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  1. I played the heck out of Super Mario 64, Barbie Riding Club, and Oregon Trail 3 as a wee bab. I also remember Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega and Robocop 2 for SNES. I would say the first time a game really had an effect on me though was when I started playing games on PS2 and XBox like Final Fantasy X, Gallop Racer, and Halo. Of course I also grew up on Pokemon RBY and basically played GSC until my cartridges died.
  2. I would love to see Fell x Enraged Aegis
  3. There are not enough yeses in the universe to encompass my approval.
  4. They're not? About half of the standard dragon breeding group is non-dimorphic, and there are like 15 times as many standard dragons on the site as there are drakes. That fewer than half of all drakes are currently dimorphic is mainly just a fluke of what T.J.'s chosen to release. Two-heads are ALL dimorphic, which is a much higher percentage of dimorphism than standard dragons, but nobody's asking why dimorphism is so uncommon among dragons. It's just a small sample size, like drakes.
  5. It rarely snows where I live until late January or early February.
  6. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes, and thanks T.J. for the release!
  7. The mottled eggs are actually dropping in all biomes
  8. While working at a pet store during Christmas time about five years ago, I overheard an adult woman ask another associate "Do canaries need water?"
  9. I'm allergic to ragweed and... That's pretty much it, though I did have a horrible allergic reaction to authentic saltwater aquarium salt a few years ago as well - but only the once.
  10. I managed to catch a pair of CB witchlight hatchlings last night with 30 minutes left to live. The female died before she could grow up, but the male survived with about a minute to spare. Of the five hatchlings that I saw whiz through the AP last night, I believe he is the only survivor.
  11. Well, to be fair they aren't blue dragons so *shruggo*
  12. All bred holiday dragons grow up with a last bred date of the first day of their true breeding period to prevent them from breeding true the same year that they grow up.
  13. I should be raiding with my guild in World of Warcraft. I am not doing this; instead I am staring at Photoshop and hating my life.
  14. I suspect Comey will neither resign nor be fired. FBI directors serve for 10 years, and he's been there for 3. He's got a pretty defensible position in saying he was only being thorough and did what he could to expedite the resolution of the issue after it came to light. One could argue that if Trump were to win, maybe he would consider resigning, but I believe he is a political conservative and I find that thought pretty unlikely. If Clinton wins, she will likely start by focusing on more far-reaching issues than a misbehaving FBI director. As far as I'm concerned, while I think his behavior was deplorable, I'm not sure his fate is consequential.
  15. Thanks T.J. and EVERYONE for such a wonderful Halloween!
  16. I too am surprised that the holiday wall is still there. No telling how many eggs have died behind it. Oh well, I think it's fun trying to find the bottom of it!
  17. The Desipis might have trouble fighting off a Witchlight if it didn't know the Witchlight was there...
  18. Courtesy of 42 I'm sure.