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The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

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New ACC dragon(s)

Trotsky's sGUdI Two-Shoes

Trotsky's 22BaH Humbug - on a holly, no less! XD

The Art of FeNgS Shui

Trotsky's LA7Zy-Boy who of course misgendered for his lineage. Suits the name...

Trotsky's NiNEi Ladies Dancing

Trotsky's Visions of the FTURy

Trotsky's Winnie the p0O0D


P.S. Love your Lordy of Time, @Orange Sunrise! Apt that it's a chrono! :) 

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New ACC Dragon(s)

Never looked too closely at codes back in the day, so here's some oldies (and a few newer 5-letters)

I was so close to being a eool code, DrNiT!

There is no dragon here, you see only ajUg.

Aww, the cute dragon is so FUff-y!

After playing too much Final Fantasy, he is now a member of the ExFF8 group.

Pffft, she's just geIi that he got the prize instead.

Hello there, my name is EL0I.

OMG, she is so LQZY!

That cute little dragon is SPoY-led rotten!

It's Christmas, so I'm going to eat like a PIgk!

Hey, it's time for bed! Turn the lights OFFiu!

Such a kind soul, may he jRiP. (Kind of want to zombie this one.)

You think the monster only ate them? No, he 8YEWt-oo!

Can you find him online? Yes, he's onFB, just send a message.

You tha real Mvipi.

Hey, I'm not Ev1J, I protect eggs!

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1 hour ago, Orange Sunrise said:

@Lagie Thank you! I thought the name would fit perfectly. By the way, I love your Bah Humbug and Nine Ladies Dancing!

Thanks!: D

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