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A miss-colored Strip blue


Let me know where it goes, Please gone



Edit: Enjoy Pollyanna smile.gif

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Ok I snagged this in the AP, but I have to see this go to a code-friendly home, he has a name already! ^^ https://dragcave.net/lineage/PaUUL xd.png


Please PM me to take this li'l guy home!


Claimed ^^

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if you get a Misgender or refusal, feel free to PM me

I swiped the first pair, thanks. biggrin.gif

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Thank you for the spirters alt babies!

I took a pair and I'll be sure to breed them biggrin.gif

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Messy Ice egg close to hatching (AP catch)




I hope it goes to someone without Ice yet for the GoN summon

Really messy but it's my first Ice!! thank you. smile.gif

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Tinsel with an interesting code: Years 4 U


Thanks for letting me know where it went cherie2017, enjoy! ^^

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To celebrate my persistent procrastination, I'm giving a way a few eggs instead of studying for my Latin quiz:




https://dragcave.net/teleport/7d71c4d60623e...133a951f3ae607f Gone, you're welcome yipyipbrrring smile.gif


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