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The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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Anyone interested in this little Black-Cap who wants to know if you're paying for his lunch?




Will go to the AP if it is still here in the morning.

Gone to the AP 'cause I needed the space.


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Gold fail red egg up for grabs if anyone is interested. Might have been cooler if it's code was efFyu (sounds like f you) but instead the code is efFyo. Hipster dragon maybe yo dig me? Will be tossed into the AP in a few hours.





I made a boo boo up above. The code is efFy0 not yo at the end


2ND EDIT: Tossed to AP

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New ACC dragon

Elly May ClaMpett ii


:lol: Apparently there is another dragon out there named Jed Clampett because I had to add the generation marker to get the name to work.

Oops! Never mind! Just realized she's a girl and probably doesn't want to be known as Jed! :P


And another famous name:

JVLiE Andrews i

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How about this?

New ACC dragon(s)

H33wO World


I've got quite a few actually but I think they're too cool on second thought. Here's another though.


uNwtf is the deal with Brexit

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