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We have a hot little sunstone egg 0hott x white wing snow angel gen 3 checker Just offer dummy



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I've got three 2nd gen eggs from dirty coded parents looking for new homes! I'm not against ND exps but prefer these not get bitten, please! smile.gif




[2] (even has a neat code itself! - EyeXA)



Here's the lusty one

and the matchy codes

aand the other swear-y one ^^


Enjoy!! biggrin.gif


E: just one left ^^

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I can't resist lusty ones... and then I realized I had Booge


please, as Psykotika requested, prefer it not get bitten




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user posted image Perhaps someone can use this?


Claim your new egg!


Dropping to the AP in a bit.

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GONE smile.gif

Wow, i really glad to get this as my first copper thank you so much i will hatch and name it carefully

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