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Thank you for all the times had and for the chance that you guys gave me to grow both as a moderator and a person.From dressed in red to dressed in green, I've had a blast.

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    Khay's Breeding List
    I... Don't remember my breeding list and I accidentally deleted it. >.< I'm so sorry.

    BY DARKSHADOW -- Still love it. x3
    Khallayne is one of the rarest species in Dragcave Forums. Its natural habitat is the Unapproved section, though it sometimes lurks in the other roleplaying forums, terrifying the other species with bursts of nonsense. Though uptight in grammar and other ways of the Force, it has undoubtedly turned to the Dark Side. It can strangle you with oodles of commas and misspelt words, as well as driving you insane with paragraphing. It likes to torture its prey slowly, using cruel methods such as marshmellows and omnoming. DO NOT APPROACH UNLESS ARMED WITH MARSHMELLOWS!

    ---- Wishlist --- 230 Hatchies. o.o

    2 Male Bluna Hatchies (2nd or 3rd gen only!)
    1 Female Bright-Breasted Hatchie
    1 Female Alt Vine (2nd or 3rd gen)
    1 Female Alt Vine (Any Gen, for freezing)
    1 Male Deep sea hatchies
    1 Male Red Dorsal Hatchie
    1 Female Ember hatchie
    1 Female Flamingo Hatchies
    1 Female Geode Hatchie
    1 Male Day Glory Hatchie
    1 Female Day Glory Hatchie
    1 Male Night Glory Hatchie
    1 Female Night Glory Hatchie
    1 Female Gold (Any Gen) Hatchie
    1 Female Shallow Water Hatchie (2nd Gen)
    1 Male Shallow Water Hatchie (2nd Gen)
    95 Shallow Waters (any gender) for Splash
    1 Male Greenwing Hatchie
    1 Female Greenwing hatchie
    1 Male Harvest Hatchie
    1 Female Harvest Hatchie
    1 Male Hellfire Hatchie
    2 Female Ice Hatchies
    1 Male Magma hatchie
    1 Male Moonstone Hatchie
    1 Female Moonstone Hatchie
    1 Blue Nebula Hatchie
    1 Purple Nebula Hatchie
    1 Red Nebula Hatchie
    1 Green Nebula Hatchie
    8 Male Pink Hatchies
    7 Female Pink Hatchies
    2 Male Gold Tinsel Hatchies (One between gen 2-3, one any gen!)
    1 Female Gold Tinsel Hatchie (any gen)
    2 Male silver Tinsel Hatchies (One between gen 2-3, one any gen!)
    1 Female Silver Tinsel Hatchie (any gen)
    2 Female bronze Tinsel hatchies (One between gen 2-3, one any gen!)
    2 Male Bronze Tinsel Hatchies (One between gen 2-3, one any gen!)
    1 Male Purple Hatchie
    1 Male Crimson Flare Hatchie
    1 Female Crimson Flare Hatchie
    1 Female Dark Myst Hatchie
    2 Male misfit Pygmy Hatchies
    1 Female misfit pygmy hatchie
    1 Female nilia pygmy hatchies
    1 male nilia pygmy hatchie
    2 Male red hatchies (Gen 1-3)
    41 Red hatchies (Any Gen)
    2 female tan ridgewings hatchies
    1 male tan ridgewing hatchies
    1 female purple ridgewing hatchie
    1 male purple ridgewing hatchie
    6 female CB white stripe hatchies
    4 male CB white stripe hatchies
    1 male sunrise hatchies
    1 Female Sunset hatchie
    1 female sunsong hatchie
    2 female Swallowtail hatchies
    1 male terrae hatchie
    1 female terrae hatchie
    1 male whiptail hatchie
    2 female neglected hatchies
    1 male neglected hatchies
    1 2nd gen Holly