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IMG_20190117_205204_01.png.1d9c9e3cef56b911837aa493f1f2c62a.png (Credit goes to the spriter!!)

Hello, I do breed on request and most times for free!! It's always nice to make people happy!!

I truly thank those who've helped me, are nice to others and are nice to me!! All are welcomed and I am pm friendly, even if you just want someone to talk to!! 

I'm a tercorn lover and found that I'm an Enfj, which is pretty fancy! Though, I must warn I'm a highly sensitive one!


Also, have a great day/night to all! :):D


If I have an Iou with you, please don't be afraid to poke me or remind me! Sometimes I get caught up in school, get busy in general (especially with family), or may have forgotten to fully pay you- I'd truly love to complete it so you recieve what you had wanted!

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    Somewhere over the rainbow with happiness and friendship for all! :)
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    I like many things!!
    Something I like is definitely dragons!! I also love to draw/paint, looking at sunsets, nature, I like astrology and to help others as well! But that's just a few things!

    If you'd ever like to talk to me you could always PM me!! And if there's a dragon you'd really like that I could possibly breed for you and help you get, I'd gladly help 😊
    Though, Discord is the best way to reach me if you need me! (3

    Kindness of any sort is gold!!❤️