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I take breeding requests for anything on my scroll. Currently seeking purebred even generations (3-4 gen) of any breed and even gen tinsels/shimmersAppleBeesmomma.pngsilverbadge.gif

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    Wish List:
    Holiday 2013 Valentine's Day
    2nd/3rd generation Ice from FEMALE Silver/MALE ice checker
    IOU Rules:
    * When I owe you something it must be picked up in a timely fashion. Generally speaking it is 24 hours if I know you have been online. I may make exceptions to this and boost it to 48 hrs but I will not go over. After a maximum of 48 hours my transfer link will be cancelled and I will consider my half of the obligation paid in full. Same goes for me. I completely understand and accept the fact that even if I already sent you the item, if you have my return item and I do not get back to you, then the items is yours to do as you wish with and I am out of luck.

    To date I can happily say that I have not had any problems with any IOUs!! Hurray!
    I do take breeding requests/IOU offers on anything on my scroll.