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Nata - Gateway


It seemed like Pascal wanted to comment on Nata’s relationship with Seha, but, thankfully, the robots crashing onto the ground interrupted her. Nata scoffed at Pascal as she scurried up one of the rocks to survey any damage the machines might have caused. For once, Nata was glad that more newcomers were getting transported in. On several occasions during downtime, Nata had made offhand comments about Seha. Those complaints usually concerned Seha’s eating habits—Nata couldn’t remember how many times he told Seha he couldn’t eat fries for three meals straight, or his obsession with staying up late because he couldn’t beat a boss battle and he refused to turn down the difficulty to make it easier for himself. Subconsciously, Nata spun the gold band engagement ring around his ring finger. Talking about his possibly ruined relationship wasn’t a topic that Nata wished to talk about anytime soon.


Speaking of which…


Nata nodded in acknowledgment to Cistina when she arrived. He only vaguely listening to Twilight introduce him as he spun around, his eyes scanning the area for any sign of Seha. Nata made sure to keep glancing back at the newcomers, eyeing them warily incase one of them decided to do something stupid. Nata trekked around the rocks, looking behind each stone until he saw a glimpse of—ah! There he was!


With his hands on his hips, Nata stared down at Seha who seemed to have calmed down considerably. Nata raised an eyebrow as he watched Seha snapped his fingers, blue flames dancing at the tips before flickering off into the sky. Nata cleared his throat to inform Seha of his presence before he spoke.


“We’re heading to someplace more comfortable,” Nata said, his voice low enough so that no one else could hear the soft tone he reserved only for a few. “You can get tea to calm your nerves. Maybe grab something to eat as long as you don’t insist on eating a bowl full of fries.”


Xander - Base Library


The hefty pile of papers haphazardly paperclipped together shook the table as Xander dropped them down into the “Finished” pile. He wiped his brow, sighing with relief as he dutifully noted the absence of any papers in the “To do” bin. Perhaps one of the greatest joys of his everyday life—his new life Xander reminded himself—was when the To Do bin was empty and he had a good portion of the day left to tend to his other chores. Some of the other agents probably couldn’t fathom looking forward to more work after doing nothing but paperwork, but Xander was used to the routine of work. He was most comfortable when his hands were occupied and his mind was focused entirely on whatever he was doing.


Pushing himself out of his chair, Xander stood up, gently shoved the chair back under the desk, and walked away. Not too far away from where Xander was working, Natsuki stood up and began stretching their arms. There was no doubt that they had finished whatever report Twilight had assigned them. It was a shame that there was so much work loaded onto such few agents although, Xander supposed, it couldn’t be helped. There were some agents like Nata who didn’t know how to read or write despite originating from a world more technologically advanced than Xander’s and then there were agents like Myrrh who was capable of writing nice, clear, precise reports, but she usually spent most of her time doodling dragons and two blue haired people. It was a necessary evil to make people like Natsuki and Xander file paperwork, but it wasn’t hard as much as it was tedious. Seeing as Natsuki looked like he was done, Xander decided that it was an opportune time to strike up a conversation.


“Well met, Natsuki,” Xander said casually as he strolled up to his fellow agent’s desk. “It’s been, what, a few days since we’ve spoken?” That wasn’t exactly true. Xander was sure he and Natsuki had spoken some brief words with one another in the past few days, but those exchanges had been quick and were by no means a full blown conversation. Realizing he had no idea what he actually wanted to say, Xander settled upon the first thing that popped into his head. “Tell me, has life been treating you well?”

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There was too much going on, nearly to the point where Sora couldn't keep up with everything at once. His thoughts locked onto what Nata proclaimed, the possibility of the world he'd been on - destroyed. It almost brought him to his knees. "But my friends.... Did the Heartless - ?" He couldn't finish the question, the words jamming in his throat. 


No, it couldn't be. They couldn't -


The white-haired boy he crashed into was touching his face, staring at him and questioning him with 'what'. It was... strange, to say the least. But Sora was used to strange places and even stranger people. 


Something giant abruptly appeared and Sora sprang into motion as a pair of 10-foot... things, crashed into the circle. His Keyblade instantly burst into existence, a spark of light flashing. The hilt gripped in both hands, he stood at the ready, defensively positioned so the white-haired boy was behind him and the metal things were in front of him. 


They looked almost like Heartless, like the Guard Armor he fought in Traverse Town. However, they weren't attacking. At least, not yet. One was striking its pair of blades together in a manner that beckoned for a fight. Sora's grip tightened on the hilt of his Keyblade.


It wasn't Oblivion, it wasn't even Oathkeeper. Just the original Keyblade and, at the back of his mind, that worried the boy. What had happened to his chains? Oblivion he could handle losing. But not Oathkeeper, not after his promise to Kairi. He would have to find it again. And, without Donald or Goofy, he had no Dive Forms, no enhanced abilities to aid him. He just had his ordinary outfit, black with some red. 


The purple pegasus (because what else could he describe her as despite the horn?) seemed unbothered by the strange Heartless creatures. In fact, when Sora examined the now-larger crowd, no one was? It didn't feel right but, maybe no one else knew about the Heartless. It was very likely. Many weren't aware of the Darkness.


Glancing at the white-haired boy, who was in the middle of petting someone else's head and calling that man 'mom', Sora gave Twilight an uncertain look. He didn't know what to do. Usually, he was more on his toes but, the metal beasts had him hesitating.

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Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ] 


"Prince Xander," Natsuki replied, nodding politely. "I believe it has been." They liked Xander. He seemed to understand the gravity of the situation that they were in, and he was anything but a slacker. It was really quite refreshing to know someone so focused and efficient. Not that their old squad mates were anything but, but... well, that was in the past. Perhaps one day they'd make it back to their old life, but for the foreseeable future they were stuck. Not physically - they were pretty sure that Twilight and Pascal would be able to get them back if they asked, though they hadn't - but duty wouldn't let them get away so easily. Old habits. 


They looked up at the taller man, raising an eyebrow slightly, not quite sure if it was a simple pleasantry or an actual question. It could be either, with him. They mentally shrugged and decided that it didn't really matter. "As well as ever, I suppose. I'm not dead yet, there's work to be done, and I currently have all of my digits attached. It could be worse. And you? Been busy, I see." 


Jowan [ Gateway ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


Jowan hesitated for a long moment. On one hand, he really did want to be free of his gag. It'd be nice to at least scream about how confused he was and demand some answers, even if it wasn't looking like they'd come. On the other hand, demons didn't just do things for you out of the goodness of their hearts. Metaphorical hearts. It probably couldn't do anything more to him directly if he accepted, but maybe it had a plan, or maybe it was trying to make him just it. Well... it couldn't hurt if he was aware that the demon was trying to manipulate him, then. He started to nod, but before the other human could react a strange lavender glow surrounded his restraints and they snapped away. A similar glow surrounded the head protrusion of the purple demon. The force that removed them was quite gentle, but that did little to assuage his worries. Clearly, that was some kind of magic, but it wasn't like anything that he had seen before. It was... too flashy and soft. There wasn't much of a reason for telekinesis to cause things to glow quite like that. Aside from that, there was the shear power that must have been required to break the bonds. The metal wasn't actually all that strong, but they carried a light enchantment designed to stop them from being damaged by magic. 


He worked his jaw up and down a few times and rubbed he mouth with a hand as he listened to the purple demon speak. It was good to be free, at least. Still, no, whatever it had done for him he had no intention of following the demon. He was quite sure that that wouldn't lead to anything good, thank you very much. Still, its words were... troubling. Designed to sway him into listening and believing, sure, but "his world" being destroyed? It wouldn't be right or fair. It would be fine if he could never return (it never seemed likely, anyway- insane, delusional people didn't just go back to normal and if this was a part of the Rite he might as well be dead anyway) but if this somehow was real... Neria had done too much for Thedas. For him. If anyone deserved to be saved from a doomed world, it certainly wasn't Jowan.


He took a startled half-step back, staring at the white-haired human. Demon. Whatever it was. That, apparently, didn't stop white-hair from resting its hand on the top of his head. It took a second to process what was even happening. Had the boy just called him mom? That seemed to confirm that he was a spirit or demon, then. Still, he wasn't really thinking when he used Mind Blast to get the boy away from him. The force pushed the boy away from him, sending him flying a few feet. The spiky-haired boy with the... staff? Weapon? Cleaning device? and the one that had offered help were close enough to be given a decent jolt, but weren't likely to be knocked off of their feet. "I don't know what you want or what your plan is, demon, but don't touch me. Or call me... whatever it is that you said." He couldn't quite keep the tremble out of his voice. 


He almost wished that the Rite would just finish already. 

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   Typheus's sharp gaze turned to the small horse creature as it began speaking. It was the most unusual thing he had ever seen, besides... well, all of the other, unusual things traveling with Fiddlesticks exposed him to. It behaved almost like a human, even gesturing with its snout while mentioning their free will to disregard everything. Despite speaking clear English though, its words made no sense: multiverse? Location of their homeworld? Charitable work? For what? What solar system was this planet in? If they looked for their homeworld, would they find Zirhon, or Earth?
   The horse then made her way over to the bound man, who had tried to get away from the scene, and tapped the chains with her forehorn. Immediately Typheus's claws found their way into his partner's shoulders, making her hiss; the man's chains! They simply snapped to pieces! Bad impression!

   He dug in his heels in anticipation of her jerk forward, which she did; compulsive programming at its best.
   It's not a threat! he told her. She kept pushing, but he braced against her. Stop it!
   "'Stop it'?!" she echoed in disbelief, "Did you see what it did to the metal?! It could do that to us!"

   He couldn't argue with her, but the last thing he needed was for her to go on a rampage because she was on edge; or at least, that's what he assumed. Fiddlesticks was truly on a trigger though, and jumped the same time the spike-haired boy jumped as well.

   A flash of light! She recoiled with a beep, slamming back into the rock and releasing from Typheus's grip. He reprimanded her in binary as she locked onto the boy; a sword! Where did that come from?! This boy was going to attack!

   She reacted to the hostility by raising her turrets, but before she could decently threaten the human or have Typheus smack them down she felt an impact on her leg.

   "You need a new coat of paint, my bud," a cheerful voice commented at her feet.


   "AAA!" she yelped, instinctively pulling away from it, which resulted in her crashing into Typheus. They both crumpled to the ground in a flurry of panicked binary.

   Fiddlesticks, you-!! Typheus tried to cut off his private insult, but it didn't really work. She lashed out by slamming her arm down on him, making him beep and slap her across the face. Ack! Too much going on at once! She stood up and rubbed her arms over her face, trying to numb the stinging sensation while the Superiority model grumpily picked himself up. While her efforts amounted to nothing, enough of the pain threads self-terminated that she paused to look up again, only to witness the albino boy who had touched another's face prior now patting another man's head. He smiled and said something, that sounded like... "mom"??

   The man wasn't too happy about that. There was a sudden rush of air, and the boy flew away from him! The other two people near him stumbled, but weren't knocked as far back.

   "What the...?!" Typheus flinched, seeing the same thing. Fiddlesticks's eye widened at the sight; how did he do that?! Another weapon? How many weapons were there??

   She wasn't used to being surrounded by humans with weapons, yet without uniforms or commanders. Their weapons were usually pretty obvious too, but that man was unarmed... she had thought.

   She raised her turrets to aim them at the robed man, then second-guessed her priorities and looked at the boy, but he was simply in the defensive position. Then she turned to the spontaneously-appearing woman, but she wasn't hostile at all; just way too close to comfort. The man though was both shaken and hostile, and the boy was a threat; but who was the bigger threat?! She wanted to unload bullets into all of them, but which ones first?


   Typheus had different priorities, thinking more about his partner and taking a protective step in front of her, making her grumble about not seeing the "threats". He ignored her though, and turned to the purple horse, who had stepped away from the scene and looked a bit concerned.

   "Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable to continue this discussion? I'll ask someone at the base to make some tea for us," she offered, hoping to keep things calm. Immediately he shot a warning look at Fiddlesticks, and she met it with silence. "I'm Twilight, by the way, and that's Nata." She gestured a bit oddly at the blue-haired human who was overseeing everything. "Pascal, Cistina, would you mind staying to see if anyone else shows up in the gateway?"

   He was wary of how calmly she behaved, but Twilight simply took her leave, anticipating people to follow her. The white-clothed boy who was standing on the sidelines was the first to do so, albeit cautiously. Assessing the growing tension with the others - and Nata's watchful gaze that reminded the mech of his own model type - he decided it was best that he took Fiddlesticks out of here before a fight broke out and she jumped into it; especially since Nata was now walking around looking for something, and probably not a good something.

   "We should go," he said, grabbing Fiddlesticks's arm and trying to pull her with him, but she shrugged him off.

   "I'm not following that weird Earth animal," she objected.

   "You mean the horse?" he said. Her ears flattened in annoyance.

   "Yes. The horse."

   He gave her a flat stare. "Then what are we doing?"

   She twitched, wanting to answer, but came up with nothing, only humming indecisively and looking at the human that had commented on her looks earlier. This whole place was just weird, and none of it made any sense...

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~Light~ Gateway

Even as she offered, though, the man's chains snapped open with an aura of pinkish light. Light blinked--it couldn't have been him that broke them, right? At least he wouldn't have been in them if he could.


"Why don’t we go somewhere more comfortable to continue this discussion?" a voice spoke up. The purple unicorn, in fact. " I'll ask someone at the base to make some tea for us. I'm Twilight, by the way, and that's Nata," the unicorn Twilight used a hoof to gesture at a blue-haired person sulking nearby. Before leaving, the unicorn Twilight spoke up again, though to specific people this time. Someone named Pascal and another named Cistina. Weird names, but then again, who was she to judge? Light surveyed the rest of the ensemble. Who where they? The two giant robots looked like they could have came from Empyrean, but they were much more.... Rustic? Was that the right word? None of the smooth and durable coating she always saw on Empyrean robots. A spiky-haired boy nearby was looking defensive, holding some weapon in his hands that looked like a giant key. Some others--a white haired person with an unusual aura, the glowering Nata, and a even more sulky looking dark haired person. Light turned back to the man and the boy to see the latter put a hand on the man's chest, then withdraw it, looking at his palms. A few conflicting emotions flashed across his face, and then he pet the other man....

.. And called him "Mom?" Light blinked curiously, but before she could ask anything, the man flinched back, throwing a spell that blasted the boy away. Light felt a sudden jolt and yelped in pain, but it was gone almost as soon as it was there. Nothing felt wrong, so she ran over to the white haired boy.


"Are you okay?" Light asked, even as she looked him over. He didn't *look* injured, but she knew too well that some spells looked perfectly innocuous when they were anything but. 


"I don't know what you want or what your plan is, demon, but don't touch me. Or call me... whatever it is that you said," the man threatened shakily. Light spun on her heel and stomped to him.


"Demon? What kind of person are you to judge someone you don't know?!" she yelled, placing her hands on her hips. "He didn't hurt you or anything! Calling you "Mom" might have been weird, but there was nothing to indicate he would have done anything to you! Did you need to attack him like that?!" Rao sparked at her shoulder-a warning. He might attack her too. Just in case, she prepared to lash him. While he would be flinching from the zap, she could call on Freet to help her. She wouldn't be trying to kill anyone, so she wouldn't have to call on any of her stronger contracts... Hopefully...


 ~Cistina~ Gateway

Nata gave her a nod as they passed, and she briefly saluted him in turn. It seemed like the situation at the gate was getting a bit rowdy, and Twilight attempted to get some of the arrivals away. 


"Pascal, Cistina, would you mind staying to see if anyone else shows up in the gateway?"


"Not at all," Cistina replied, then turned to Pascal fawning over the robe-oughts, who seemed to be in a conversation of some sort on their own. It didn't seem like Pascal heard, so Cistina took it on herself to inform her. "Pascal, Twilight wants us to watch over the gate for stragglers." Cistina skimmed the crowd as she spoke. "We should also try to keep anyone from dying," she added. Who knew what panicked people arriving from other worlds all of a sudden would be thinking of all this? Other worlds? Anchors? Multiverse? She almost couldn't believe it all herself.

Almost as if on cue, a boy was thrown back, and the redhead with the flower started shouting. That was fast. She turned to look at the remainders of the group. Shouting flower girl and knocked back white-haired boy aside, there was the man the child was screaming at and a defensive-looking brown spiky-haired boy. The latter, then. Cistina walked over to the spiky-haired boy and asked:

"What is going on here?"

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[ my heart beats last : seha -- ; ]


Seha shakes himself from his thoughts as he hears someone approaching -- ah, it was just as he thought. No one else here would approach him but Nata, and he was perfectly fine with that fact.


He hears the other's voice, his eyelids fluttering shut momentarily as he realises -- this is real. Nata is here, and this is real in a way he cannot possibly make sense of; that their breaths exchanged are along the same plane, that he can feel Nata's presence nearby.


He stares straight ahead, even as he hears Nata come to a stop beside him. The blue-haired man speaks, and Seha listens. Nata's voice was warm in a way he was so used to by now, and yet he had never imagined the boy he had met some four years ago would ever become this important to him.


"When I woke up that day," he says, still continuing to look out into the horizon, at the grassy plains that disappeared just short of the clouds. "I thought you left again. Because of the wedding. Since I was stressing about it so much." He pauses, his voice growing quieter. "I didn't mind, though. I just ... wish you'd talked to me before you left. I thought if you were uncomfortable by anything, you'd have called the engagement off, but the fact you left --" Seha stops talking for a second. He had, for the longest time, began to doubt Nata's trust in him. Why had the other man left when they could have talked it over? What had he done wrong?


There was a certain something that lifted in his chest at knowing Nata hadn't just ... disappeared. That he was quite literally in a place far away from the Korea they had known, far away from their small studio apartment near downtown Seoul and far from the gentle mornings with grey light splattering through the windows and light birdsong. That, despite everything, Nata had never gone back on his promise to return. 


Seha laughs to himself, a faint yet expressive chuckle as he turned to the other. He takes in the man before him fully, without the rose-tinted glasses of a young boy in love or the red hot anger of being abandoned. He feels the weight of his gold engagement ring pressing against his chest, worn on a necklace as he always does when on job. 


"I think I'm the one who has to apologise, now," he says, casting his gaze away as he runs a hand through his hair, nervous. "Fries aren't a bad food," he says jokingly, looking up at Nata before he pauses. "I overreacted. I'm sorry."




[ parental guidance : fushi -- ; ]


Fushi didn't understand what was happening. One moment he had been holding the others face in his palm, wondering if he would make a new friend. And then --


An invisible force sent him flying through the air, as the immortal felt the feeling of the air running through his hair, the wind against his clothes, and the lush, clear green of the grass before him, approaching at --




The painful feeling of his shoulder bending underneath his body weight as he met the ground face first was a sharp burst of pain against his conscience, but the immortal hardly paid his dislocated shoulder any mind as he laid on the plains for a couple seconds, enjoying the feeling of the grass blades tickling his skin. There was something so beautiful about the simplicity of nature, and --


Ah. Fushi could hear footsteps approaching him and he glanced up curiously. The man who had thrown him -- how did he do that? Was he some otherworldly creature, such as Fushi himself? -- was yelling at him now, in a tongue too fast and lethal for his limited vocabulary to understand. He turns his gaze to the other -- a girl with hair as bright as a bonfire lighting up the night, and Fushi thinks distractedly to himself that he likes her hair. She looks at him, and speaks.


Before he can think to make up a reply, however, she has turned and began to yell at the man who had tossed him so far away -- his 'mom'. Fushi felt confused -- did he not want to be friends?


How was it that way? Was the other like the bandits the immortal had encountered at first, who seemed wholeheartedly insistent on killing those unlucky enough to cross their paths?


He gets up as the girl is speaking, her words fast and bright and alive with the rapid speed and energy of the vibrant sun, and Fushi pauses. He doesn't want her to yell at the other man -- who he still desperately wants to befriend. Maybe she will want to be his friend too?


But -- he doesn't want to repeat what just happened. If he approached her, would she throw him away as well? Perhaps the humans here had a custom he wasn't aware of -- something that he wasn't following correctly. He remembers meeting March, remembers the confusion that had resulted when he rode along with them in the carriage and tried to eat with his teeth. He knows how to use his hands now, he thinks.


As he contemplates approaching the girl, Fushi reaches up distractedly and bends his shoulder back into place with a neat snap, rolling the joint a couple times to relax the tension. It was a little sore, but the pain was quickly fading -- and it compared not to the time he had been eaten by a bear. From the corner of his eye, Fushi can also see the brown-haired boy with baggy pants that he had met first, and the immortal is delighted to see that the other human is still alive. 


What had the girl asked? Okay? He thinks he knows that word -- Pyoran had asked it before, hadn't she? Towards March and the old lady. 


"Okay," he confirms, voice a little loud, word a little forced, but he is determined to enunciate correctly. 

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Nata - Gateway


Nata’s eyebrows knitted with confusion as Seha began to speak without so much as looking at his fiancé. It was only when Nata began to register what Seha was saying did his face relax. It took effort not to scoff at Seha when he said he didn’t mind that Nata had just disappeared one day. So that entire yelling session earlier came from indifference? Nata didn’t buy that for a second. If he knew Seha as well as he thought he did, then chances were that the Closer was planning on crying in his bed for a week straight, distancing himself from everyone he cared about, and then going out to hunt Dimensionals because viciously stabbing something sixty-five times in the chest was the only emotional outlet he seemingly had. The earnest chuckle that trickles out of Seha doesn’t fool Nata. He knows better.


“You did mind,” Nata states not unkindly. “You thought I was going to leave you again, permanently this time, didn’t you?” Nata’s eyes drift up to Seha’s just as guilt washed over him. Nata had been dragged out of his own world; he didn’t choose to leave Seha behind, but Seha thought he had. That alone was enough to make Nata internally curse himself.


“You’re not the only one who should be apologizing,” Nata said. He took a step forward, lifting his arm as he moved his hand to gently caress Seha’s cheek. Seha’s skin was warm, real enough to ground Nata into the reality of Seha actually standing in front of him. Three years, is that how long Nata had been gone? Is that how long he worked as an agent, pushing back the accumulating fears of what had befallen his friends and fiancé? “I would have preferred that our reunion didn’t include you yelling at my face, but I could look beyond that,” Nata said, brushing his thumb against Seha’s cheek. “Even after all these years, you are mywhat are those idiots doing out there?


Abruptly, Nata pulled away from Seha, scowling as he glared in the direction of the other newcomers.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” he reassured Seha as he whipped out his kukri and stepped out from behind the rock he was it. Just as the newcomers came into view, Nata watched as the man who had been bound just moments ago used some sort of magic or phase power to fling the face touching boy against one of the rocks. That action alone set everyone else off. More than one person began yelling at the man who just flung the literal child into a rock while the two robots seemed to be having some sort of internal conflict. Not to mention the spiky brown haired kid was holding a giant key of all things. Nata decided that he didn’t care enough to ask what was going on. He was going to take action and the others were going to listen.


“Everyone shut up,” Nata barked, his voice loud enough so that the newcomers could hear. “Hey remember when Twilight said this was a ‘safe place’? Do you know how we make this place safe?” Nata give anyone a chance to respond. “We keep this place safe by punishing anyone who tries to get violent, you lot included.” Nata spun one of the kukri’s in his hand, phase power in the form of purple electricity sparking off the blade. “I’m only going to say this once so listen up!” Nata took a step forward, baring his sharp teeth as he did so. “Everyone on this planet has been in the same situation you are now. We all came here disoriented and not sure what to do. None of you are 'special' in that regard. If you want to go back home, fine. Leave the people who actually care about the inconceivable amount of universes in peril alone so we can send you back to whatever cess pit you crawled out of.” Nata made sure to glance between all of the newcomers before taking a few steps towards the man who threw the child. Leaning forward, Nata spoke in a low, husky tone. “Hey, you. If you keep throwing people around and I’ll show you what a real demon looks like.”


Taking a few steps back, Nata sheathed one of his kukri, the electricity dispersing into the air, before putting his free hand on his hip. “For the rest of you who don’t want to sit here and wail like children who just got their favorite toy stolen, follow Twilight,” Nata said before pointing towards where the pony began walking off. “Mark my words, if I heard of any further incidents down where, I’ll be sure to come back. We have a dragonwho could probably fit most of you into her mouth if she felt like itwho gets pretty upset whenever someone innocent gets hurt. I’m sure she’d love to come down and speak to you all over a spot of tea if you decide to hurt anyone else.” Nodding once at the newcomers, Nata turned around without waiting for a response and walked back to Seha. “We can talk more when we get to someplace more comfortable,” he said as he gently tugged at Seha’s wrist. “We have french fries.”


Xander - Base Library


Xander chuckled lightly at Natsuki’s words. He certainly hoped Natsuki, or anyone for that matter, was going to lose their fingers anytime soon. Xander had seen enough death already in his life. The last thing he wanted was for that suffering to extend over into such a quaint planet.


“I’m always busy,” Xander said as he tried to push his gruesome thoughts into the back of his mind. They didn’t have a place in such a pleasant conversation. “If there’s no paperwork, then the flowers by the gate need to be tended to. If the flowers are healthy then the kitchen is understaffed or Sieh-, ah I mean Viktor needs to be fed or Seigfried needs to be polished.” Xander shook his head, sighing softly. “There is always something that needs to be done. Not to say that the worth of the continued existence of innumerable universes can be held to the same standard as regular chores.”


Xander shrugged. His tone didn’t betray any sense of boredom or frustration with his workload. No, he was fine with working, he just couldn’t help but feel a little tired after spending hours of doing nothing by paperwork.

“Have you been outside at all today?” Xander inquired, concern edging into his voice. Xander realized he wasn’t sure he had seen Natsuki outside since yesterday. It wouldn’t do to have Natsuki faint while doing paperwork because they forgot to take a break. “Have you eaten something today? Breakfast at least?”

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Pascal - Gateway


"Oh, wha?" Cistina's words only registered in the back of her mind, but Pascal did remember her saying something about trying to keep everyone here from killing each other. "Aye-aye, captain!"


It was really funny seeing those mechas act like actual living animals, squabbling and tripping in a dynamic display, despite each of them having at least four knives strapped to them each. Their panicked beeping was some kind of adorable as well. Even without any exchanged dialogue, it was obvious white one was trying to stop the brown one from doing anything stupid, and for a second they too considered following Twilight for an explanation. Pascal pouted at the thought, since Cistina did say something about staying here, but she quickly recovered. She would have plenty of time to look at them later, when everyone wasn't on a hair trigger like the two parties yelling in the background.


While she didn't see the attack firsthand, their words told her everything she needed to know, and there were already a few people taking care of it. Eyeing the giant robots like Sora was in case the boy really was going to pick a fight, Pascal figured she would just focus on her mission on keeping everyone safe from each other.




Twilight Sparkle - Gateway


"Oh Celestia," Twilight cursed. No sooner had she turned around that the scared man, now freed, began shouting about demons...! She whipped her head around and unfurled her wings while observing the scene, although she was too late to intervene. They might have to quickly get Badu to treat the poor boy's injuries -- and with perfect timing, a Luma zipped over like a golden comet to whisper something to her. Twilight's ear perked up to hear it better. The healer was on her way. The pony nodded, then whispered something back.


Message delivered, the star-creature dashed away to tell Badu to hurry up. Forgetting about the base for a second, she herself galloped closer to check if the white-haired boy was alright. To her relief, he didn't seem to be in any pain despite being flung a good distance by the force of a spell.


"We'll just put this back on..." Using the power of her horn again, she enveloped the broken shackle pieces with the warm glow of her magic, mending the metal of the chains and attempting to bind them back onto Jowan while everyone was stupefied by Nata's stern yelling. It was an error in her judgement, to trust that he was one of those harmless humans.


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   The owners of the latter names in the introduction was lost on the machines, so Fiddlesticks only kept staring at "Candycane Hair", who looked sorely disappointed that Typheus had tried to drag her off. They weren't out of the circle yet, but his stern gaze told her he definitely wanted to get out of here. Why he trusted a purple horse though was beyond her.
   She turned away from him and tried to ignore the woman with the staff, and tried to block out the potential threats surrounding them, withdrawing into her mind to find a worthy distraction since she knew arguing further with Typheus would just cause more chaos. Not that she minded the chaos, but she knew he did. Delving into her mind though to find something else to do resulted in her realizing something important: her ammo supply was low, and in two days, so would her fuel be too. There wasn't anything to eat around here though... except.... Candycane's frying pan?
   Fiddlesticks cautiously turned back to the woman, and flashed her scanner over her for a few seconds. The red grid projection didn't pick up anything unusual; typical human, typical clothing, and a typical frying pan. At best it would give her a full bullet. That's nothing, she thought glumly to herself. Typheus grabbed her shoulder and gave it a shake in demand of her attention, yet she still ignored everyone else; until a sharp voice projected itself over the clearing:
   "Everyone shut up!"


   Fiddlesticks jumped and whipped around, turrets raised in an instant. At first she assumed to be excluded, until she saw the blue-haired boy from before eying everyone; he was definitely not forgetting them.
   "Hey, remember when Twilight said this was a 'safe place'?" he said emphatically, "Do you know how we make this place safe?"
   Typheus shot her a mildly-amused look; the irony that she was a combat model in a "safe place" was funny to him, but it just made her feel even more like a sore thumb.
   "We keep this place safe by punishing anyone who tries to get violent, you lot included," Nata said. He toyed with a shortblade he had in one hand, and she took a step back as it unexpectedly spat out a few, unnatural sparks. "I'm only going to say this once, so listen up!"
   Or you'll shock us?! she thought, bristling and answering his challenging step forward by mirroring it. Typheus instantly dug one hand's claws into her shoulder, wrenching her back into her place, but she still growled aloud. He silenced it with a glare.
   "Everyone on this planet has been in the same situation you are now," Nata continued, "We all came here disoriented and not sure what to do. None of you are 'special' in that regard."
   'Special'? Fiddlesticks thought, irked. The gall of this man! He thought that I thought that I was 'special'!
   "If you want to go back home, fine. Leave the people who actually care about the inconceivable amount of universes in peril alone so we can send you back to whatever cess pit you crawled out of," he said, sending an obvious warning to everyone around. The Pusher model hissed and jerked forward, freeing herself from Typheus with the horrible screech of metal; yet, she barely moved a foot, meeting Nata's gaze with sharp venom, contemplating venting indignity with gunfire.
   Insulting! Who does he think I am?! her mind ranted, Did he even comprehend the kind of hell I had been through?! "Cess pool"?! Why those words?! Why the ones that reminded me of...! Of...! She angrily circulated air, throwing her turrets over her head and roughly shaking it; the reminder of her failure to destroy an enemy mech, one she hated the most next to that traitor 433! It was just too much!


   Typheus watched his partner with concern. He could stop her from doing a lot, but she was like a pressurized can; there's only so much you can do before in inevitably explodes. Plus the overreactions were pretty characteristic of Xinschi-uual women, which she was modeled after, but he never told her that... While Nata gave the robed man some words to think about, the Superiority model stepped up to her and gently swiveled her to face him, at the risk of her lashing out with a bayonet. Luckily she was just shaking, trying to bottle everything up. He wanted to say something, but he wasn't sure what; so he just used his open emitters to kill her microphone transmissions for a short while; removing sensory input has helped her calm down in the past.
   Thankfully, it was just in time, as Nata finished with some harsh words, giving incentive for everyone to leave and follow Twilight; had Fiddlesticks heard that, it might have been that final kick to topple this whole thing.
   No. We already went through that with the humans, Typheus decided, recalling how the experience went from the fun of learning and sharing knowledge, to the downward spiral of scaring citizens and destroying quarter of a city. At that thought, he was reminded of the whole reason they went to Earth in the first place... but that could be addressed later. It might not even matter, if the "multiverse" or whatever these strangers called it really was being torn apart. With that thought, the whole reason Fiddlesticks was doing everything she was probably didn't matter now either, but that's something to safely bury and never mention again.


    He flushed out his air intake in a sigh, feeling overwhelmed. "This all became pretty crazy pretty fast, huh?" he murmured, even though she couldn't hear him. She just stared at him, still rapidly circulating air. He looked around for Twilight, and saw she had returned to the robed man, now attempting to somehow rebind the broken pieces of chain around him. His wings shifted as he wondered if the odd horse could also manifest chains, and if she might bind anyone else. Might actually be beneficial if she could just wrap up Fiddlesticks for a little while... Nah, he laughed at himself. Creating victims is just creating problems. She's stressed enough.
   Typheus checked up on Twilight again, debating his interest in just observing everything. He had always been a watcher; it was literally in his design to stand back and do nothing. Fiddlesticks had encouraged him to finally start doing what he wanted, but there were still times when he felt like it would be easier to just say "I'm built to do nothing", and then do just that. The best excuse for laziness... and he didn't even use it. He had to step in though, or Fiddlesticks might blow something up; he didn't exactly know her for being diplomatic.
   He finally addressed someone different since they had been teleported here: "As long as this 'base' can accommodate someone with..." he faltered, looking at his partner. Even though she couldn't hear him, he still awkwardly said, "...issues... then we will follow you there." He looked Twilight straight in the eye. "For incentive's sake though, is there any fighting involved in this 'reason' for why we're here?"

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Natsuki [ XDRS Base, Library ] [ Original Work ]


Having all of their digits still attached really was nice, Natsuki mused. It took ages for the nerves to heal back properly, and one pinky still always felt a little bit chilled. Then again, that one had somehow been strangled in their sleep, so maybe the blood supply hadn't been fixed as well as it should have been. The mangled one's replacement had gone better. Xander probably didn't need to know that, though. 


"Indeed. It's good to remain busy." They exhaled sharply in what was almost a laugh. "Yes, let's keep our priorities in order." They weren't quite sure why 'gardening' was on anyone's schedule, but maybe Xander found it relaxing, or perhaps new recruits were more likely to join up if it looked like XDRS knew what it was doing and had things under control. That, or the flowers were actually important for some weird magic reason. In any case, had it been someone else they might have made a comment, but they more than trusted Xander to manage his time effectively.  


They frowned a bit. They had been working a bit hard, but it wasn't anything abnormal, was it? No, there was too much to do. It was good that Xander was concerned, and everyone had to be at their physical and mental best, but Natsuki could take care of themself. Well, not really, but it they doubted that anyone was expected to do much self-surgery. "I haven't gone outside, no, but I ate." They didn't mention that it had been a leftover bowl of rice that they had microwaved for breakfast. 


"The new arrivals should have 'ported in by now, if things are going on schedule," they said, trying to change the subject. "You haven't received a Luma with an update either, right?" Hopefully one would be sent soon. It was quite disconcerting, not maintaining radio contact while others were in a potentially dangerous situation.

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Badu, the Plague Doctor & Audrey the Grave Robber - XDRS Base & Gate


(Now with colors!)


As she walked through the hallways of the castle on her way out, the same Luma which she'd sent to Twilight Sparkle had returned. She greeted it with a friendly tone and a smile from beneath her mask.


"Hello! Any news?"


It chittered back a message from Twilight Sparkle: She was to meet her at the gates.


"Thanks for your help!" She waved the Luma off as it zipped back into the depths of the base.


She ran out to join the others. Since the planet the base was on happened to be relatively small, she covered that ground quickly.


The chaos she witnessed was too much to properly take in all at once.


A whole mess of strange-looking people, two robots, Twilight Princess, and Pascal, all in various states of disagreement.


Heh, Shame I missed all the fun.


Then, one face caught her eye.


.. Is that Audrey?


The person in question took on an incredulous expression as she arrived, and ran out to hug her. Though at first surprised, she returned it.


"Badu! We all thought you were dead! How the hell did you get here?"


"Haha, same way you did, old friend. I'm apart of the XDRS now."


She backed off, then asked with an inquiring tilt of the head.


"I take it you know what we do here? I'd love for you to join, but it'll probably only be more dangerous than the Hamlet's problems."


Audrey scoffed at this, twirling a spare dagger in her hand before putting it away.


"Hmph. Nothing we can't handle together, and besides, there's nothing left for me there."


"Too right you are."


Then, Badu addressed Twilight Sparkle, to ask about the main reason she'd come.


"Is anybody injured? I hope not, but it's not unlikely. Given we have some especially colorful characters this time around."


At this last statement, she couldn't help but chuckle. Knowing she shouldn't laugh didn't change the humor one could find in the chaos of new recruits.

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[ i'll follow you : seha -- ; ]


Seha's eyes flutter closed as he feels Nata's hand against his cheek, warm and real and alive. There is something in the way Nata gently touches him that the Closer feels he does not quite understand -- Nata is harsh, sharp lines and unbending, unwavering determination, a contrast to his own lifestyle that was so easy washed away by the waves of change. Seha gives wholeheartedly, feels deeply, and chokes on his emotions with all the force of the raging tides --


There is something so gentle and intimate in the way Nata gently smooths his hand across his cheek, and Seha feels he almost understands the other in a way beyond words. He listens to Nata's voice in his ear, feels Nata's skin against his, and he falls so deeply in love with the other with all the intensity of their first meeting.


Until Nata pulls away, and Seha watches with intrusive eyes as Nata flicks out his kukri, his face set back to the grim line of hatred against the world, the mask he wore for the outside -- or perhaps his true feelings? Even now, Nata's mannerisms remained a mystery to Seha he could only unlock one step at a time, like grains of sand through his fingers, washed away by the morning tides.


He listens to Nata, standing a few steps behind the shadow of the rock, feeling the distance between the two of them. When had Nata become such a good commander?


Perhaps he always was.


Perhaps this place is good for him.


And well -- if Nata knows it so well, Seha wants to follow him. To have Nata show him a world beyond the Korea he knew, to trust wholeheartedly in the other and allow Nata to tutor him on the world outside their window for a change. 


When he returns and grasps Seha's fingers in his own, tugging gently on his wrist with soft words, Seha looks at Nata, adoration melting the last of his false annoyance. "Sure," he says easily, taking a step forward. "Let's go, then. Show me this world of yours." Seha tilted his head, catching Nata's gaze. "If it has french fries, it really can't be that bad." 




[ pony !!!!! : fushi -- ; ]


Fushi is absolutely delighted when a new creature approaches, and the immortal was unable to contain a gasp. His previous pain forgotten entirely, he scrambles to his feet and looks at the other, tunneling in on the animal before him.  


A ... horse? 


He knows these animals, has seen them under the whips of humans back in his time spent with March. He has seen them roam the great grasses, under the weight of humans and supplies and the carriage that carried him and March towards her death. He has seen horses, but none this ... colour.


And able to speak? For a second, Fushi pauses. He has never seen an animal that was able to speak, none that resembled the light lavender of wildflowers growing among the plains, and none with the pink aura of something not of this world. For a second, the immortal thinks -- perhaps this creature is like him? Perhaps she too was created by the Cloaked Man?


He feels so happy to realise that he does not have the share the burden of the world's passing on his shoulders alone, and in his excitement Fushi feels a light mist shimmer over him before he stands before the other as Johan, his fur gently stirring in the breeze.


He does an excited lap around the pony, then another, and then he does a twirl around the girl who had asked if he was alright earlier for good measure. Hello, hello, hello! He wants to greet them in a way he cannot find on his tongue, unable to voice the excitement rushing through his head. Another -- he has found another immortal that will not die by the unfair measures of the humans' curse.


He screeches to a stop before the pony, staring at her curiously. "Okay," he repeats, "okay, okay," because that is the only word he has said that has not gotten him thrown through the air just yet. Then, he presses his side against the other and waits for a response. 


It is only when someone else approaches that the immortal snaps out of his excitement, and Fushi realises he ... does not like the one who just spoke. Her words were marred by the mask obscuring her face, and her dark robes reminded him of the Cloaked Man. His vision, extremely tinted with suspicion and previous experience, settled in the pit of his stomach and he regards the newcomer warily. 

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Jowan [ Gate ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


"Oh, sorry," Jowan snapped, taking a nervous step backwards even as he did so. "Spirit, don't touch me." Similarly to the white-haired one, the aggressive girl looked almost like a person. She clearly wasn't as deformed or monstrous as abominations and shades usually were, but there were still a few things that looked wrong. Specifically, her hair was an unnatural shade of pink, and there was something a bit off about her ears. The angle between the top of the ear and her head was wrong, or something like that. Not to mention the electricity sparking at her shoulder, but that was probably the most normal thing about the situa- Maker have mercy, did the white haired one just pop his shoulder back into place. 


He hadn't expected the Mind Blast to hurt or keep the white haired one away, but seeing something that looked like a child fix its own dislocated shoulder without even a wince was unsettling. "Don't call him a demon, she says," he muttered. If he had any doubts about the white haired one being inhuman, they were gone. It was really doing quite poorly of appearing to be a person. That made it seem inexperienced and nonthreatening, but then again, there was the possibility of it all being a ruse. 


When the knife-wielding maniac started shouting, he jumped slightly. Safe!? He wasn't going to pretend a place was safe just because a demon told him it was. Then again... there hadn't been any actual violence, yet, aside from his spell and the invasion of personal space. The others that had allegedly been transported there didn't look very okay with the situation, either. Well, most of them didn't, and who knew what was going on with the golems (he briefly flicked his eyes towards them, just to make sure that they hadn't moved). Frustrated, he ran a hand across his scalp and tightened his fist around his hair. None of it made sense. 


His thoughts about the others were rapidly displaced by the more pressing concern of the knife maniac stalking towards him. Every muscle in his body tensed, and his hands dropped to his sides, prepared to cast spells. A few tongues of flame escaped from between his fingers, but he tightened his hands into fists to extinguish them. However self-destructive he was, he was at least able to avoid fireballing the demon threatening him with a knife. "Noted," he said, gulping.


Suddenly, it clicked. Probably a demon, weird features, purple electricity. Just what his day needed. Some extra stabbings by a pride demon. 


Despite his incredible ability to not start fights with pride demons, his self-preservation abilities apparently didn't extend to shutting his mouth. "Wait, I've been kidnapped by a group of dragon cult- ack!" Somehow while he had been distracted by the minor death threats, the purple quadruped had managed to sneak up on him. The same lavender glow from before wrapped itself around his shackles, and they started to assault him. He wasn't nearly quick enough to avoid the ones for his ankles, but he briefly batted away the handcuffs. They approached him a second time, and this time he waited for a cuff to partially wrap around his left wrist before he pulled his hand towards his body sharply. The jagged edge where the cuff had been broken dragged across his skin, tearing a long gash into his wrist and forcing him to suppress a scream. A moment later, both cuffs had been mended around his wrists as if they'd never been broken in the first place. At least the demon hadn't tried to gag him again. 


He held his bleeding wrist against the front of his robes, trying to stem the bleeding. It didn't seem like a good moment to try anything, but he felt a bit better about the option being there. Or worse. It wasn't like he had ever planned to use blood magic again, but most things that he planned didn't go so well. There was a good chance that the demons would realize that the injury hadn't been an accident and just kill him, but at this point he didn't even mind much. Dying because of blood magic wasn't new or undeserved, it was just delayed. 


He didn't expect to see the white haired one turn into a wolf and start bouncing around the quadruped excitedly while... talking? How. He'd heard of Witches of the Wilds shapeshifting, but he wasn't pretty sure that they didn't speak after they did so. Whatever. It was just one more weird thing in an incredibly tiring day. 

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Neku - Gateway


Neku groaned as he woke up, one hand pushing himself up, the other rubbing his oddly aching head. Why was he sore, anyway? It felt like he rolled out of bed and fell to the floor-




He was lying on the ground. Dirt ground, complete with flowers.


He was lying on the ground and waking up in yet another random place and god help him he did not want to go through this again, not after he'd finally, finally won his well-earned victory.


Now wide-eyed and alert, Neku bolted upright, a cocktail of panic, dread, and irritation charging his nerves. Said cocktail rapidly changed to confusion, however, when he actually took in his surroundings. If the flowers he woke up on weren't anything to go by, the view of a strange boulder formation surrounded by an open meadow definitely clued him in to the fact that this was not the Scramble Crossing. Or Shibuya, for that matter. The strangest thing by far, though, was the assortment of people that were with him. Actually, people didn't quite cut it. There were people, some dressed in odd costumes and crackling with power, sure, but that was plausible in the Game. The anime-esque mechas, talking white wolf, and freaking purple winged unicorn definitely weren't. 


"What. The actual. Hell."


This had to be some sick joke by the Composer. 

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All the white-haired boy did is touch the man's head and, suddenly, a shockwave blasted through the air, sending the strange kid backward and to the ground. Sora caught the edge of it, staggering only slightly and grunting as he adjusted his balance. "Hey!" he shouted. "What'd you do that for?" he scowled.


The sound of moving metal caught his attention and he focused on the giant Guard Armor-like creatures, crouching in a defensive stance when he realized the bronze colored one had guns this time. "Wanna fight?" he grumbled, eyes narrowing slightly. 


Twilight was talking again, replacing the 'demons!'-man's shackles around his wrists. In all of the confusion between the blast and the cuffs, Sora had not been able to help the white-haired boy to his feet. So, he opted for the next best thing he could do: walk over and see if he was alright. 


The boy surprised Sora though, abruptly changing into a wolf and bouncing around some of those gathered. All the while, the wolf-boy repeated the word 'okay.' Keyblade disappearing just as Nata stormed over, Sora rubbed the back of his head. "Sheesh... And I thought Donald would be the only one to scold me on a regular basis..." he muttered, angling a foot back as he leaned slightly and clasped his hands behind his head. "I didn't have anything to do with this. They started it," he huffed beneath his breath.


"Huh?" Sora blinked as a new woman approached him, asking him a question. "I don't even really know at this point," he answered honestly, shrugging his shoulders as he dropped his hands to his sides. Yet more people were arriving and it looked like there was another pair of strangers who recognized each other. "What a weird day..." he commented idly.

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Cistina ~ Gate
"I don't even really know at this point," the boy admitted. "What a weird day..."


"Oh. Hm, this hasn't been the worst arrival we've had here," Cistina stated casually. "No giant hellbeasts or insane murderers this time, at the very least."

She surveyed the scene again, now that Nata had intimidated a good portion of the group, showing off his sparks in the process. Twilight had put the chains back on the reeling man--Cistina felt a stab of pity--and Nata was just done growling at him. The two giant robe-oughts unsettled her, especially since the boy in front of her had reacted so poorly at one of them moving.

... Now that she thought about it, the things the robe-ought was waving around reminded her of Rendel's fusils... Eh?! Cistina stood wide-eyed as she saw the boy that had been knocked down stand back up, with shoulder turned at an unnatural angle, and casually snap his shoulder back in place. Like he was simply stretching after sitting down for a long time. Cistina raised an eyebrow, then noticed the silvery robe-ought turn to Twilight. She was about to walk over just in case anything happened, then Badu approached-Hm? Seems like she knew the person in the hat.

Cistina turned back to the reeling man, wondering if she should approach him and try to diffuse the situation when she saw the boy turn into a talking wolf, bounding around Twilight and the flower girl.

"That's.... Unusual," Cistina tried to think of any others she saw who were just as peculiar. Shapeshifters? She met some. People with uncanny healing skills? She'd met some too. "Or not so unusual." But the sheer... Innocence the boy had. That was strange.

It might be a good time to start knowing the arrivals.


"So, what's your name? I'm Cistina," she introduced to the brown key boy. 


Light ~ Gate 

"Oh, sorry. Spirit, don't touch me," the man snapped. What kind of insult is "spirit?" Even as he spoke, though, he stepped back defensively.


"I don't need to, you jerk," Light huffed. Technically it would be her magic and summons that touched him, right? But he wasn't attacking or anything. By posture and what he did, he looked as he wasn't going to either, but it might be a trap, for all she knew. Light let her arms fall to her side, but still tense.


"Okay," a voice said from behind her. Light turned and saw the boy back up on his feet, but before she could reply-


“Everyone shut up!”


She jumped as the voice bellowed out. It was the blue haired man, Nata, that spoke out.


“Hey, remember when Twilight said this was a ‘safe place’? Do you know how we make this place safe?” he paused. Safe. Safe.... This place was safe? “We keep this place safe by punishing anyone who tries to get violent, you lot included.” With this pause, he spun one of his knives, and shot some purple sparks for good measure. Light bit her lip. He seems like he's doing a much better job than I would over keeping things safe. He finished up by talking about how everyone was almost in the same boat and something about other universes. To punctuate his words, he started glaring at everyone.

Light flinched when he glared at her. I let my temper control me again.... When he walked over, Light started bracing herself, but to her surprise, he headed towards the man.


“Hey, you. If you keep throwing people around and I’ll show you what a real demon looks like.”


"Noted," the man sounded nervous, but some flames danced at his fingertips. As the blue-haired man stalked away, though, the rugged man began to speak again before his cuffs were enveloped by that same pink glow and started to rebind him. As she watched, he battered the handcuffs away momentarily, but--A white wolf bounded into her view. Light watched with wide eyes as it loped around her once, and she reached out to pet it before it ran to the unicorn Twilight, barking..... "Okay?"

"Okay" said in the same voice as the boy...? Light looked around the assembled group--There was an orange haired boy wearing earmuff-like things that was new, but--The white haired boy was nowhere to be found... Except... He was a shapeshifter?  The blue haired Nata said something about following Twilight and a dragon who hated violence. Light shook her head, bewildered. So many unusual people, so many unusual things. She would be able to learn so much here... But did I ruin my chances to...?

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Hush, Child of Void


Deep within the castle, a child's giggling laughter. To all others inside, more chaos than brewed without.


A pale white creature wearing a royal blue scarf gleeked about the halls, causing mischief wherever it went.


In another wing of the castle, the upgrade shop was both in shambles and partly on fire. Most of the crew had been forced to evacuate due to its severity, though they strongly suspected sabotage rather than mere malfunction.


Several of the living quarters had their pillows torn open, the feathers inside strewn about the room. Lumas attempting to investigate were usually hit in the face with an intact pillow before being driven out of the room by an unseen aggressor, which they could only characterize by its unnerving laughter.


Many of the halls were difficult to navigate, being littered with what seemed to be ball bearings stolen from the upgrade shop. The lights were also out, their source of power having been disrupted.


But the worst part of all was that the perpetrator, a Dusk who called itself Hush, continued to wreak havoc on the castle. Not one person had discovered it yet, but suspected these failures were not coincidences.

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Pascal stood with her mouth agape, stunned in place by Nata's speech even if she wasn't included in the list of recipients.


So that's why they kept the kid around.




Twilight - Gateway


The transformed-human bounded around her like an excited foal. Twilight had read about shapechangers from other universes, many who were much less malignant than the Changelings native to Equestria. This one seemed to have a sense of childlike amazement, and she wondered if the human form was just another one of its disguises because of his limited speech. She couldn't help but show a genuine smile. "Okay," she repeated. "You're okay?"


That would be a good name for now, until she figured out if the shapeshifter even had a name. "Come on Okay!" She beckoned him over with one of her wings. "We're going somewhere else now, so follow me!"


And then, to the lanky metal creature who asked her a question, she was happy to provide an answer. "There's a lot of different things out there in all these multiple universes, and it's sad to say not everyone ends up wanting to be friendly." Her ears drooped visibly from disappointment, but she perked them back up when she realized they were betraying her feelings. "I think everyone has some good in them, but it's almost guaranteed that there are people we're up against who just want to pick a fight and won't give up until either party is dead. But Enough of that!" She abruptly changed the topic to avoid talking about it further. "Come on everyone, let's go get some tea, shall we? And Badu," she added, "I hope you don't mind us using that lovely rose blend? You can stay here if you want to assist Pascal and Cistina, or come along and catch up with your friend. It's up to you."


With a few strides she was out of the circle between the Gateway's rocks. Through a wave of her tail, Twilight hailed a nearby yellow star-creature with beady black eyes. "These are Lumas, by the way, native to this area of space. It's said that they will one day become stars or other celestial bodies. They're good friends of ours and help out around our base."


The Luma waved a stubby little arm in greeting and did a small flip in the air. "Hello!"


"Could you ask Yusei to boil some water for tea?" Twilight requested. "If you can't find him, anyone else near the kitchen would do. It would be nice to have something to welcome our guests."


Bobbing up and down in its equivalent of nodding, the Luma flew off in front of her and raced towards headquarters. Twilight followed after it in a relaxed trot along the paved path surrounded by patches of flowers, explaining to the mismatched group behind her as she went along and making sure to speak loud enough for them to hear.


"To those who arrived recently, this planet is called the Gateway to the Starry Sky. You might have realized this by now, but I don't come from this planet either and in fact, I don't think anyone here other than the Lumas and their mother are even native to this universe."

"Some of you might be confused with what I mean when I say 'universe'. Like Nata put so concisely, an innumerable amount of universes are in peril and the fact that you're here is proof enough that many worlds exist outside of what you thought you knew. Past, present, and future, all sorts of infinite possibilities playing out simultaneously... There probably is a being out there who can understand it all, but none out of anyone I know. For instance, I knew of the dimension of humans, but the cycles of natural weather patterns would be foreign to my world."


Very quickly did the curvature of the planet reveal the shape of the castle-like building they had taken as their base. It wasn't that grand, compared to the lavish structures of the royalty Twilight had known, but it was cozy and it was what they were given. They hadn't had time to decorate it officially so some of the interior was rather bare (Rarity would've had a field day if she were here).


"This is where everyone here is staying for now, at least until we sort out this teleporter business to get people back to where they belong. The 'saving all universes' crew lives here too, so you'll see some agents around going about their daily routine."


The front doors were surrounded by a pink glow and Twilight pushed them open with her magic. They were three times too tall even for a fully grown pony and for the longest time the front entrance felt too big -- though it was just the right size for certain large creatures like her dragon friend. The floor inside was in light and dark marble, each tile containing shimmering bits within like stars on a night sky, lit by the magitech lights above and along the walls. Doors on either side of the main hall led to further rooms, and a set of beautiful stairs led up to more places on the second floor.



Twilight - XDRS Front Hall


...And at the top of the staircase was a regal young man in a uniform and a sword at his hip. "Morning, Duke!" the pony greeted. Morning was the few hours after they woke up, even though the outside was no clear indication of when morning actually was. "Here's the group from the ripple. I'm just going to explain the usual--"


Twilight's snout suddenly flattened against an invisible force. Taken by surprise, she jolted backwards and her wings unfurled out of reflex. "Horsefeathers, Duke...!" she shouted in exasperation, pushing one her front hooves against the side of her face in the equivalent of a human facepalm. She wanted to try one of her barrier-breaking spells just to save herself the inconvenience, but she was afraid of injuring the human by forcefully tearing down his conjured walls. It was a problem she and many others faced on a regular basis, and one that the blond haired human found extremely amusing.

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[ exciting! : fushi -- ; ]


Absolutely delighted to be received warmly by the purple horse, Fushi glances curiously at the other's actions as she speaks to him, her tone gentle. There is a certain softness in her actions that is measured only by the experiences of his past, and the immortal decides he can trust the horse. There is a stable undertone to her actions as she lifts a wing -- a wing! -- and beckons him over. Follow? He can follow. 


When the pony calls down a bright yellow creature shaped like nothing he's ever seen before, Fushi glances curiously at the creature -- which, to his delight, spins once in the air as it hails a greeting. What was this? Was this a new animal he had yet to see? Curiously, Fushi nips the air before it, but the star-shaped creature zooms out of sight after the pony gives it an order, and Fushi reminds himself of his true intentions. Follow the pony -- befriend the pony. She was kind.


He tries to pay attention as she speaks, addressing the crowd that is following her. Was she a leader of the people? That made sense, with how calm she seemed and how readily she accepted Fushi. However, her words are much too complex, spun verses on a tongue that should not belong to any immortal being such as himself, and Fushi simply tunes her out after a while, content to walk alongside her as he feels the grass bend and flex beneath his steps.


When at last a grand building reveals itself before the group, Fushi stops in his tracks. There is something so alluring about the castle-like structure before him -- up to this point, all he has known has been the small comfort of the Boy's hut and the hardness of the ground beneath his clothes. The building before him was large and looming, structures atop the roof reaching into the sky with their grandiose towers. The doors that lead the way towards mystery before the small group seemed much too big for him, especially in wolf form, and Fushi feels his ears flatten instinctively -- there was something so unnatural about the building before him that the immortal feels fear against the smooth grass underneath his feet. 


However, the pony beside him proceeds as usual -- and he did promise to follow. No matter what, Fushi would ensure that the beings he has met so far -- the brown-haired boy, the girl who had first asked if he was alright, the pony, and even the man in chains -- would be fine. He owed it to himself and his existence to make sure those who were able to wilt under the force of the world could live on.


With that thought, he watches as the doors slowly open, surrounded by a barrier of bright pink magic. Curiously, Fushi follows as the group makes it way in, and his attention is instantly drawn to the figure standing on top of the grand staircase, a hand resting at his hip. He watches, wondering who this new human could possibly be, and then --


The purple horse gave a loud shout, and Fushi jumps, spinning around to face the blond man at the height of the staircase. What was this?


[ miniboss time : duke -- ; ]


Duke grins to himself just as the door creaks open, Twilight's familiar pink magic surrounding the material as she bends tonnes of metal to her will. What a girl. Horse? 


Well, not the time. In any case, she and Nata had mentioned earlier that they would be going out to collect the newcomers from this time around, and he had a present planned for when they returned. A little prank he had been planning for some time now, the blond figured now would be the best time to execute such a plan. He had luckily 'forgotten' to inform Xander nor Natsuki of his plans, but the group should be through his little maze by the time either of them got suspicious. Hopefully.


As Twilight walked in, she called out a greeting to him. He was just about to reply, when -- ah --


He snickers slightly to himself, watching as her wings spread in surprise and she recoils, calling out to him in an exasperated tone.


"My apologies, Twilight dear," he says, tilting his head. Before Twilight, an invisible wall reveals itself, shimmering blue, and opens just slightly to create a hole that is perfectly pony-shaped. "Feel free to join me if you would like."  


Around the room, the main hall is suddenly alight with blue light, revealing shimmering walls placed across the floors in various displays. 


Did you really have to be so extra? A voice speaks in his head, and Duke chuckles to himself. "All in the game, Vylcan. I want to see what the newcomers are capable of -- and it'll be fun! I hope you're ready to take a couple blows." 


Facing the group now, Duke places a hand on the sword at his side and calls out: "Good morning, everyone!" 


With his words, the walls surrounding the area resonate through the hall, and a faint wind blows past the gathered group at the door, just as the blue slowly shimmers from sight and the seemingly-clear main hall is spotless once more. He gives a bow, bending low and looking back up with a mischievous smirk on his features, the tattoo underneath his eye glowing brightly. 


"Duke Lefevre, at your service -- the pleasure is entirely mine. I take it you've had an interesting morning? I apologise for having to send such violate agents your way first thing." He immediately sweeps his gaze across the gathered group, his word directed at a particular blue-haired man, and stops abruptly at the two large ... robots? 


That's new, Vylcan says, and he agrees. 


"In any case, you're here now. I take it you've been told how this place functions and that you are safe, which are both truths. But before we get towards the ordeal of having to sort out papers and send people back to their homeworlds and meeting angry men on horseback, let's have a little bit of fun! Think of it as housewarming. Undoubtedly, some of you will stay -- either by choice or by necessity, and what better way to get to know your new living room by trying to run across it?"

"You see, my specialty is creating barriers. I've set up a couple walls across the main floor that stretch towards the ceiling and lead all sorts of ways -- into the corners and towards me. There are two ways to get to the staircase here, and once you figure out where the walls are the is are sure to be easy." He speaks with exaggerated motions, waving a hand across the air. "Of course, if you don't want to play, you're also free to bribe me, but legally I'm not allowed to take funds and unless you're keeping newborn kittens anywhere you'd have to drive a hard bargain. Oh, and please don't try to force your way across -- blowing a hole through the walls also means you'll blow a hole through me, and I won't judge if you want to start your new career as a time-travelling space agent with murder, but I am judging, and -- really?"


Duke thinks to himself for a second, sweeping his gaze across the gathered new recruits. They had certainly attracted an ... interesting bunch. His eye settles particularly on a man that seemed to be chained, hand and feet, and he raises an eyebrow. Oh? What was this? Certainly Twilight wouldn't have allowed such an extreme gesture unless drastic measure had to be taken. Unless the man had actively tried to attack someone, she wouldn't -- 


You're going to force a criminal to go through a maze you made for some sadistic pleasure, Vylcan's voice rings in his head dryly. Leader of the free people indeed.


"Oh hush," he tells the other, and Vylcan reacts by sending a surge of magical energy throughout the room. Well, if he was ready, then Duke sees no reason to postpone the good times. 


 "How about this: I'll give the first person across a kiss." He winks, spreading his arms in a grandiose gesture. "Just kidding! Or am I? In any case, you can either step right up to claim your prize or send your friend in as sacrifice. Now, have fun!"




a couple notes abt duke's maze/powers:

- the map for it is pinned in the discord channel under rp-discussion, check it out!

- the walls reach up to the ceiling, so there is no way to fly over them or go around them.

- if you damage the walls, the wall will glow a faint blue and reveal itself before repairing, and the time it takes to repair depends on the damage. since duke is present in the room and actively watching, the speed will be faster than if he wasn't. 

- duke can feel any of the damage to the walls, so please don't go unleashing your ultimate moves or something -- but attacking them is okay too! part of the reason he did this is because he wants to gauge how strong everyone is. 

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[I will have to add colors and fonts later as I'm on mobile right now.]




The sound of the engine, the vibration of the speeding tires, was almost meditative to him. However, he was focusing on the Runner, listening for anything that might stop working or just wasn't working right. His Duel Runner had been damaged when he first arrived on the small, strange world and, over the last few weeks of being here, he had been working to fix it. There were interruptions, of course, requiring him to leave on missions or other assignments, repair someone else's equipment, or even customize new things. And he couldn't make repairs out of any random scrap. 


Finally, though, it seemed his work was paying off.


A smile ghosted across his face, eyes shaded by the dark visor. Sliding to a halt at the backside of the castle, he shut down the engine and touched the side of his helmet. Instantly, the visor slid upward into hiding and he pulled the helmet off, revealing black hair, highlighted by yellow - a matching color to the criminal marking etched to the left side of his face. 


Setting the helmet in the seat of his Runner as he got off the customized bike, Yusei glanced over his shoulder as a Luma approached. "Yeah? What is it?" he questioned.


"Twilight would like you to set a pot for tea. There are new arrivals," it explained, enthusiastic. Twirling, it hurried back inside.


Reaching forward, he pressed a button on the Runner. The screen lit up with color and a robotic voice announced, "Secondary mode, on." From the consol, his Duel Disk unlocked and he pulled it free, placing it on left arm. The deck within the disk was removed and placed into a holder on his belt, quickly replaced by another before he started walking.


Wondering what sort of individuals Twilight brought back, Yusei navigated to the kitchen where he located a tea kettle and filled it with water. Once it was set on the stove and the burner turned on, he paused at the sound of some commotion. Frowning, he left the kitchen and caught a glimpse of something darting down the hallway. Glacing at the room it fled from, he noted the mess that wasn't there before. Curious, he followed the creature at a brisk pace.


As he moved, he held his left arm before him, the Duel Disk activating. He drew a handful of cards, immediately seeing the one he wanted. Playing the Trap Card as he began to sprint, a large, glowing circle of glyphs appeared beneath the odd creature, trapping it in place. "Now, what sort of character are you?" he asked it. 


Moving closer, he stopped just before the Spellbinding Circle. "You know, I don't think you realize that people don't take fondly to sabotage," he commented.

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Hush, Child of Void - XDRS Base


Still floating through the hallways, the Nobody's attention was grabbed by a single figure, working on a large machine. It looked something like a motorbike, though Hush wasn't quite sure what it was meant to be.


It tilted its head at this young man, before darting out of sight as one of the star-shaped creatures approached.


After they finished talking, Hush followed him out to the kitchen, where it continued to watch him from the door as he prepared tea. Just behind it, the room next door was still in disarray from when it had been ransacked previously.


Haha, that was fun. Maybe I should- Oh no, he saw me!


Only too late did Hush realize it had been spotted by the man it was watching, and decided to leave before it was discovered.


Unfortunately, the boy had some manner of magic, and trapped him with a sigil on the floor.


Trying to fly past it resulted in a sharp yank as if tethered to the spot. Frustrated, the Nobody tried to strike outside the barrier to disrupt the human and his spell, but was countered by a barrier.


So focused was it on escape that it barely heard the comment about sabotage as his captor stepped forward. Peculiar hair that was spiked, not uncommon across the worlds.


Hush was reminded of the leaders- but also the hunter, who had a similar style. It wondered if it was going to die here, with a flicker of fear where its heart should be.


"Anyone hurt?" He addressed the man, figuring the only way out was by talking, provided there were any.


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Jowan [ Gate ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ]


Andraste, that hurt. Cutting oneself with a sharp knife wasn't exactly pleasant, but it was apparently a lot better than tearing one's flesh apart. Increasing the pressure on the afflicted wrist helped a little. It was the best that he could manage, anyway. Now that he'd done it, he wasn't sure that injuring himself had been the best decision, but at the same time it was... comforting. There was power in it, just waiting to be used. 


Was the quadruped actually disappointed that everyone wasn't suddenly friends? That wasn't how the world worked, and she had to know that. Fighting wasn't some kind of game, so of course people were going to die. Demons and spirits weren't innocent of that idea either, however little their understood about the material world. The Fade wasn't exactly peaceful. Speaking of which... He slowly spun around on one heel, scanning the oddly curved horizon. Nope, he hadn't just missed it. No ominous dark cities forever floating at the edge of the sky, eternally out of reach. Huh. So, he really wasn't trapped in the Fade. 


He wasn't sure what to do with that information, and it only made him feel more lost. If he wasn't in the Fade or dreaming, that left 'oddly vivid hallucination' and 'the probably-demons are actually telling the truth'. The latter still seemed unlikely, given that teleporting went against the cardinal rules of magic, but alternative universes didn't play into any magical theories that he'd heard of. That, and though he knew that it was dangerous to assume things about demons, the quadruped really didn't seem like one. She was obviously too smart to be a rage or hunger demon, wasn't playing off of any of his wishes (fix things. go back and stop himself from ever reading that book. see Neria again and apologize one last time.) like a desire demon wouldand it was hard to imagine a pride demon pretending to be so naive. Then again, she was consorting with demons, which was almost as bad, but maybe she didn't understand what she was doing. Maybe she really did believe what she was saying. 


Still, he wasn't planning on letting his guard down. He followed the quadruped, but only because he didn't have anywhere else to go and because it hardly seemed like it could get him into worse trouble than he was already in. Sitting in the middle of some creepy henge wasn't his idea of a fun time. At least he had learned some names; apparently the pride demon was called Nata and the person wearing a cloak and pointed mask (he was pretty sure that some doctors had worn something like that during the First or maybe Second Blight, before it had been realized that there was no helping someone that had been tainted) was Badu.


Jowan [ XDRS Front Hall ] [ Dragon Age: Origins ] 


The castle was impressive, though it wasn't quite as large or grand as the palace at Redcliffe. Hopefully the dungeons were a bit nicer, though. He jumped and prepared for a fight when the quadruped suddenly stopped and started shouting and the figure at the top of the stairs, but forced himself to calm down upon noticing the lack of malice in her voice. His state of artificial calm didn't last long, however, as suddenly a set of blue barriers were revealed and the boy at the top of the stairs - Duke - launched into some kind of speech about a maze. Something under his eye seemed to be glowing as well, which was weird. Lyrium tattoos, maybe? Was Duke from Tevinter? 


Blowing a hole through the walls did sound tempting, but Duke was probably right in that another attempt at murder was a poor choice of action. Besides, he didn't know how strong the walls were and didn't want to embarrass himself by failing to make a dent. He noticed Duke's raised eyebrow and averted his gaze. He supposed that maybe he did stick out a bit, with his chains and blood-splattered robes, but they were also accompanied by two ten foot tall metal golems. 


When Duke finished, Jowan crossed his arms (which was made quite difficult for the chains and need to keep his left arm wrapped in his robes) and glared up at him, an incredulous expression on his face. What was the point of this? Some kind of sadistic game? He wasn't interested in playing it, anyway. Let the others do whatever it was that Duke wanted. 

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   Typheus's wings shifted at the pony's response. Her voice was leveled with experience, but her ears still drooped from the words; evidently she would rather everyone was cooperative, which explained binding the robed man back up. Her next words though became a painful echo of what he had thought many times before; but he didn't dwell on it. It wasn't important. Instead he turned to Fiddlesticks, relieved to see that she had calmed down and was simply staring at the grass.

   Twilight says we were brought here to fight potential hostiles, he worded carefully, try not to prematurely destroy anything.
   The umber machine perked up at the console message, looking up at him but saying nothing. He held her gaze for a moment, before he noticed Twilight turning to leave, with the others from the circle following her. Let's go see what this base is all about.
   Fiddlesticks glanced to the side, rubbing one arm with a bayonet in indecision, but looked back up when Typheus began to leave as well. It would be a bad idea to be left standing without backup in this strange place... ordinarily she would be fine with being alone, but the planet could have any kind of defense set up that she could be trapped in. So she trotted back up to the group, taking the rear and letting Typheus fall back beside her, giving her a pleased look. Honestly, he was worried she would be too high-strung to come, but he wouldn't have said anything anyway.


   Twilight says there are 'baby stars' that live here that help maintain Base, called 'Lumas', he told her, as she had missed that part of the conversation. The planet is indeed called 'The Gateway to the Starry Sky'... Gateway is a lot easier," he added more to himself, and most of the people here aren't native to this place.
   Fiddlesticks tried to absorb all of the information he was, and was making connections with the names, but found herself lingering on the bizarre nature of the place: "kitch silus", or "hatchling stars"? The Gateway? Only the Lumas exist here? What kind of planet was this??
   Typheus sheathed his emitters, so she tuned into Twilight's words, intrigued by the concept of multiple universes. It was a new concept to her, and while humans were more diverse and open-minded in comparison to Xinschi-uual, she didn't recall any of the ones she met talking about multiple universes before. It was an interesting idea, that there might be hundreds of other things from completely different realities in existence, and she just didn't know it yet.
   Except for now, apparently, if she was to believe this purple Twilight horse. She saw no reason to discredit her either, not with the people she was surrounded with.


   The trek was short, ending with the entrance of a large, stone-and-mortar castle; pretty underwhelming, considering Fiddlesticks was expecting some kind of advanced, alien tech, but not without its ancient charm - and Twilight led them right up to the large, stone doors. The same pink glow that both bound and unbound the robed man surrounded the doors while Twilight explained the purpose of the base, and they pushed open effortlessly without so much as a creak.
   Typheus ducked through without issue, only regarding the oddity for a moment. Fiddlesticks was so taken aback with curiosity that she kept walking, inevitably smacking her head on the door jam, then proceeding with embarrassment, ignoring the laughter in her partner's eye. Everything has been an inconvenient size since leaving Zirhon...

   Upon entering the building it was revealed to be a lot more regal, with glittering marble slabwork and concise etching, crown molding, and railings. The lighting was unfamiliar, but that only captivated the machines more; it looked like some rather fancy technology. Up on the immense, curved staircase was yet another human, standing in boredom. Twilight spoke up to greet him, but was suddenly cut off as she hit... an invisible object? Or had something cloaked hit her?

   "Horsefeathers, Duke...!" she exclaimed, wings ruffling. Both machines stopped abruptly in their tracks, as the man on the stairs looked up at their arrival.
   "My apologies, Twilight dear," he said, in a rather grandiose voice. "Feel free to join me if you would like."
   Unexpectedly, a blue shimmer manifested in front of Twilight, forming a hole that allowed her to pass through. Fiddlesticks's eye widened; what kind of technology was that?! She looked at Typheus, but he simply stared blankly at the anomaly, having no answers. Thankfully though, the strange man already had the answers for them, first introducing himself as the mentioned "Duke" and explaining that he had a little game for them... how exciting. A maze of barriers.
   Typheus wasn't amused, giving the man a flat stare at the uncalled-for challenge; then he grew worried at the recognition of it being a challenge.
   "Oh, and please don't try to force your way across," Duke continued, as Fiddlesticks walked right up to the wall with the horse-shaped hole in it. She tapped it, making it shimmer blue like ripples in sand. "Blowing a hole through the walls also means you'll blow a hole through me, and I won't judge if you want to start your new career as a time-travelling space agent with murder..."
   Typheus turned him out. He was shaking his head at his partner while she gave him a facetious look. Don't do it Fiddlesticks...


   The Pusher model turned her back to him and gave the wall a harder smack, judging its integrity. Then she backed up, readying for a charge.
   "Fidds!" Typheus barked too late; she ignored him and jumped forward, throwing her full weight against the wall.
   An immense crash! Large chunks of blue material flew out in front of her as she broke through, and momentarily she felt victory!... Then she realized she was floating.
   What the-?! her mind cried out. She was suddenly thrown backward with the chunks, and she hit the floor hard with a loud beep. Typheus deftly dodged her while her momentum was stopped by the back wall, and looked up to find the chunks literally returning to the place they had come from!
   Duke was right; brute-forcing it doesn't work. What kind of technology created invisible walls that could repair themselves, though?


   Fiddlesticks angrily picked herself up and ran back to the wall, hissing with bayonets bared. She fell against it and struck once with the left blade, then twice, then a third time, then a fourth, and a fifth... Typheus sighed at the fruitless effort and walked up to her.
   "It's not working," he said flatly. She just roared at him - a sound like metal scraping against metal - and continued striking with both bayonets, the blades only flashes with the immense speed that was also getting her nowhere. "Fiddlesticks."
   "EVERYTHING CAN BE DESTROYED! Why isn't it being destroyed?!" she cried incredulously. She stopped stabbing to warm up her lasers even while the wall repaired itself in front of her, but Typheus grabbed her and wrenched her back at the escalating whir.
   "He said it can't be destroyed!" he scolded her. She huffed, laserheads going dead, glaring between him and her target.
   "You're believing the word of something that used to be a meal?" she shot back.
   "These people are not meals," he sighed dramatically, wanting to shrink up in shame of her actions. And please, let's not reveal that right now, he added to himself. She just never learns...
   Fiddlesticks turned and scanned the seemingly-empty room, trying to be clever about the situation. Knowing where the walls were was the first step... striking them turned them blue... that might work.

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Neku - Gateway

Multiple universes. Right. That made everything make so much more sense. Especially coming out of a unicorn's mouth. To give credit where credit was due, Neku himself was familiar with the concept of alternate planes of existence--even if he didn't really understand how they worked. If those existed, then maybe alternate universes weren't all that farfetched, either. Besides, it wasn't as if there were many better explanations out there. He doubted that even he would be able to dream up something this surreal.


He decided to follow along when said unicorn started leading the group away; from what it looked like, she (?) seemed to be the most knowledgable one around. And as much as he wanted to question his sanity when the unicorn called over the star-Luma-thing, he wasn't going to get any answers without putting a little trust in her. 


If my universe really is in trouble, then... What's going to happen to my friends? Did... he even know about this?


Neku was jolted out of his thoughts as the unicorn telekinetically opened the doors to a stone castle. He gawked a bit at its interior. Though architecture wasn't really his thing, the twinkling marble and ethereal lighting truly gave it an otherworldly beauty. 


"Horsefeathers, Duke!" shouted the now-exasperated unicorn, pressing a hoof to her head in what seemed to be a facepalm.


There went his sense of awe.


Neku - XDRS Front Hall


As Duke finished up his little monologue, Neku, too, found himself in a facepalm. This guy was like a Support Reaper version of Joshua, and boy was he not in the mood to deal with that again.


Before he could do anything, one of the two mechs--Fiddlesticks--charged the wall, trying to brute force its way through. It wasn't working very well, and the other mech clearly agreed, restraining its companion from doing any more. It was for the better. While ripping a hole through Duke sounded like a lovely option, Neku didn't want to murder one of the few people that looked to be in the know. Even if they were an insufferable jerk. He sighed.


Walking forward, he reached a hand up to where the barrier seemed to be. Sure enough, a solid force pushed back, a familiar glow underneath his touch. Unlike the walls he was used to, there wasn't any stupid requirement they had to fulfill other than simply getting across. He turned back to the group. 


"We could try feeling our way around," he offered, shrugging.


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Nata - XDRS Front Hall


Nata, who had remained stoic as Twilight explained everything to the newcomers, snorted audibly when he saw the princess walk straight in front of an invisible wall. It was amazing that she didn’t immediately suspect a barrier to be in front of her as soon as she saw Duke in the room. Duke was irritating to deal with when it was Nata that he was messing with, but it was a lot of fun to watch him toy around with everyone else which was exactly why the upturned corners of Nata’s lips drifted down once he realized what Duke was trying to pull.


“Really, Duke?” Nata mumbled under his breath as the man began to explain his intricate prank in the most irritatingly theatrical voice he could manage. Nata’s fingers tightened around Seha’s as he glared up at Duke. Save for using his free hand to make rude gesture when Duke knowingly glanced in his direction, Nata remained quiet for the entire monologue. Knowing Duke, this entire charade was both for his amusement and for him to learn more about the newcomers or something infuriatingly elaborate like that. Maybe the prank wasn’t any fiendishly clever plan to learn more about the newcomers and was instead just Duke’s sadistic way of amusing himself. Either way, Nata wasn’t about to stand by and be someone’s plaything.


Just as Nata was about to spout a scathing comment, one of the robots rammed straight into one of the walls before being flown backward. Hissing out a string of curses, Nata leaped backward, dragging Seha after him until the two colliding together.


“I’m going to kill him,” Nata said as he stared at the two robots before glaring up at Duke. “I’m going to kill him and anyone else who’s stupid enough to try and get in my way.” He let go of Seha’s hand, giving his fiancé a quick knowing look before taking a few steps towards Twilight. “If you want to end this quickly, I can always give Duke a little shock treatment until he decides to put the walls down,” Nata offered. He lifted his hand, exposing his palm as purple light danced across his fingertips. The robot slamming into the wall probably didn’t feel too good and neither would several charges of phase power straight into the barrier. Technically, Nata could blow up all the walls but that would probably maim everyone around him and most likely kill Duke in the process. Even if Nata knew he couldn’t just blast his way through the maze, he was absolutely fine with hurting Duke if it meant ending his ridiculous shenanigan. That is if Twilight allowed it.


Xander - Base Library


Having spent the majority of his life fretting over his siblings and establishing himself as the strange combinations of a father and big brother figure, Xander was well-rehearsed when it came to reading other people. He had been along Natsuki long enough to know that although their desire to prioritize work was appreciated, they sometimes went overboard. Even if Natsuki wasn’t a child needed guidance, Xander couldn’t squash the instinctual need to make sure his friend, or anyone for that matter, was taken care.


“I haven’t received a Luma today, no,” Xander said with a shake of his head. “If the newcomers have been properly sedated, then Twilight is most likely giving them the tour by now. Otherwise, everyone is probably still at the gateway trying to regain their bearings.” Briefly, Xander wondered who had shown up this time around. When he had first arrived, Xander remembered offering himself for gateway guard duty in hopes of running into one of his siblings or someone from his world. Such an endeavor proved fruitless in the long run especially considering how Xander’s talents were best applied in other occupations around the base.

“Regardless of the status of the newcomers, I think I’m going to head to the kitchen,” Xander said. “We’ll run into them eventually, and considering just how chaotic new arrivals can be, I want as much energy in my system as I can manage before it’s too late.” Xander took a step towards the door, giving Natsuki an expectant look. “You’re free to join me if you wish,” Xander said aloud although the expression on his face seemed to say, “You’re going to come with me to the kitchen so I can make you a proper breakfast because I know you probably just ate a handful of stale chips and called it a day.

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