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~*~ Lineage Site: From stairsteps, even-gens to arrow lineages, from common water dragons to rare metallics; there will always be a lineage here for anyone ~*~ 

Scroll | Currently working on : 10th gen Anime/Manga

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    I really enjoying reading and writing... Sometimes I get so absorbed in either that I forget to eat and to socialize.. it's quite a problem sometimes.. oops. hehe

    My fascination with sea turtles and sharks tends to scare people away also...

    Either way, I would like to believe I am an interesting person to speak too. I like making new friends. ^-^ I also quite enjoy manga and anime, so feel free to pm with suggestions!! I'd love to hear of some.

    I also like making lineages; most are being stubborn right now -.- . I have a link in my signature of the website where I have them all listed. I don't mind anyone asking for any, just keep watch in case I make a limit.

    Peace! <3