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The 8 Worlds

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It was turned into a legend, of Nathaniel and the eight worlds... the key... and the war, but now, the worlds have been opened again, by a tremor... so the worlds go into another battle.


It happened five hundred years ago- in the modern world, the 'Earth' we know of today, by a young boy of about five years old called Nathaniel. He was the first person to cross the eight worlds. He was playing the summer fields- all alone, no one around him... but he was running, and ran into an imaginary door. He never thought much of it. Just as a game. He tried to open the door, but it was locked fast. He had looked on the ground, and found a glass key - see through. He clumsily pushed it through the lock and unlocked the door. He stepped through... into another world... floating, in the world of Air. He ran back through the doorway and never told anyone of his secret. By pulling the door fast behind him.


But he came to the door everyday... and went into his other world, to play. But one day, he didn't come back. People searched for him and stumbled upon the doorway into the other worlds. Until they found that he had unlocked every other world in his pathway, until he found the last door way, to the world of metal, where evil had been brewing since time had began. These people, know as the Metal Weavers clan, had known about the 8 worlds... and were determined to rule every single one, even if they had to destroy every single being to get the lands.


Unbeknownst to the people from the modern lands, other being and dragons had been watching them... intrigued by their every move, studying their freakish ways. The modern world was the only ones not to have dragons in their worlds, so the strange people fascinated the people of the other worlds.


The Metal Weavers struck, and struck hard, devastating every land. Nathaniel was the only one who had all the keys, but he refused to close the doorways. So the war began, the fighting, the death, the destruction, until the 7 other worlds turned against the Metal Weavers, and forced them back into their world... and locked the door. Nathaniel was forced to close each world to restore the peace and tranquility again. Handing a person from each land a key, (except the Metal world, their key was given to a Cloud person), they locked the doors and restored peace for the next five hundred years...


But a tremor hit the 8 worlds, unfastening each of the doors so they swing open. The Metal Weavers took back their key, and began a plot to overthrow the worlds. The seven peaceful people though, with the keys, are keeping quiet and not telling anyone of their secret. But as the prophecy foretells in every world, the key keepers will come together, and be able to over throw the Metal Weavers, and restore peace to the worlds. When peace is restored too, the prophecy says that the doors will be kept open so as the citizens of each world will be able to cross the worlds freely, to unite the seven worlds.



You are a person in one of the worlds. You have the powers and a companion (animals for modern world and dragons for all others) and can either destroy or return peace to the worlds. You travel through the worlds, gathering an army or making friends to help you fight.


The Worlds:

Modern: The world of 'Earth' with it machinery and new technology, with its iPhones and machine guns. They do not have companions, but have 'pets', like 'dogs' and 'cats'. They have no powers but do have technology and weapons that they can fight with. They are clever, but not as wise and the Earth or Air people. They enjoy being active and taking risks. The door is in the summer fields next to a rather large rock.

Air: The Air people are very wise and smart, being mostly philosophers and deep thinkers. The dragons in their worlds are: Balloons, Guardian, Paper and Skywings. Their powers range from things they can do with air, such a cyclones and levitation, to using air to create winds. They mainly live in mid-air and can 'fly' through their world. The door is near one distortion in the sky, where the sky turns a little darker.

Fire: The people in the world of fire are quick thinkers and take risks. The dragons in their worlds are: Christmas, Orange, Ochredrakes, Red and both pinks. Their powers are being able to control fire to creating fires, using the flames as protection or as a weapon. They live in a world of red stone and many lights, all controlled by fire. They take part in fire controlling competitions and just enjoy playing with fire. The door is next to a dormant volcano, when they pass worlds they look like they jump into the heart of the volcano.

Earth: Earth people are one of the more wiser worlds too, being open to knew ideas and not having a particular 'way of life'. They are free thinkers. The dragons in their world are: Frill, Green, Vine, and Vine alt, Mint, Seasonal, Pygmy, Whiptail, Neotropical and Dinosaurs. Their powers are moving earth, creating soils and using earth and rock as a protection. They live in a very natural environment and are at one with nature. The door is next to the Tree of Old Times, a huge willow that has been standing since the last invasion of the worlds.

Water: The Water people are very calm people and do not like fighting. They are very peaceful. Their dragons are: Water, Geode, Sunrise, Sunset, Deep Sea, Water Walker, Water Horse and Splits. The powers they have are controlling water, making ice and making the sky rain. They live in a world of water, on boats or small islands. They are elite swimmers and can breath underwater. It is believed they are descended from mere-people. The door in in the centre of the Tri-water, where a large triangle is rippling in the water on one of the seas. It is usually easy to see and the water is much darker there.

Night: The people of the world or Night are very dark, secluded people, but they are not evil. They are exceptionally smart and have excellent night vision. Their dragons are Black, Black alt, Grey, Dragon Horse and Purple. Their powers are controlling the weather and they are very capable magic users. They live in a world of night, with their surroundings being black to the untrained eye. They have no sun, so they have no plants, but are able to grow some 'night' plants, which they can use in their spells. The door in directly under the moon, next to a small shed.

Cloud: The Cloud people are daydreamers, and just enjoy contemplating the worlds. They too do not like fighting. Their dragons are Daydream, White, Cheese and Stripes. The powers they have can control wind, and move clouds. They can also 'fly'. They live on clouds and move from cloud to cloud to see each other. The door is in a cloud shaped like a key.

Metal: The Metal people are evil and want to control all the worlds. The dragons they have are Golds, Silvers, Stone and Vampire. Their powers are to control metal and they can form new metals. They live practically in a world of metal, living in metal houses and exploring through piles of rubbish. The door is in a large fridge, positioned in the centre of the metal weavers territory.


The Keys:

Air key: A glass key, pure see through. user posted image

Fire key: A red key, with burn marks. user posted image (Kept by DracosBlaze's character)

Earth key: A brown and green key, is that moss growing from it?user posted image

Water key: A blue key, with a cold temperature. user posted image (Kept by ChocolateGal137's character)

Night key: A black key, with a few stars printed on it. user posted image (Kept by klinneah's character)

Cloud key: A white key that emits a white mist. user posted image (Kept by Sparkeycat's character)

Metal key: A metal key, formed from many different metals. user posted image (Kept by Kei to Everything's character)


Some Handy Information:

• The doors are all unlocked, so anyone can wander through them from the start of the game.

• The doors are invisible so you can accidentally walk through them.

• One person keeps every key from every world. All the key keepers (except the person from the Metal Weavers) will meet up in one of the worlds. But this will happen when I say so! ((When we get into full swing of the RP))

• The keys have no powers, they can only unlock the doors.

• Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Night, Cloud and Metal worlds have the dragon listed above. You can only be a part of one world if you only have the dragon listed in the world. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. This is why Metal Weavers have to be good Dragon cave players. One dragon per player.

• People from the modern world have pets such as: cats, dogs, mice, rats, horses, snakes. They do not have dragons. They can be filled in in the Companion section.

• When you move into another world it is possible to go back or forward through the doors. But you have to go through the door from the opposite side to get back, thus proving difficult for the Fire door. Although that is the theory, sometimes it's a luck of the draw to go a different way in the worlds.

• The Worlds are in order like this:

Modern → Air → Fire → Earth → Water → Night → Cloud → Metal → (You can’t skip worlds.)



No god-modding

No spamming

No killing other characters without their consent

No blood-and-gore or extreme violence

Romance is fine but please keep it PG-13, Okay?

Only two characters per person

We will only be able to start if every world has at least one player

I will choose good players to get a key, but you won’t get one if you beg

This RP is literate. You will to be accepted if you can’t portray these

No 1 liners. You need a reasonable length

Swearing is allowed, but please keep it minimal and non-offensive (the f-bomb is offensive)

If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me

Post below your character sheet

You must have fun!

To show you have read everything you need a password... 8 worlds



[B]World (Metal world are evil):[/B]
[B]Companion name:[/B]
[B]Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll):[/B]
[B]Companion Appearance:[/B]
[B]Companion Personality:[/B]


Forms so far


Username: Songbreeze2012

Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Songbreeze2012

Name: Anri

Age: 19

World: Modern

Appearance: Dare I say he has midnight black hair and amber eyes. Weird for the modern world, but rumor is that his parents didn't come from the modern world. He wears a leather jacket and carries an AK-47 and a dagger. His skin is tan but not a bronze tan, just a lighht tan.

Personality: He is stubborn and want's things his way or no way. If he had a choice he would not go through the doors, but he promised his parents that he would one day. He figures better now than later. Stay out of his way and you might live.

History: He remembers a time when the worlds didn't even know the other exisisted, but now that has changed. His parents died when the tremors struck and Anri barely escaped. Now he is simply traveling, trying to find what his parents wanted him to find.

Companion name: Shadow

Companion species: Horse

Companion Appearance: He is a pure black stallion, no white flecks of any kind. His mane is pure black as well.

Companion Personality: He is stubborn much like is friend, but is kind and carring. Sometimes it seems that he is talking to Anri and if people get to know them both, they soon find out that he really is. Thus another peice of proof that shows Anri's unique bloodline.

Other: N/A

Password: 8 worlds


Username: Songbreeze2012 (Song)

Scroll: -points to sig-

Name: Leion Lukeson

Age: 30

World: Modern

Appearance: His blonde hair is cut military style and he wears military clothes most all the time. His eyes are dark ebony and his 6'2".

Personality: He's a kind man and believes almost everything Anri tells him. After all, many times before Anri had saved his life. Finds it hard to believe about the eight worlds, but he goes with Anri anyway. He doesn't have a wife or kids, never got married because his job at the prison never stated he would come home. He admits that he was never this scared in the military as he was at the prison.

History: Raised a military mans son, he learned hard discipline and punishment. When he became a Lt. General his father had been proud and it was then that he had first ran into Anri and his mother and father. When the boy was eight, Leion had started working at the prison and took the boy and his stallion under his wing, teaching him everything he knew. Anri, in turn, taught him everything he remembered his parents teaching him. They fast became friends and soon enough, Anri saw Leion like a father and Leion saw Anri as a son.

Companion name: Stark

Companion species: German Shepherd

Companion Appearance: Like a normal German Shepherd all except for a mark on his chest. Pure white in color, the mark is in the form of an arrow. ((Anyone read the House of Night Series?))

Companion Personality: Stubborn and firm, he is loyal to Leion and shows affection to Anri. He's only three, but he's a loyal canine and does as he is commanded, unless it puts Leion or Anri in danger.

Other: No other, he's just him.

Password: 8 Worlds



Username: Dragonpelt

Scroll: My Scroll

Name: Jasmine or Jazz Cooper

Age: 18

World: air

Appearance: Jasmine

Personality: Sweet, kind, and somewhat shy around people she first meets.

History: Jasmine was born when the jasmine flowers were in bloom. Her mom was happy when she was born and named her after the flower. When she was old enough, her parents taught her all they knew about manipulating the air and she soon learned to "fly." It was on a occasion that she was just "flying" around when she saw a female baby gryphon alone on a mountainside. She then landed next to her and looked around for her parents. Seeing none, she picked her up gently and brought her back home to take care of her. She named it Erin when she grew up into a beautiful adult gryphon.

Companion name: Erin

Companion species: gryphon, if that's ok

Companion Appearance: Erin

Companion Personality: Can be sweet and kind when she wants to be to other people Jasmine meets but only listens to Jasmine's orders. Can also be a bit stubborn at times when she doesn't want to do anything at all.

Other: Can communicate with Jasmine telepathically and Jasmine acts as a translator to other people in case they ask Erin a question about something gryphon-related.

Password: 8 worlds


Username: Frost

Scroll: Click

Name: Rose

Age: 16

World (Metal world are evil): Air

Appearance: Rose stands about 5'6 and has long silvery blond hair. She also has icy blue eyes.

Personality: Quiet and untrusting. She stays by cloud for protection, and has to get to know you before opening up. She loves to fly and use her air abilities and can be seen with cloud always in the air.

History: Rose always been a quick learner when it comes to controling wind. Cyclones came quickly and flying even faster. She had been practing one day when she came acroos a nest. A young hatchling skywing had been there left behind for some reason. She had touched it and a connection came between them allowing them to talk telepathically. She had named her cloudy wings and they have been together since.

Companion name: Cloudy Wings (Cloud)

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll):

Companion Appearance: On scroll

Companion Personality: Quiet yet can be very scarcastic. Likes to throw in her opinion when she thinks its needed. Very devoted and loyal to Rose. Will protect Rose from everyone until they can be trusted.

Other: Can talk telepathically to Cloudy Wings.

Password: 8 Worlds



Username: DracosBlaze

Scroll: Skittty

Name: Megan Rurinor

Age: 19

World: Fire

Appearance: Blonde hair, blueish green eyes. She wears jeans and a T-shirt most of the time. She always wears a necklace that her grandfather gave her. He told her it was made in another world. It has a gold chain with a colorful stone that glows brightly whenever light hits it.

Personality: She loves her homeland dearly, but has always dreamed of going to the other worlds, no matter what everyone else has told her. Shes very curious and gets into a lot of trouble, she's independent, and doesn't ask a lot of people. But she's can be very sarcastic and doesn't take things to seriously.

History: Her grandfather had told her storys of the other worlds when she was six, and that's what started her longing to see them for herself. He died when she was seventeen and she cried for a week. She'd never met her real parents and so he had been her father all those years. Ever since she's been rather reserved and not that social.

Companion name: Red Stone Fury (Fury)

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Red dragon

Companion Appearance: On my scroll

Companion Personality: Somewhat like Megan, but he's not that friendly, and isn't very patient. He will protect Megan with his life, and does almost every thing he can to please her.

Other: none

Password: 8 Worlds


Username: DP

Scroll: DP's scroll

Name: Zoe Conners

Age: 18

World (Metal world are evil): fire

Appearance: Zoe 'cept her hair is long and black with red highlights; she doesn't have wings or a halo either.

Personality: sweet, kind, a bit short-tempered at times, stubborn during others, and shy.

History: ---

Companion name: Anja Gallandro but is just called Anja for short

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Ochredrake

Companion Appearance: Anja

Companion Personality: kind, a bit bossy at times, a little shy sometimes, and stubborn and short-tempered as well.

Other: she stays in an amulet that Zoe keeps around her neck when Zoe doesn't want her to be seen.

Password: eight worlds


Username: Chuzuka

Scroll: My Scroll

Name: Veralidaine Marie Lightwood

Age: Unknown

World: Fire

Appearance: Veralidaine Lightwood with eyes like this

Personality: One of the first things that you notice about Veralidaine is her eyes; they will be very intense and totally hypnotic. Infact, many people find it very difficult to stand steady under her constant gaze. Unfortunately, Veralidaine has a big ego. She knows what she is and what she isn't. It doesn't matter what you think about her. Veralidaine has always had perfect control over her emotions and always retains her faultless poise. You will hardly see her emotions being reflected on her face, whether it's a blush or a flush. Infact, she deliberately practices a vacant look. However, behind this impeccable composure is her torrid inner nature.


She has a strong willpower and is not the one to accept defeat easily. She is honest, very honest. Honest to the point of hurting someone. If you ask for her opinion, you'll get the brutal truth, without any sugar coating. She never gives false compliments and does not know how to flatter. However, if she does say something nice to you, be sure that it is truly sincere and is coming straight from the heart. Veralidaine is extremely loyal and will go to the length of laying down her own life for her loved ones. She has an exceptionally good memory. She never forgets an act of benevolence and always remembers to repay it. Verlidaine LOVES to play with danger. If you're close to her, you will feel extremely protected and cared for. She is also fiercely possessive of what she believes to be hers. She is very passionate about everything around, even her home. However, beneath her tough exterior is a gentle heart that knows how to love and care.

History: Veralidaine does not like to talk about her past, although it was a fairly simple one. She was born in a humble but well known family. Her mother passed away when she was four, and her father was never home so she was raised by her grandmother who was an old coot. She often told Veralidaine stories to help her sleep, and it was then she was told the story of the other worlds. Growing up in the fire world, At sixteen, she left home when her family was sleeping, hoping to find the hidden doors.

Companion name: 'Seraphim' Lightwood

Companion species: Fire Dragon

Companion Appearance: Seraphim

Companion Personality: Seraphim is a lively, brave and alert dragon, who can be both protective and playful, and both infatuated with her handler and independent. Although she is charming and full of character, her intelligence, independence, and intense little spirit can make her a challenging companion. Unfortunately, Seraphim can become moody and snappish at strangers. She is sensitive to and resentful of harsh treatment or arbitrary rules.

Other: N/A

Password: 8 Worlds



Username: RheaDark

Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Rheadark

Name: Sen

Age: 16

World (Metal world are evil): Earth

Appearance: A small boy, short and thin, looks a lot younger than he actually is. He has short black hair and green eyes. Wearing a green tshirt, black jeans, and flipflops (black soles, green straps). Also has a watch on his left wrist.

Personality: Very easygoing and a free spirit, but also surprisingly devious and mischevious.

History: He lived with an abusive father for a time, alone in some woods. His father worked in the town, but Sen was forced to stay at home. One day, he had enough and ran off. He's been wandering ever since, surviving off what he can hunt/gather/steal. Along his travels he managed to pick up a friend, whom he found abandoned in a small crevice on a mountain.

Companion name: Fallen

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Seasonal

Companion Appearance: Depends on the season.

Companion Personality: Very shy and untrusting of others, Fallen has only opened himself up to Sen. He's quite silent, preferring to communicate with body language.

Other: Er... no?

Password: 8 worlds?



Username: ChocolateGal137

Scroll: My scroll!

Name: Myfanwy (call her Myf)

Age: 17

World (Metal world are evil): Water

Appearance: Myf is around 5"4' with a pale, but pretty complexion. She has ice blue eyes and brown hair that runs half way down her back, with the occasional blue streak. She has a slender but strong body, that enables her to swim very fast. Myf is usually seen wearing a blue baggy t-shirt and a pair of black leggings. She rarely wears shoes and mostly walks around barefoot on her home islands sand. She carries around on her back a large bow and a few arrows, incase someone comes to invade the Water world. She has almost perfect skin, except for a large scar on her left arm, where once she was chased by a Metal Weaver.

Personality: Myf is a very kind and sweet natured person. She cares for her companion Atlas and loves him more than anything in the worlds. She has a short temper and get get annoyed by little things very easily. Myf likes to keep the sadness in her life behind her emotions. She is a friendly and generous person and enjoys more than anything swimming in the seas, so she is usually wet. Myf would love to grow up and raise a family of her own, with the strong powers she has inherited.

History: Myf grew up not knowing her parents, as they were killed but a freak invasion of the Metal Weavers while they were at sea examining the Tri-Water. They were huge fans of sea creature life and enjoyed many an hours swimming with dolphins and seals. She was given her own companion when she was born, her own Water dragon named Atlas Eternity. After her parents death she was raised by her grandparents, who happened to be the elders and leaders of the island she lived on. She was free, and for many years Atlas would look after her while they swam in the oceans.

She was given the bow and arrows at her 12th birthday, so she could defend the island, and the world of Water from the Metal Weavers. She has practiced it every day and become one of the best on the small island. She thinks about her parents from time to time and has inherited the same bond that they had with sea creatures. She will never be hurt by dolphins, seals, turtles, sharks or any other creature. She was also given the strong powers to move water and create tsunamis as well and the other normal Water person functions.

Companion name: Atlas Eternity

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Water Dragon

Companion Appearance: Atlas is a very large water dragon, but can fit through almost anything. He is very fast and agile underwater and can escape capture easily. He lived for a long time and has seen what the Metal Weavers can do. Atlas has sapphire scales and large fins. He also had a large scar on his right cheek after a close battle with the Weavers. He has dark blue eyes and has the same features of the other Water dragons.

Companion Personality: As well as being large Atlas has a very big and kind heart. He doesn't like violence but will fight to save Myf. They two have a very strong bond and will rarely separate, unless Myf is on the land. Atlas is very kind to other people, especially if they are Myf's friends. He likes to swim in the oceans and has successfully made one swim round the entire world. He is known for his kindness and is very wise, but he can be angered easily.

Other: Nope

Password: 8 worlds


Username: Jessyrah

Scroll: Jessyrah

Name: Madrigal Kaleo Ka Hui Maika'iana O Na Leo Mele (Maddie is fine.)

Age: 24

World: Water

Appearance: Like This. Sort of poorly Photoshopped, but mostly accurate.

Personality: Maddie does not hold grudges, but is slow to trust. She is always calm and level-headed. She speaks slowly, but clearly so there is no chance to misunderstand her (even through her slight Islander accent). Her beauty automatically puts her in the higher social circles by default, but she rarely speaks to anyone. Of course, this only servers to make her appear arrogant. In reality, she simply doesn't speak unless it's necessary, never using idle words. She feels that helping others is her duty, but will usually do it graciously and silently, which sometimes confuses people.

History: Maddie lived her entire life underwater until she was six years old. At that time, as was custom with her tribe, she was turned out into open water and left to find her way back home alone. The practice was something of a coming-of-age rite. Confused and lost, she found her way to the surface and crawled onto the beach of a small island. She loved the way the sun kissed her skin so much that she never bothered trying to find her tribe. She has been living, undisturbed, on her island for seventeen years, fending for herself and doing as she pleases.

Recently, while watching the hatching of the sea turtle eggs buried in the sand of her home island, Maddie came across a two-toned egg that obviously did not belong to a sea turtle. It still has not hatched yet, but she has taken it upon herself to care for it.

Companion name: Yet to be named.

Companion species: Split

Companion Appearance: Still an egg, currently.

Other: Maddie has a tattoo. A BIG tattoo. Her tattoo is of a flowing musical staff and it runs from her left cheekbone, down her throat, around her right shoulder, across her back, up and around her left shoulder where it tapers down her chest and ends near her belly button.

Password: Ahh... 8 worlds?


Username: Zmannn3191

Scroll: Zmannn3191

Name: Zack

Age: 21

World: Water

Appearance: 5'11" with shining golden-brown hair with a 2 thick blueish/black strands that drape his face showing of his rough defined face of his ten years traveling the sea and bright aqua-blue eyes that have small green rims around them. He normally wears his ragged dark blue jeans and his dark blue-grey hoodie

Personality:Nice, peaceful, but can and will get agitated. Has learned only to trust his people or people who have proven themselves trustworthy.

History: He started out as a bright 11 year old boy on a boat, but when he saw Selleny's egg in the water floating he thought 'Is that a water walker egg? I've always wanted one of them' He grabbed the long pole used to fish out eggs from behind him, scoops the egg out of the water and sees a crack, the egg must already be close to hatching! As he puts it in a small tank of salt-water his brother comes in and sees Zack's egg. He shouts for Gerald (His father), and his father comes down, sees the egg and says 'Good job Zack, and at 11, that is rare for a child to get an egg that young" John (his brother) shouts 'But i am 15 and i still haven't gotten an egg! Make him give it to me. I WANT IT"

"John, I know you want an egg but this isn't even the dragon you like, its a water-walker not a deep-sea dragon, also your brother found it and scooped it out without even thinking, the egg must have chosen Zack to be its owner. You will get your chance latter on." John pouts and storms down the stairs to his room. Gerald turns to look at Zack "Well don't just stand there we have work to do, go get your mother, she knows how to handle eggs"


1 year later, "ZACK get down here NOW." Zack rushes down the stairs and darts into the room. It was happening, finally happening, his egg was hatching "Ok if it is a boy John, 'cause john died 3 months earlier trying to get his egg, and if it is a girl Selleny cause it is a pretty name'


2 years latter Zack is riding Selleny to the nearest island, running away from his parents. Trying him to KILL selleny because she was taking up to much space and money.

Companion name:Selleny

Companion species : Waterwalker

Companion Appearance:She is one of the few waterwalkers what has her green stripe a dark green

Companion Personality:A very nice and peaceful dragon but like Zack she can and will get aggravated.

Other:Nothing ATM

Password:8 worlds



Username: klinneah

Scroll: Scroll

Name: Kay

Age: Fourteen, going on fifteen

World: Night, although you wouldn't know it offworld

Appearance and Personality: Always the picture of pessimism, it was strange that Kay's favorite song contained messages of positive outlook and encouragement. In fact, after she caught herself humming it in public (which happened quite often) her boot laces became, very suddenly, quite interesting. Not that they weren't: those knee-hugging, gray-leather, thick-soled, clunky things with mismatched laces were hardly the picture of disinterest. It was just that one's boots were hardly the thing to become interested in after catching oneself humming two-thirds of one's favorite song and three-quarters of a medly of three others.

Actually, the short fourteen-year old wasn't really the picture of pessimism at all. Hardly. She just liked everyone to think that, and particularly enjoyed pointing out to anyone who cared to listen (most people didn't) that her multicolored tie-dyed bejeweled not-really-blue jeans were not, contrary to popular opinion, indicative of her true personality. They should look, instead, to her somber gray trench coat. Very pessimistic. Unless you count the drowning in neon fabric paint (which was even brighter outside of her native world, the Night world), the rhinestones, the iron-ons, and the colorful embroidery, why, it was just the image of negativity! Right....

Her favorite shirt, although it resembles more an oddly shaped patchwork quilt draped over her bony self than something meant to be actually worn, complements her figure in its own way, and her hair's true golden-brown, poker-straight, shoulder-length nature is always hidden by experimentation with headache-incuding dye colors and odd styles usually include clips, ribbons, hairbands, sparkles, bobby pins, and radishes. On the rare days that she appears unusually normal, the cause is almost always some freak accident that prevents her from going home to put on something more her style.

Companion: Liadain, her careworn Gray dragon plushie, is as real to her as her companion once was, before he was lost somewhere in the eight worlds. Kay lovingly crafted it from the softest imported felt, carries it around everywhere, and talks to it as though she expects a response. Even so, who's to say it doesn't....

History: She doesn't care and neither should you. She's had loving parents, two siblings (both killed in skirmishes with the Metal world)...pretty ordinary life...

Other: Is there anything I forgot?

Password: 8 worlds


Username: Lilithachaos

Scroll: Lilitha's Scroll

Name: Amaya

Age: 19

World (Metal world are evil): Night

Appearance: user posted image Nothing really different other than her eye color is more of a silver than purple. She is also around 5'4 in height and hair length is to her middle back, but it is kept up in a pony tail or braided at all times.

Personality: Amaya is a quite person who likes to fight with a sword more than she does her magic. She is someone willing to do anything to help other people, but she does not trust people to quickly from past experiences. She gets along with animals and children more than she does with people her own age. She knows how to fight well, but she hates to kill anyone unless it is to protect those she cares about.

History: Amaya grew up in a world of darkness and from this came her dream to find somewhere that was full of light. Her parents worked more than they were at home and so she is a quite person who talks only when she needs to, but she does not have a problem with talking if someone else starts the conversation. When she was only 7 she started to train herself in the skill of swordsmanship and at times she would practice with archery also. This she did for many reasons, but the main reason is so if she could not use her magic she would have something else to lean on in a fight. At that age she also was outside with animals more than she would be around people and because of this she has a great knack for being able to tell what animals want and sometimes she can connect minds with them to have conversations. This is mostly what she uses her magic for also.

Companion name: Raven (Named this because of a joke with him and Amaya from their 'mental' conversations)

Companion species: Black Pegasus (If that is alright with you)

Companion Appearance: user posted image Under the head armor there is a white star on his forehead. Also his mane is black, but it does turn into a purple magic look when he is fighting. Sign he is using the little magic a pegasus can use. (For him it would be shadow magic. Example would be a dart of power in the form of a shadow.)

Companion Personality: Raven is friendly with everyone, but he is very protective of Amaya and will kill to protect her even if he does like death. He will let anyone ride him if Amaya shows that she trusts them and help those that are injured.

Other:Sword and her Long Bow

Password: 8 Worlds



Username: Sparkeycat

Scroll: Scroll

Name: Ruu

Age: 15

World (Metal world are evil): Cloud

Appearance: Image - Brown hair and violet eyes - she's slightly short for her age. Ruu has two small birthmarks on her shoulder-blades that are shaped like wings.

Personality: Curious and day-dreamy. She has quite the imagination. This can prove a liability, seeing as that also fuels the most twisted nightmares. Ruu is sometimes prone to panic attacks.

History: Waiting to come

Companion name: Hitori

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Sparrow

Companion Appearance: A little brown bird. She has a random purple feather or two for unknown reasons.

Companion Personality: Well... She's a wild bird. She isn't so good in social situations. She chirrups loudly if she wants someone's attention and is pretty intelligent otherwise.

Other: Ruu's birthmark can turn into two real wings? Maybe? Hitori isn't actually Ruu's companion, but Ruu seems to like the bird.

Password: 8 worlds?



Scroll: scroll

Name: Beatrice of Loys

Age: 183

World (Metal world are evil): Cloud

Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Beatrice is selfconfident and proud of her ancient family, sometimes to the point of arrogance. She puts loyality to her family above everything and takes the responsiblity to those who are under her care very seriously.

History: Beatrice is a younger sister of the duke of Loyd who is one of the nobles in the World of clouds.

She is more levelheaded then the rest of his siblings so he sends her around on diplomatic missions.

She has recently taken up Snowpearl as a companion, a rather useless white dragon.

Companion name: [/b]Snowpearl

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): White dragon

Companion Appearance: See picture

Companion Personality:Read description

Password: 8 Worlds



Username: Kei To Everything

Scroll: Still getting right!

Name: Ikaris Enevok

Age: 15

World: Metal

Appearance: user posted image Since he spent so much time around humans, he adapted their looks.

Personality: Ikaris is completely and very noticeably evil. He hates humans, and the citizens of the other worlds. With his Metal World comrades, though, he is fun, and jokes around a lot. He is very smart, and could outsmart a fox.

History: He doesn't know anything about his past, as he slept for the first 10 years of his life. The other five, he was a spy on the modern world for the Metal World

Companion name: Lil' Rocky

Companion species (If dragon it must be on your scroll): Rock

Companion Appearance: Its in the scroll

Companion Personality: Rocky is just as evil and hateful as his owner


Password: 8 Worlds



Name: Macha Jian

Nickname:Queen of war / Mach

Age: Looks around the age of 25, but if reports are accurate she is more likely 250.

World (Metal world are evil): Metal

Appearance: user posted image

About Macha: Macha is the most talented metal weaver, that has been born on Metal World for a millenium. The wings on her back were crafted by herself from steal and fire and can bear her higher then her golden dragon Kymil. Her most cherished dream is to watch the fire and the earth world fall under her power.

Ambitious, ruthless and efficient, she strikes fear in the hearts of all who oppose her. It is said that she loves to lead her soldiers personally into war, destroying their morale by shattering ever single metal item, be it weapon or amor before the fight even starts.

She rides a golden dragon that goes by the name of Kymil Reapho Nimesin , that is almost as bloodthirsty as her and highly intelligent.



Name: Apate Jian

Nickname:Queen of Deceit / Apy

Age: Looks around the age of 21, but if reports are accurate she is more likely 210.

World (Metal world are evil): Metal

Appearance:user posted image

About Apate: It is said that Apatate is the one who invented Mephon, a metall that properly shaped can be made into a mask that allows the wearer to take on the appearance of someone else. True or not Apatate is never without such a mask and she is a master at appearing something she isn't. She does not lead armies herself, for she is most likly to be found in the midst of her enemys pretending to be a dear friend. She has made treachery into a high artform and will do her best to destroy every alliance, every useful sheme and every capteable leader among the people of the other worlds.

She believes the modern, the air and the water world are the most dangerous foes of the metal world and is most likely to be found in one of those worlds, wreaking unseen havock.

Apate probably has a dragon companion at home but he or she doesn't accompany her in her journeys.



Name: Nycta Jian

Nickname:Queen of nightmares / Niki

Age: Looks around the age of 18, but if reports are accurate she is more likely 180.

World (Metal world are evil): Metal

Appearance: user posted image

About Nycta: Nycta's father is rumored to have had night-world blood somewhere among his ancestors giving her sorcery along with her metal weaver ability. Maybe thats a rumor, but her hate for the world of night is defintly a fact and only surpassed by her deep contempt for the cloud worlders.

Nycta is constantly inventing new metals and experimenting with rare and strange kinds of metal, gaining abilitys others can't even begin to think about.

She rarely leads her forces personally, relying on her generals for that instead. But she might appear in a battle nevertheless, throwing some nasty surprise in the ranks of her enemys.

At her most dangerous she is in the night. Unseen and unheard she loves slipping into enemy camps and leaving noxious fumes like those from quicksilver behind. But her favorite is one of her own creation. A metal named Lyssan emitting fumes that cause nightmares if you are lucky, madness if you are unlucky and death if you are neither.

The metal-weavers are immun to Lyssan fumes, so this weapon can't be turned on her own forces.

Her companion is a Vampire Dragon


Approved and now accepting! We will start when we have at least one person from each world. I will choose who will have the keys.

Edited by ChocolateGal137

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This sounds really good. I may join once it gets approved.

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I'm interested in getting a Literate or Advanced RP off the ground so this will be good practice. I hope you can handle an AP English student (although I don't always write like one)!

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((AP english student? Gwad I feel young, I'm only in year 8!! But sure! As long as you can write well you'll be accepted!!))

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((I'm going to be in the 11th grade this year.))


((BTW, I thought it was against the rules to accept characters until the RP was approved. Unless it was approved while I was gone biggrin.gif ))

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((Wow! Year 11!


I haven't accepted you yet, but I'm sure if you put in a good form I will!! biggrin.gif))

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((This really needs to get accepted. Has a RP mod stopped by at all?


Do we PM you the forms or do we post them here?))

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((Yay!! I'm actually working on my character right now!))

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((Whoot whoot! Thanks Khallayne, you're a star!!


Okay, now I'm going to have to do my character sheet too!!))

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( Do we have to do profile skeletons? I prefer to write entrance posts. smile.gif But I like this rp, and I wouldn't mind joining. Is there a maximum paragraph limit?


I'd be willing to rp two characters. tongue.gif But I'd have to split them into two different posts in order to keep everyone understanding who I'm rping in which post. Thanks. smile.gif )

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((You can do an entrance post, as long as it covers all the criteria. If you want to change character, maybe use a:




Instead, that's what I usually do!!


klinneah: Awsome, keep going!!))

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(Jul is an NPC, and my scroll is in my signature. Password: 8 Worlds. biggrin.gif)


Her voice roared, ripping through the air. Her claws dug into the earth, her wings up and open ready for flight. Her tail slapped the ground cracking it with each assault; he felt the ground tremor with each blow. He put his hand out, the fingers leaned forward as if he was trying to press down upon her what he was about to say, "Now...Crystaella... don't..." Too late, he'd already seen the twitch in her shoulder muscles as she stretched her wings out to catch a little more air. She'd barely lifted up an inch before she collapsed her wings in order to slam her forelegs into the ground causing a large boulder to come up from beneath the earthen crust. In the next second she'd slammed her shoulder into boulder sending it flying toward him along with a few pieces of dirt and the innocent victims of grass and flowers.


In that instant, as he watched in what felt like slow motion, he'd made the decision to stay put where he was. He took a step back, letting the ball of his right foot slip into the ground for support. He sucked in a breath and crossed his arms in front of chest, pulling the earth with the motions of his hands. It was a makeshift shield, it didn't hold up so well with the boulder. The boulder collided with the shield, and then his own will of pushing the boulder way, he ended up being pushed several feet without being touched by the boulder. He pulled his feet from the ground with little and climbed on top of the boulder; he stayed in his crouched position as Crystaella 'pranced' around the open field. Eventually she proudly sauntered over to him and nosed him in his chest. "Oh you big softee." He murmured as he adjusted to sitting so he could rub the sides of her huge mouth.


Crystaella was one of the renamed "Green" dragons that he'd gotten when barely able to stand on his own. He used to sleep with her egg. When she hatched, it was one of the best moments of his life. But he was an impatient child, and he tried to hold onto her the same way he'd always done with her egg. She'd bit him on his hand, and he had never cried as hard as that night sleeping by himself with a bandaged wrapped hand. Unlike other "Greens," who could have a violent or peaceful nature (depending on which side of the spectrum you managed to land with), Crystaella was in a constant state of flux. She was sometimes violent, most times playfully, and she would always follow up any act of social rebellion with a kindness that seemed to fill his whole body with warmth.


"John!" He leaned backwards while holding gently to the sides of Crystaella's face to see who was calling him. It turned out to be his cousin, she was waving both her hands over her head. John snorted a sigh, he didn't like spending time with her. She was always so annoying and it didn't help that her dragon was a whip tail, named Vigateopateu. Suddenly Crystaella slipped her head from between his hands, nearly causing him to fall off the boulder. Crystaella pumped the air with several rumbled calls and Vigateopateu appeared over a hill, running past his cousin at top speed. He watched his cousin's black raven hair reach out to him before falling over the her shoulders. She laughed and started running down the hill too, as if she felt that she could catch up to the whip tail, who was already closing in on Crystaella.


Crystaella clawed the boulder on both sides, climbing over him. He stated quite loudly, "Whoa... Whooa!" Crystaella already had her wings open and spread out. John managed to get off the boulder before Crystaella hopped up into the air carting the boulder with her. Vigateopateu seemed to be two steps ahead of her, He's already started gaining height in the air without having to flap his wings. Crystaella had to flap in order to manage wind, she was puffing out rumbles with each flap, pushing herself and the boulder way from the ground. Vigateopateu flew in to nip at her wings, and managed to dodge a tail strike. John was running around below trying to catch the two dragons attentions.


His cousin ended up tackling him from behind. "Don't you know, they always do this!" She kneed him in the spine as she got up, he felt the need to strangle her or at least beat her up for being stating something so obvious. "I... know... that already." He said through gritted teeth as he stood up. The boulder landing nearly next to them, kicking up dust and dirt just as he was about to dust himself off. He snatched up his cap that he'd gotten from the modern world. It was a navy blue felt cloth hat, that he'd been told was modeled after an older style news gather's cap. He tucked the hat under his arm, and leaned over to knock all the dirt and grass out of his thin brown hair. "I just don't understand why they do this." John ran his hands through his hair a couple more times and then flipped his hair back just to make sure that he'd gotten it all out. Then he stuffed most of it under the back of his cap except for the few pieces that managed to escape the cap. He proceeded to dust off his cloth tan button down short sleeve shirt, and brown leather vest. He frowned as he was about to dust off the khaki shorts, because he caught sight of his cousin and the dragons already getting smaller in the distance. He could let it go for now right? No he'd be go catch up to them, he planted his feet in the ground. He folded his arms behind his back, and began pushing the earth...



His cousin, Juliet's dress danced against the winds. It had been a good ten minutes before he'd caught up to her. He had stopped looking at the dragons that were still messing around in the air. He was looking down at both of their feet. Hers were fairly clean, his were caked in a fresh coat of dirt and grass. He watched the fluttering fabric of the skirt hide and reveal her clean toes, almost mesmerized by the movement. Then finally catch himself, he shook his head and turned his face skyward to see the now they were just sort of floating on the air currents. "John?" He turned his light brown eyes to her dark eyes. "Why are you still at the novice level for ground control? Don't you want to keep us safe from the Metal Weavers?" The question hurt him, and he visibly winced. It was true, he was twenty-four and he wasn't any high up in the fighting ranks than when he'd joined at thirteen. But he secretly agreed with an underground politically movement that stated that the Metal Weavers were closest in relation to the Metal Weavers. It was known that several of the other worlds had felt that the Earth world hadn't done all that they should have against the Metal Weavers. Because of this, the Political Movement felt that the Earth Weavers had been accused unfairly and next time, they just might be willing to live up to their expectation of every other world thought they were 'in league' with the metal weavers. John sympathized with the gross unfairness of blame pushing, but he kept his feelings about the matter to himself. He was just...wavering at the moment between deciding what he was going to do, after all he still acted childish even now...

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((Kei: Sure!!


Dragonic: Awesomeness, I love it. But to clear everything up just quickly. John (Who is Juilet?) Has Vigateopateu as a dragon. And the main character, (who's name is ???), has Crystaella as a dragon. Is that right. Anyways.. accepted!!))

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(John who is the main character has Crystaella, and Juliet (like I said is an NPC) is his cousin and she has Vigateopateu. Sorry if that was a bit confusing. xd.png )

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((Okay, cool. Pardon my non-knowledge, but NPC means? Is it like a not important person or someone who your just chucking in there but you won't play as a proper person? Sorry again, for my confusing ways! tongue.gif))

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( Non-Player Character, meaning that anyone can rp this character as an add on interact with their character. Most every character that isn't the main character rped by the person is an NPC. :'D )

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