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AP find: 5G white x snow angel checker with all 4 varieties in the lineage. (Yes, *4* wink.gif )


Claim this egg!


Goes back to AP at xx:35 if no one wants it.


Wow, that was quick blink.gif Gone to a new owner in less than a minute! Enjoy smile.gif



Oh, ALSO! I left a dummy offer on Sinion_Kabe's egg.

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Tinsel from a beautiful lineage. wub.gif


Take me home?


Please let me know where it goes! smile.gif


Enjoy, JadeShunDaliaMaggie, and thanks for letting me know where it went! I'm glad it found a good new home! ^^

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I'm offering FREE breedings to my CB Mutamores and CB Hearstealings.

Please PM me with your desired pairing and I will get you the egg ASAP.

I will edit this out when all 4 are bred. <3

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Incuhatchable 2G Green Stripe from White parents


CB Seasonal

I was only going to grab the Winter, but I saw that the Stripe had a Z code. I'm going to regift the Z Stripe in the Z Project thread, but will keep the Winter for myself.


Thank you!

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