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    Wishlist:<br>-SECTION A-<br>Chicken<br>Christmas '07 (will accept IOU)<br>CB or low-gen, non-inbred silver<br>CB or low-gen Magma<br>CB or non-inbred Ice<br>-SECTION B-SCROLL COMPLETION<br>CB Gold Wyverns<br>CB Moonstones (always looking for these)<br>CB Sunsongs<br>CB eggs from recent releases (always looking for these)<br>CB stripes<br>-SECTION C-MATES-<br>2nd gen Ice from IceXGray<br>2nd-gen Val '09 from Deepseax'09<br>2nd gen vine from VinexPurple<br>2nd gen red dorsal<br>4th gen even-gen brimstone<br>2nd gen geodes<br>-SECTION D-INBREDS/OTHER<br>an inbred split egg or female hatchling<br>a CB egg with a funny code<br>inbred guardian<br>inbred mint<br>inbred alt vine