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Oop, i'm hardly active on here xD
i have a deviantart as well, though i'm only there once in a blue moon (about as often as i check these forums LMAO) and my name is PoppyseedMuffiin (pretty much everywhere wheeze). call me poppy. or stinky rat, typo queen, gemshard hooligan, i answer to those too lmao
if u want to chat with me for whatever reason, hmu on discord! i'm in the official and unofficial dc servers, and my handle is PoppyseedMuffiin#6969. i'll usually accept ur friend request if u want to send one xD
anyway thanks for listening to me ramble, whatever's below this is from a while ago but i'm too lazy to change it 

I collect Tsunami Wyverns, Gemshards, Aeons, Blusangs, and much more, but i mostly collect Gemshards!

(more to be added later)

I'm an artist (technically) and always working to improve!

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D


Pfp by @/AdamsDoodles on DeviantART! 


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    at your local wal-mart, speaking to the manager
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    dragons, staying mostly inert, eating candy, spicy memes, water, Tik Tok, Christmas, hydroflasks, blankets and oversize sweatshirts