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Please call me Scout or Zexion, no need for the numbers :31.png2.png3.png

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    I am a spriter and would love to assist with some concepts, just PM me.

    I do breed on request~ I am more than happy to breed an egg or two for you, just PM me. Please note that rare dragon breedings are tough and I will not be likely to gift certain dragons offspring, few dragons fall into this category though.

    Please Note: Thisavros (my Holly) is already IOU'd next year to my sister. Please do not ask for holly offspring for next year's Christmas.

    Top wanted (pretty much auto accept, may vary depending what I am offering):
    ~CB Black
    ~CB Black x CB ANYTHING (Black egg)(Prefer NON PB)
    ~CB stripe, silver,gold
    ~2nd gen Silvers, CB Silver x CB ANYTHING
    ~ Low gen metallics
    ~ Low gen Tinsels Dragons (bellow 4th preferred, or equal to what I am offering)
    ~Breeding request <3
    ~Non inbred Holidays (Holly mainly, could use a few Pumpkins)

    Medium level want:
    ~ Black dragons with low gen lineages
    ~2nd gen CB Nebula x CB ANYTHING (Nebula egg, any color is fine)
    ~CB commons/uncommons (Hatchlings preferred)
    ~Low gen dragons with interesting lineages
    ~Lowish gen (5th gen max) Lineage dragons (will name according to lineage on request)

    Do not Want (unless specified on the trade):
    ~ Unbreedables, you can offer but the answer will most likely be no
    ~Inbred Dragons, I cannot use them to make lineages
    ~Pygmy/Drake dragons