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  1. Earlier in this topic someone mentioned that they could only hunt CB eggs through the AP because their internet connection is terrible. Why is it okay for a mass breeder to take away their only means of playing the game? "Breeder's rights" is a lousy excuse when it's impacting other people's means of play. Whether or not you agree with their reasoning or not they're taking the AP hostage and forcing people to either A. Wait for the wall the end or B. Raise all of the eggs that *they* bred. The ratios are broken and outdated. How the AP functions is broken and outdated. I was away f
  2. Chiming in here with my experience with my first major breed limited holiday since coming back: I was easily able to catch older breeds I'd missed. In fact I had the most trouble getting the most recent releases (2017 and 2018) because there were several times where the holiday biome was full of snow angels and rinbon dancers that I, and likely loads of others, couldn't grab due to the scroll limit. So instead I sat and sat and refreshed and waited hoping to find an egg I needed. I was fortunate to not be on rural internet for some of this (which was the bane of my existence during
  3. Happy holidays everyone!!!
  4. That's a totally fair point! It didn't occur to me that people could incubate and hatch faster (whoops I completely forgot that was even a thing even though I totally did it myself lmao). I can agree that a two day drop would be a good solution, then!
  5. Have: CB female Freckled (stunned) Want: CB male Freckled (hatchling or precog male egg is fine!) She gendered wrong and I really need a male 💦
  6. Again, just because people don't travel doesn't mean they're not busy on Halloween or Valentine's! If they fall on a weekday kids have school, people have class, adults work, people go to parties, go on dates, take their kids out, etc. Halloween is an especially social holiday in the states, with parties and trick-or-treating, which isn't done anywhere else (to my knowledge). Using travel as a sole means to decide what holiday deserves long drops is silly because it ignores other equally important factors. And I haven't even mentioned users with rural internet (myself included). In
  7. Count your blessings. I have rural internet and I had so many issues getting eggs this Halloween because of the lag, even when I switched to using data the lag was so bad that by the time the page refreshed everything was gone, if the page even managed to load. There are other people in my situation, and I was incredibly fortunate to get eggs with everything stacked against me. As I mentioned in another thread, Halloween drops should be made longer to match Christmas and Valentines. People work on Halloween, people have school, people go to parties, parents take their kids trick-or
  8. I can guarantee that shortening Christmas and Valentine drops would hurt people’s ability to collect. In years past, when Christmas dragons dropped for only one day, I found it hard to get away from my family to catch my two allotted eggs. And that wasn’t even factoring in the terrible internet at my aunt and uncles place (which is where I spent Christmas Eve and morning). If I didn’t get the eggs in the wee hours of the morning I’d have to wait until we drove several hours to my grandparent’s house, where again I’d have to try and break away from family to catch eggs. And if I cou
  9. I want to be a Helper! Forum Name: Kila Scroll Name: Kila Breeding abilities: Most notably I can breed a 2nd gen salt (with any choice of mate that I have available), and a 3rd gen salt featuring both Cordial and Ghostfeathers. I can also breed a 2nd gen Silver Shimmer. I can also breed a 3rd gen Thuwed, 2nd gen metals, a variety of holiday lineages, Tinsel lineages (some with a salt in them), and GoNs. I have a lot of unique things on my scroll that I can breed! Catching abilities: I have rural internet that can be pretty spotting, so my catching abilities during pe
  10. Get spooky and stay safe everyone!
  11. Dunno if this is the place for this, but Gold dragons have the incorrect art credits in the encyclopedia! They're still listed as Shikaru and Silvanon, instead of Nakase.
  12. I think it'd be okay to have a Nurture type BSA not stack with Incubate. I'm sure there are users who don't incubate all their eggs, but still end up hatchling locked. Even if it's only niche, I'm sure there are users who would benefit from it at some point or another, and isn't that what matters in the end? As far as how it would work lore wise, I think it could easily be explained as an adult dragon taking extra care rearing the particular hatchling. Extra TLC in the form of food, enrichment, etc. It's already been pointed out that reptiles can be brought up to breedi
  13. Pretty much this. Especially if you work in a more corporate setting, this sort of speech is taken incredibly seriously. @MasterWeavile: A lot of trans* people feel dysphoria. Their physical body doesn't match what they feel in their minds. My MtF (male to female) friend has always said that she never really felt right in her own skin until she came to the conclusion that she was in fact a female. My partner is agender, or androynge. He identifies as neither sex, prefers gender neutral or male pronouns (because female pronouns don't feel right), and physically passes as androgyn
  14. True, he has a right to his opinion, but when that opinion belittles a group of people it perpetuates and affirms those beliefs in others. It's like laughing at a rape joke. Those kids of "opinions" are shared by transphobic individuals. By people who commit hate crimes against transgendered people. To quote ghostly on the FR forum, He claims to be supportive of GBLT rights. Yet he says transgenders do not exist and are mutilating themselves. That's hate speech, plain and simple. He should be fired. If one of my coworkers acted in such a way, they'd be fired on the spot.
  15. He'd be easier to ignore if he was just some random ***. But he's an admin or coder from Flight Rising (I don't play, so I don't know which), and he's making money. It's quite possible he's earned money from the gay community, transgenders and pansexuals included.
  16. I figure this topic would be better suited to discussing the gender identity side of this issue, but I posted it in the gay marriage rights first because I'm a derp and forgot this topic existed, too. I'm pretty disgusted by this. I mean, I'm a pansexual with an agender partner. And I have several transgendered friends. Just wow. How can someone be so ignorant.
  17. Well technically Iowa did it first, which is surprising because they're a far more conservative state. But the bill was signed into law today at 5PM central time! As early as August 1st gay couples can get married! Perhaps even earlier, depending on a few things. This week has been named as Pride Week by the St. Paul mayor, and one of the capitol bridges has been decked out in pride flags and there's just a huge party going on. It's fantastic!
  18. Random fact, I was up all night spriting the Leetle Earth Day tree. I went through four cups of coffee and three cups of peppermint tea to stay awake haha. It's one of my favorites, too ;; I'm so glad it shows up this year.
  19. Lissa is an attack tank as a Sage. I mean WOW can she pack a punch.
  20. I've gone through and added all my eligible dragons to my signup post! Sorry about that. I Have New Dragons! Forum Name: Kila Link To Sign Up Post: Here~ New Dragons: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Rlz5r http://dragcave.net/lineage/b0pJq http://dragcave.net/lineage/PbzG6 http://dragcave.net/lineage/WyvC3 http://dragcave.net/lineage/aHAVt All are adults!
  21. I'm fairly certain there have been dragons of other color schemes done for Christmas aside from red/green/gold c: But in the end, the final decision is up to TJ. So if the community wants to see more variety of Christmas colors, we should hope TJ's been paying attention! That and people can always submit their own designs. They all have a relatively fair shot (and I say relatively because in the end it's mostly up to TJ's own personal preference) of being released, so go for it!
  22. But, as was pointed out before, the term "Christmas" has come to be incredibly secular. In fact, a lot of people who celebrate Christmas aren't Christian. Hell, I'm agnostic and I celebrate it. Wouldn't changing the holiday names to incorporate other religions defeat the purpose of keeping DC secular? None of the released Christmas dragons are Christ or Christian themed. They use colors and themes representative of the season, such as red, gold, and green, or holly berries, wrapping paper, and bows. I wouldn't want to see ANY religious themed dragon, simply for the sake of keeping it secu
  23. Anyone looking for games should consider Amazon. I've found all of the games ya'll are mentioning on there, like TotA. That being said, I'm debating on purchasing DLC for Fire Emblem because I'm cheap and have student loans. Are they worth it?
  24. I Have New Dragons! Forum Name: Kila Link To Sign Up Post: Here~ New Dragons: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Mw6lF http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZLakK http://dragcave.net/lineage/2LdFr All are adults!