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Dragon Origins

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I was just going to say this was a great idea, turns out it's an old thread LOL.

Now I wanna write a story. One miiiiiiiiiinuuuuuuuuute~♥


I wrote one for Seasonals:



Once, in a tiny forest surrounded by mountains, there were many Vines and Terrae dragons. Dragons that lived in the earth, and flew over the trees. Dragons that climbed over dirt, and climbed through leaves.


But this story isn't about them.


This story is about an egg, a tiny little egg that lay where it was for quite some time- in a patch that was always lit, as it gradually grew warm, and cold, and warm again.


Then, on a cool fall evening, a young Terrae that was too curious for it's own good tripped over the egg. At first, it thought it was dead- but it realized that cracks were growing in it. A tiny leaf-covered hatchling emerged from the egg, in reds and golds and browns.


This was the first Fall dragon, that had been affected by the weather changing around it, and in time, it's descendants would become the Seasonals, that would be affected by the weather at the time the egg was laid.




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Veeery interesting..I think I'll try for Magmas.


Dragons, a creature described in many legends, has been featured in the areas of a place where dragons were allowed to be tamed. But ever since more people moved to the lands to support dragons, more species evovled and arrived to the new place. There were many dragons, especially many fire masters. People were highly devoted to these fire types, as they were original to most dragon tales. The more fire type dragons there where, the more hotter it became to the area. And trouble began with the tempuratures.

Far, far away from the dragon lands lived a wise species of dragons that had not yet been introduced as pets nor have been discovered. They were known as Guardians of Nature, said to be the wisest and most powerful dragon ever. They could control the elements of fire, ice and lightning, which was helpful at the current moment. One Guardian of Nature, a male named Gu'rilan, one day noticed the change of tempurature in the seas. He had been restless to find out what had caused this strange mishap of weather until he came across the dragon lands. People's fire dragons were breathing too much fire. But Gu'rilan wasn't just mad at the tempurature change, but was also upset that the heat would summon a dragon known as a Magma Dragon. Gu'rilan never attempted to threaten the humans or dragons that caused this, but intended to warn them about the danger of a creature as strong as a Magma Dragon. The old Guardian of Nature went to the villages and told people to stop breeding their fire types for the sake of their lives, but the humans seemed to be too excited about the new dragon species found, and they asked for a name of the species from Gu'rilan.

Gu'rilan was terribly upset and worried about the helpless people. Nor he could control the rage of sudden volcano erruptions. Day after day, the heat became stronger, until the humans felt that the humidity was too much and decided to ask the wise Gu'rilan to change it. They called nonstop, but the Guardian of Nature never came. Some said, "Maybe he is far away and cannot hear us. We shall scream louder!" And they did scream louder. And louder. And louder. Gu'rilan could hear them easily, but these weren't normal calls. Instead of his name, he heard "Help!!" instead. Just then, he heard a massive roar. The wise old dragon lfew up from the sea and tried to figure out where the sound was coming from. But as he was about to call back to the humans, he realized what had happened: the volcanos in the dragon lands had morphed into Magma Dragon attracted to the heat. The Magma was rampaging through the village and created more volcanos which morphed into more Magmas. Gu'rilan had to calm them.

Gu'rilan rushed to the scene and gasped. Dead and injured bodies lay everywhere, burned fataly from the Magma Dragons's terrible fire. The Guardian of Nature gasped again when he saw seventeen Magmas trampling everything in their sight. Gu'rilan's power was suddenly unleashed. He gathered a mixture of all the elements he could wield and turned them into a massive purple ball that shone like the sun. Gu'rilan blew it forward to the Magmas, causing them to fall to the ground, injured.

"Traitor!" one of the Magmas growled, "Protecting the dirty humans, eh?" Gu'rilan was angered by the statement. "The humans didn't know any better. Why, they have legends of fire dragons like you and you betray them?

"They were taking control of the tempurature, is that enough for you?"

"Yes, it is foolish of them to try, but does it give you rights to wreck havoc on them?"

"They took dragons away from nature."

"But they recycle them in a way that even I can't."


"They release dragons."

"Oh really, they do? They release domestic dragons that destroy the forests and seas?"

"Yes, but it wasn't their fault. They want to help dragons and stop dragon slaying. And, unfortunately for you, us Guardians of Nature never said you could exist."

"But we can."

"Not with this kind of trust. We can let the Ice and Thunder Dragons exist, but not you because you're too immature with your powers."

"Well now that you mention it, us Magmas were just using our fire power to stop the heat from rising. It is our responsibility to control the heat in weather, even if it means destroying something. You should be happy that we're protecting nature, not turning it into ash. You have to give us a chance."

Gu'rilan stared at the Magma he was talking to. "Well," began Gu'rilan, "life on planet Earth would not exist without you Magmas. The Ice and Thunders would take over, but all three members of the trio play a rolde in controlling the balance of weather. I suppose I can let Magmas exist with the other two species as long as you act properly as 'pets' to the humans. Got that?"

And so, Magmas are now a great species of dragon and are highly sought after towards the dragon owners.


I hope yall like my tale. I might post more, too.

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Alt Blacks


Long ago, a dragon trainer raised a magma dragon. Falora was known throughout the village. It was a common to see Falora fighting wild dragons in the hills.

The dragon's best friend was a frozen grey hatchling. Owned by a mean dragon raiser. One day, posters were placed all around town. About a dragon fight to show off your dragon's battle skills. Falora was signed up.


Falora spent weeks battling other dragons, until she learned that her best friend was killed by a witch's dragon. Falora left for the witch, tracking her down. The magma found a magi dragon with the witch. Falora killed the two using her fire. She rested for a night before returning to the town.


Falora's owner has been hanged. In anger, the dragon destroyed half of the town before she was stopped by a Guardian of Nature. The Guardian of Nature stripped Falora of her powers and left her to die. Falora was found by a black dragon. They taught her the ways of magic. The dragon noticed Falora's eye color, that was as green as any black dragon. With battle skills and magic, she became the first Alt Black.

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There were once two Greens, who were not like the others. Instead of playing with rocks, they sat alone together in the forest, surrounded by the thing they loved the most: Nature. They were exiled for being different, and not caring about the cold, dead stones that most Greens loved. But a drought descended on the forest, sinking its horrible, deadly claws into the dry soil. Trees slowly began to whither and die, and the animals who once called the forest their home left. But the Greens refused to leave. They laid down in the dying forest, closing their eyes and becoming one with the trees. Brown leaves landed on top of the Greens' backs, but they did not die. The trees were not ready to die, and the Greens were part of them now. Finally, after what seemed like centuries, the rains came, quenching the parched soil. The trees stretched their roots, new green leaves reaching up to the sky. The Greens awoke, but they were different. Their scales were paler now, with only patches of their original color. Horns, like the roots of the trees they had slept underneath for so long curled from their heads. And leaves, as green as new shoots grew from their tails. They were the guardians of the forest, the first of a breed that would come to be known as Terrae.

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