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    ~~~ Jinglebella ~ CB Holly info ~~~

    Jinglebella's Christmas 2016 2nd gen Holly IOU is taken! Her 2017 IOU is available. She's a female CB Holly and can have your choice of mate (every CB breed of dragon is available except Sweetlings, Black Marrows, and Prizes).

    ~~~ Oasis ~ CB Shimmerscale info ~~~

    Q. Will you gift me an egg?
    A. Not right now! I have my own list for that. <3

    Q. Will you trade with me?
    A. I'd be happy to discuss it! Oasis's trading list is currently [b]open[/b].

    Q. What are you looking to trade for in exchange for a 2nd gen shimmer?
    A. What I'm NOT looking for:
    CB metals, neglecteds, unbreedables, offers of "anything I can breed from my scroll"

    What I may be looking for:
    2nd gen prize swaps, 2nd gen spriter alt offspring, 2nd gen Thuweds, 2nd gen Hollies, 2nd gens from CB hybrids or CB alts, CB eggs with incredible codes, a bundle of excellent names (names like Zeus, Alice, Shimmer, Silence...)

    Q. What are you looking for in exchange for a 2nd gen prizefail?
    A. For a random prizefail that I generate while breeding: I'll likely stick these up in the trading threads and list what I want for them; not too much!
    For a specific prizefail that you'd like me to breed: anything in the "What I may be looking for" list above, OR a 2nd gen prizefail swap

    Q. I don't have any of the things you want ;.;
    A. One thing you could try is stalking the Thuwed breeding page (http://dragcave.net/thuwed)! Those eggs are free if you happen to be online at the right time, and I'd definitely consider trading for one. :)

    Q. I won a prize dragon too!
    A. Yay, congratulations! :D Feel free to PM me to arrange swaps!