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    Yesterday was Tuesday, right? But today is Tuesday, too!
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    My daughter and I both use the same forum account, if you have sent a pm and it's not read but we are online, it means the person it's intended for is not around, be assured it will be read as soon as the other one is online.
    mystyic and aquamyrine

    Feel free to pm us about IOU's


    IOU lists (this section is a WIP as I am in the process of moving my lists over from where I had them before, It was not a very organized system so i'm trying to fix that and I really hope I have not left anything out)

    IOU's I owe to people:
    - izuzi0: 2 2nd gen golds
    - 2G Gold from Gilded Brilliance and Valentine Gifter
    (no egg - Aug 6th)
    - 2G Gold from Golden Festus and Generous Gifts
    (no iegg - Aug 6th)

    - s0r0k4: 2nd shimmer from http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=w6NLQ&gen=4&mate=NKhG0&style%5Bbg%5D=y (when I get a copper mate - last bred July Aug 6th - no egg)

    - shadesofchaos: 1 5th gen PB silver (Egg Sent)
    - Ysabeau: hellhorse mate for shimmer (not around)

    I know a lot of my dragons are not named so if you receive an egg from them and would like the parents to be named just send me a PM and I would be glad to. The reason so many of them are unnamed is because when I start up a lineage project I often have a naming scheme that applies to only that project so I wait till then to name things or it could be because that particular dragon has a code that I like in which case it will not be named.