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On Hiatus (Not taking breeding requests) 

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    My favorite pastime on DC is experimentating with different checker combinations.

    Monet Request Info:
    I do not trade or take requests for 2nd gen Shimmer offspring. Please do not pm me about them, no matter how tempting your offer.

    I do take requests though for 2nd gen common offspring. Normally I have a specific mate set up that I take requests for, however at the moment requesters can choose between his past mates.

    They are Imperial Fleshcrowne, Waterhorse, Purple Ridgewing, Gold Lunar Herald, Undine, Blue Nebula, Almerald, Thalassa Xenowyrm, Daydream, Aria, Seasonal (Winter), Celestial, Nhiostrife.

    In order to request being added to the list, you must have at least a silver scroll trophy and provide a scroll link in your pm. This is to ensure shimmer-kin offspring are going to active, experienced members of the DC community. Also please include the mate you would like from the ones listed above.

    There's no limit to the number of times you can join this list, so feel free to request more offspring if you'd like. The only thing I limit is that you can't take up more than one slot at a given time. And in the case you get a breeding refusal from a 2nd gen common offspring from Monet, so long as there's a free spot here, I can put you back on the list to rebreed.

    2nd gen common requests:

    Monet's last breeding: July 4th, 2020