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redragonsig.png Unwanted red? Give it to me! b4thechange.gifmiddlegroundstext.pngleetle_holly_for_roobot_by_googleplaxin- Dead except for RP 10dcHolly.png

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    May I ask why you want to know?
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    I've left the forums, and won't be posting anymore except for moments of weakness and a great RP by the name of The Requiem. Go check it out.

    However, I still accept unwanted reds, as they are my favorite, and gifts. (although I won't be getting any)

    Also overly obsessed MOTHER fan. Starmen for the win!


    Holly 0'7 (<3)
    Any dino except red
    Red Stripe
    Red with PB clean long lineage
    RedXBlack lineage
    RedXWaterhorse lineage
    RedXGold/Silver lineage
    And other RedXRare lineages
    I also need CB REDS for a personal lineage! I really need help!
    In search of 2nd Gen reds from RedXSnowangel, RedXRibbondancer. Also, 5th gen even males... any breed.

    I will also breed anything from my pitiful scroll. Just ask, don't be shy. Really.

    Now on to the real stuffs.

    My stories that I make in my head:

    The Seera Chronicles (Too many books to count)
    The Demon, The Doll, and The Zombie (1 Book, horror genre)
    Harmony X (a game, not a book)
    Locket (Trilogy)
    The Xygan Trilogy, AKA The Factory, The Forest, and The Finale.
    Waylay and Melee (1 Book)
    The Nothing Factor (---)
    Walnuts and Butterflies (Trilogy)
    And a load more Fanfiction

    Want to know anything about any of hem, PM me.
    That's all I can think of for now, but there's more. MUCH MORE.