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6fuips.jpg eoc_button.gif Neglected ungendered

I take and honor IOUs.                                                  ND EXPERIMENTER: 8/10 successful experiments

I make and sell digital pet portraits. PM me for info.
GENERATION 20: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.

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    Sunt învățând romanește! Am nevoie de ajutorul tău, dacă tu vorbești limba română!
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    FULFILLED IOUs: (Those marked with * are gifts offered by me.)
    Zephyra: CB Nebula
    Anor: CB Golden Wyvern
    2G PB Marrow hatchlings x6
    blackdragon71: 2G Cavern Lurker from male GoN
    CURRENT IOUs: (Those marked with * are gifts offered by me.)
    HybridHydra*: Any Metal *Bred; not taken* Am about to give up...
    Sonic769XD: Any Metal *Breeding*
    Tiger_Rider: Valentine '09 egg from Black Marrow grandfather, x CB Black
    Orlageddon: 2nd gen Daydream x2 from Gold & Black
    darkladyselenity: 2nd gen Winter Magi x2
    rebelgoddess19: CB Autumns (3) (One down!)
    Ebis13: CB Autumn
    Ylvanna: 2G Ice x2 or 2G Ice fail x4
    If you have anything, I repeat, ANYTHING on this list, I'd be happy to give you almost anything on my scroll for it! Just not IOUs...I won't trade one IOU for another, unless you request something very easy to obtain :P yeah right...

    Dangit, I'm having rotten breeding luck ;) If I missed your IOU and it's not listed here, PM me and I'll add you! I know I need to update, so it's quite possible I might have missed you...Thank you all!

    UPDATE 10/23/2014: I have just returned from a forced hiatus. My apologies to everyone on my list! I will get to breeding and catching shortly.

    Dragons I am owed:
    Canceled a lot of these trades. Neither end has been fulfilled due to hiatus, and have not been contacted, so....meh xD
    HawktalonOfRiverClan: Reds x6, m. pinks x5, f. pinks x3