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  1. I would caution anyone against using very very old dragon breeds as justification for new ones. Standards have changed, supply has increased. Those breeds would likely be passed over as not draconic enough in the present day.
  2. I think while it's probably totally okay to set up your own private server for whatever you like, the DC IRC is something explicitly hosted by T.J. and run by DC moderators. In order for a discord server to really become endorsed by the admin, it'd probably have to be set up and managed similarly.
  3. I'm really fond of how Soulstones seem to look with Sunsongs, gold/silver Lunar Heralds, and Kingcrownes. They also look pretty good with Witchlights but I can't really do that lineage ;-;
  4. ~Removed~ I am loving the theorycrafting in how the pearl works though, Xylene. Very nice!
  5. I wouldn't do what I did with the horse on DC, because the horse photo is CC stock that requires artist credit when used. Their DA is Chunga-Stock, btw. I also avoid using artwork as referential material for exactly that reason. Artwork is not stock. If someone were to accuse me of tracing the two paintings that I linked, I would just produce my references and streams.
  6. Stretching and resizing are very different things, my friend.
  7. Exhibit A: Literally nothing about those two pieces lines up. Exhibit B: See exhibit A, and you had to stretch the sprite to get any vague alignment Exhibit C: See exhibit B. There is no congruency in those. The sketch for the Cermorvus has areas that literally line up perfectly with a horse photo - down to the placement and angle of the NOSTRIL and MOUTH. Edited to remove coolface
  8. You know, if you trace even a portion of an image, or trace a part and then move the source image and trace another part, it's still tracing. If you trace multiple individual parts of different images to create a single whole, it's still tracing. Unlike what I assume is the case with the original Cermorvus sketch, I have entire streamed video files showing I did not trace the horse and solstice. =)
  9. Here are a couple of examples I have of reference photos being used to make art: There's no denying I looked at these while I was working - however, If you were to try to line them up, they may come close, but they would never be able to fit completely because I was just looking at them. Versus: There are several congruencies here, especially with the black horse which I found on the first page of Google by searching "rearing horse". Even the mouth and nostril on the sketch's head fit perfectly with the mouth and nostril of the black horse. The angle and length of the arms/hands fit a painting of a robot dinosaur in Tazzay's DA favorites. That doesn't even take into account the use of a licensed stock photo for the S2 sprite. Licensed stock is not free to use; you have to pay for it.
  10. Well that explains a lot.
  11. Oh goodie, my '17 vals are starting to gender!
  12. I would assume that if the original sprites were suitable for use on the site in the first place, they would not have been replaced, so I doubt we will be seeing them as a normal release.
  13. "Once this agreement is in effect, permission to use the art may not be removed by the artist without the consent of the owner of Dragon Cave. If the art is already in use, it may not be removed until a suitable replacement has been found or created and is in use. In extreme cases, the owner of Dragon Cave reserves the right to immediately remove art without the consent of the artist." This is straight from the agreement every artist signs prior to release.
  14. Oh, my youkai magician eggs finally have big holes in them.
  15. Don't tell my landlord, ok?
  16. Quark is making his new owner proud helping out in the Nulhora mine. Buffy is one of the cats you round up for Renronin each day; Ronin won't let her out of his sight anymore. =3
  17. Ignore me, I just gave blood lol. Got my wires crossed.
  18. Galys has like a zillion grandkids. I'm sure a few want to send her gifts.
  19. I hadn't even considered the typing yet. I probably should, since my teams do tend to run heavy on fire types just because they're so good, and I plan on bringing in a mudsdale asap so being weak to fire wouldn't be a deterrent for using Popplio.
  20. I got Pokemon Sun for Christmas, haven't opened it up yet because I am having trouble deciding which starter to use. I am not a fan of the owl and I DESPISE Incineroar, even though Litten is far and away my favorite. Should I start with Popplio, or maybe get Litten anyway and just never evolve it past Torracat?
  21. For the record, you cannot arbitrarily define what constitutes a "true" (insert giant air quotes here) new in-caver. You just can't. Either a person has their name on a dragon release or they don't - and no, event assets do not count. I could invite my mom, who has never drawn with anything but a pencil, to an event, have her sprite an 8-pixel blob with her left foot, and she would not somehow be different or more in the "in-crowd" than uncredited DR artists for getting the Wikipedia page credit (love you mom). Most artists who do art for DC, whether in-cave or not, have probably had at least one conversation with an in-caver. Many of them use that conversation to ask for art advice. I have an open invitation to provide critiques to people's art as long as they can put up with my sometimes-extensive response time (you know who you are, sorry, I'm working on it). Those interactions may increase your chances of getting an invite as an event contributor, because we each get only one invite and we can't all invite the same person. For my part, if I've never talked to a person, I'm probably not going to think about inviting them. Guess what, though? Talking to in-cave artists and exchanging ideas with them may also help an artist produce art in a style that fits DC, boosting their odds of getting picked. There's no way for those not to have a considerable amount of overlap. I'm a bit of an exception. I literally never took part in DR prior to getting released. I was an artist, but I had no clue how to sprite. I just was lucky enough to become best bros with the greatest bro to ever bro, JaziandCo, who taught me how to sprite and gave me the confidence I needed to put myself out there, and eventually that paid off. I didn't even know at the time that "event invites" were a thing. I thought T.J. just asked people he knew to make Easter eggs and stuff. The fact is that people want to be involved in events for the same reason they want to get a dragon release. They love spriting and they want their work to be represented! It just so happens that it's easier to get a sprite into an event than it is to get a dragon in-cave, so a lot of spriters working on the second happen to get the first along the way.
  22. Wait, so if we make sure to invite every active DR artist to one event or another, then if they ever get in cave with a dragon release they no longer count as a new Spriter because they did an egg that one time? I don't follow.
  23. TJ didn't need to say anything about the Solstice hatchlings. I asked him to implement them, he implemented them. I also didn't say anything and this is not a problem for you. He also does actually close threads he knows he won't implement for certain, usually with a good reason why. I don't understand why him not killing an idea and leaving people the chance to give him a version of the idea he does like is a bad thing.
  24. Is it possible that some of these suggestions don't get implemented because he doesn't want them to be?