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Dragon Origins

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A cold mist snaked through the forest, one late September night. The wind howled through the leafless trees, and the sky was covered in a thick, black cover of clouds. Residents of the nearby town checked their livestock and locks, ensuring nothing could get in that evening. The only thing that would dare go out on a night like this were the blood suckers, those Vampire dragons that terrorized the towns when the nights grew long and cold; and indeed, one roamed the paths that night.


He was thin and ragged looking, his handsome black and white scales almost entirely hidden under a crust of filth and old blood, stinking of old corpses and stagnant water, his horns were dull and broken; and his fangs dripped saliva and venom as he caught the scent of eggs, dragons, humans, animals... all forms of living thing that could sustain him. But he was weaker than the rumored 'Neglected' dragons, the most he could do was scratch at doors like a stray dog, barely making a mark on the wood.


He wandered like this for hours, sometimes ramming his head against windows, sometimes trying to bite or kick through walls, but nothing worked. His gait became staggered and uneven the longer he went on without blood, by this time he was too feeble to even snap at the night birds or rats that prowled the streets.


By three in the morning, he had collapsed in front of a door he had tried to break down, nothing more than a bunch of bones and scales, resigned to wait for the dawn and finally die. He could only give a tiny growl and move a little off the stoop when he saw someone open the door. The Vampire wore such a pitiful look, the person thought, that he had to do something to help. With some difficulty, he gathered the dying dragon up, and brought him inside.


"Poor thing, ain't'cha?" he said, setting the dragon on a table. "Aye, yeh never askd to be like this, eh? I'm thinkin' I can be o' some help, though..."


The Vampire raised his head, eyes slightly unfocused. The most he could manage for a reply was a simple questioning feeling, but that seemed to be enough for the man.


"Yep. Magic, now ain't I? I can help. Jest tell me what yeh need," he said, giving a crooked grin.


Again, the Vampire couldn't create a true reply, instead, sending another feeling. The warmth of sunlight, the scent of flowers, the love and desire for a mate, for eggs, for family and friends. The joy of a hunt and the rage of a fight, sorrow at loss- everything he knew meant being alive, though most were only stories he had heard in the egg before being changed.


"Aye, sire... aye, I should'a known yeh'd want to be 'live again," the mage said, gently stroking the Vampire's head, rubbing away some of the dirt. "I'll see what I can do."



A week passed. The Vampire, fed on caught rats and wayward pets, still laid on the table, surrounded now by candles and bones collected from the nearby river. The mage quietly recited the words and mixed the potion needed. It was a modified version of the spell that would sometimes bring a dead dragon back to life, though it usually failed or produced... monsters, monsters he knew all too well. But for a creature that hung between life and death... well, who knew?


He spoke the final words and offered the bowl to the Vampire, who greedily drank down the thick black liquid, made from the marrow of putrid bones and various other ingredients. The moment the last drop slid down his throat, the Vampire fell into a seizing fit and then suddenly stilled, barely breathing, unable to move. Terrified that he would rise up as a zombie, the mage dragged the body outside and rolled it to the river's edge, hoping it would wash away on some distant shore before it woke.


Time passed, and life went on- other Vampires found the carcass and drank from it, their fangs barely able to penetrate the black crust of dirt and blood on body, and only able to take a little of the thick, black blood that seeped from the wounds. Some scavenging dragons tried nipping at the flesh, but could barely sink their teeth in without being repulsed.

The Vampire was forgotten.



The night before Hallow's Eve, the mage made his way down to the river for herbs, but found a horrifying sight instead.


Bodies. Hundreds of bodies- dragon, human and animal- were drowned in the water, some so decayed the flesh and skin seemed to melt away. Some seemed fresh, others seemed clean picked, even the bones had been cracked open. Around some of the older bodies, there were... there were eggs.


Eggs covered with a thick black crust of dead flesh and dirt, with faint hints of a violet and red shell beneath, unlike any dragon's egg (they had to be dragon eggs, what else would produce eggs so large?) ever seen before.


He gathered several up, thinking to steal away with this new discovery and earn a place in history forever. But when he turned to leave, he shrieked at the sight of what had crept up behind him.


A dragon with a face like a skull, eyes seeming to glow a dull red, with a bony beak stained red with blood from a recent kill. Its body was covered in dull black scales and bony plates, while its underbelly and wing edges were the color of old blood. It gave a menacing growl, lashing out with a skeletal tail so he dropped the eggs, which were quickly gathered by another dragon that had come up beside it.


'I cannot thank you enough, a soft, hissing voice said in the back of his mind. He was again awash with feelings of being alive, with memories of being abandoned by the river and picked at by scavengers.


'Your spell, sir, it worked far beyond me- I think it's run out now, but we will never die out. We are not many, but we are some.'


"I... I'm g-glad to hear that, sire," the mage said in a trembling voice, looking the once-Vampire in his dull red eyes. "Truly, and I'm glad there are more like you... now, if you w-would..."


'Would give you our eggs? Had you asked, I might have made an exception.' He cocked his head to the side, opening his beak and licking his chops. 'But I'm afraid I am quite protective of my offspring. And I must... remove any threats.'



It was decided, in the first hours of Halloween, to give up some of the eggs after all. They, as a species, owed their existence to human mages, and it would likely benefit both to learn from one another. They moved the large clutch towards a long-abandoned cave, far from the bloated corpses at the river's edge, increased by one of a human man, so mauled his features were indistinguishable.



The dragons were later named for their black scales and love of marrow. It has been well documented that their bony plates increase as they age; and it's rumored that if one met the first of these Black Marrow dragons, they would find him looking like nothing but a skeleton, fiercely defending his children and mate.



(Black Marrow origins, everyone! Even took into account the weird glitch/site crash that happened xd.png)

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I wrote about the pinks but I thought the story I wrote was too looooooooong.

P.S. Excellent stories, each and every one of them! I enjoyed them very much. Thank you.

Edit: I'll put the story here later I'm extremely sleepy now... It's too late, almost 2 am here. tongue.gif

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It was an ordinary night, until about three in the morning.


No two people can agree on what happened- some insist dogs started to sing, while others say their dragons began digging up everything in sight, others insisted bright pink and green lights lit up the sky.


Everyone, however, can agree on the sound- a burst of something loud and cackling, made up of innumerable voices, and suddenly, the sky lit up with hundreds of thousands of shooting stars.


When the sun rose, though, there was no sign of these stars, not even a dent in the ground. People were quite perplexed by this, but soon went on with their lives.


Three days later, they discovered tiny white eggs mixed with those of dragons.


The age of the Chicken had begun.


(Just a short little humor story involving the Chickens xd.png)

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The hatchling had been born plain. No one knew what the small hatchling could do, and it did not show any sign of possesing magic whatsoever. Against others' wishes, the hatchling wandered into human territory. As it entered the capital city, the large power plant erected in the central position caught its eye. It opened the door and stood in front of the generator, eyes sparkling with awe. There was a crackle and a flash of lightning struck the generator and the hatchling. When the hatchling awoke, it found itself to have powers that no other dragon before possessed- the power to control electricity.


The first Thunder had been born.

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I wrote one for Glory Drakes. I'll just say I don't write very much so it's not going to be super amazing wink.gif


In a time long ago and a land long forgotten, there was a great and peaceful kingdom. It was ruled by a king and queen who the people of the land adored. The King and Queen had two children, the eldest a girl, born at dawn, who had radiant light golden hair that flowed to the floor and deep blue eyes that sometimes appeared violet. It was said her beauty was unmatched in the whole kingdom. The other was a boy, born at dusk, who was quick witted and unlike his sister had short dark hair and eyes like a starry night sky.


The king truly loved his children and did whatever necessary to keep them happy. Even with their royal upbringing, the two children grew into caring and unselfish people who cared deeply for the people.


But tragedy was to come. A powerful sorcerer from a place full of crime and evil desired the throne for himself. He planed to murder the King and his children at night and force the queen, who was of royal blood, to marry him. He would turn the land into one where the stronger would rule the weaker, with himself atop that pyramid.


What the sorcerer didn't know was that the kingdom had something, or someone, who was just as powerful as him. In the village an old and wise witch who had the gift of foresight saw what the sorcerer had planned and rode to the city to warn the king of the sorcerers plans.


The kingdom was practically defenceless. The army would be no match for the sorcerers powers. So the witch promised she would do everything she could to stop him, and to the king she promised she would let no harm come to his beloved children. The king didn't believe in keeping the truth from his people, so he called the city to an assembly and told them of the sorcerers plans. The people were terrified, never before had they been faced with anything like war. They kept faith in their king that he would keep them safe as he had always done, but as the king promised no harm would come to them, there was a great feeling of doubt in the air.


The night the sorcerer came to the city the witch met him before the city walls and fought him. Their battle could be heard all throughout the kingdom and everyone listened and waited for hours. But the witch was old and the sorcerer was in his prime. He forged a mighty blazing fire which consumed the old witch. He then stormed though the city, up to the castle and slaughtered the king where he stood. He found the queen and her children in the queen's chambers. She was standing near the wall, her arms spread out behind her protectively over her children. Hysterically she begged him to spare her children, to kill her instead, and he just laughed. He forced the queen aside and, still laughing joyously conjured another fire which consumed the two children.


The sorcerer never got to rule the kingdom though. While her children perished the queen fetched her dagger from her drawer and stabbed the sorcerer in the neck from behind with such force it proved fatal for him. She then took her own life, unable to bear the pain of losing her family.


The witch may have been unable to fully fulfill her promise to the king, but from the ashes of the young prince and princess, two never before seen creatures of such beauty emerged. One was golden with wings of radiant blue, green and purple. The other brown with wings that resemble a starry night sky. The golden dragon visited many villages at daylight and just the presence of her brought joy to people. The other could only be spotted at night and seeing him fly under the stars was said to bring you luck. The two lived for many generations of the people who so adored them, until one day they disappeared never to be seen again. But from those two had come a clutch of four eggs, two laid at dawn and two laid at dusk. And so the dragons known now as Glory Drakes were born.




edited for a few mistakes.

Edited by Legry

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Legry, your story reminded me of Harry Potter, the father killed by a wicked wizard first then the mother tried to protect her children :lol

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The Orgin of Papers


Once there was a girl who lived far away from other people with her mother. She was very young, so she wasn’t allowed to leave home yet, so her only companion was her mother’s Magi dragon. The Magi loved the little girl very much, just as the girl loved him, but the Magi was mainly attached to the girl’s mothers, since she was the one who’d raised him from an egg.


One day, the girl started wishing for her own dragon to raise to an adult, just as her mother had raised her Magi. To distract herself, she started learning how to fold things out of paper. However, even though she folded many things at first, she eventually started folding eggs. This increased her sadness at not being able to go find a dragon egg of her own until she was much older, so she started crying.


The Magi dragon heard the girl crying and immediately rushed over to make sure she hadn’t hurt herself. To his surprise, he found her surrounded by a dozen eggs made out of paper. When he asked the girl what was wrong, she explained how she wanted a dragon egg, but the thought had made her sad so she’d try to distract herself, but she still ended up folding dragon eggs, so now she wanted a dragon to raise more than ever.


The Magi thought for a few minutes, and then asked the girl if he could see one or two of the eggs. He promised that if she did, she’d have a dragon soon. The girl told him he could pick any of them out, so he chose the most perfect one and carried it away from where the girl lived. He didn’t want to be disturbed for the next few days.


He cast a few spells on the egg, one of which was a variation of the spell for revival. The Magi was hoping it’d simply bring the egg to life, although he knew that changing spells could sometimes be a very bad idea. However, the only thing that was actually cheerful out in the middle of nowhere was the little girl, and he didn’t want her happiness to fade away.


He waited for several days, but the egg didn’t hatch. Wondering what he’d tell the girl, the Magi sadly flew back to the house. The little girl was taking a nap at the time, since she hadn’t fallen asleep while waiting for the Magi to return, so he figured he could put off telling her for a few hours. He set the egg down in a little patch of grass, then went elsewhere.


The girl woke a few minutes afterwards, and she rushed outside where she found the egg. Figuring that the Magi must have changed it somehow, even if she couldn’t see the change, she picked it up and noticed a little tear near the top. As she watched, the tear grew a bit bigger and bigger until the egg suddenly tore open. A little paper hatchling was nestled in the remain of it, which made the girl smile.


When the Magi came back, he was surprised to be greeted by the girl and a little hatchling. He noticed that the hatchling didn’t seem as though it should be living, but it still was!


The girl and the paper dragon eventually grew up, and planned to leave for the Dragon Caves. Before they left, the girl went to the Magi one last time and begged him to tell her the spell that he’d cast to bring the paper egg to life. The Magi hesitated, but he told the girl and made her promise not to tell anyone else. The girl agreed, and the Magi gave her the spell.


The girl and the paper traveled a long time, and when they reached the Dragon Caves, the girl begged her dragon to do something for her. She folded many more eggs out of paper, then cast the spell the Magi had given her on all of them. She then asked the paper to take them into the cave, so that other people would be able to find them. She then found a cave not too far from the dragon caves, and kept folding her eggs and casting spells on them so other people would be able to have the paper dragons.



It's probably not amazing, but I hope people like it.

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Note: this story is about two girls in love, so if you don't feel comfortable about it, write another one. Don't flame please. If you want to argue that it’s not right, go to This thread. Thank you.


Once upon a time there was a faraway land where humans and all kinds of creatures co-existed. Different kinds of dragons roamed the land, zombies and vampires wander at night, and sorcerers and mages, some on the drift from village to village, while some live a settled life among the ordinary people.


In this land there was a village. Witches and wizards live in the village but others do not know of their existence. And this legend begins here.


There was a little girl in the village who was born to be a witch. She had a neighbouring family who also had a little girl about her age. But she was not a witch. Despite their differences, the two girls liked each other tremendously. They always stayed with each other, played with each other at home and at school. They had great affections towards each other for they were so much alike in thoughts and character.


Years passed. Dragon hatchlings have grown up, and eggs have hatched. New dragon species were discovered by people.


The two little girls have grown up into young women. They now feel stronger and deeper affections than friendship towards each other. The two girls discovered that they were in love.


But of course, in the small village where they lived, it is prohibited for two women to love each other. They could not accept it.


After the love between them was found out by the villagers, they had a conference during which it was decided that both of them was to be hanged.


The witch was scared and tried to seek help from other witches and wizards in the village. But what she got was a blank refusal. The leader of the witches and wizards told her that they could not use magic to help her, for they must avoid being found using magic by other villagers. And they decided that she deserved punishment for trying to make the wizarding community known to the non-magic population, so they took her wand away from her. Now her magic became extremely weak without the aid of a wand.


The witch was extremely sad and she pursuaded her lover to try to escape from the village together. But they failed for they have no strong magic to help them, and they were caught by the villagers.


Three days later, they were taken to the gallows. The witch could do nothing to stop them. But, as a witch, she couldn't be killed by the villagers by ordinary means. This the villagers did not know, and when night came, they all left the gallows, thinking the two sinned girls are dead, and went into fast, sound sleep.


The witch untied the ropes carefully and climbed down. She found her lover nearby, dead and still. The witch dared not make any sound for fear of waking people up. She managed to get a broom from another witch's house and flew away on it with her lover's body.


They arrived in an abandoned cottage in the forests, where they played together as little girls. The witch put the body down and cried and cried. She cried for days and days and cried her eyes out. But nothing could be done. She had no wand, and thus she was unable to perform spells; and even if she indeed had one, she did not know of any spells that could revive a person from the dead.


The next day, a vagabond came and asked for a place to stay for the night. The witch found in surprise that he was her tutor and she told him all about it.


"I can try it for you, my dear little girl,"the tutor said. "But I cannot guarantee success. Yes, there is a theory about how one can bring somebody back from the dead. Strong, long-lasting love can be more powerful than Death. But it is extremely difficult in practice, and I do not yet know of a single case of success."


"It doesn't matter, my most respected tutor,"the witch pleaded in desperation. "Please at least try. I believe in you, and I will not blame you of not being able to do what you cannot do."


The tutor nodded and began to make a potion. It was a mixture extremely difficult to make, and he took some of her blood for it. After it was finally done, the tutor left the cottage for he needed to get to his destination quickly. The witch waved goodbye to him and fed the potion to her lover.


Nothing happened. Her body lay still and cold.


The witch was in despair and, not realizing it, went into sleep.


She slept for three days. On the fourth day she was awakened by a strange sound. She looked around, but instead of her lover's body, she found a different creature-a dragon. The dragon had pink skin and looked quite gentle.


She was staring at the dragon in astonishment while she found herself changing. After a lot of "crack!" she found herself now a figure similar to the pink dragon.

Later she confirmed that both she and her lover was turned into pink dragons, a completely new breed of dragons.


They managed to find the tutor and thanked him for it. The tutor was extremely glad to find his student, and found a way for them to lay eggs so that the pink breed could continue.


Of course, those bright pink eggs all grew up to be female hatchlings like their mothers. Centuries later, the hatchlings grew up and found male mates for themselves. Some of the eggs they laid were in bright pink. And so the pink breed continued to exist.


The pink dragons were a gentle and loving breed. They have more magic than many other dragons for one of their ancestors was a witch.


Pink dragons have a way of knowing which two dragons will grow up to love each other when both, or at least one of them, were eggs. And they will try to influence them to be different genders, so that the young dragons will not face the same tragedy as the first pink dragons did.


It's kinda too long hmm... tongue.gif


P.S. Well, when I first wrote this story I didn’t think about influence. I just thought about how to explain the “It was traditionally thought that pink dragons were a strictly female breed” and then I thought “Oh well, I can explain about influence.” wink.gif

Edited by love_HP

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The Nebulas


Long ago, there was a land which floated among the sea of stars known as the Milky Way. Rich and glowing with mana, it was a place of imagination and magic. In this magical land was a proud kingdom. The citizens of the kingdom prided themselves of being born from long ago falling stars and felt the worlds beneath them inferior.


One day, a strange ship with a foreign mast sailed into the kingdom's harbor. Whispers and rumors slowly spread of its appearance. A ship, different from the small boats that fished for moondust, had made its way from the lands below. Having sailed for months among the stars, it only bore one passenger, a young man with vibrant amethyst eyes. The sailor, having told his story after countless requests, had fallen asleep at the helm of his ship. As the moon had risen, it's beams had created a pathway for his vessel to drift into the heavens.


Despite his word, many of the citizens remained suspicious of the foreigner. More rumors began to spread. That one's bad luck. Best to be staying away from him, they murmured among themselves, avoiding his gaze.


Left alone, the young sailor laid back among his own thoughts and musings, admiring the night sky surrounding him. Pulling out a sallow flute, he began to play a melancholy tune. Unbeknownst, a second pair of ears hid behind the nearby willow tree, listening. The emperor's youngest daughter, dressed in a shimmering sapphire gown, listened to the sailor's melody. Her heart, felt so touched by his music, she instantly fell in love.


As the song gradual came to one last sad note, the young woman revealed herself to him, stepping from behind the willow. In a soft voice, she introduced herself to him and that she had been captivated by his song while passing by. Hours flew by where the two did nothing but pass secrets to and fro. The sailor soon felt love for the woman he had just met and was delighted to hear her feelings readily returned.


Eventually, the secrets began turning into plans. Wanting to be wed, the emperor's daughter and the sailor from the land far away knew that their union would not be accepted among her kingdom. And so, they planned to set out for the land below upon the next nightfall.


As early morning light crept onto the horizon, the woman forced herself to leave her fiance's company til tomorrow. "Promise you won't leave without me," The emperor's daughter begged.


"No need to worry," The lost sailor whispered, gently stroking her cheek, "I will wait for you."


Upon the night of their planned escape, the young man sat and waited under the willow tree for his beloved to arrive as promised. Around him, a strange wind blew, foreshadowing the tragedy that was to come.


When the young woman returned, the pair slipped back onto his ship. The sailor loosed his vessel from the docks and set sail for the moonbeams, spilling onto the ocean far below.


They would never make it, for the winds that had given warning earlier had returned stronger in force bearing down spheres of fire with tails of light. Raining down, the falling stars bore relentlessly on the lone vessel. The ship swayed, rocking from side to side haphazardly. The lovers held close to one another for fear of losing the other forever. As one last falling star hurled past, the ship's endurance had reached its limit. With a large groan, it capsized, releasing the young man and woman onto the earth.


Where the lovers had fallen to their deaths, two stones of a brilliant radiance appeared. After several nights of being bathed in moonlight, the hard surfaces of the stones began to fracture, revealing a pair of unusual dragon chicks. The larger of the two glowed with a vibrant amethyst hide and the smaller, a shimmering sapphire.


To this day, the pair of Nebula dragons stare up at the midnight sky, side by side after every sunset, watching the land among the sea of stars floating overhead.

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Ooh! Nice story's, everyone smile.gif




There was once a cave that had piles and piles of gold in it, owned by a very greedy man. This man raised dragons but was barely able to feed them, and many of his stolen eggs died. He stole from other humans too, and had quite a reputation as a jewel thief, but the only thing rare he ever got was a fire stone, a special type of ruby that glows beautifully when surrounded by coals. The man he had stolen this from was very rich and wanted the stone back immensely. Now it just so happens that the man had recently gotten a alt black hatchie, thinking it was "just another egg" when he found it in the abandoned pile. Now he sat at a lone wooden table, thinking about the fire stone and rattling it in it's small metal box with the coals he kept burning in there. Suddenly he heard a knock at the door, and a voice yelling "You've got my fire stone! Give it back!" Terrified and desperate, the man grabbed the alt and forced the coals and the fire stone down it's throat just as the rich man burst into the room. He was lead out in handcuffs, as the rich man had taken guards from the leader of the country himself. The alt was left there to die, and the guards thought it was already dead as it had passed out. Abandoned now, the hatchie lay there for 2 days and a night. When it finally awoke, it glowed like the fire stone and had the dull black color of coals, or indeed, embers. The great dragon slowly got to it's feet and flew out of the cave, the people seeing it and giving shouts of wonder. The people called it "ember", as he glowed just like one. And that is how the first ember was born.


Long O.o


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Well the world dragon population was growing fast, a small group of hatches were hanging together just being friends. An ice named Ingi, a magma name Flos, a magic named Leaf, a nocturne named Magicae, and a pink named Glacies loves the seasons. Glacies got sad as spring past for Flos got happy as thing transitioned to summer. Then Ingi and Magicae would fight over whether winter or fall was better. Leaf however has no preference and thinks all seasons are good. One day Flos, Magicae, Ingi, Glacies started making fun of each of there favorite seasons and got angry at each over so they started attacking each over. Leaf got tired of his friends bickering and decided to use his magic on them to turn them into there favorite season. Flos turned green and all warm summer leafy, Magicae turned brown colorful of fall leafs, Ingi turned white big and snowy, Glacies turned green full of pink flower peddles. The 4 got angry and turned to attack Leaf well he finished the spell off. They rammed him so hard that they didn't realized that they killed Leaf out of cold blood. The 4 couldn’t believe what there anger had caused so the buried him. The 4 remained shocked still after the boreal from what they done and they can’t wipe the sense of gilt off themselves so they tried undoing the spell. They gone to every wizard and witch and tried every magic dragon they found, but they kept getting the same words "The spell is incomplete, an incomplete spell can only be changed or completed by the dragon or person" Confused and frustrated, the 4 hatches were grown up now and came back home. Then, later they found out what the incompletion of the spell meant for it was deliberate that when they breed, there children will come up as the same season as surrounding instead of themselves, a lesson from Leaf that all seasons should be respected. From there the seasonal dragons were born and they grew and flourish.


Edited because I forgot 3 words o.O

Also is it possibal to make a time line from the ansesters of dragons all the way to the breed formed to this very present day? some dragons can be listed unknown time, you know in the way that the breed was just descovered now but its been around for a long time to who knows when but we have found out its oregens through old tales and acilogical findings

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It returned from the dead like my storm dragon did on halloween o.O


Just a note according to what love_HP's story was about: her story is fine. There is nothing at all wrong with it, because it's just that; a story. Any story you see fitting to a dragon can be posted. Anyone who feels the need to throw a tantrum about it can nail their undies to the ceiling and jump off a ladder. Lovely story love_HP.


Jadeye: tragic yet endearing story


roobot: from evil and greed spawns greatness and... I don't know a good word that rhymes with greed >.<


Daydreamer09: tragic, but lovely just the same :3


Sapfirewolf: Amazing. Makes a whole lot of sense too :3


Legry: I got ninja.gif'd by love_HP. great story :3


Dracoon: good origin story, if a little time-displaced, but no worries, as I said, each story is accepted without question :3


Dr. Paine: ... SPACE CHICKENS!!! -shot- Funny story, I LOL'd so hard xd.png

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Dr. Paine: ... SPACE CHICKENS!!! -shot- Funny story, I LOL'd so hard xd.png

Of course biggrin.gif


And I am slowly still working on the Flamingos, people... it's just being difficult.

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I can't come up with another story, but I'll keep trying! So many dragons! And wonderful stories, everyone. Gotta love the space chickens! ~ wink.gif

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Whispers of the Shell; Origin of the Shallow


There was a magi who resided by the ocean. He made his living selling spells and charms to the local villagers. His most famous spell was his charm for safe passage on the sea.


One day, he was searching the beach for driftwood and happened upon a small shallow tidepool. Looking under the surface of the clear water, his eyes skimmed over the sealife underneath. Crabs, urchins, snails, seaweed, and...


Dipping his talons into the cool water, the magi pulled out a large conch shell. Examining it closer, he turned it over several times. The outside was painted in a coating of bone white while the inside was flesh tone. Putting the large shell to his ear, the magi was shocked to hear an echoing sound of waves crashing, the wind whistling and calls of seabirds.


That night, the magi could not erase the sounds from his head. Instead of working on spells and charms, he sat idly looking out his study window to the sea. The next morning, he returned to the shallow pool and, reaching for the shell once more, eased his yearning by placing it near his ear. Every morning and night afterward, followed with the same sequence of events.


But one day, he ran out of charms for the village. Having spent all his days idly staring over the sea, the Magi did nothing else. Not even resupply his shelves with his own magic. He was forced to turn down his customers.


The villagers were both furious and brimmed with worry. The night before, the full moon had glowed with a blood red. An ill omen. The seas, they feared, would not be safe any longer. Without any protection, the fishermen who respected the ocean's powers, would be unsafe.


Few vessels dared to brave the waters following the closing of the Magi's shop. The few boats that dared to be brave, dared to be foolish, were soon overcome with the sea's wrath.Though the sky had been clear on that very morning, looking over the horizon, they saw a mass of dark clouds looming imposingly.


Despite the weather, the magi made his daily pilgrimage to the nearby beach. The wind smacked his hide, pushed hard against him and the waves crushed the shoreline with a force so loud it rivaled that of the thunder's. That, however, deterred the dragon very little.


Placing the shell back to his ear, he expected to hear the soothing sounds he had grown accustomed to; addicted to. Instead, loud cracks, groans and frightened, desperate, shouts filled his eardrums. Some of the voices were crying in remorse while others pleaded for life. Frightened, the magi threw the conch away. Lobbed into the air, it landed with a sickening crack against a nearby boulder.


Finally, looking out over the ocean, he strained his eyes through flashes of lightning to watch the ships, struggling to stay above the churning sea. Searching frantically through his known spells and charms, he fought to find an answer to ease the storm. But the only charms he knew were for safe passage. None for something as great as taming a tempest.


His only solution was to reach the ships. As he opened his wings, the wind rushed and grabbed them with greedy hands, pulling him back. Fighting with all his might, he pushed forward and pumped his wings hard until he was airborne. Struggling with the wind, he gave all his energy to beat it. But, you see, the wind is a tricky, mischievous child. And he hates those who ruin his games. In a mad rush by the stormy gale, the scaled beast somersaulted and was flung into the ocean below.


The sailors who witnessed the tragedy, say a number of things about the magi's death. Some say his sacrifice touched the spirit of the ocean so deeply, it soothed her tantrum. While others scoff that the magi was to blame and with his death, the evil sorcery of the storm he had concocted died. Still... There are few who claim he lives on. For every now and then, under the water's surface an orange hide will glitter and a lone fin will slice the dock water's surface.


One thing all the sailors would all agree on in time, is that they would never face such a terrible storm again.

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I Will Wait Beyond the Sea: The story of Coastal Waverunners.



Two small children frolic in the sandy dunes and tide pools, squealing with delight as they race in and out of the waves and sea foam. The end of the day sees them just past the reach of the lapping water, carefully building a castle from the damp sand.


"You'll be here tomorrow, right?" asks the boy, dressed in ragged blue and gray clothes that mark his status in the world- a poor child of poor standing, his only play coming from the sandy beaches and breaking waves.

"Of course! As long as you'll be here," responds the girl, dressed no finer than he, though the light purple dye marks her of nobler standing, a lady in the making if she could only take care of herself and stay away from the shore.


He is silent for a moment, his attention spent on crafting a small dragon in the sand, but he speaks when the sun begins to set, for a moment casting the world in golden light.

"I'll always be here."



They meet like this for years, growing steadily all the time. He still remains small and poor, she remains wild but noble, their friendship remains as endless as the sea they feel is theirs. Careless play is replaced with careful exploration into the caves and hidden shores when time allows, but age sees more responsibilities.


Still, he asks- 'will you be here tomorrow?'


She answers, 'only if you are.'


And he was always there, even on the days she was not. Through cold winter rains and summer heat, he would always be there.



She sits in finery dyed lush greens and reds, he sits in rags of faded blues and grays, both smiling in the cool night wind. The stars shine above, but their eyes and minds only see what is far below the waves.


She asks, 'what happens when we die?'


The question surprises them both, such a morbid subject for two people so young and so in love, but it is one that must be asked at one time or another.


"They say we go to the sky," she adds after a while, glancing at the cold, twinkling lights high above. "Or we become part of the earth."


He is silent, as he so often is, dark eyes still lingering on the churning water. "Maybe we go to the sea?" he finally says, turning his eyes to her, continuing when he saw her confusion. "We find out what's on the other side of it all, and we wait for people we know to come when it's their time."


"Would you wait for me?"


"I'll always wait for you."



She stands, hunched and draped in pale blue rags that whip about in the wind, at the place she supposed they met when the sea and life seemed endless. Where they confessed their love when life seemed long and the sea unknowable. Where they married and brought their children, when such enchantment was replaced with practical worries.


Where she let his ashes scatter and fall, where she read the final words he would leave to the world.


She wonders if he is indeed waiting beyond the sea, like he waited for her on these shores every day, even in pouring rain or burning heat.


There is no use wondering, and she decides to find out.


Her last memory is the largest wave she has ever seen, pulling her into the mysteries of the deep, and for a moment, she is a part of the sea.



Two hatchlings spill from eggs in the nursery, raucous calls going up from the gathered dragons. One hatched in plenty of time, but the other had lain in the warm sands for so long, most gave it up for dead, only one insisting there was still a beating heart, insisting it was just waiting for the right time.



Two hatchlings frolic through the sand dunes and tide pools, squealing with delight as they race in and out of the waves their kind so resemble, dragons born from those with an undying love of the waves and sea winds.


They were not the first to meet again, and they will not be the last. Even if the distance seems endless, love will always wait, even beyond the sea.

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Story of the Geode Dragon~




A long time ago, there was a motherly Stone dragon who lived in a small cave. She had one egg, which she cared for very much. The dragon would hardly let the egg out of her sight.

As Autumn approached, the days became colder and the trees littered their brightly colored leaves upon the cave's entrance. The mother dragon pushed her egg into a safe corner of the cave. She hid it in a pile on leaves to keep it warm and left to find food.

The dragon returned to the cave with many rocks, and realized her egg was missing! She searched everywhere for it, but it was lost in the many leaves. The Stone dragon felt terrible. She searched once more, and finally found her egg! The mother dragon took extra special care of it. However, it had been a longer than normal wait, and the egg had not yet hatched. She started to worry that something might be wrong with it. The dragon brought the egg to the white dragons, hoping they could figure out what was wrong.

The White dragons took a careful look at the small, rough egg, and told the Stone that it was very sick -- not far from dying. Of course, she was very saddened by this and asked if they could cure the illness. They first gathered herbs to try to cure it. However, it being only an egg, the herb's healing properties didn't have much affect. They finally used their magic. But, it was a very grave disease. Unfortunately, the White dragons were not able to completely cure the egg.

The dragon walked home through the forest, holding her dying egg. A single crack appeared on the shell. Even if it does hatch, the mother thought, it will not survive. She stared at the sky,hoping for a miracle. But, it just happens that somebody heard her plea... a beautiful creature emerged from the sky. A Guardian of Nature! The legendary dragon smiled, and without saying a word, took the egg from the shocked Stone dragon. Carefully, he poured a glowing blue liquid into the crack. The dragon returned the egg to the Stone, then flew away.

The mother dragon went back to her cave. The Guardian of Nature must have cured her precious egg. She noticed the egg was slowly changing color -- just a slight difference. Not long after, it hatched! The mother dragon was relieved -- her baby was no longer ill!

The blue magical liquid had not only cured the stone egg, but it had turned it into an entirely different dragon. Gems had formed on the inside of the rough egg, and changed the baby dragon inside into what is now... a geode dragon.

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I saw this post and decided to to make a story about the origins for the mint dragon.


Once long ago there were lizard, over time they started to evolve at first they only increased in size but they did eventually develop wings and evolved into what we now call dragons. How ever this story is not about the normal dragons this is a story about what we refer to as Mint dragons. As the lizards were evolving into the dragons. A small group of them wander off into a underground lair, thus they were cut off from the rest of their species and developed into something different. So while the other creatures were growing wings and getting bigger, they stayed the same size however their metabolic rate tripled which allowed them to breed three times faster and produced three times as many offspring. They evolved that way because they stayed their same size and were hunted by larger animals, so regardless of how many of their kin were killed and eaten there were always more from next generation. Then a group of the mint dragons left their hidden lair and were almost annihilated by the other animals, when almost all of them were gone the true dragons found them and rescued them from the animals. However they forgot the location of their lair so they decided to stay with the dragons, due to the fact that the true dragons would protect them the group grew to such great size that they are now considered the most common "dragon" in existence. However there are rumors that a new breed of dragons have evolved from the mint dragons, the rumors are based on the fact that their metabolic rates are so high that mutations that normally would take hundreds of years to occur could happen in ten years.


Thank you for reading this I hope that you like. Note; I only added that last line because I am working on a Dragon request that are closely related to the Mint Dragons

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Could we write legends about how the chickens and leetle trees and stuff got into the cave? because I know they're not actually dragons, but I think i could come up with an interesting story of how they got in there. xd.png

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Speed. I am Speed.


The dragon was known to be a feisty one, breaking all traditions and being quite a handful. All the conservatives deemed it a threat, yet it took pride. With its enlongated tail and striking white stripes, the dragon was one not to reckoned with. Yet, with its miniscular frame, it was hard to believe that the dragon was a purebred one. Then, its speed surprised everyone. No dragon was known to be able to outrun the runt, and its tail was used primarily as a weapon to strike intruders. With newfound respect the speedy dragon started a family. Swift offspring inhabitaed far and wide, and the dragon began to to have a name.


The Whiptails.

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