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user posted imageMessy - Perfect for Freezing. Was gendered when I picked it up, so it will gender right away if you throw it in a hatchery. Totally up to you though. smile.gif


GONE! TY tnoelemaK for reporting. You're welcome too! smile.gif

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Don't know if anyone would be interested, but I just bred a Regular Pink from a Mageia x Aria coupling. It's pretty neat if I do say so. smile.gif

user posted image2nd Gen from Mageia (m) x Aria (f)

I think I just got a new idea for lineage project smile.gif))))

Thanks. I love bright pinks.

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Snagged this one. Not sure why, probably because the lineage is neat. Let's see if it colors right. How do you determine what color they'll be or is just random?



Here are some beauties from me. Please name them!

Claim my eggs/hatchlings! - Found a home with aisudesu!

Even Gen Ember. A perfect mate for the upcoming holiday season! - Thanks for rehoming this one aisudesu!

TAKE ME HOME! Even Gen Nebula. All ancestors named.

TAKE ME HOME! Alt Black Lotto anyone? Also a nice purebred


More to come as I have more room.







This pink and red are still here. I didn't take them, just moving this post up to this page so it's easier to find smile.gif They were originally posted on the previous page. Sometimes posts get lost on this thread.

I entered your alt black lotto and picked up the pink from bigbite100 (from the previous page that you bumped). Thanks, both of you. The little ones will be named and pampered. wub.gif

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