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harptailsig.pngARK2-1.gifiaza12836077190300.gifiaza12836051715600.gifiaza12836031480400.giffemmeLGBT.pngDWV.gif10r6zbo.gif25k56cl.gifHarptail by Earthgirl! Sprites by Miggy! Walking trainer by Leany! Shoot me a pm or email if you need my attention~

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    I like: Pokemon!!! and Avatar the Last Airbender (and the Legend of Korra), Portal, Wicked, Studio Ghibli, old cartoons, Batman, TV Tropes, animals, drawing, writing, Nintendo games, the Hunger Games, and, of course, all things relating to dragons :D

    I use the rainbow female sign in my profile to represent that I'm a straight ally. ^^

    PM me if you want to talk about anything listed! I like chatting! And I promise I don't bite! Just no spoilers, please.
    CB nebulas
    pinks (especially CB)
    purebred even gen. goldfishes (genders of magis and waters deosn't matter)
    CB gold wyverns
    CB normal ridgewings
    CB tsunami wyverns
    CB luminas
    CB Hatchies:
    male Dark Mysts
    female Sea Wyrms
    female nebulas
    female tsunami wverns
    male normal ridgewings
    male luminas
    female gold wyverns
    Might happen in a million years:
    whiptails with a word for a code (will give almost anything)
    dino (any color but yellow or green)
    trio dragons
    silver(inbred fine!)
    any cool code
    I take unwanted:
    Whiptails- they're my favorite breed :D
    CB balloons
    CB normal ridgewings (if you want to look for CB alts but not end up with others if you're mistaken?)
    Anything! Can't keep an egg, but want to find it a good home with a name? I'll take it if I'm not egg locked!

    I can also breed dragons, including silver or bronze stairstep tinsels upon request (just understand if I'm too busy to attempt a trade right away). ;3
    I try to answer all pms within a day of reading them. If I don't answer right away, I was probably busy, and apologize in advance. ^^;

    I owe (so I don't lose track):
    nothing right now, I think. Please pm me if I'm wrong!
    Thankies list:
    Soliae for giving me my first ever gold!
    LadyLyzar for sketching/spriting my first dragon request!
    Eldrec for an awesome whiptail!
    Arula (the Awesome) for gifting me a tinsel!
    Earthgirl for drawing a super-amazing harptail!
    My signature's artists!
    All the generous people who have ever thought to gift me! <3