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    My final say on Sweetling Alts:
    I'd like alts to stay as they are, a gesture of good will to those impacted by the glitch. They were always meant to be pink, and I'd rather they stay that way. I've spoken with TJ about this, and he and I are on the same page in that the breeding of alts will be phased out.

    I understand that not everyone will agree with this decision, but I hope that everyone can move forward and that we can all put this behind us!

    Please refer to this in regards to whether or not alt sweetlings should be widely available <3
    For other questions, you can contact me via my website, which is linked in my signature!

    Here's a list of the current mates for Cordial:

    Immortal Snow White Chocolate- Albino
    Immortal Strawberry Whip- Balloon
    Immortal Anise Licorice- Black
    Immortal Tropical Sorbet- Bright Breasted Wyvern
    Immortal Lemon Citrus- Canopy
    Immortal Blue Raspberry Snowcone- Coastal Waverunner
    Immortal Flights of Fancy- Daydream
    Immortal Balsamic Grape- Dorsal (purple)
    Immortal Citric Acid- Electric
    Immortal Cinnamon Flare- Ember
    Immortal Passionfruit Compote- Flamingo
    Immortal Citrus Chiffon- Gold-horned Tangar
    Immortal Golden Delicious- Gold Wyvern
    Don't You Dare Touch That Candy- Guardian
    Immortal Honey Poached Pear- Harvest
    Immortal Whimsical Confection- Hellfire
    Immortal Acai Blueberry Smash- Horse
    Immortal Sweet Nectar- Water
    Immortal Champagne- Lumina
    Immortal Orange Cocoa Truffle- Magi
    Immortal Andes Mint- Mint
    Immortal Sweetened Moon Cake- Moonstone
    Immortal Aztec Chocolate- Red Nebula
    Immortal Coconut Rum- Neotropical
    Immortal Midnight Ice Cream- Nocturne
    Immortal Key Lime Pie- Pebble
    Immortal Fairy Floss- Pillow
    Immortal Sugar Roses- Pink
    Immortal Honey Violet- Purple
    Immortal Cinnamon Sugar Lace- Red
    Immortal Designer Sugar- Ridgewing (purple)
    Immortal Lavender Cheesecake- Ridgewing (tan)
    Immortal Silver Dragee- Royal Blue
    Immortal Glamorous Sugar Pearl- Silver
    Immortal Cloudy Mousse- Skywing
    Immortal Fairy Bread- Speckle-Throat
    Immortal Blueberry Strudel- Spitfire
    Immortal Strawberry Crumble- Spring
    Immortal Golden Peppermint Twist- Stripe
    Immortal Rock Candy- Stone
    Immortal Peach Marmalade- Sunrise
    Immortal Blood Orange Reduction- Sunset
    Immortal Golden Wildflower Honey- Sunsong
    Immortal Cherry Candy Crunch- Sunstone
    Immortal Meringue Cloud- Swallowtail
    Immortal Champagne Sparkler- Terrae
    Immortal Pop Rocks- Thunder
    Immortal Concord Grape- Trihorn
    Immortal Sour Lemon Tart- Turpentine
    Immortal Gingersnap- Vine
    Immortal Royal Icing- Waterhorse
    Immortal Cocoa Dusted Souffle- Whiptail
    Immortal Powdered Sugar Snow- White

    Some simple rules:

    1. If I owe you a cordial egg and you're still interested, please reach out to me so I can get you your egg!

    2. Please please PLEASE let me know who you want him to breed with. If you request a pairing for a dragon not on the list, I'll do my best to get it, but you might have to help me get it. Really sorry about that, but I don't always have time to camp for certain CBs.

    3. DO NOT TRADE HIS OFFSPRING FOR TINSELS/ETC. If I find out you've done this, I'm blacklisting you. These eggs are meant to go to people who want them for their lineages, not so they can use them as currency. I know it sounds harsh, but I don't like being used, and I think we can all agree it's not cool

    4. Please be patient with me D: I do get kind of busy sometimes, and some parings don't want to give me eggs (like Cordial and Golden Peppermint Twist), so it might take a while to get an egg out of them. I promise I haven't forgotten, so please don't get mad if it takes me a while to get you your egg. If it's been a while feel free to send me a message so we can touch base!

    5. Please tell me your favorite kind of sauce. It can be sweet, savory, for pasta, whatever. I just need to know you've read the rules.

    Thanks for checking my profile!

    This list is in order of who requested first. For some pairings, like those with my CB metallics (or any dragon that's not breeding well at the moment), I will have to breed that pair every other week to ensure that I will get the common eggs to other people on the list.

    Fush- CB Gold
    Silence2- Cinnamon Sugar Lace
    Wookie- Orange Cocoa Truffle
    Kairi- Flights of Fancy
    Serendipity- Anise Licorice
    Rampaging Wyvern- Anise Licorice
    Siliconrose- Golden Delicious
    Amazon_warrior- Cinnamon Sugar Lace
    Nectaris- Coconut Rum
    PF13- Anise Licorice
    LadyLyzar- Anise Licorice
    JOTB- Cinnamon Sugar Lace
    Fione Bluefire- Powdered Sugar Snow

    Dragons needed to complete my list of mates for Cordial:

    CB Blusang
    CB Brimstone
    CB Dorsal (red)
    CB Gold
    CB Storm
    CB Ice
    CB Magma
    CB Nebula (blue)
    CB Olive
    CB Summer
    CB Autumn
    CB Winter
    CB Tsunami Wyvern

    If you wish to gift me what I need, or are willing to trade one for something on my scroll, please let me know!



    None at the moment! WHOOHOO!

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