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  2. She smiled back at him before he grabbed her gloved hand and she walked with him to the town that was just ahead. She looked up at the two-story cabin they approached it, thinking that it was a very interesting name for an inn but she figured it fit as she also shook off the snow that had accumulated onto her own fur coat while listening to everything he said. "Sounds like it'll be a fun week. Sledding is very fun as well as sleigh rides. I'll join you in drinking hot drinks only mine would be hot chocolate and tea as well as of course the cuddling. Sounds like it'll be perfect already," she said in reply while following him to the front desk for them to check in. Sam smiled in a polite and friendly way at the man behind the counter while Jach started to talk with him by telling him his name as well as what room he wanted. She frowned bit when she heard him say that they didn't have his name on the reservation list. She then started to worry when the conversation turned to one that ended with them being booked out for the entire season and there was only the extended family cabin available which also caused her to be a bit confused. How could they only have that cabin available when Jach had made a reservation ahead of time? She then started to shuffle her feet a bit side to side embarrassingly when she noticed some people start coming down the stairs for breakfast and look at them and then when the conversation turned heated at the man's words that threatened them to get out of his establishment, her worry from before started to grow. She noticed the couple come in at the same time Jach did as well as the key he had been talking about earlier, sighing a bit in relief. She was then a bit shocked when they started apologizing to him because she knew it wasn't their fault but she didn't say anything. She smiled at the friendly woman when she walked up to them and started speaking to them. She nodded in understanding when she heard the part about the man behind the counter being new, knowing why now he hadn't known about the reservation. She listened closely to when the dining times were for both breakfast and dinner, making a mental note so that she wouldn't accidentally sleep in past when breakfast is served each morning. She blushed a bit when Jach mentioned her and she waved slightly in greeting to the woman. Her stomach growled slightly at the mention of the chocolate twists and her blush darkened a bit more. She was glad when she heard that it was okay that Jach was making a fuss/ruckus because she was worried that they would have really been kicked out for it if it had continued. She was excited to hear about the shop they mentioned, wondering when they'd be able to go to it. Maybe after dinner, she thought to herself before hearing the rest of what was said. Her eyes widened a bit in surprise when she heard the bit about the chocolate tasting like strawberries although there wasn't any strawberries in it and wanted to try it for it sounded both interesting and really good.
  3. "He soaks until the brown marks fade. As for the herbs, the main entrance of his den is near the spot in the woods. You can also follow the underground river inside his home to a grotto filled with Wolf's breath. They are different colors. Blue is found where he has purified areas, they are used most often with severe wounds. They are have the property of healing these are used on humans too. Purple is for burns of iron, and bringing down fevers that are mostly caused by over use of power. They are soaked in water for tea or baths. Red is deadly to nonmagical people and creatures. Handle those ones with gloves and keep them separate from the rest to avoid contamination with the ones that can be used with people too. This flower is found where the Canin bled. They can only be picked on the full moon when they are in full bloom. These are used to die our cloaks red, the pedals at least are the only harmless part, but the plant itself is to be eaten by the wolf when he goes beserk, Dark, or major internal bleeding is occurring. Basically, on the verge of turning evil or death. Yellow is used for ticks and fleas, and often gathered for soaps and smelly things or teas, they ate commonly known as honeysuckle rather then Wolf breath. Those are everywhere. " She explained to Sabrina carefully rubbing the water on Adonis's face to cover the burns there as well. "I know. It's a little shocking to find out that.... Not only the stuff of nightmares are real but the things of fariy tails are real too. It's a lot to take in, but you won't be asked to be the Wolf Shaman. That job is solely for the mate of the current Wolf... I stepped down of that title, and well.... don't really have any right to call myself the Wolf now. I'm impure. Tainted. No going back from that. "
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  5. Have: CB Gold egg Gen 2 Bronze Shimmer from Radiant Angel Want for both: Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from male Black Gen 2 Gold Shimmer from two Gold Shimmer parents Gen 2 Silver Shimmer from two Silver Shimmer parents Want for either: Gen 2 Bronze Tinsel from Heartseeker Please PM me (first line in sig applies); thanks!
  6. Sabrina woke up again when she heard Ray come back and she followed the former to where a bath was drawn for Adonis, watching what all she put in the water and then listening to what she said the herbs did while laying him in the water. "Does he have to soak in them for any particular amount of time?" she asked curiously as she continued to watch and learn about how to treat iron burn wounds. "Also where can I find these herbs if I had to search for them in the woods?" After Zach had answered the questions she had currently she said with a small smile, "Those are all the questions I have right now and sorry if asked them too quickly. I'm just trying to process all the information you told me which is a bit much to handle right now honestly. I'll ask more questions later when I think of them.
  7. Hey OK then: R. 33: BIngo ! https://dragcave.net/lineage/kHGyk
  8. Oh my! Had to claim this lovely Chrono checker. I love 4gs even though I know I wont get a mate for it probably Thank you ❤️
  9. Zinogre

    Pokemon Go

    I was leaving work the other day for lunch when I stumbled upon this shiny bird. I always wanted a shiny Murkrow so when I get more Sinnoh Stones I’ll evolve her into shiny Honchkrow.
  10. Gaia xenowyrm checker with albino Chrono xenowyrm checker with hellfire wyvern Mageia xenowyrm checker with ice Thalassa xenowyrm checker with skywing
  11. I think I entered, during one of the last ones I thought I'd entered but my name wasn't on the list :c Hopefully that went through, lol. Good luck everyone
  12. Laura is well known to me from elsewhere on line - I dragged her here, and she gave it to me for a reason I forget just now ! So I guess tabs won't let me count that then. As a checker breeder, it felt messy to ME. Ummmmm
  13. It is absolutely NOT messy, it's actually the result of a Lovely Common project. Laura-Borealis (the breeder of your Brimstone) is a member of the Lovely Commons thread. And yes, always 3 breeds. https://dragcave.net/group/1898 (This one is a cheater in that regard: https://dragcave.net/lineage/prdHF)
  14. Shameless plug here, please delete if not allowed. I'm raffling off this gorgeous 2G Silver Tinsel in #raffle channel here. Come and enter, all you have to do is react to my post there!
  15. The half I got WAS messy. I bred it up NOT to be Is it three breeds only per lineage ?
  16. Tempus peeked the group from afar. Being relatively new to the group himself, he felt that it would be uncomfortable for both him and the new dragon to be in a crowd. So instead, Tempus wanders off into the Forest, hiding from the heat of the sun beneath the leaves of tall trees. "Maybe I could find more of those herbs," the wyrm thought to himself. He proceeded to search again without the group's notice. He thought of his own past. Poachers seem to be as scary as the evil dragons that attacked his homeland. At one point, all hope seemed to be lost. But then, hope is found once more. "Should I try to find my lost friends and ask for their help? No, there will be too many of us, the evil dragons will notice us." It seems like a mission of no return, but Temporamus had stepped out of hiding. There's really nowhere to go back to, anyway. After wandering around for a while, he spotted the same plant. His frustrated face changed to an expression of energetic excitement. He swooped to pluck the plant, and performed a helix in the air, before rushing back. "I'm sure we need a few more of these, we have a basket to store it!"
  17. Yeah, I'd really like to be able to see the banner from my first year of collecting.
  18. Well sure, why not? Got nothing against it so I support this.
  19. I took the gold! Tysm! Such a pretty lineage 😍
  20. Thank you very much, I *adore* even gen prizes!
  21. Thank you so much for the pretty silver shiny!
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