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  1. As I told my friend while I was painting it last night...
  2. After seeing that Penk lineage, I think someone should do Arias rq
  3. I'm loving the look of them with golds, Gaias, and female silvers. For some reason they look really really striking with chronos as well. What about other predominantly green dragons like mints, jade gemshards, or green nebulas?
  4. After, especially for holidays where there isn't any way of knowing what was picked until the moment it happens. For regular releases I admit I'm usually just lazy or busy. I started this one two or three days ago.
  5. There is a lot of bird in these - mainly raven and owl - but I did keep vultures in mind when fleshing out the concept. Aside from that they're also based on (yes) witches and will-o'-wisps.
  6. - Witchlight dragons are consummate opportunists, subsisting quite well on carrion when no fresh prey is available to them. Their strong digestive systems allow them to consume even rancid meat with confidence, and they will eat every digestible part of a kill - including the bones. Because of this, the victims of Witchlight predation have often been said to vanish into thin air. - These nocturnal hunters have adapted to a lifestyle of stealth. The soft feathers coating their bodies muffles the sound of their movements, and they are not known to growl or roar at all. A Witchlight will huff or snap its jaws together when excited or irritated, but will otherwise remain eerily silent. - A Witchlight dragon's illusions will tailor themselves to the unique fears and comforts of individual prey, presumably by playing off their own perceptions and weaponizing them. Some may be lured into oblivion by fantasies of warmth and safety, while others will be taunted with manifestations of their own paranoia and insecurity. Whichever form the magic takes, a Witchlight will not strike down its prey until their resolve is thoroughly broken. - While Witchlight dragons are perfectly capable fliers, they hunt on foot and reserve flight mainly for the practical matter of traveling. The exposed leather of their wings makes too much noise in motion to be useful for stalking and ambush. - The glow of a Witchlight's eyes and markings has an inherent alluring quality to it. They are capable of controlling the extent to which their eyes and markings glow, and use those in conjunction with their illusions to lure prey. However, they cannot control their own glow while they sleep: in order to remain hidden in their bramble-thicket nests and prevent their glow from attracting unwanted attention, they will wrap their wings tightly against their sides and tuck their heads under the sheltering darkness of their wings. - Witchlights are solitary but not necessarily ornery. They make doting, attentive parents and will visit members of their families long after they've grown and established their own hunting grounds. Mother Witchlights will meticulously coat their newly-laid eggs with downy feathers preened from their own bodies in order to keep them warm and protected from the elements. - It was once said by a particularly fortunate traveler that Witchlight dragons enjoy scritches, but few have dared to test that claim.
  7. Yaaas his name is Witch and he wants you to respect his life choices.
  8. For the record, two-headed eggs cannot be turned into vampires. In order to remove a two headed egg from the breeding pool, a hatchling would either need to be frozen and released or the egg/hatchling killed.
  9. Why does everyone see my name and automatically assume it's a cat? x3
  10. You will need to hunt the AP or trade other users for them.
  11. You will have to either trade for additional hatchlings/eggs or hunt the AP after yours hatch.
  12. I only had one turn out of five attempts. Still debating whether I want to make a point of trying to collect all 45.
  13. It's so fluffy you could die 83
  14. I can't contain my enthusiasm.
  15. In-cave artists are each allowed to invite one person to contribute to the trick or treat and festival of eggs events.
  16. That wouldn't start a riot or anything.
  17. It has nothing to do with Stranger Things. I just love waffles.
  18. Good at minesweeper and/or a headache, probably.
  19. Don't knock the waffle. Waffles are sacred.
  20. 6 dragons a month IS a bulk release, especially on a site where the average release has no more than two breeds at a time. And, in trying to prevent "a handful of players" who can't handle so many dragons in a single occurrence - let alone a month - from dictating the future flow of the game, you are attempting to make YOUR handful's preferences more valuable than theirs. Why push for 6 dragons a month? Why be so adamant about that, when you could simply request an occasional large release like the anniversary release or the Olympic release? We are never going to get 9 releases of 6 dragons each a year - that's just absurd, even if we did have enough suitable breeds available to release - but two or three big releases and 5 small ones? That's far more reasonable.
  21. I'm not suggesting decreasing frequency, I'm saying that I bet that would be your trade-off.
  22. I'm just speculating here, but I would expect that, if individual release size were to increase, then release frequency would decrease correspondingly, such that the average number of breeds released per year was about the same.