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(1x1) Proving a Theory

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Obligatory Possible Spoilers Alert


Valkemare, the world of dragons. A world of myth and magic. A world that also sucks a bit if you come from the future, or pretty much anywhere that comes with its own first-world problems.


Most Valkemarian people go about their lives, not once pausing to think about how their world, their universe, is just one of many. Who can blame them, really? Whether it be defending lives, livelihoods and land from fire-breathing reptiles or raising said fire-breathing reptiles as charmingly oversized pets, life in Valkemare is pretty busy and, dare one say, a little unimaginative.


Once in a while, though, there is someone who ponders the possibilities of other worlds. And then there are those who take the theory just a bit too far.


Beneath raining, thundering clouds within the sinister remains of a torched city (probably a dragon's fault), there lies an underground lab. Hidden in here is a number of bright orange dragons; 'Magi dragons', the people call them. They are world-famous for their teleportation abilities. Illuminated by the occasional flickering candle, this small group looks rather suspicious.


A single person takes care of these dragons. This person happens to be a little crazy. They also happen to have spent years researching the existence of multiple universes. And now, on this stormy night, all that work is set to yield something (maybe literally) groundbreaking - and something shall be pulled out of another world! What could possibly go wrong, aside from the probability of destroying a few lives?


The dragons stand in a large circle around some pretty pattern etched into the crumbling floor: their minds concentrate, the pattern glows.


Someone somewhere else is engulfed in a flash of light and just vanishes, leaving behind nothing but maybe some very confused and alarmed onlookers. And most of whatever whacked-out abilities they may have had.


The fabric of the universe is torn.


At least the theory is proven, right?





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(i'll have my charries up soon!)

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(ok maybe i lied i worked on this and then fell asleep)


Name: Kobra Kid (Kobra for short)

Age: Unknown exactly, but looks to be late 20's - early 30's

Gender: Male (he/him)

Species: Human

Universe: Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

Appearance: As a part of the Fabulous Killjoys, this guy is one of the most recognizable faces in all of the Zones, right up there with his older brother Party Poison, who is the most recognizable face in all of Old California. Hell, even citizens of Battery City could recognize Kobra's face. This tall and thin guy stands at a very good 5'10, towers over most people with an almost aggressive and definitely desert-y appearance. His hardened amber eyes are almost always covered by either sunglasses or his signature Good Luck helmet (which is a Starfox-inspired helmet with the words 'GOOD LUCK' painted in white on the black visor - and yes he can see out of it) because out on the Zones, you really don't want to be blinded by the whirling sands and the scorching sun constantly on your back day in and day out. Long bleach-blond hair often hangs over his face as a defiant fringe, or is messily pulled back, but it doesn't stay there for very long before it becomes the defiant fringe, hence the defiant-ness about it. His sides are shaved, coloured a darker brown than his natural kind of golden brown hair. If you see a glimpse of him out in the desert you'll likely see his bright red leather jacket, decorated with the letters 'KOBRA' in white embellished onto his left shoulder, and 03 on the right. On the left side of the chest of his jacket lies his symbol, a hissing snake, or 'cobra', stitched into the red material. Black skinny jeans hug thicker thighs and awkward crooked knees, his sun-worn boots stretching over his strong calves. A holster for his red pistol-shaped raygun hangs off of his right hip, his hands are almost always gloved and his skin is mostly untouched, aside from a few tattoos and scars.

Character summary: Stubborn, short-tempered, and both loud and quiet at the same time. A bad shooter, but is definitely working on it. He's one to accept challenges and preform dares, often getting into dangerous situations. His face is almost always set with a poker face, as he keeps whatever emotions he's feeling inside. It's quite the feat to get him to smile, and to get him to laugh? Almost impossible. Well, easier for his friends, but as a stranger, nah.

Abilities: Has excellent kung fu skills.

Other: Legend has it that his jawline can cut diamonds. He is a canon character.

Partner dragon: to be added~


Name: Chaotic Vampire (Chaotic for short)

Age: Unknown exactly, but looks to be late 20's, no older than 29-30.

Gender: Female (she/her)

Species: Human

Universe: Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

Appearance: reminiscent of sasha from attack on titan, but with more boy-ish features.

Chaotic is a tall 5'10, almost 5'11, and has good muscle tone all along her legs and arms. Long brown hair is often tied up in a messy ponytail, a part of her hair, coloured a fading royal blue, often hanging over energetic blue eyes. She too has covers for her eyes, this time coming in the form of withered Aviators and a black helmet with painted dragons (her favourite animal) breathing fire over the black material. Her sun-kissed moderately tanned skin is relatively untouched, save for a few scars of course. One on her forehead, reminiscent of Harry Potter, and both her right middle finger and left pinkie finger are messed up due to childhood accidents, although, still usable. Just look a little weird. She often wears a lot of both greys and blacks, which she knows is dangerous for a place like the Zones, but she has built up quite the heat tolerance which is an advantage out here. Chaotic too has that over desert-y appearance, her face set with years of witnessing more death than anyone should. That is very typical for a Zonerunner, let alone Killjoy, as they've likely killed more Dracs (which are modified humans) than they'd like to remember. A holster hangs off of her hip, often carrying her raygun, which is coloured black with red stripes spiraling down the barrel.

Character summary: Don't let her status as a girl fool you. This gal can definitely kick your butt. She's sarcastic and sassy, yet easily annoyed and definitely has some kind of anger issues going on up in her weird mind. She's one hell of a speed demon, often riding upon her sportbike at speeds that she likes to think will break a pre-Helium War radar gun. A leech for a while off of the Fabulous Killjoys, often traveling behind them in secret and stealing items when she couldn't get any. Now they've met (after an awkward encounter in which Chaotic almost had a heart attack from being spooked by them being home early) and she's become acquaintances with them, but still prefers to live on her own.

Abilities: None, except for excellent shooting. And a talent for art, which is seen on a lot of things she owns. And she can do some tricks on her motorcycle.

Other: Avidly ships Fun Ghoul and Party Poison, and Kobra Kid and Jet Star, but more as a joke than anything else. Or is it? She is an OC.

Partner dragon: to be added~


(i guess more will be added later, not sure who to add ^^")


(little thing about the rayguns, they are lethal against humans wherever they strike the body (that's advanced BLI tech for you) but against monsters/dragons/whatever, who knows what they might do.)

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Name: Death the Kid

Age: 14 to 15

Gender: Male

Species: uh... (immature) Death God

Universe: Soul Eater

Appearance: As he appears in the anime

Stands about 5' 2"

Character summary: As one can guess by his name, Kid is the son of the Shinigami. Some would consider him 'the perfect boy' as he is consistently at the top of his class at the DWMA as well as one of the strongest meisters there, but he has one major flaw: an OCD over symmetry. Even with counselling, it remains a potentially fatal flaw, as he has been known to just let himself get beat up by a perfectly symmetrical enemy he couldn't bring himself to shoot, and be paralysed at the sight of asymmetry.

The Lines of Sanzu on his hair are incomplete. Should even one line manage to connect, Kid becomes exponentially more powerful.

Abilities: Wields Liz and Patty as dual pistols (oftentimes held upside down and/or sideways because... why not) and typically uses the fighting style 'Death God Taijutsu', which also sees the Thompson sisters being used as tonfas. While primarily a ranged fighter, he's no slouch in a fistfight.

During soul resonance, Kid enters 'Execution Mode'.

Other: Can somehow summon a flying skateboard. Also his favourite number is 8.

Canon character.

Partner dragon: to be added


Name: Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson (Liz and Patty)

Age: Patty is around 15, Liz is a bit older

Gender: Both female

Species: Demon Weapon

Universe: Soul Eater

Appearance: Liz at the back, Patty in the middle

Liz stands at about 5' 7".

Character summary: Abandoned by their parents at very young ages, Liz and Patty both grew up in Brooklyn, New York, as street thugs. As evidenced by how Patty acts so much younger than she really is, they had never even been to a school for much of their lives. When they were chosen by Death the Kid to serve as his personal weapons, Liz took up the offer solely to take advantage of a wealthier lifestyle for Patty's sake; since then, the trio have become near inseparable.

Liz is the far more mature of the sisters, though significantly less courageous than her sister when it comes to the paranormal. Patty, on the other hand, thinks Liz knows everything and is relentlessly upbeat.

Abilities: Both can transform in a pistol and, during soul resonance, cannons. Liz also has musical talents, while Patty is a pretty darn good fighter.

Other: Patty managed to turn a test sheet into an origami giraffe and then broke its neck.

Canon characters.

Partner dragon: to be added


Name: Zerureusu (pronounced 'JE-roo-roose', apparently)

Age: Like four years old

Gender: Male

Species: Felyne (related to Melynx; both categorised as 'Lynians')

Universe: Monster Hunter

Appearance: image of a standard Felyne

Zerureusu has the patterns of a standard Felyne, but they're very hard to see on account of his near-pitch black fur. He does have a special weapon and set of armour specifically for his job, but when off duty he simply wears a sleeveless kelbi-skin garment that doesn't even reach below his chest.

He stands at about half the height of the average human.

Character summary: Zerureusu has performed as a 'Palico/Prowler' for nearly two years, assisting hunters or leading the hunts. His job sees him hunting many monsters that show themselves to be pests, and has even slain a number of Elder Dragons. Considered to be an expert in his field, though many of his accomplishments have only been made possible with a few allies by his side. His weapons of choice include axes, boomerangs and his claws.

Abilities: Zerureusu is resilient, able to take some surprisingly strong blows. Impressive stamina enables him to run marathons without pausing and tolerate half-hour battles against monsters. But for all his perks, it is mostly raw skill that carries him through hunt after hunt.

Other: Has a slight speech impediment that has him add 'nya' to many sentences.

He is an OC.

Partner dragon: to be added

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(for now i think i'll add some more later, still having trouble thinking of more charries lol (in crossovers i usually just take from danger days bc im most familiar with that oops))


(when shall we start? this seems so fun omg im excite ohmy.gif )

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(I'm just writing up my last two sheets (had to take pet rat Dante to the vet), and then I'll be ready! Boy I'm hype. You can make the first post if you wish, and I'll edit my new sheets into my other post)

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(just saying holy geesus im putting WAY too much effort into this so it may be up in about 30 or minutes, god damn wth @ me wyd)


(seriously it's like a wall of text rn and it's not even done)

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(I love me some text walls, even if I'm not great at making them myself 8D)

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All was normal in the lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.


Them getting into a high speed chase on Route Guano, narrowly avoiding getting ghosted each and every turn they make.


Kobra Kid was getting his head down, trying to get his body to conform to the curves and lines of the sportbike he was riding upon as much as possible could just to get that extra speed due to aerodynamics. He didn't dare touch his raygun, because honestly he'd just be wasting ammunition if he tried to shoot at the Draculoids madly chasing all four behind them. No, he left that job to the actual good shooters of the group, Party Poison and Fun Ghoul, because when they shot at something they had a higher chance of hitting it because they could actually use the sights correctly on the pistol shaped rayguns. Something Kobra, or hell even Jet Star, may never fully grasp in their inevitably short lifetimes.


The wind whipped harshly at his wild blond hair as he gripped the handlebars to his bike with all the power he could muster, amber eyes flickering downwards to check the speedometer every couple of seconds. It was slowly circling around the speeds in MPH on the gauge as Kobra went faster and faster, pressing the pedal down on his bike to maintain a growing speed. If anything, he wanted to avoid shooting at these guys (there was a good possibility of falling off your bike as well when you turn around to start shooting at things - ask Ghoul all about it) and just outrun them on his bike, and let his brother and friend pick them off. They were good enough at balancing their weight so that they could get behind them, but damn, only if the beloved Trans-Am wasn't missing a couple parts right about now. Then they could all pitch in and help dusting these white suits while Poison just guns it down the Getaway Mile. Ah, good times. But for now they were all stuck aboard sportbikes that they, ha, "inherited" from Dracs, if you catch my drift. Not as cool as a Trans-Am that was all decorated by them but oh well. Can't complain much when they work well enough.


Kobra looked to his side to see his friend, Jet, doing mostly the same as the blond, getting low on his bike to match the speed of the other Killjoy and letting the others deal with the Dracs. Jet, through his slightly raised visor on his gas-mask like helmet, shot the other a wide smile as he ducked his head down, narrowly missing a bolt of white light whizzing past him. Kobra felt a jolt of adrenaline rush through him at the sight of that, a smirk overcoming his features as he furthered lowering his head and instead of grabbing for his own raygun, settling on unhooking his Good Luck helmet from the back of his motorcycle. Yeah, they all got jumped on by the Dracs before Kobra had a chance to shove on his helmet. Right now he was trying his best to undo the hooks strapping the helmet to the side of the bike, getting about halfway done before... he started to notice something. Something rather... alarming to say the least.


Noticing that his right hand on the handlebars was going strangely numb, Kobra looked back at it to see something very strange. Flecks of what looked like his skin were flaking off of his body and spiraling upwards into the fast air that surrounded him, and he let out a yelp of surprise at this. Rubbing his eye on his shoulder to make sure this wasn't an illusion or some trick of the light, he looked back and saw that he could see right through his hand to the black handlebar. Dumbstruck by what was happening to him, Kobra looked up his forearm to see that flakes of his red jacket were doing the same thing, as if he were disappearing out of existence as a whole. Starting to grow very scared, he tried to move something in his left arm, but found that his muscles had failed him and they were stuck. It was like he was paralyzed from the neck down, he couldn't move! Kobra could feel himself start to hyperventilate in horror as he saw more flecks of his existence flake off his shaking form. Jet had pulled up next to him, the same look of horror on his face as he tried his best to do something about this situation.


"What's going on?" Jet yelled to his shaking friend as he pulled up his visor, riding alongside Kobra's right side as Kobra turned his head towards Jet and yelled back a response.


"I-I don't know! I can't move! Help me Star!" Kobra was getting teary-eyed now, both from being frightened out of his mind and the harsh winds buffeting at his face. Jet gave his friend his best reassuring look as he tried to reach out and touch the fading hand gripping tightly with white knuckles on the handlebar, but a near loss of balance and a swerve on his bike meant he had to replace his own hand on the handlebars to prevent himself from falling off of his own bike.


"I'll try my best, buddy, just hold on!" Jet yelled back to Kobra, throwing a worried look over his shoulder at the other Killjoys who had now taken notice of what was happening. Poison looked on with a horrified sibling expression, hints of that older brother protectiveness coming in to play as he angrily shot back at the Dracs, trying to ghost them as fast as possible so he could see what the hell was going on with his younger sibling.


Jet was starting to see more flakes of red of the jacket Kobra was wearing starting to mix with blacks of his skinny jeans and now brown and blond of his hair, leaving a streak of colour trailing behind him like a comet tail. This was getting really scary now, and Jet honestly would like nothing more than to pull over already and see what was going on. But they've got danger on their tails at the moment. This was not good, oh God this was really not good...


Lack of existence was eating up Kobra's body like nothing the terrified Killjoy had ever seen before, Kobra's frightened and teary eyes widened with a petrified expression, staring straight ahead at something that Jet obviously could not see. Jet tried again to reach other to grasp Kobra's forearm, or hold onto his hand or something to try and help stabilize the disappearing Zonerunner but again and again, as if on purpose to prevent Jet from even touching Kobra, his bike kept swerving underneath him, leading his own hand to shoot back to his handlebars to again, prevent himself from wiping out. Jet was starting to get teary eyed as well, he was so scared for his dear best friend and he didn't know what on Earth to do and it was just kind of getting to him I suppose. But Jet pushed on and kept trying to lay a hand on Kobra, either for reassurance or stabilization, but his bike kept on wiggling and swerving beneath him as usual.


Kobra would've tried to reach out as well, if it weren't for the fact that he couldn't move, and he was focusing on something else as well. A black mist up ahead, and he was heading right towards it. His eyes couldn't tear themselves off of whatever it was, it was like they were glued to it. More and more of his body flaked off the closer they got to whatever this was, and the mist grew darker and darker until it was like a cloud shaped form almost coming right for him.


And right before the remnants of his body disappeared from this plane of existence and before the black mist engulfed him as a whole, Kobra finally opened his mouth and let out a blood curdling scream as suddenly, in an almost flashbang-like blast, he was completely gone, leaving a horrified Jet screaming "KOBRA!!" in his wake.




Kobra didn't know where he was, but he could still feel the wing buffeting at his eyes and hair, and his eyes were covered with a veil of pure black. He couldn't make a sound, but he could finally feel his hands both gripping the handlebars and the rim of his helmet harshly. He could feel again, but he was still scared. What the hell had happened to him? What was going to happen to him? Had he gone blind? Has the BLI done something to him? Did the Dracs capture him? What happened? All those questions bounced around Kobra's fuzzy mind as he continued speeding along what he could only assume was Route Guano. If he were still in the Zones, of course.


It wasn't long before suddenly, whatever he was riding upon had struck something, which Kobra knew was a boulder or some force, however improbable it was, and Kobra felt his jaw fly open in another silent scream as he was flipped off of his bike, taking his helmet with him, and flying in mid-air through the seemingly endless black covering whatever may be out there beyond Kobra's vision. He braced himself for impact, waiting for the sudden pain of his skin scraping against the hard cracked asphalt of Route Guano, waiting for the screams of his friends and maybe getting run over, hey, probably shot by the Dracs that were soon to come. In short, he waited so patiently for the Witch to come and take him away, because he knew he was going to sustain serious injuries that either he would need to be taken to Battery City for or... be put out of his misery by a gunshot. And well, he knew which one he'd rather go for. He would rather willingly jump into a horde of rabid wolves than step foot in Battery City, if that's a hint.


Suddenly, a sharp change in temperature and light assaulting his eyelids caused him to wrench his eyes open, and it wasn't long before Kobra felt pain shooting all through his body as he struck something, and hard, causing the wind to be knocked out of his lungs and his eyes to screw back shut as he felt pain surge through his frailer form. His body slid against the surface of whatever this was, a couple of objects striking his stomach, causing bile to rise up in his throat. And before he knew it, his hand flew over his mouth, covering it to desperately stop a wave of vomit rising up in his poor throat.


And then, as if on cue, as soon as Kobra got up onto his knees, he threw his helmet somewhere and removed his hand, letting out a painful retching noise as vomit escalated out of his mouth and all over the floor surrounding him, coloured a dark brown from the Power Pup he's had to live on for the last seven years. He let out a loud groan of pure agony before puking whatever he had for lunch and breakfast as well, the acid from his stomach feeling like it was tearing up the insides of his poor poor throat as sweat poured off of his brow, and he puked for one last time before heaving slightly, screwing his eyes shut before falling backwards and laying there in agony, his face twisted with pain coming from everywhere on his body. He felt like death, he felt like finally the Witch was going to come and save him, but maybe not. As his eyes opened just a bit to see orange... paws walking over curiously towards him, he thought that maybe he'll last another day.



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The ominous laughter of a crazy sun echoed over the searing Nevada ground. The sky, clear of clouds, the horizon, blurry from heat haze.


Typical weather for the inhabitants of Death City, the bizarre conical structure of which almost served as some impractical sundial. At the very top, the DWMA's giant candles still burned, the flames they emitted barely a match for sun's rays.


The main entrance to the DWMA, an open expanse of stone. Standing in what sparse shade there was were four figures: a burly, purple-skinned and tattooed zombie, a man somewhere in his thirties with long red hair, a young lady with a nearly impractically long ponytail, and some blue spiky-haired teenage boy who most definitely wasn't anyone important.


The Academy's rules state that 'there must always be at least one teacher present in the events of a duel between meisters on school grounds'.


Out in the open to one side there stood a girl with a scythe in her hands. She had an almost mischievous expression on her face as she faced down her opponent, standing some twenty metres away. Unlike her, he seemed dead serious. Behind him were two other girls, one bouncing excitedly while the other waited patiently.


"Come on, what are you waiting for?!" Blackstar's distinct voice rang out. "I wanna see how you two compare to me!" He thrust his thumb up towards his face with a confident grin. "And I'm already the strongest in the Academy."


"Right!" Maka readied herself. "You ready, Soul?" She addressed the scythe.


"Yep! But don't ask me to fly, nor are we performing Kishin Hunter. Sid's orders, he doesn't want this going outta control."


Maka tore towards her opponent, looking to close the gap as soon as she could.


Kid waited patiently, calm, cold and calculating. He was going to let Maka in closer, just a bit, as she already lacked a bit in the mobility department. This was just a friendly duel, after all...


"Liz, Patty, transform!" The two girls behind him replied with a "right!" and a "'kay!" before they vanished in a flash of light, reappearing moments after as twin pistols in their meister's hands. They unleashed a flurry of wavelength bullets (because regular bullets aren't good enough), fending off Maka's first swing as Kid jumped back, before they were aimed to fire at the ground. The dust kicked up masked the surrounding area.


Only a second after that, the haft of the scythe suddenly doubled as a springboard - Soul's annoyed 'hey!' gave Maka enough information for her to know that Kid was coming in to attack her from behind, and so she spun on the spot, blocking a kick to the face with the handle and counterattacking with an upwards swing, clashing loudly with the pistols and forcing Kid to stagger back. Now having forced him into defensive play, Maka proceeded to go all out until a break in her precise swings gave Kid the opportunity to knock Maka's feet out from under her and slip behind her. Maka caught herself falling, yet it wasn't enough to save her from being pushed to the ground and pinned beneath Kid's foot.


Blackstar stared in disbelief. "Come oooon, that wasn't even a minute! Round two!"


Maka managed a laugh. "Suuuure..." As soon as Kid released her, she picked herself back up. "That was so... shoddy. Come on Soul, let's show this shinigami what we're really capable of!"


"I already know," Kid informed her, casually strolling away to the other end of their 'arena'. Once a satisfactory distance was achieved, he turned to face Maka once more, guns held at the ready.


"Kid, what's wrong?" Liz suddenly spoke, concern in her voice evident. "You're suddenly not resonating well with us."


Kid didn't respond, still aiming at Maka. Something wasn't right... whatever it was, maybe it shouldn't be ignored?


"Round two, c'mon guys!" Never one for the slower parts of a duel, Blackstar grew impatient easily.


With a small whimper, Kid suddenly collapsed to the ground. The pistols clattered on the stone, and nobody's mind was on the duel any more. Almost in unison, Sid, Spirit, Blackstar, Tsubaki and Maka carrying Soul rushed to their shinigami's side. Liz and Patty returned from their gun forms, Liz grabbing Kid by the shoulders. "Hey! What's wrong?!"


"I don't... feel too good." Kid tried to push himself up off the ground, only to find out he could barely move. Not only that, he was losing all feeling in his hands.


It was then that Maka noticed this bizarre effect appearing. Was it... it looked like disintegration? But how? Why? Was it magic, and were there even any witches who'd attempt something like this? She placed Soul on the ground (who promptly resumed his human form) and attempted to perceive any souls that shouldn't be there. Yet...


In the next minute, no matter what Sid and Spirit could do, no matter how much talking and begging came from Liz and Patty, after a gradual, confusing process that nobody could understand, Kid became engulfed in a dark mist, from which there then came a flash of light and a loud bang. With a cry of horror, Liz reached out only to find nothing but the stone floor upon which they stood.




Complete darkness. The ground appeared to drop away and Kid felt like he was falling, the voices of his friends still ringing loud and clear. But even they faded, until only this abyss remained. Silence, solitude... what was the passage of time like here? It seemed like there wasn't one. How much time had actually passed? What had even happened? Is this what Dad had experienced...?


All of a sudden, reality returned with a sudden burst of light. And a mere half second after, Kid crashed face first into stone, or was it wood? It was really hard to tell the difference with this sort of impact. All that he really knew for sure was that it really, really hurt. But at least he'd stopped falling.


Now he heard a growling, deep-throated panting sound. Daring to take a look around, Kid lifted his head only to see an orange dragon, muzzle raised upwards, tongue lolling out and chest heaving in some kind of draconic laugh. It wasn't the only dragon there... there was another just like it not far off. Several, actually. How many? Like sixteen? And a humanoid figure not far off, also on the floor, with an orange dragon approaching them. What was that dragon even planning to do...?


(How long did this take? Long enough. I ain't proofreading it @-@ Zerureusu coming soon)

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(that took around 2 1/2 hours oops)


(just using one charrie for now, adding in cv later and maybe a couple of other charries)


Kobra Kid heard both something near his tired and withered form and a second being crash into the floor as well, and Kobra let out a shaky breath as he screwed his eyes shut. No. Whatever was happening to him wasn't real. It couldn't be. Kobra tried to roll over but found himself letting out a yelp of pure pain, and he was sure he had broken a rib or something. At least bruised one. Yeah, he had hit the floor that hard. Bile rose up in his scarred throat once again, but he managed to swallow it all down before he could vomit once more, letting out a groan as his breaths heaved out of his tired chest.


And then, something touched him.


Although his eyes refused to open and his body almost froze entirely at this action, but he could feel something like an almost rock-like material poking innocently at his chest. A growling sound of what seemed like confusion emanated from whoever - or more like whatever - was doing this. Then Kobra finally found the energy within him to raise his arm carefully outwards towards whoever was touching him, only to carefully touch warm scales under his fingertips. That made his eyes flew open with shock, and his eyes were greeted with the sight of a confused dragon cocking their head at him.


Kobra almost screamed in shock as a slur of curse words poured out of his mouth, his legs uselessly trying to scrabble away from this beast but it seemed that both his legs weren't having it and the monster was holding him down against the ground, preventing him from skirting away. Kobra had to lay there in horror as this beast let out an almost chuckle and press down harder, right on the spot where his injury hurt the most, causing his face to twist up even more than it already was.


"Oh God oh God oh God please stop-" Kobra said through gritted teeth as he tried to push the dragon away, but to no avail, as the dragon chuckled again and seemed to press down harder, to which Kobra let out a moan of agony as pain pierced at his side. And that continued for a bit, before someone, by a wonderful miracle, called the dragon off and then the pain finally subsided as the dragon lifted their claw off of the weakened Killjoy and stepped back a bit. Kobra let out a shaky sigh as he lay his head back, trying to gather himself together over what the hell just happened. But he couldn't do that very well right in this moment, as his mind was tired from ordering his guts to spew out everything he had eaten in today and from what the hell just happened. His limbs felt heavy and weak, eyelids felt mostly the same as he closed them once again to give his eyes some much needed rest. He didn't really notice the other beings in the room, never mind the quietly freaking out lunatic in the corner over their new find, and the sixteen other dragons in the room. No, he was too tired from all this happening.

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(why are we both playing characters with 'Kid' in their name I can't even)


"WEEEEEELL now, what do we have here?" The same voice that had called a dragon off echoed out again, ricocheting off the hollow walls and fading into the shadows. "Noondhana, aren't you just loving this?"


The laughing dragon turned in the direction the voice was coming in.


"We got two catches! But first..." On what remained of a second story, somebody lit themselves a torch, the vague image of their face almost impossible to make out. "We should make sure they're not from elsewhere in Valkemare... That collection of bones is getting quite big enough."


Some of the dragons turned their heads toward a dingy corner. If one gave enough thought to that sentence, it could be assumed that had anyone unwanted been dragged in here, they were silenced very fast.


Wanting to know what in the world was happening, Kid began to stand up out of that rather significant crater he had caused, wiping away some blood from his nose and trying to identify the person speaking. Liz and Patty weren't here... nor anyone else he knew. This could get very unpleasant.


The dragon closest to him - Noondhana - swatted him back to the ground, planting a heavy, clawed paw firmly on his shoulders.


"You, over there! What's your name and where did you come from?"


The figure pointed directly at Kid.


"Why do you want to know? What do you want with me?"


At that response, Noondhana pushed down harder, clenching their paw so as to let the claws dig in. It was pretty evident that, without any means of defending himself, Kid had to at least answer this weirdo's question.


"I'll ask again." The voice had suddenly become dark and serious. "What is your name, and where did you come from?"


Kid attempted to push back against the dragon, hoping to maybe at least be able to breath. "Death the Kid, from Death City," he answered bluntly. There was a moment of silence.


"YES we got one! And you!" Now this was being addressed to the second individual. "You heard the question, yes? Answer it!"


(playing the crazy guy is fun |D )

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Kobra Kid froze up once again as the questions were directed straight towards the poor Killjoy, who had wrenched open his heavy eyelids to stare straight at whoever had been speaking to him. He was hesitant to answer, of course, being as this was a new situation and honestly Kobra has never been more frightened and confused ever in his short lifetime. He wanted to grab for his raygun, maybe even his helmet for protection against whatever these freaks might do to him, but alas his helmet had been thrown somewhere and his arms were too heavy to go and grab his raygun out from the holster on his hip. But he eventually answered the questions he had been asked anyways.


"Kobra Kid, one of the Fabulous Killjoys from the Zones, Old California, in 2019." Kobra said, looking at the person with narrowed amber eyes. "What is this place? How did I get here?" Kobra said wildly, finally noticing all the other creatures standing about in the room. "What are all these things? Where are my friends? Where in the ever-loving censorkip.gif am I? I answered your questions, now answer mine!" Anger was beginning to drip into Kobra's slightly accented voice, but it was too croaky to be at full-intimidation and yelling levels that Kobra's surprisingly loud voice could achieve. He tried to scrabble away, but the dragon from earlier threatened to advance on him and hold him down again (Kobra knew this dragon knew about this weird chest problem he had now that they had played with it), so Kobra didn't dare move again.

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"So you really wanna know?" The threatening figure appeared to stroke their chin in thought. "Well... given I was going to tell you two kids anyway..." They slammed a hand down on a piece of broken railing, letting the sound of rattling metal serve as a drumroll.


"Multiple universes!"


Kid groaned, grabbing his hair in frustration. Are we really going there?


The figure continued. "See, I had a theory. Worked on it for years, drawing up the algorithms, calculating the possibilities, believing in the impossible while everyone else just laughed at me... Now that I think about it, I did pretty damn well, if I do say so myself. I always did think I was skilled when it came to mathematics-"


"Dammit, just get to the point!"


The stranger gave Kid what was probably a falsely offended look before continuing with a flourish.


"And so, with the help of my amazing Magi friends - without them this would not have been possible - I made attempt after attempt to teleport someone, something, anything from another world. And then it was successful. That is why you're both here." The figure spread out their arms, as though in greeting. "Welcome to Valkemare! Now, if I could get a helping hand to move these two morons, I would like to make a second attempt. Who knows, we may get lucky twice! ...even if we don't, there're two bits of proof right here now."

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Kobra Kid was hoping to the Witch, to DESTROYA (because why not honestly), to whoever may be out there that his friends would be untouched by this absolute lunatic, and they'd be just fine where they are. He also hoped that he would return home soon, because this was very odd and be quite the tale to bring home to his makeshift family. But for now he pushed himself up so that he was sitting upon his knees, wincing in pain as his injury flared up again. But nevermind that, what he needed right now was his helmet.


"Where's my goddamn helmet?" Bit of a sailor mouth, Kobra is. Well, everyone on the Zones were, at least, because being so vulgar and rude with their speech was one of many acts of rebellion against the ways and works of Battery City and it's citizens. Kobra threw an angry glance around as his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room, trying not to twist around too much as again his injury kept flaring up. Whirling his head around behind him, he saw a ouple of dragons around the yellow of his helmet, curiously shoving it around and picking it up and such. It was clear they had never seen such an item like this before, and that just made Kobra scowl. "Hey! That's mine! Give it back!" He tried to appear unafraid of these large and definitely powerful beings, but his voice shook a little bit as he reached out for the helmet, the dragons giving him a weird look before carefully passing it over, to which Kobra quickly snatched it up and plopped it onto his head before it could be taken away again by the other curious dragons prowling about the room.


"Ah, that's much better." He whispered to himself, brushing some dust off the visor as he tried to stand up, but his knees buckled under the sudden weight and he very nearly fell into the puddle of his own sick. His injury burned at his side as he pushed himself up again, looking at the other for help because it was clear that he could walk with a help, but his side injury needed to be treated and quickly.

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Noondhana watched their fellow dragons elicit an amusing response from that 'Kobra' person. How they would love to play around with these two for a bit, but orders were orders and the caretaker had asked for the catch to be moved clear of the summoning field. There were three additional Magis camping out in a corner: dragons on standby specifically for a situation like this.


The dragon lowered their head, teeth bared and breath hot. Kid found himself being grabbed by the back of the collar, and then lifted off the ground. The dragon began to walk, slowly, aggravatingly slowly.


"Stop! Please stop!" Being carried this way was choking Kid, threatening asphyxiation. The dragon, of course, didn't stop, though they did decide to shake their head and just make the problem worse. Rugged paws drew to a stop next to Kobra - Noondhana stared down at him. In pain, huh?


"Let me go, you wretch!" Kid landed a well-aimed kick right at Noondhana's throat. Apparently that hit somewhere sensitive, as the dragon gave a grunt of annoyance and dropped the pest to the ground, nearly on top of Kobra. As though now irritated, Noondhana quit taking their time and simply opted to pick them both up and literally toss them over to the corner dragons, before sneering at them and stalking back to his designated area for the next teleportation attempt.


Kid crashed back-first against a wall, snatched from the air by the nearest dragon and slammed to the ground.


The figure spoke up again. They sounded vaguely annoyed, while also sounding like they were enjoying themselves a bit too much.


"Now then, no making things too hard for my dragons. They worked hard enough getting you here, show some gratitude. I don't need to keep you in perfect condition, or even alive... I just need you to show off to the ignorant world. You know, my dragons are partial to partaking in some bloodthirsty behaviour... I see no reason to not axe both of you if just one resists any further... and kicks any more of my dragons in the neck."

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Kobra Kid let out a muffled yelp of pain as he crashed against the wall, the helmet really doing a good job of protecting his head as the Killjoy fell still against the ground for minute due to the pain rolling through his weakened body. God, why can't he just get a break? He got pulled out of his beloved world to the screams of his best friend and thrown against the floor, the in process probably bruising his rib, threw up everywhere, fell weak, and now he gets chucked against the wall which is really not helping his situation here. As soon as he gathered enough strength to do something crazy, he reached inside his holster for his raygun and almost smiled when his fingers wrapped around the red grip and pulled it out, aiming it in the general direction of where the voice was coming from.


Silence surrounded the two humans as Kobra's finger threatened to pull the trigger, and even though he was no good at all with a raygun he was bound to hit something with the amount of dragons in here. He pulled back the hammer on the raygun with a satisfying clicking noise that echoed throughout the room, and smirked under his helmet at the quizzical expressions almost everyone in the room was giving him. "Whatever this is, whatever your intentions are, whatever ****ed up things are going on in your mind mister, I guarantee you you'll get ghosted." His voice was still slightly shaky, and his hands shook on his raygun as a well, but not as much as they may do. This was Kobra trying to seem intimidating, but then again the slight shaking of the hands as well as the voice gave it away that he still had little to now idea what the hell was going on and he was still frightened. Obviously, because honestly, who wouldn't in this situation?

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Kid listened and watched in alarm. This Kobra person was reckless!


The dragons had apparently been given another instruction, as their heads simultaneously bowed and the floor began to glow once more.


"That's enough," Kid warned Kobra, speaking under his breath lest the enemy heard. "Think about what you're doing and look at the situation. You'll be overpowered in moments if they all attack you." No matter how much of a sharpshooter Kobra may be, there were just... too many. Maybe if they worked together, they could escape this weird place.


The figure sidled out of sight as the light increased.

"I don't know what this 'ghosting' is, but you'd best be careful. My dragons are in the middle of another teleportation right now... And even I don't know what could come through."


Could the dragons be physically fought off? They were very strong, as their pinning abilities certainly showed. But at least hitting them in the throat seemed to bother them. Kid glanced at Kobra's raygun, and he would have then looked at the dragon pinning him if he could. Was that dragon vulnerable in any way?


The light suddenly increased, and then vanished. The sounds of two individuals hitting the floor echoed painfully out.


Kid recognised who they were immediately.


This was perfect.


The figure stepped out again, peering over the room. A pleased laugh made itself heard. "WEEEELL, would you lot look at that! Another two! This day has been very productive, has it not?"


Kid swept his arm out, vying for Kobra's attention. Using a few signs, he tried to communicate without anyone else noticing: Shoot this dragon!


"Now you!" The figure pointed out over the summoning ground. "What is your name, and where do you come from?"



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Kobra Kid could understand enough of what the other was telling him to do through his frantic and near-unreadable hand gestures, the other Kid was telling him to hoot at the dragon that was pinning him down. Kobra understandably hesitated for a quick moment, wondering if this was truly a safe thing to do. But he decided to screw it, he was going to get dusted anyways, and well why not now? Kobra then hesitated for a moment longer, trying to aim at the beast's general neck area, remembering when the other Kid kicked at that other dragon's neck. It seemed to him like some sort of weak spot, and if Kobra was correct this would sear and burn at it pretty bad. Hey, these things were powerful. That's why they costed 15,000 carbons. And why everyone on the Zones just stole from the vending machines that vended them.


And Kobra couldn't miss, he was in enough proximity to the monster that he'd definitely hit it somewhere. There was no way he would miss.


And as Kobra squeezed his finger down on the trigger, and the room lit up with the neon green bolt of light shooting out of the barrel, he realized he was right. As the bolt hit the dragon they let out a roar of pain as it seared at the dragon's scales, not enough to kill it (like it does with a human) but enough to cause some damage. As the dragon scrabbled it's claws at it's injury, in the process freeing the other Kid, all of the dragon's faces turned towards him, even the crazed lunatic stopped his speaking to turn and look at just what had happened to one of his 'friends'. Well, Kobra was dusted, he was sure of it. And it was just his luck that nobody else he knew came through the teleportation rig, so it was likely he was just going to get left behind by these people once the opportunity came to finally escape from these guys's grasps. Plus the fact that he was injured and it hurt to breathe, yeah, he was dead. Oh well. Hopefully the Witch would be able to come through this weird portal rig.

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(breakout attempt in 3, 2, 1...)


Without a moment's hesitation, Kid made a run for the two newcomers. The dragons, unsure what to do, managed to wait long enough for their leader to yell "Kill 'em all!"


"Liz! Patty!" Liz, upon hearing her name, tried to find the source. "...Kid?" Having only just got here, she was still dazed. She could hear Patty nearby, apparently recovered enough to coo over the 'adorable orange lizards over there'.


Kid dodged a lashing tail. "Liz, Patty, transform dammit!" They only had this one chance. He knew the girls would still be feeling the aftereffects of the teleport, but the sooner they got ahold of themselves, the better... clearly.


Fortunately, Liz did get ahold of herself, grabbing Patty by the arm and drawing her attention away from the dragons for a moment. "Ready for a good old fashioned brawl?"


"Okay!" With that cheerful response, Patty vanished in a flash of light and reappeared in Liz's hands - she immediately turned and fired at an oncoming dragon before quickly and smoothly transforming into a gun herself.


Kid caught both guns and promptly aimed one at the oncoming dragon, pulling the trigger and unleashing hell upon its stupid orange face. In the opposite direction, another dragon was approaching, jaws agape and a mere moment away from landing an attack - only to be also met with a series of blasts, this time from the second gun. With both opponents incapacitated and reeling, Kid spun around and rammed the barrel of a gun under the jaw of the nearest dragon, shooting it point-blank and sending the reptile flying several feet.


That Kobra person would need cover. Kid fired the guns across the room, making sure to send a shot in the direction of where that figure last stood. They had apparently fled the scene already... Classic sign of a cowardly enemy.

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"You're all ghosted!" Kobra Kid screamed, aiming his raygun at anything he could even remotely sight in and firing wildly at everything. A dangerous smile overcame his features as he shoved out all pain in his body, standing upright and forcing himself to move around quickly, as to avoid lashing nails and dangerous teeth and their hot breaths and just everything about these damn creatures after their heads. The familiar feeling of adrenaline pumped through his veins, aching for his lengthy legs to go faster and faster to avoid dangers. This strangely was exciting, fun, and thrilling. Kobra felt no longer afraid as he ducked, narrowly avoiding a grab from a nearby dragon, the place lighting up with the neon green bolts escaping from the end of his trusty raygun's barrel. All he could hear were the painful and aggravated roars of the dragons as they tried to get at the two (four? Where did the other ones go?) their near-glowing eyes filled with the rage of a thousand suns.


Kobra narrowly missed another swipe at him, and a claw aimed at his head/helmet, when out of the corner of his eyes he saw a glimpse of a humanoid-like person who he could only assume was the person from earlier quickly fumbling around behind the protection of a bigger orange dragon and disappearing seemingly into the darkness. Kobra knew that was the exit of some sort out of this room, what else could it possibly be? "There!" He yelled to the other Kid, pointing towards the general area of where the strange person had disappeared to. "Over there!" He yelled again in case the others didn't hear him as he shoved his raygun into a dragon's face, aiming for the eyes as he pulled the trigger, guessing by the roar that he had hit them. Or something. Right now he wasn't too focused on that, no, he was focused on getting out of here.

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The a neon bolt from Kobra's raygun whipped past Kid, crashing into a wall and further burning already burnt wood.


Not the best shot in the world... Still, no time for critism right now. The cry of "There!" and shortly after "Over there!" made itself heard, catching Kid's attention enough that he could see Kobra pointing off somewhere. Kid fired several rounds in that direction: they lit up the darkness just enough to reveal a fast-moving, vague shape. That had to be the jerk leading this whole charade.


With Kobra seemingly holding his own, Kid gave chase. Swiping claws and gnashing teeth followed close behind. The rickety structure of the walls copped a blow from a dragon and, unable to take it, collapsed, bringing down with it half the ceiling and sufficiently fencing off the dragons, at least for a bit.


On the other side of the rubble, Kid continued to chase after the figure. The building was truly beginning to lose its structural integrity by this point, one side almost completely blown in.


Kid came to an abrupt halt.


"Wh-what is it?" Liz spoke up, surprised by the sudden stop.


"The walls..."


Liz gave a cry of annoyance. "WHAT?! Not now, you idiot! You're chasing the enemy, remember? Hey, are you listening? Get ahold of yourself!"


Patty chimed in. "They're getting away!~ Kyahahaha!~"




"But don't you see?" Kid stood comparing the walls. "They're supposed to be symmetrical... But some disgusting individual destroyed this wall over here. That beam should go there, mirroring that one. This bit here matches that over there. Back there is the other half of that decorative arch." He dropped to the ground. "This room is supposed to be perfectly symmetrical, but it's ruined..."

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(oh no xd.png)


Kobra Kid launched himself out of the way as the bunker seemed to collapse, collapsing to the ground himself in a mess of a heap as he forced himself upwards, sending a glare through his visor at the other Kid. Now it really hurt to breathe, and move around even, and he knew that running around like that earlier and just pushing the pain out of his mind was not the best idea. But hey, what else could he do? "We need to get out of here." Kobra growled, his voice shallower, stating the obvious as he shoved the other Kid. "Stop focusing on petty things as symmetry, kid, those dragons are going to roast us alive if we don't ****ing leave right now." Kobra said, lifting up his visor to get some fresh air even though it hurt to do so. His amber eyes flitted around the place, looking for any notches or weird marks in the wall that would signify an exit. His heart was still racing in his chest, beating harshly against the injury he had received and he fought off a wince as he trailed his hand against the wall.


"Don't just stand there, do something!" Kobra shouted in an awfully harsh voice for a person like him towards the others, flicking down his visor as he verbally gestured to the growls and scratching noises echoing from the other side of the bunker. Those dragons were angry, rageful even, and Kobra surely did not want to be here when they finally escaped from their cage.

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