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  1. First, there isn't actually a "backlog" of completed dragons. Not every sprite set that gets completed will be released, regardless of who's involved in it. I don't consider my myriad unreleased sets to be backlogged, I consider them to be awaiting judgment or unsuitable for DC in their current state for one reason or another. If a concept I've made has been overlooked for two years, I generally label it a failure and make a note to completely revisit the concept. Second, 78 dragons is a RIDICULOUS release size, and I honestly do not think there are 78 completed concepts on the whole site that are both conceptually and artistically suited for a DC release even if T.J. had the time to set up that many new breeds for you while also helping with the winter event. Then the amount of drama that so many new breeds would inherently cause when people could never hope to catch everything quickly just isn't worth the trouble. Not to mention, from an artist's perspective: it is an honor to get a release. It's fun to follow the release threads. It's fun to watch people reacting to what YOU did. To bury that experience in a sea of 77 other breeds, where people just don't have the time to appreciate what was accomplished... It would cheapen the experience for everyone, but especially for the artists.
  2. I vaguely remember it being communicated that simply posting support without adding any additional thoughts was considered spam in even the general suggestions forum. Naturally I have no proof of this because I was not myself warned for posting "support", but it seems like an impression shared by multiple people. That means at the very least our expectations as users are not entirely clear.
  3. I actually did bring up a concern about a warn I received for spam, first to the mod that warned me and then to another mod. I provided very thorough explanation for why my actions did not deserve a warn. I was completely dismissed by the first mod and got an apologetic message that amounted to a shrug emoji from the second. It's probably not surprising that I'm not planning on bringing up any future concerns about modding with moderators after that reception. It feels futile to even attempt it, even if the response I got from the second mod was very nice.
  4. The laziest, but here: Diamondwing dragons are proud, flamboyant, affectionate creatures with temperaments as lustrous as their wings. Males will endanger their own lives to collect the shiniest trinkets with which to decorate their dens and perfect the most impressive aerial displays, and for good reason: they are looking to attract The One, and they intend to keep that mate forever. Mated pairs will still act out the rituals of courtship annually to reaffirm their bond, but it's exceptionally rare for a pair to part ways before one is slain. Diamondwings prefer to live in mountainous regions, and do not seem to mind heat or cold. They're highly social and loyal to those they trust, but that trust is hard to win and easy to bruise. Flattery will get you (almost) anywhere.
  5. Isn't that kind of how discussion works? Many times, that back and forth between the same people generates novel ideas better than sitting around waiting for someone else to come up with it.
  6. We already see newbies posting threads to get clicks for their eggs. This kind of relaxation would not prevent mods from addressing threads like that. All it would do is give people the option to post a new thread about a topic that was brought up and then sort of left by the wayside for a year or longer without that new thread being burned. If one wanted to prevent those old threads from being bumped after, then threads could be auto locked as nectaris suggested after a certain length of time without any new posts.
  7. Even if diamondwings did contain actual diamonds, diamonds are one of the most common gemstones out there. That was my rationale.
  8. I have played DC for several years now, and have noticed the steady development of a somewhat toxic and unwelcoming atmosphere in the forums over time, caused in large part by what I would consider overzealous moderation of discussion forums and, by extension, preemptive warnings and expressions of paranoia that someone's post or thread will get moderated. This is...not good. People should be encouraged to mingle, share ideas, and express enthusiasm. They should not constantly fear that posting something harmless will net them a warning or angry red text on their post. They should not feel the need to dig up that stale four year old post nobody's touched since 2013 because if they don't bother to check 6 pages back their thread is going to be burned as a duplicate. So I would like to propose a change in moderating style: Relax moderation in Discussion forums - meaning news threads, site discussion, and - to a lesser degree - the main suggestions forum. 1. Stop burning new threads and demanding we revive dead ones covering the same topic. If a discussion thread has gone untouched for over a year, it is probably a better idea to create a new thread referencing the old one rather than reviving the original. Arguments in the original thread may no longer be valid and participants may no longer be around or invested. A new thread encourages fresh opinions on the matter without having to wade through twenty pages of outdated ideas beforehand. 2. Allow small instances of tangential "off-topic chatter" in Discussion threads. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen someone apologize for having something to say because it wasn't exactly the topic outlined in the first post. Idea sharing should be encouraged. Levity should be encouraged. Use your judgment: if a couple of posts happen to touch on an unrelated topic or contain a meme without disrupting the overall flow of the thread, they are effectively harmless compared to the effect of slapping someone with a warn for spam or shouting at them with angry red text and editing their posts. If a new release thread is suddenly predominantly people talking about US politics, fine. Rein it in with a gentle reminder. Otherwise, let people chat and participate naturally in their community. Let them engage healthily with the public without fear of punishment. Our users tend to know when a tangential topic warrants movement to its own thread at this point. I'm not saying that moderators let the DC forum turn into a free-for-all, and in places like dragon request threads topics should definitely be strictly limited to the original request, but I believe that a refocusing of moderator attention to actual issues instead of enforcing excessive strictness on the flow of communication in our forums would enrich the community and help promote a more positive, involved atmosphere. This is supposed to be a game, after all.
  9. The egg doesn't have a custom cracking sequence, it's just how the generator works.
  10. I would rather my sprites not be edited by anyone but myself.
  11. I for one am not going to be wanting to resprite all of the custom cracking stages on that "only one" egg. I don't have the time, on top of already feeling like a distinctly shaped egg is unnecessary.
  12. Remember that odds and probability are not the same thing, nor is probability of a single event happening after multiple trials the same as straight probability. For instance, the probability of drawing an ace out of a deck of standard playing cards is 1/13. The ODDS of drawing an ace out of a deck of standard playing cards are 1:12, and the average number of playing cards you would expect to have to pull out of a deck before you draw that ace is about 10.6 (aka after you've pulled about 11 cards, the probability of you having pulled at least one ace is pretty near 100%). My point is, while one's PROBABILITY of having the right mega millions numbers may remain the same, when factoring in multiple trials under the same circumstances there will become a point at which the probability of THAT sequence of numbers winning SOMETHING will begin to approach 1. That's how, in games that require you to farm large numbers of mob kills to get a rare drops (which is basically a lottery in itself), you can actually predict about how many kills you must make before your chances of seeing that coveted item drop reach favorable values.
  13. Odeen

    DC Lore AMA

    Re: drake intelligence - Howlers do a lot of growling and very little else. And, despite their wide range of vocalizations they are capable of making, I've always imagined them to be relatively dumb even by drake standards. Which is fine, because fungus isn't known for its ability to run away. I don't know if this has been asked at all yet, but regarding telepathy: is this ability something that must be learned, or that could be impaired due to injury? Would it be possible for a true dragon breed to lack the ability to communicate telepathically? Do you think there would be etiquette standards involved in the usage of telepathy, since many dragons also seem to vocalize as well?
  14. That seems like a rather extreme stance to take for the sake of a single Pokemon type.
  15. Hey, maybe you just didn't figure out the right formula. I have heard that sticking with the same numbers time after time can somewhat increase your chances of winning something, but I don't know if that's from a study or confirmation bias. It would make sense statistically that successive attempts with the same numbers would boost that set's win chances because of multiple trials.
  16. PM a spriter whose opinion you trust
  17. If you knew how much work went into the assets for Snow Wars, or Snow Warning, or Valkemarian Tales, and then added the consideration that this would be a literally never-ending battle to make custom clothing for hundreds of unique sprites, adding more with each new release, ON TOP of still producing content like those events you mentioned... I daresay you would think differently.
  18. This would be a very, very large amount of work. Even if you restricted articles of clothing to specific breeds, which would cause insane amounts of public pushback when someone's favorite clothes weren't available for their favorite breed, there are well over a hundred distinct sprites to design clothing for. Not to mention it all seems pretty goofy to me.
  19. I have a small collection of about fifteen blown glass dragons all made by the same artist in Manitou Springs, CO. Sadly that gentleman died, so that collection isn't likely to grow any more, but I'm very fond of it.
  20. All four drakes have wings. The last two are flightless, but they still possess fully functional wing arms. Whether the first "feels" like a drake to you is inconsequential to the fact that it fits all restrictive criteria, has a distinct form, and could still become a canon creature if it were ever sprited and selected for release by T.J. As for the tarantula hawk drake comment, I fail to see the resemblance myself but also don't particularly care because it's beside the point.
  21. I drew all of these in about half an hour. They're very bad and simplistic, and none of them have anything resembling a concept, but they're also all drakes and all distinct creatures.
  22. I don't actually see struts in the official requirements anymore, nor is there a minimum or maximum number of them in the first place.
  23. How restrictive is it really? Let's see... 1. Have four limbs/legs with leathery wings. - it doesn't specify a wing shape or limb length. 2. Have antlers. - it doesn't specify an antler shape or whether it must branch. 3. Are smaller than the average dragon. - ok 4. Have a similar intelligence level to dogs. - artistically irrelevant 5. Only have an innate/natural level of magic. - leaves you open for a lot of interesting interplay between the drake and its elemental affinity, which could well affect the physiology. 6. Lack a thumb. - this does in fact restrict you. So... They lack thumbs and must have some variation on a body style which already makes up the majority of actual dragons with wild variety between them all. This doesn't sound particularly restrictive to me, but...
  24. FTR, GONs are a terrible example because lore-wise they're basically dragon gods - obscenely rare, obscenely powerful. They don't play by our rules. I'm not even certain there are more than one in the whole of Valkemare in the first place, but that would be a T.J. question. When it breeds with lesser beings, of course it would produce lesser offspring like avatars. Demigods are not as strong as their divine parent, and in the cases of myths like Loki they can look very different from them as well. If you want less restrictive drake breeding, work on producing more drakes. Justifying a consolidation of the groups based on physiology is pointless: going by size, drakes are probably actually far more similar to pygmies than dragons, as dragons have a massively wide size range, and pygmies can also have all the same features. Outward appearance simply is not compelling enough to justify combining two breeding groups, and as has been pointed out the game hardly makes concrete biological sense anyway. Address the problem, don't just do away with it.
  25. I think if people are going to try and revamp the vampires, we should be aiming to solve more problems than we create. Marri has a lot of good points about Sextonator's attempt.