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Oop, i'm hardly active on here xD
i have a deviantart as well, though i'm inactive on it and my name is PoppyseedMuffiin (pretty much everywhere wheeze). call me poppy. or popstar, poppers, stinky rat, typo queen, gemshard hooligan, i answer to those too lmao
if u want to chat with me for whatever reason, hmu on discord! i'm in the official and unofficial dc servers, and my handle is PoppyseedMuffiin#0012. i'll usually accept ur friend request if u want to send one xD

call me a nerd but i'm also on pokemon go as poppylancake, and i love making new friends on there and happily accept raid invitations if i'm around and able! my friend code is 9072 1482 6962
anyway thanks for listening to me ramble, whatever's below this is from a while ago but i'm too lazy to change it 

I collect Tsunami Wyverns, Gemshards, Aeons, Blusangs, and much more, but i mostly collect Gemshards!

I'm an artist (sort of) and always working to improve!

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D


Pfp by @/AdamsDoodles on DeviantART! 


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    federal prison
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    dragons, staying mostly inert, eating candy, spicy memes, water, Tik Tok, Christmas, hydroflasks, blankets and oversize sweatshirts