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~wheeloftime13~ I accept and give IOUs... if you see something on my scroll you'd like for me to breed for you :)PM me :) Always looking for 2nd gen prizes, 2g SAkin, and a bunch of Celestials and Moonstones (can make a Neglected in exchange). ND_animation.gif

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    Pennsylvania USA
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    My wishlist:

    CB silvers
    2nd gen prizes
    CB Golds (I need 2 more females and 2 more males to complete my scroll goal)
    2nd gen prizefails

    Ghost (0/25 female aethers, 0/25 male aethers, and 0/25 male pinks, 0/25 female pinks) COMPLETE
    Irabane (0/70 hatchies from brimstones, celestials, bolts and 2018 dragons) COMPLETE
    Nightwalkerkey: 0/10 hybrid hatchies, (2/?) cb zyumorphs) COMPLETE
    BrazenChase: 0/7 xeno hatchies (1 from each biome + 1 Gaia) COMPLETE
    Soulsborne’s sister: 0/20 + (0/5) + (0/5) cb hatchies from purple, red, gemshard, silver or indigo lunar herald, and aeon COMPLETE
    Runasutaru: (0/250 >5 day hatchies of any lineage, bonus breeds are Khusa, Hellfire, Frostbite, Morphodrake, Storm Rider, Nexus, and Fell) COMPLETE
    Wookieinmashoo: blue firegem (0/1m), red firegem (0/1m, 0/2f), almandine (0/1m, 0/1f), spessartine (0/1m, 0/1f), aqualis (0/2m, 0/1f), blancblack (0/2m, 0/3f), black truffle (0/3m, 0/4f) candelabra (0/1m), blue gemshard (0/1m), green gemshard (0/1m, 0/2f), red gemshard (0/2m, 0/2f), kingcrowne (0/2m, 0/1f), blue siyat (0/2m, 0/2f), green siyat (0/3m, 0/3f) COMPLETE
    HopSketch: 0/5 2g metals from nicely named parents (see group for breeding) COMPLETE
    Haki: 0/8 low time hatchies from female magma, female white, male magi, and frostbites COMPLETE
    Ginji: (0/8) blue, (0/8) red, (0/8) green cb Gemshards COMPLETE
    harlequinraven: 0/14 male and 0/14 female mimic hatchies COMPLETE
    Nightwalkerkey: 0/20 hatchies from cb all caps codes, cb honey drakes, 2g pb stripes, cheese COMPLETE
    Deadpool: (0/7) male Melismors, (0/5) female melismors, (0/6) female Almerald, (0/6) male Almerald, (0/2) male Royal Crimson COMPLETE
    prpldrgnfr: EG SAltkin (3/2) COMPLETE

    I am owed:
    3g SAkin from FullmetalTriforce (COMPLETE)
    0/50 cb female Moonstone hatchies from sophistry COMPLETE
    Even number of cb Celestial hatchies from MoonShark (6/10) male (5/10) females