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2011-04-23 - Second Annual Festival of Eggs

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This year's Festival of Eggs has begun! The event has been extended to three days this year (from last year's one), although it uses the same basket as last year.


To quote last year:

What is this festival of eggs? Well, it's very similar to an easter egg hunt. For the next [three] days, special eggs designed just for the event will pop up in random spots on the site. Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is.


Happy Hunting!


The event has been extended twenty hours as a result of the downtime from 4/23. It will now end at 8 pm EST on Tuesday, April 26.


The 15 hours Festival of Eggs make-up period will start at 12 pm this Monday. It will thus run from 12 pm EST on 5/9/11 to 3 am EST on 5/10/11.

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There is a total of 53 eggs to find this year. Event will last for 3 full days.

The only reward for collecting all the eggs is that you have a lovely collection of eggs to look at. Thats it, no prizes of any sort.


((See here for a small FAQ on this hunt.))


user posted image

By Earthgirl


Kuraianubis user posted image Dove&Tryst user posted image

Corteo user posted image Anonymous user posted image

EarthGirl user posted image Rhea user posted image

Sif user posted image Gradient user posted image

Dolphinsong user posted image Hot on Fire user posted image

Marrionetta user posted image SickSoul user posted image

Kila user posted image Layn user posted image

Iarsma user posted image Wynni user posted image

Starscream user posted image Pokemonfan13 user posted image

Nakase user posted image TaesoSpiritDragon user posted image

ParticleSoup user posted image Silvanon user posted image

LadyLyzar user posted image Zaestus user posted image

SkinsT user posted image Munin user posted image

Silverdrak user posted image Seiss user posted image

LadyAmlaruil2 user posted image Bec user posted image

blackberry user posted image Imbecamiel user posted image

Cheshire user posted image Angz user posted image

Completely Diffrent user posted image TJ09 user posted image

Bernouli user posted image + user posted image (makeup for misunderstanding last year)

Saph user posted image Thuban user posted image

JOTB user posted image Walker user posted image

dragon_mando user posted image Fizzix user posted image

Lyssie user posted image Kiffren user posted image

Seraphinu user posted image Infinis user posted image

NixAyum user posted image Fiona Bluefire user posted image

Cpoggie user posted image Zovesta user posted image

Shanthaia user posted image

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Facts About the Hunt

  • Eggs can be found anywhere on http://dragcave.net . The cave, abandoned page, badge pages, your scroll, wilderness, graveyard, etc.
  • You don't have to hunt the eggs down. They show up at a random time, at around 5-15 minute intervals.
  • Refreshing and looking around more won't make the eggs show up faster.
  • You can see all the eggs you've collected in your basket.
  • The basket for the hunt is the same as last years. If you got a basket last year, this years eggs will be placed in there. There is a cute border that separates last years eggs from this years eggs. (This years eggs are below last year's.
  • There are 53 eggs total.
  • If you don't grab an egg as soon as it shows up, you don't lose the chance to get it. It will keep showing up until you've grabbed it.
  • The egg will pop up on it's random time whether you're browsing around the cave or just refreshing a random page.
  • You do not have to be unlocked to grab Easter eggs.
  • The next egg will not show up until you've grabbed the one already displaying in the cave.
  • If eggs are not showing up for you, make sure javascript is on, images are on, and you're logged in. If none of that works, try another browser. Some browsers have trouble with the event sometimes.
  • The eggs may not show up in the same spot as the ones before them. They may appear at the top, middle, or bottom of the page.
  • Eggs should be easy to spot. The whole egg pops up on whatever page you're viewing. To grab it, just click it.
  • There is one egg that people seem to be getting twice. This is known and TJ has been contacted about it.
  • Last years' eggs will not be a part of this event.
Facts About the Eggs
  • Seiss' egg is a goldfeesh.

    It's an egg in a goldfish costume (because really it's shape is too fat to be a koi's x3)
  • The pacman egg is the one by Bec.
  • The second egg by Bern is the Stitch egg.
  • The first egg by Bern is the okami - Amaterasu egg.
  • Kila's egg is a squid. A squid done by the squid herself.
  • Angziety's egg is a grinning hyena. A hyena grin done by the hyena herself.
  • There is a leetle feesh in Anonymous' egg.
  • Marrionetta's egg is a potato. No, Sock had no hand in that.
  • Kiffren's egg is a camo egg.
  • Thuban's egg is the animated egg of a chicken crossing the road.
  • Blackberry57's egg has a jellyfish on it. A jellyfish by the jellyfish.
  • Munin's egg is a steampunk style egg.
  • No, Infinis' egg is not a lollipop. Please stop licking your screens. That can't be sanitary.
  • Fizzix's egg is a real egg gold in crystal wut awesome.


Yay, I finally got a basket! Can't wait to collect gorgeous eggs. :3

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I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it~

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first page. ^^ And seventh eggie caught. smile.gif

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This is my first egg hunt... can't wait!


EDIT: Yay, first page!

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Hurray! I look forward to these events. Thanks TJ and spriters for keeping us entertained. I like the bunny/ribbon border.

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Owww... I smiled so big my jaw hurts now! Hooray! biggrin.gif

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Got my first while clicking dragons at Dragonspam... Woohoo! And I love the extra trim when I go to my Basket from last year! WOOOHOOO! Happy Easter!

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D8< Not cool TJ, taking so long and then deleting the first few posts. *scribbles it down in her book of resentments*

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Thanks, TJ and spriters. I really enjoyed last years hunt and I'm sure I'll enjoy this one as well.

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Awesome, I loved last years hunt, gonna be fun to do it again. Thanks to TJ and the spriters <3.

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