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~wheeloftime13~ I accept and give IOUs... if you see something on my scroll you'd like for me to breed for you :)PM me :) Always looking for 2nd gen prizes, cb golds, cb silvers, cb aeons, and 2nd gen prizefails.  Currently looking for a mate for this egg. Prefer that it is a silver lunar herald from the cb female gold Lunar herald and cb male gold tinsel prize.


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    Pennsylvania USA
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    My wishlist:

    CB silvers
    2nd gen prizes
    CB Golds
    2nd gen prizefails
    CB Aeons

    I owe:
    Ghost (23/25 female aethers, 23/25 male aethers, and 23/25 male pinks, 22/25 female pinks)
    Irabane (43/70 hatchies from pipios, brimstones, and kyanites)
    Nightwalkerkey: 6/10 hybrid hatchies, (2/?) cb zyumorphs, prize from prize given