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A reclusive being, the Doctor is most often sighted around Pokemon threads, though can be lured into the open with mentions of Flamingos and other strange dragons. They are fond of ponies, gems, pokemon, and sleep. (Sig by earwig)ARK2-1.gifWWRD.jpgDoubleGoldstar5.png

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    As there are now 5 character codes out for dragons, I am opening up breeding requests- including rares- if you can provide any of the following names/words in a code. Preferably all letters, the capitalization doesn't matter. Neither does breed or lineage, I will take a Mint that's been inbred six ways from Sunday if it has one of these codes.

    -Tali(whatever last character here)

    Yes, I am a shameless fan nut, but hey. If you have any of those, please let me know! I'll breed up to 5 commons for them, or 3 rares. I can also provide several IOUs for holidays and/or Tinsels. Pairings would be your choice.