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  2. Ahhh yay!! Which egg is your favorite?
  3. Raffle Entries Closed I will post the winners after they have been drawn using Random Name Picker. I will send the teleport links given by the donors to the winners, but those who did not send a teleport link can either send the link directly to the winner or to me so I can send it to the winner. Thanks everyone for your help in making this first Prize Descendants Raffle!
  4. If it's just the adults that are hidden, that is fine. I only need to be able to check on the prizes as they grow to make sure they remain on the winner's scroll.
  5. The eggs stopped appearing.. So I think i got them all!
  6. He wabbled a bit as the door shut behind him and yawned as a sudden gust of cold wind blasted through the mountain top. His breath held a but more smoke then Sam's because of his internal heat. He started walking in a sleigh rut in the snow down twords the village stumbling slightly when the winter cold buffeted him. "I am usually up here during the off season.... " He puffed. "I don't know how much winter fun you'll get out of me without me passing out from the cold. "
  7. This one is my favorite! Lancer looks so cute as an egg...I watched jacksepticeye play Deltarune and absolutely loved it ^^ I have two more to collect! One more!
  8. If you still want a chance to VOTE for the DC Photo Contest, enter the Prize Raffle for a chance to win lovely prize lineages for free, and/or fill the AP with treasures during the Festival of Eggs, remember to go enter the links above for the raffle (closing soon), VOTE your fave photo, and don't forget to breed some gems and hunting fun to find colorful and lovely treasures to the AP. Enjoy the Festival of Eggs and so glad to see so many new artists who participated this year! Also check out the above mentioned 20 week Breeding Challenge, look at other Breeding Projects, and also threads to gift and donate and to find people looking for gifts and donations to add to their scroll. Why not send someone a freebie breeding offer (within whatever limits you set) if they seem like a person who is looking to grow their scroll and add some nicer things or grow their armies and/or collect other dragons and more dragons? And, if you can't hunt down someone, just let those someones hunt for YOUR eggs in the AP!!
  9. I hope so, I love to draw. I have a terrible problem with shaking hands, so it does hinder me. The egg I had originally done I had to scrap cause I could't get my shadows partially transparent. LOL GIMP kept making them black, but after discussing with others up above, I see what had gone wrong. I'm so used to using Paintshop Pro, but it doesn't animate, that I tend to get stuck in a rut. I absolutely LOVE how you all seamlessly did your animations! ❤️❤️ WHOOT!! Finally got them all.
  10. with my terrible eyes, I have to enlarge all of them. LOL But once I do, I can read it just fine!
  11. Sam sighed a bit before nodding and doing as she was told by putting the jacket on which was followed by the gloves, hat, and scarf afterward. She then picked up the suitcase that she thought was hers before following after him back over to the wall mural that had shown the snowy landscape and cabin. She watched curiously as he bit his finger and wrote something in demonic before the door opened to a lot of snow on the ground. She nodded before following after him through the door, pulling her jacket a bit closer and tighter around her as she did so since it was so cold.
  12. I think that means you'd have a good chance of getting accepted if you enter next year! Take this time to refine your egg if needed, add extra details to it, or make a new egg if inspiration strikes.
  13. So I'm Mystery, Go by the same username on dragon cave as here, just so it's easier X'D I think i joined about a month ago, and thought i'd follow the forums so that i could get help with events, or just for news purposes. I'm 21, I'm aussie, and Boi do I love all things mythical. Accidentally discovered this place while I was looking up the forums on flightrising, and i'm happy i did. This place is pretty cool and i love the dragon designs <3
  14. “Okay,” Parker said in reply before she jumped slightly when she felt the jolt that went through her body when Zach touched his nose to her birthmark and then feeling him lick her cheek afterward. “It’s fine,” she said in reply to the apology before watching curiously as he shifted back to take care of Sabrina’s wrist. “I’m glad you’ll be okay but I hate what that evil creature did to you,” Sabrina said before petting him carefully so as not to touch the marks that the iron had left behind and then heard the rest of what he said and asked afterward. “My wrist’s fine love just in a lot of pain. Not sure how long I won’t be able to use it for but I hope it won’t be out of commission long.” Both Parker and Sabrina nodded when they heard what Zach said in regards to talking later and they needed to get out of there. They followed after the twins up the stairs and looked around the storefront with wide, shocked eyes at the scene that was there before walking out the door. They looked around at the city that they were in while Zach closed and locked the door behind them, not seeing it when they were brought here since they had been asleep at the time and then greeted Bruce when he came running after hearing Zach’s whistle for him. They continued to follow after the older boy to the woods and then they both got into his back when he gestured for them to do so.
  15. I think everyone did so WONDERFUL on their eggs! I hope we get to find out who all did what. Mine wasn't chosen, "Unfortunately, your creation wasn't chosen for this year's Festival. Keep on spriting, and I hope to see your work in a future Festival of Eggs!" Not sure if that meant I could work on a future festival or not. LOL
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  17. Take 'em if you want 'em - 3 hatchlings from random AP eggs
  18. Have: Second generation Gold Tinsel from male Pillow [lineage] Want: Ideally a Neglected, though in the absence of any I'll accept the best offer. I missed the March release, so those would be great, but I'll consider anything. [link to trade] Thank you!
  19. @Lagie Thank you so much! Also thanks to everyone else who liked my egg, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it as much as I had fun making it
  20. I think the, highlighted, part is where I was going wrong in GIMP. I was trying to save as a partial transparency, ie the shadows, but a transparent background in a png format. This is ALL very good information to know! Thank you. OOOOOOH, I have 4 more eggs to find, will I have time!?
  21. Two more of my favourites!
  22. @wheeloftime13 quick question: I tend to have my scroll visible but the adults hidden. Is that okay for the purposes of this raffle?
  23. Thank you mystery breeder for this Bolt from Male Bronze Shimmer, she was a lovely find!
  24. We are just escaping from the snow. Only a few unmelted piles left. Now to enjoy the 3-4 months of sunshine we get before we reenter the white hell that is winter. Wind is still cold here, though.
  25. Just when I thought there would be no FF related eggs this time, I stumbled over the BLU job stone xD
  26. Update on my ferrets. Bandit, or Lucy Bandito Three-Tears as my brother named her, our lovely almost-9-year-old sweetheart, passed away on April 8th. Old age, older than we thought she'd get. Right before spring too, sadly. RIP, you candy thief. So, how did I cope? ... I was dumb, went to the pet store for fish stuff the next day, and came home with a squirmy baby ferret. No regrets. His (yes, it's a boy, our first male ever) is named Duke Chipper Nipper, or Duke for short. He's two and a half months old, according to his papers. Duke because ferrets "dook" when they're happy. Chipper because he had a chip in one of his front fangs when we got him. Nipper because when my bro first held him...little Duke took a big chomp right into his beard, barely missed his chin. Duke gets along happily with his four older sisters. Rosie and Lily Adams turn 3 years old this spring. Whisper and Snickett Sunshine turn 2 years old around the same time. Bandit would've turned 9 years old. Hopefully I can post photos of little Duke soon.
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