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    There's a place I know, if you're looking for a show...
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Nix wants your 2nd gen common babies!Nix also accepts IOUs.Come chat with me!225635.pngJTFY.pngOUOY.pngKCbY.pngNmcY.png

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    Sorry that in trade posts I at first "Have" nothing. I would rather work out an offer and then attempt to get it than breed my dragons to get eggs that might not be wanted and would take up space. I rarely breed, so it's likely the thing you want bred is available immediately, making for a more expedient trade.

    Eggs I'm looking for, in general order of priority:

    -2nd gens from blue nebula/moonstone and red neb/sunstone
    -2nd gen nebula with Red mother and Yulebuck father (looking for a red neb baby but will take an egg)
    -Nix egg. Don't care about caps or rest of code or lineage, need ALL the Nix eggs
    -2nd+ gen PB Hellfires and Splits
    -Other short-ish interesting lineages: checkers, stair, contrasting colors, (no spirals) low-gen Thuweds, etc. Idk surprise me.
    -Can always go for a Holly IOU

    What I can offer:

    -Generally anything from my scroll, as I don't breed anything regularly.
    -My metals are messy so I prefer not to breed them, but good for freezing, I suppose.
    -Tinsels are mid-gen, stairs, will breed
    -Trios and BSA dragons
    -Alt lotto a couple low gens of blacks
    -Parents with funny codes (including TJ dragons and a pygmy 69 pair) (I love my codes)
    -Eggs from interesting scroll lineages (PM to inquire or snoop around I guess)
    -2nd gen Holiday IOUs of anything 09 Valentines and later

    There's probably a lot I forgot because I am a derp. PM me?