set up a residency here if I may?" Issac requested.


The desk clerk reached under the desk to pull out some papers. "You'll need to read these and sign as according to what you're interested in. If there's anything available I'll have you sign off and pay. The rent here is on a monthly rate and varies depending on what you choose. We do have openings of a variety availble however." the clerk paused. "If you can pay for it that is..."


Issac filled out what they had wanted. A 4 room apartment with 1 bathroom and a small kitchen area. He then handed it to the clerk.


"That'll be about $1100 monthly." The clerk. "Do you have any way of paying this? Credit card or otherwise?"


Hesitant, Issac pulled out a bag of gold coins they'd been saving and threw it on the counter. "Will this suffice?"


The clerk was amazed as he opened the bag full of coins. "Are these...?"


"Yes, that's gold. Consider it payment for this month and whatever else it covers."


"Come with me." The clerk then came out from behind the desk and took them up the stairs to the very top floor. "This is the best room we have for your selection." The clerk then handed Issac the key to the door.


"Thank you again." Issac then opened the door. Inside it was basically what they wanted. Some space, but not a lot.


"I think we can call this home for now." Leon commented jumping onto the couch.


"Either way, I need some rest..." Issac then walked over to one of the bedrooms and climbed into the bed inside.


"I guess he's beat from the travel." Isis commented.


"That's not usually like him... but I guess he did use a lot of energy to get us here." Leon added. "Either way, we did walk a lot. Could take the time off our feet a little."


((Lol WALL OF TEXT!! FINALLY I can write something worthwhile!!! =P))

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((Is it okay for Garth to be wandering around nearby? smile.gif ))


He wasn't sure why he followed the police cars; he'd always looked the other way when he'd seen them before, something about them making his stomach turn and stirring something suspiciously like interest in him. Maybe it was the danger of them, knowing that they could be heading to a murder scene or a robbery in progress, or perhaps the (mostly) heroic nature of those who rode in them. But mostly it was the danger.


Oh, he knew it was morbid and possibly unhealthy but... Well, he was half-werewolf and half-vampire, for crying out loud, he couldn't be blamed for being a little morbid from time to time; in fact, it was a miracle he was as 'normal' as he was now. It was in his DNA, after all, in his unbringing. Something about the police cars made him think of crime scenes and the bloody deaths that so many of them contained. All that blood... Garth bit his lip and looked ashamed when his stomach rumbled.


It's a coincidence. he told himself firmly, pushing down the memories of The Night He Attacked The Policeman. He hadn't eaten in a while, and his stomach just happened to growl as he was thinking of crime scenes. Nothing more and nothing less. Still, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Garth had found a good home here, among all of those other Supers, so he didn't want to risk it by loosing control and doing something stupid like trying to bite someone's throat out. It would be letting Miss Erion and the rest of the teachers down, too. He promised to uphold their reputation, a promise he planned to keep.


The Umbramancer had been walking as he had been thinking, following the police car's path automatically. He stopped when he realised that he was nearly at the house in question, stopping abruptly in the middle of the pavement. Garth's slightly sharper senses- thought not as sharp as a true werewolf or vampire's- could pick out the sound of voices, many police officers moving around in the house, and above all no smell of blood or violence. "What am I doing here..." he muttered to himself, and was about to turn to leave when he smelt something else.


It was faint but destinctive. It smelt like old things, rotten things... Like damp abandoned houses and something that had crawled into the airing cupboard to die. It wasn't a pleasant smell, but a familiar one and one that made a smile appear on Garth's face.


It was the smell he'd learnt associate with Necromancy, and there was only one Necromancer around that the police would endure having around their crime scenes... "Eli!"


Meanwhile, at the other side of town. The wrong side of town...


The young woman had been almost pitifully easy; she hadn't suspected anything until the last moment, walking blissfully into the jaws of death. She had still been smiling and blushing like a schoolgirl when he dropped the illusion, her slow brain not having time to react before her life ended. Her body had dropped to its knees, blood painting the alley red as it pumped from what was left of her throat, while he watched and laughed. No time to scream or shout for help- no use, anyway. Nobody saw her vanish into the shadows, and nobody saw her come out again.


Oh so pretty and dull and trusting, happily waltzing into the shadows of the alley at the word of a beautiful man. It had been almost too easy to lure her in, her eyes glazing over as her system absorbed the chemicals his body produced; in place of the predator she saw her perfect man, one to love and hold her the way she so longed to be loved and held. Shining eyes, an even tan, a body that would put most models to shame, and perfect white teeth...


All the better to eat you with, my dear.


That was half an hour ago, and now she was barely recognisable as a human- let alone the pretty young woman she'd once been. Shattershard grinned, not bothering to wipe the crimson stains off his glittering skin; he flexed his wings and his talons, leaving long grooved in the concrete floor. The dragon-beast turned away from the body, heading deeper into the shadows, and chuckled to himself as he did. The whole situation reminded him of something he'd heard in one of his meal's dens. She had left the box of sounds on as she made her own meal- it had continued to make it's sweet-speech as he had killed her and sated his hunger. He remembered the words it had said, the mysterious people who sounded so close and yet so far away...


He tried a little sweet-speech of his own now, his voice rough and wobbling slightly as he tried to hit the high notes; it sounded more like a sing-song speech than actual song, but he was pleased with it. "I saw a fox by the rabbit-hole, you saw a prince from a fairytale... He promised that he'd watch over you, turned out to be the fox we all knew... Too good to be true, what chance did you have? Take flight, turn tail. Get out while you can..."


Shattershard laughed again. "If you can..."


((It speaks! But what does it say?))

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Leaving the front garden of the Haker family Eli and Caim began to walk down the street. As they passed the neighbours Eli felt each and everyone one of them turn to stare. He had grown quite tall in the past few years, his growth spurt finally kicking in during his last term at Fell Haven, but he was still dwarfed by the six foot plus Caim who lagged slightly behind. With Eli dressed predominantly in black and Caim in a white suit, they looked quite the odd pair.


It wasn't their appearance that was drawing attention though. A fair number of people in this city, especially those who lived or worked in the poorer areas, knew who they were. Not only did their presence prove beyond a doubt that someone was dead, but most of them knew what the perfectly innocent looking young man was capable of. He was the reason they kept their kids indoors at night and used stayed in themselves.


They made their way to the end of the street in silence. Eli still hadn't learned how to drive, not many people brave enough to try teaching him, and Caim didn't have a clue to begin with. Cars hadn't been around when he was alive. Many Bus Drivers were a bit iffy about letting them onboard because their arrival meant others departing. Usually several stops sooner than planned. It was a similar problem with the trains.


That meant they had to travel around New Mansburg either on foot or cadge a lift from a police officer, who tended to be a bit more friendly these days. But with everyone out looking for Mr Haker Eli thought it unfair to deprive them of the man power.


"Where are we going now?" asked Caim, his voice cutting through Eli's thoughts.


"You go home" replied Eli focusing on the pavement beneath his feet. "I'm just going to wander about for a bit."


Caim hesitated. He hated letting Eli roam around on his own. The boy kept getting these strange ideas. Ideas that quite often put him in trouble. Dangerous trouble.


"Is that an order?"


"Does it have to be?"


Beaten Caim stopped walking, allowing Eli to continue to trudge around the corner on his own. He watched until he couldn't see his master's head above the fence any longer and then gently faded from sight.

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Garth almost didn't recognise the spindly beanpole his old friend had become; anyway, his eyes were more interested in the figure that had been following him, one who's appearance just about screamed 'dead', even if the smell of the Underworld that the Umbramancer had picked up on hadn't. He managed to actually focus of Eli when the two parted company, moving from where he'd been standing under a neighbour's tree and moving towards the Necromancer.


He was thinking of what he was going to say as he did so, how he was going to break the ice. Garth didn't want to shock Eli- he was still nervous of his own powers, even after living with them all his life, and remembered all too well the damage Eli's monsters had done to Fell Haven when they both were pupils there. The last thing a shocked neighbourhood wanted was a recreation of the Sanguinal vrs leviathin debarkle, especially since there was no regenerating werewolf around to tackle the beast... And Eli's powers pretty much rendered his useless for anything other than fleeing or getting other people away from the scene. No, Eli wasn't the type of person you snuck up behind and yelled "Surprise, guess who!" to...


Oh, it wasn't that he wasn't pleased to see him- he just wasn't good at making friends and maintaining friendships, even now. The other boy could have changed beyond recognition, personality wise, or maybe he had... Maybe, added an insecure part of Garth's brain, they'd only been friends because the situation at Fell Haven had forced them to be. The more he tried to quash such worries, the more sprung up- they were like weeds he couldn't quite get rid of, tangling through his brain and choking all sensible thoughts.


Garth fell into walking behind the Necromancer on quiet feet, humming and hawing under his breath as he did so. He cleared his throat nervously once or twice, wishing that he'd bothered to learn this sort of thing. What to do, what to do... Eventually, he decided that he'd have to talk to him and announce his presence pretty soon; it wouldn't be done to be seen as stalker. Unfortunately, his throat seemed to shrink at the last minute and it came out more like:



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Moonshine closed her eyes and sighed. Leaving the gym, she headed down the street and turned into a dark corridor. She needed the lay of the land, which meant exploring every street and knowing exactly where she was. She walked pass a corpse and didn’t give it a second through. Too busy paying attention to the walls and floor. She touched the sides of the alleyway and frowned. Then nodded once, finished she walked out and gazed at the street. Closing her eyes she teleported perfectly into the street. Nodding once she walked out of the street. She was done on this side, gazing around she judged distances, and then teleported to the other side of town. She just needed to do a few more streets on this side and she was done. She briefly noted a crime scene and hmmed. She picked up her phone and glanced at the time. She expected Tegan would call her soon, she knew him too well. She might just have enough time for one room. Having a house to teleport to in emergencies might be a good idea. She watched the remaining police carefully, then when they weren’t watching she teleported to the home and walked in briskly. She walked into the kitchen and quickly had a look around. She judged distances, and then teleported to the street outside. Turning, she smiled and walked away. Now she had to examine her home. Or should she examine the Academy? She paused, then nodded. It would be best to check her home first.

Walking through the streets, measuring any side streets as she went, she eventually came to the Estates. As she headed down the houses she gazed at them, and then turned and gazed behind her. She was being careful, she didn’t want anyone seeing her home. Though, she could always teleport away. She rarely slept there anyway. Satisfied, she turned and walked into her house, swiping the key through the door and then closing it locked. As she examined her rooms, she made sure room 3 was locked tight. She gazed around, measured her entire house, and then nodded. “Good. Plenty of spaces just big enough for teleportation.” Satisfied, she left the key in a hiding spot and teleported outside. She would never use the key. Happy, she teleported as close to the academy as she could. Then entering, she memorised every room she could. She had decided to take Ergonomics. Not for the business info, but because it might possibly include detailed information about the security of a building. Teleporting back close to her home, she looked at the backyard and groaned. “Great, a garden. Something else to take care of.” Teleporting inside she sat down on her couch sprawled and put a DVD on, and watched it without really watching it.



Fikel opened his eyes, someone was moving in next door. He sat up, and then stood. He rummaged through his fridge and brought out a half eaten cake. He cut it up into slices and put them onto a paper plate. There were about 6 slices, hopefully that would be plenty. He walked out of his room and knocked next door and waited patiently. When they answered he smiled gently. “Welcome, I’m Fikel. I’m living in the singular apartment next to you. I brought you some cake, enjoy.” He handed it to them and smiled once more. “If you need anything, I know my way around the city and I’ve got a car for when I need one. Well, I’ll leave you to get settled. I will ask if you have friends over not to play music past 11 at night. Just a suggestion. "


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