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  1. You're welcome @Ruby Eyes! That's one of my favorite lineages ^.^
  2. Sick eggs can hatch. Fogged eggs cannot, though they can hatch as soon as they are unfogged. What kind of egg is it?
  3. Oh, goodie! I do like warms.
  4. Antareans, Glacewings, Fire Gems, Pyralspite (adapted from a piece of abandoned public art), Speckle-throated (I think), and Undine were all public in some capacity before their release. I am probably missing multiple breeds since I was not actually that active in DR until well after I got in cave, but those are the ones I know of off-hand.
  5. I'm not sure that would be an issue if, say, the random scroll produced could only be one that is both not hidden and currently accepting aid.
  6. I don't like sleeping with any part of my body exposed except my head. Fingers and toes can be chomped by monsters. I am purely secular and don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in protecting my tiniest extremities from being nommed by them just in case they do exist.
  7. - I'm a Slytherin. I debated making the other houses, but I only had 3 entries available and no time to make all 4 house eggs anyway. Sorry. - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, featuring the improbable sperm whale and bowl of petunias. Douglas Adams is bae, and that book is all kinds of perfect. - This was for my youngest cat, Loki. Loki was born with an enlarged heart. He was given to me by his breeder free of charge - because this particular defect never goes away, is very expensive to monitor/treat, and can kill its victims without warning long before their time. He also happened to be the sweetest, gentlest, most loving little poodle cat in the universe, and every person who met him wanted to steal him. He knew how to sit, shake hands, and fetch, loved to shove his head into your hand for pets, and would purr so hard he'd almost start whistling. He loved sleeping under the covers right against my side with his head on my arm, and most of my time in front of the computer was spent with him curled up in my lap. On March 18, four days before Loki's 3rd birthday, his heart condition claimed his life. Please cherish every moment you have with your pets. They are truly priceless.
  8. I think the biggest question here is whether the minor hassle of an egg wall is worth the unknown hassle (assuming it's possible) of coding a filter that situationally excludes eggs produced by a specific breeder. That's not to say that a small subset's irritation is not valid because they're small, but more a logistical question.
  9. Nah, do not support. There are benefits to AP walls, such as keeping the timers low, and if they bug you then it's not difficult to take a break for a few hours while they clear.
  10. So much win right here
  11. Light Concorde is right. Invites are a one-time-only thing. If you got an invite last year and nobody invited you this year, unfortunately them's the works. We each are only allowed to invite one person per year.
  12. Pssst that avatar is actually an avatar of creation, but I'll let it slide because those headshots are righteous
  13. I saw 3 in the space of about 20 minutes this morning, so they're definitely still there. They're just hard to catch because everyone is afraid they're NOT dropping, and people with slower connections never get the chance to see them.
  14. I literally just asked if you'd obtained permission to edit the sprite, but ok.
  15. Did you obtain the spriter's permission to edit their artwork?
  16. I remember that release. It was the release where we got Nocturnes and...Electrics, and I think one other breed. There was virtually nothing but those breeds for I think two weeks until he changed it manually. Since the change that resulted from that particular issue, the longer a dragon floods, the more scarce it will become after the flood stops. I do not think that making eggs flood for longer will be a good idea at all.
  17. Why do you keep insisting something happened? Nothing happened.
  18. I've seen a few scary releases (like the 7th birthday bash where things like coppers dropped well for only a day after people had already filled up on other eggs). This release seems completely within ordinary levels of user-manufactured rarity at this point. I would not start drumming up conspiracy theories about there being something wrong with the release just yet.
  19. A more actionable solution would be for someone who keeps track of the thread and has a first page post to use that first page post as a repository of information.
  20. That's not really a defense of the practice of spamming release threads with info posts. That's more highlighting a problem with users not being willing to dig back even a single page.
  21. I agree with this. I think any more than one repost of information every 5 pages or so is pretty excessive. As it is, it seems like a way to pad one's post count.
  22. I like both of these breeds so far.