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  1. Pretty certain nobody has cats wandering around the house.
  2. The items you get are random.
  3. My family always has the most fun with present boxes. One year, my parents bought my sister a nice pair of earrings for Christmas, but it's always so easy to tell when you're getting jewelry because like nothing else is that small, right? Ha. My parents put this tiny earring box into a box that was 3ft x 3ft x 3ft in size and stuffed it with towels, packing paper, and a BOWLING BALL to give it substance. It took my sister 5 minutes of digging around to actually find the tiny parcel inside. One year my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Having no ideas yet, i said "a big old greasy corn dog!". Come Christmas day, one of the presents I unwrap happens to be packaged in an old box of frozen corn dogs. This doesn't involve me, but one year my extended family was doing what we call "Crazy Christmas", a variation on Secret Santa where you have a 10 dollar budget and must give your giftee a present themed around something funny that happened to them that year. My aunt was going through a bit of a nasty divorce and everyone was begging my parents to take sides in the happening, and my dad drew my mom's name for a gift and opted to cheat and not swap out for another. His gift was a refridgerator box that he converted into a little cardboard house, complete with a door and a window, that he dubbed the "In-Law Divorce Fallout Shelter". There were plenty of sides my mom could take: the inside, the outside, the left side, the right side, or the back side. Not everyone thought this was funny.
  4. All Aegides grow up blue. That is their natural form.
  5. As was said before, that's a fan-made chart. Glancing at it, I can say that most of those dragons are shown as being smaller than the size of what T.J. considers the smallest dragon on the site, which is the mint (about the size of a compact car).
  6. I've always been worried that the toothy bits at the bottoms and tops of escalators will suck me in.
  7. I like the CB limits. I've actually never been a super huge fan of Halloween CBs being unlimited, and if I had my druthers there would be like an 8 or 10 CB limit on Halloweens as well. Ultimately though it doesn't really affect me negatively for Halloweens not to be limited, but I think that the other two holidays being so much more limited makes them feel by far more precious.
  8. FTR, just because you don't like a BSA or its effects does not, in fact, make it not-a-BSA.
  9. Enrage/Pacify: purely cosmetic and for flavor purposes only, imparts in-game effects by changing sprite appearance. It's not like influence. Having an enraged Aegis doesn't help you in any way. It's not beneficial. It's a costume change. And yet, because it's a costume change, it can affect breeding. Some would argue that that makes it a consequential BSA, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a functionally useless RP dress-up mechanic. Sounds pretty blurry to me. ETA: I am aware that enrage is not a BSA suggestion, but its existence shows that there can be a grey area.
  10. This will be my 2000th forum post. The long journey is done.
  11. I JUST finished Dune by Frank Herbert, which I'd been told a zillion times by my friend was a good book. I was not disappointed, except by the realization that the film they made of it whitewashed all the characters because the film industry knows only betrayal DX Iiiii will probably begin reading the sequels soon.
  12. I should be cleaning my apartment and/or shopping. Instead I'm watching YouTube videos and petting a cat.
  13. I suppose I can take the oath, too, since I'm pretty certain that my Aegides would break if I tried to use the BSA. =X Immortal Auron will remain enraged. Immortal Jecht will remain pacified.
  14. I used to wear foundation (not a huge fan of makeup because I'm lazy and don't like waking up to do it), but it dried out my skin so I all but completely stopped and substituted makeup for a skin care routine. =P
  15. This perhaps assumes that all trees on Valkemare are earth-sized trees. With so many different breeds of what would be classed as megafauna running about, I would argue that at least some forests and jungles on Valkemare would actually be made up of very, very large trees, perhaps boosted to be thus by natural infusion of mana. I have always imagined humans in the Valkemarian landscape to be small and insignificant compared to the features of the world in which they live.
  16. There isn't really a way to enforce that. Perceived usefulness vs something that's fun is sometimes obvious, but sometimes the lines blur. Honestly IMO it doesn't hurt just to allow "support" posts for all BSAs.
  17. Odeen

    Town of Salem

    I think my favorite Town of Salem moment ever didn't even happen to me. I was town, had died a few turns earlier, and only 2 people were left alive: the Veteran and the Serial Killer. The Veteran was like "darn, you win, GG. I have no alerts left". The Serial Killer only smiled, then the night round occurred. All the dead sat around lamenting their deadness and the fact that the town was going to lose, but when the sun came up it was the Veteran who stepped out of their house alive. They had tricked the Serial Killer, managing to lure them into their last remaining alert, and so the town won.
  18. I joined DC because I saw a magma dragon and knew I had to have it, and so a CB magma was the first "rare" that I caught. My very first metal rare was this 3rd gen gold.
  19. My mother used to use leftover roast beef, brown gravy, and rice to make what I called "cat food on rice" due to the concoction's resemblance to canned cat food. Tasted great. Also, one of my favorite lunchtime meals, SOS (aka "inappropriate word for fecal matter on a shingle'"), had a much less amusing and more accurate name of "chipped beef on toast" in normal people's recipe books.
  20. I like the honeys with Howlers as I expected, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how they look with night glory drakes and spotteds. Dat green and gold yo!
  21. I always imagined honey drakes to behave a bit like feral cat communities, where they go out foraging on their own but passively gather to enjoy the benefits of mutual grooming and play. They're very shy with other species, though, so they would probably vanish into the trees like squirrels at the first sign of trouble.
  22. .... =X I don't have anything to elaborate on about the Honey Drake concept, actually. You see...the honey drake was recycled. Back in 2014, I was having second thoughts about the Gemshards, so I redid the sprites from scratch and added a fourth possible color (citrine). The original Gemshard sprites ended up being favored for release, so shelved the revamped versions as experience points. I really, really liked the citrine variant, though, and decided about a year later that I would dust it off and make the necessary edits to turn it into something usable. I gave it wings and edited out the more Gemshard-esque features, deciding that they might make rather interesting eastern-inspired drakes. The concept of them as honey thieves was based almost entirely on their color. They almost became Amber drakes instead! About the breed, I can say that when I call them small, I see them quite squarely on the small end of drake species. They feed almost exclusively on nectar and honey, and serve as highly effective pollinators since they can travel a fair bit farther in a short time than any insect.
  23. - Fell Dragons have quite inauspicious beginnings: from a dense, nearly human-sized egg, a hatchling emerges weighing less than 10 kilograms. They are born hungry, however, and grow frighteningly quickly as they feed. Within weeks, a Fell hatchling will have outgrown its egg with no signs of slowing down. Once it reaches sexual maturity after a few short years, it weighs over 10 tonnes, and will continue to grow - if more slowly - as it ages. - In order to sustain its rampant growth, the Fell Dragon has adapted to consume just about everything: meat, plants, wood, even metal and stone. Its stomach acid is laced with death mana and perilously corrosive, capable of dissolving nearly anything it touches. - A Fell Dragon has 2 pairs of eyes: a forward-facing primary pair and a diminished, side-facing secondary pair which expands the creature's field of vision without the need for turning its head to look around. - Fell Dragons are believed to be a scourge upon the face of Valkemare, sowing destruction in their wake. The most ancient of their kind are called Calamities, a rare and terrifying sight to behold. Even in death these monsters are capable of rewriting the face of a landscape: once the acid within a Fell carcass eats through the decaying lining of its stomach, it spills out and carves a shallow basin around the carcass, scorching the earth of growing things. The acrid mire left behind is known as a fell pit, and naught but the hardiest and most unpalatable of vegetation will grow there for generations afterward. - The dense hide and armored carapace of a fell dragon are inherently resistant to the effects of magic. All but the most powerful spells are simply absorbed or deflected. Open wounds, of course, are suitable weak points, but pain tends merely to enrage the beasts. - Fell Dragons are not very bright, but if raised from the egg they can form lasting bonds with human caregivers. It goes without saying, however, that they make exceedingly poor pets. Trivia: - Fell Dragons are based off of aspects of several different Kaiju from Pacific Rim, namely Tresspasser, Mutavore, and Otachi. Their base physiology and behavior, however, are more inspired by the bear and rhinoceros - The adult sprites are lovingly nicknamed Charlie and Sandra - just because. - The Fell Dragon first came about in 2013, but I redid the sprites in 2015.