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((Multiverse)) Valkemare: The Everlasting Past

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((No support. Partly because I... Honestly don't understand what you want to do, partly because this doesn't sound like it would tie in with more complex motivations.

Why would it only escape when all the everlasting are killed, anyway? Wouldn't it be the strongest when all the everlasting are alive?))

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((I'm not sure what the boss plan is...? I didn't know the great evil was bound by anything, and I'm not sure how neutral and negative emotions don't equate to the evil that people would otherwise be due to this thing sucking the good out of them. Also, is the thing corrupted good, or an evil that's corrupting good? O.o I'm confused.))

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(...so like a Dragons of Deltora gig? Eh....I'll have to go with a no on this one.


Kyle's uniform. Don't worry, I have full consent of the person who's image I'm using. And forgot to mention that Kyle landed in front of the healing hut where the others are. )


Elphaba drew closer to the small little town, which turned out to be surprisingly full of people. She tilted her head down; just because a disturbance due to her skin would be inevitable, didn't mean she couldn't take any measures to avoid it. The rim of her hat protected most of her face-view, and as she grew closer she clutched the Grimmerie tighter. But she hadn't gotten into the town before she caught the sound of another set of footsteps. She stopped suddenly, and sure enough, someone was headed towards her. Preparing herself for the chance of conflict, she turned to face the stranger.


"Looking for shelter as well?" She said, her voice cold and mistrusting.




An unwelcome pounding woke him from his unconscious state. Opening his eyes a crack, the images waved and blurred. He tried to lick his lips to find a split bottom lip and a dry mouth. His hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat, especially under the shako. Something sharp poked him in the arm, and he pulled his arm away. Slowly, his vision cleared, and he suddenly felt the stares of many eyes. "Sorry for ruining the show, guys." He rasped...before seeing a set of claws. A jolt ran through him and he scrabbled up; though his limbs ached. His shiny baritone was in his gloved hands, with its first dent right on the rim and the mouthpiece in it. The plume was still in the shako, standing tall in the air. To the people of this world, he could look like a foreign soldier.


Standing all around him were strange people. And dragons. Dragons! But...dragons didn't exist! Kyle looked around him, seeing villagers and dragons of various sizes and types. "H-how...where..." He stammered, then swore.

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So toys don't exist here, at least under that name. It was disappointing in how the concoction she took wouldn't do much-


"Not that the panacea you just drank would be ineffective, since it will prevent further damage to your system for the moment... How would you apply toys anyway?" Sir Qaksh wondered.


Ah, good. Michelle glanced down again at her leg and that black substance. So it was a magical poison. What was the distinction, anyway? "Toys from where I come from are little bottles which can simply be crushed. A part of the magic used in creating them helps the substance absorb into your body, or at least that's what I heard," Michelle explained. Should I add a bit more? "I come from a place that has many monsters, so a lot of what we use for healing ourselves are meant to be quick and easy."


As she finished, the light blue dragon started to stir and panic again. The white dragon getting mad and snapping at him certainly didn't seem to help and only served to make him more panicked. In fact, Michelle wondered if he even had a state other than panic.

But there was nothing attacking him or trying to attack him, so why did he start to run away again? Despite Luko's words, after all, she hasn't made any threatening movements. Michelle started to reach out telepathically to try and reassure him--


The purple snake-bug critter had draped itself across her and was trying to do something with a pair of those blade arm things. Michelle stopped cold, watching him. What was he doing, working at a spot at her left hip?

Almost instinctively, Michelle hooked her arm under him and shoved him back. What was going on with it? Her left hip didn't... Was it her lantern? Michelle felt around the spot it was messing with... Her pocket? She undid the zipper and... There was a bit of paper-wrapped bison jerky she had in there.

Michelle felt a bit guilty about pushing the critter off her now. After all, it was nothing but friendly before, and even when it was crawling on her, it was only hungry. Rather like a strange, scaley dog. She held out the jerky to it... What was that?


"There's a commotion outside of some sort," Michelle said neverously. They weren't here for her, were they? No, no, this world never heard of Cyphers... But she couldn't help but feel nervous about it.


((Dusky, out of curiosity, is Ether not using any magic because he's out of mana?))

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((Reply to Esko. Ask yourself questions on how your characters would interact. Would your dragons react to Kyle's swear? Would your dragons hear and answer his question?))

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((Thanks Pyro, that advice really helped.


To answer other questions - basically the thing was good corrupted into a twisted, evil version of itself. After all, if we had Evil runnning around, why not Good? The reason Good is corrupted... well, it's one of the Eberlasting imprisoned aeons ago by the mortals (the imprisoned Everlasting are all except Evil and Creation - Silver Shield is a pseudo-Everlasting, not a true one), whereas Shadow is the kne who imprsoned Evil the first time.


Evil isn't bound by anything any longer, though - hence the current events.


@Esko - Deltora Quest? Hmm, I'll have to look that one up. Never read it.))


Pitch blew more hot air, recognizing the word. Master said it when he was angry. Master hit others aometimes. The little Boack summoned a weak spell, creating a spear. Granted, it was insubstahtial, but hopefully he'd think it was corporeal...



Dreamer yelped, backing up with her wings flred.


ThpughPitch was curious. Why didn't he know where he was? Everyone knew this was Galsreim - but odd things were happening. Things that shouldn'tge here were.


Pitch decided to try and press her advantage of looking to have a spear - well, it was only an advantage if he thought it could hurt him. Still. She needed to know.


"Where are you from, and why don't you know where you are?"




Stephen backed up, dwciding he didn't want to get hexed.


"No..." the mage said.


She didn't seem to trust him. Really, he couldn't blame her. They'd just met, after all.


Wht atill concerned him was the fact he didn't recognize the dog creatures. There were no reports of mna-mutayed animals in the area. And he swire he could snell blood.

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((Hi! So, is this still open? I'm assuming from the topic's subtitle that you are still accepting character sheets, and I see a few around, so I'm going to leave a few here.


Name: Zeditha

Gender: Female

Universe: (Dragon Cave, Spore, Pikmin, wherever your character is from)

Species: Whiptail

Alignment: Well, she wants Valkemare to go back to normal. So, neutral good, I guess.

Appearance: Pretty much like any normal Whiptail; she has green eyes and a few small marks around her belly, the same light blue as her back markings.

Personality: --How detailed does this have to be? I have a tendency to figure out who my characters are as I go. At most I start with a general idea.-- Protective, scared but determined to get Valkemare back. Not really a fighter; little pain tolerance. Used to hunting, though, so battle skills should be... there.

History: She's a wild dragon, and has many children. Several have been stolen by humans, but most have grown up and are living their own lives. Her latest clutch was of three, and will hatch in several days. She's desperate to have the world-saving wrapped up so she can be back to care for them when they hatch.

Extra: She lived in the Forest. In case that matters.


Name: --undecided--

Gender: (Male? Female? Genderless? Etc)

Universe: (Dragon Cave, Spore, Pikmin, wherever your character is from)

Species: (Are they a Soulpeace? An Umbreon? An original species?)

Alignment: (Chaotic Good? True Neutral? Lawful Evil? Dark Legion?)

Appearance: (If non-DC dragon/human character, post an image. If original species, post image or detailed description. Also mention any changes of appearance from the image or norm for their species)

Personality: (How does the character act?)

History: (What happened in their past?)

Extra: (Anything you have to say that is not covered elsewhere in the form?)


I want a second character, hence second sheet, but haven't thought of who I want to be. I'll fill it later.))

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((Yep, still accepting. Zeditha the Whiptail's accepted! Yea, personality difficulties happen - another player's got similar in this RP. And even worse is me as another RP's GM, where my personality section got completely invalidated because I couldn't play that type of personality... heh heh...


I'll add you to the OP and check back for the other sheet; no rush to finish it.


Edit: Done. Feel free to start RPing her.))

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Qaksh dropped a new bottle of liquid beside Michelle in a hasty manner, and it wobbled dangerously before settling on the table. He then dove back behind the counter, only to emerge seconds later with a long piece of rope between his jaws. Living with a short-tempered alchemist made him somewhat more proactive, and he thought Luko would appreciate it if he offered to tie their rowdy guest down before he ended up digging through the cabin floor.


The white dragon was growing increasingly annoyed judging by her feathers standing on end and her wings becoming dangerously unfurled. White dragons were usually pacifists, though Qaksh knew this particular one was prone to bursts of temper. The commotion outside was short and neither dragon thought it would be of any danger to the shop but just to be sure, the Magi quickly began to list anything they might have owned or done that would have been remotely illegal, just to rule out the possibility that it would be the city guard looking for them.


"I figured it would be a good idea to keep him still," Qaksh said as he dropped the coil of rope to the floor and picked one end up with his talons. "Help me hold him down."


Luko scoffed. The bulkier magi was the one who should do all the holding down. "You could just sit on him while I tie his feet up."


((Plot twist: Eternal manages to run away while they're busy arguing about this.))

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((Eternal Panic nooooooo!

As for the boss idea, I'm still not sure how I feel about it... the only thing I can pinpoint my confusion on though is how pure good managed to end up corrupted? o: Seems odd, and it would also null any benevolence our heroes have toward saving Valkemare, which nullifies saving it in the first place. Either that or I'm just misunderstanding what's going on.))


The creature squirmed a bit, pausing only to see that the pale being was starting to thrash more; for the moment though, it wasn't a threat, and the creature's mind prioritized him lower than this new thing he was smelling. Green Shard also had priorities though.

The creature felt his grip slip from the sealed, nice-smelling spot as the being lifted him up from underneath and let him drop to the floor. He hit it with a soft thump, and squirmed a bit so he wasn't belly-up.

He wanted the tasty thing! This wasn't right!

He chirped a bit and righted himself, stretching out his head frill before collapsing it flat against his round head. He looked up and tried to get a good view of where he was.

Green Shard was looking at the spot he was investigating. The being somehow unsealed the pocket, reached inside, and pulled out something wrapped in a thin cloth of some sort... The object was stared at briefly before it was held out to him, and the creature tasted the air around it.



The creature snatched the object from her with his top two foreclaws, pinching the stiff object between his claws and immediately going at it with his jaws, sawing away at the strip. The flavor of it smacked him in the face and made him stop in shock, headfrill flaring up in surprise; The taste was indescribable! It was unlike anything the creature had tasted before! Some sort of undertone in the flavor reminded him of the red sticky stuff he had tasted earlier, but the tanginess was extremely toned down, and complimented with a sweetness. There was also a new flavor he hadn't had before: savory. He enjoyed the savory very much.

Working at the strip of protein took some effort though, ceaselessly gnawing like a praying mantis with a caught ant, and even when the creature did manage to take a piece off it was only a morsel that made him want to eat more. There had to be a solution to this... chewing it all up on the spot wasn't working.


The creature rotated the strip a bit and found that it tore in a rather unique way, and by using his jaws he could slice up strips to swallow whole. After several successful tries of this the creature resorted to it, and it wasn't long before he had decimated most of the protein strip. But now there was this thin, fragile folded thing that he was left with... it reminded him a plant matter, but he didn't recognize it in this form.

As far as he was concerned though, it was edible. So he ate it.

Hm... dry and sharp, but quickly disintegrates into a pulp. Bland and flavorless aside from what the protein strip has left inside it. It wasn't as great as the strip. He didn't like it.


Once the create was done with his meal he cleaned his claws with his jaws and sat for a moment. It was delicious, even with the dry stuff, but could he find more of it? He sat and contemplated, and for a moment everything felt... weird. Like it had slowed down, but not enough to matter. Then his head felt kind of itchy... that hasn't happened before.

Promptly rubbing his head with his foreclaws, the creature looked up at Green Shard curiously, before looking back over at the scene behind him. It looked like things were becoming heated here, though Green Shard was also looking behind itself... herself... as though there was something going on outside this box. Wow, a very large box, wasn't it? Not knowing what was going on, the creature looked between Green Shard and Orange Glow, seeing if either of them had any visual cues to indicate danger or something else equally startling, but since neither had reacted yet he decided to push the caution to the back of his mind. Instead, he looked at Green Shard, wanting more of those protein strips, but unsure how to ask... Mind-noise communication, maybe?

He relaxed his head frill and thought up an image with the strip in it, then tried sending it to Green Shard by looking directly at her. He wasn't sure if the mind-noise worked last time, so he might as well try again. In case he didn't grab her attention, he crawled over to her leg and started nipping at the coverings on her feet.


((OOC knowledge: Lolek used the jerky to grow enough brainpower to efficiently communicate, since that's kind of important. xd.png He'll become more fluent later on.


EDIT: Changed the ending a bit, since after some reflection I decided it didn't fit his character well enough.))

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"No..." was all the man had said in response to her question, followed by an uneasy pause. Without another sound, Elphaba turned and left the man standing there. She didn't have time to chit-chat with a stranger, she had to enchant a broom and get out of the middle of nowhere. Pulling the brim of her hat even more downward to shroud her face from view, she walked into the town at last. What she was surprised to find were dragons. The only dragon she had heard about was the Clock of the Time Dragon, and even that wasn't a real creature made of flesh, sinew and scales. The other thing hat surprised her? The boy that seemed to be causing quite the commotion. Couldn't have been older than fourteen, yet he was dressed rather like a foreign soldier, carrying some sort of bugle with...buttons? An interesting instrument indeed. He seemed to be bewildered, looking at the dragons like he'd never seen them before.


Curious, Elphaba walked to the edge of the developing crowd in front of the hut.




A crowd was gathering, and people were pointing and gawking. Kyle felt his cheeks begin to pinken, and he began to feel rather uncomfortable. The uniform's thick polyester didn't help anything.


"Where are you from, and why don't you know where you are?"


The question came from a small black dragon with a creme-colored belly, holding a spear. The weapon worried him a bit, and he shuffled the tiniest bit with nerves. He didn't feel like telling a strange dragon-creature where he came from in front of a large group was a good idea. "Um, why don't I know where I am? Uh..." In all honesty, he didn't know how to answer that. He was confused? Would that suffice as an answer? "Uh, I was on Earth a while ago. How long did I sleep?" He rubbed the back of his head, forgetting the shako was there for a moment, before feeling its material under his fingers.

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((Thinking up post. For now, might as well as leave a char sheet here.


Name: Isadora... Nyx? She doesn't have a last name from what I know.

Gender: Female.

Universe: DFO, though as of currently she got herself into a mishap in Flight Rising

Species: Currently a fae dragon. Still considers herself human.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: I don't want to describe her.

Personality: She tries her best to be kind and respectful to everyone she meets, though she definitely strains to do so when people aren't extending the courtesy to her. Has a snarky streak in her, but she usually isn't mean-spirited with her quips and generally doesn't take herself too seriously.

When the Godzilla threshold gets reached, however, she becomes much more serious and her calculating side shows much more.

She's actually a very proud person. There are several ways you can "pierce her armor," so to speak, but she also happens to have a bad temper. She can usually keep it under control, but if she actually shows her proud side, it means things are at a head, you made her very angry, and now you will pay.

Abilities: Has a plethora of spells at her disposal, not all combat-related, as well as the knowledge to brew a few... Dangerous concoctions. However, and she will proudly admit this, she is a summoner, so a lot of her power comes from her connections with elemental spirits.

Many of her quicker spells aren't directly damaging (not to say she doesn't have any), but they cover a lot of ground and have a debilitating effect.

Whenever she casts a spell, a rune of light, water, fire, or darkness appear near her and float near her. She can use these runes to augment the spells she casts.

She's extremely adept at using a transport spell called phase shift.


One issue is that as of currently, she's infuriated by how her internal mana reserves are absolutely abysmal compared to before.

All her summoning-related spells are useless due to being too far from her home. She can still cast them, but it's mostly pointless as the summons can't get to where she is.

History: Nothing too big, an exile and getting mind-controlled for several years under the tentacle(s) of a evil octopus aside. After that particular incident, she spent a few years in depression before coming to terms with it a bit before said octopus broke out of his seals and attacked again. A little below a month after that, she was part of the group of people where she lived that caught a mysterious illness that apparently had something to do with part of their soul being caught by a malevolent force at the Iced Wall.

Some time after that, she was conducting some experiments when she fell into a interdimensional rift and got transformed into a fae dragon during the process. After a good while, she finally found enough objects she can take mana from to open another rift, which lead her here.

Extra: Has a tic where she opens and closes her hand oddly when thinking. She's absentmindedly opening and closing a book, whether she has one or not.


Is it alright if I had Eternal Shadow mess up with a character and accidentally dump her into the Flight Rising world before EShadow realized her mistake?))

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((@Pyro -approved. Note to dp that, ESh made a time goof, so it'll be easier to accidentally drag someone else from FRverse. (Not making any promises, but a NPC might show up... depowered if they're too OP.) I'll edit with post in a few. In the meantime, do not expect me to post between sometime tomorrow and sometime Tuesday - getting new modem.))


Pitch stared. "...what is Earth? And what dort of nonsense are you on?"


Dreamer flyffed up her wings, vefire taking a deep breath and speaking. "What Pitch means is that there is no place called 'Earth' on Valkemare, and we just saw you there."


Pitch huffed at Dreamer, still levitating the illusory spear. Then she turned back to the human. "Well? What are you here for, and are you affiliated with those shadow dogs?"




Raised voices, angry voices. They weren't happy.


Of course, that only eserved to scare him more. He slipped on blood. Scrabbled on the floor, leaving more claw marks in it.


Eternal Slumber scrabbled away from the voices. His claws felled a table before he was standing up... well, more like standing on three legs. And then he limped away.


He went as fast as he could, before slamming into the door, so focused on the source of the voices was he. It swung farther open from its former slightly open state.


Light. Light. Open air. He fled into it. He could hear crowds, see crowds. Once again he tried to fly, but he couldn't. Run, run. Run. That was what Peace did.

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(Plot-twist-twist: ES slams into Kyle, allowing Quak and Luko to catch him again.)


Name: Dr. Stephen Strange

Gender: Male

Universe: The Marvel Universe

Species: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: [X]

Personality: While not nearly having as large of an ego as he used to -and certainly being more humble than he was- Strange retains a degree of cockiness when dealing with people or things. This, paired with his inquisitiveness and his willingness to break rules, allows him to be more willing to compromise and to be flexible with his own principles. He is relatively selfless, having apologized to his coworkers for his past treatment of them. Having sworn an oath as a doctor to save lives, Strange doesn't like the idea of killing others with his own hands. However, he has begrudgingly accepted the fact that sometimes, he will have to kill others. He has a photographic memory, a trait that allowed him to earn his MD and PhD at the same time.


-Strange can travel through different dimensions, one example being the Mirror Dimension.

- Strange is able to create, shape and manipulate Eldritch Magic. He demonstrated the ability to form Eldritch Whip, and Mandalas of Light.

-Strange can create fiery portals to teleport to different places using a device called a "Sling Ring". These are also used to travel inter-dimensionally and across different universes and planes of reality. Eternal Shadow knew of this, of course, and created a bubble around Valkemare to keep Strange from teleporting back home.

-Strange has the ability of transmutation, demonstrated when he turned Thor's cup of tea into a mug of beer due to the latter's comment about not favoring tea.

-Strange has the power of astral projection, allowing his spirit to enter the Astral Dimension.

-Using the Cloak of Levitation, Strange can fly and float. He is also able to use it to slow down a fall. The cloak seems to partially have a mind of its own...

History: Stephen Strange studied his way to the top, becoming a world-famous neurosurgeon. However, he was known for being arrogant and having a huge ego, despite being a brilliant doctor. His life was flung out a window when he got into an accident, severely damaging his hands- thus rendering him unable to continue his work as a surgeon. Devastated and broken, Strange searched desperately to find someone who could cure his hands and return him to his former life and glory. His search led him to Kamar-Taj, where he had a fateful meeting with the Ancient One. After she projected him through several dimensions, refused to help him, and let him in after he waited on her doorstep for four hours, he had begun training as a sorcerer. His original intent was to heal his hands, but over time -and after one or two encounters with the Zealots- he decided to defend the Earth instead. He had a natural affinity for the mystic arts, and despite his inexperience, he was raised to be Defender of the New York Sanctorum, one of the barriers that protected Earth from mystical threats. After the death of the Ancient One, he rose to become the Sorcerer Supreme.


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Oh, and I forgot to mention, but she has a skull tipped "staff" with her that she uses for casting magic. Technically it's a rod, but it's bigger than she is right now.))


The purple beastie looked at the jerky she held, then seemed to taste the air around it. It took only one or two probes with its tongue before he reacted with glee and more or less snatched the jerky--and the paper--from her hand. She watched as he went at the strip, looking for all the world like he wanted to cram the entire thing in his mouth. A few seconds of watching, and the critter's headfrill perked up.


At the same time, the sounds outside were getting clearer and louder. Michelle bit her lip as she tensed up and turned towards the door. What was going on outside anyway?... Someone was confused?

A clonk sound made her look back to see Sir Qaksh drop a bottle precariously beside her before diving under the healer's desk. She looked at the bottle dubiously for a moment before taking it and pouring herself a cup. Well, wouldn't hurt to try, anyway... It didn't have as strong of a taste as the last one, at any rate, and her leg felt better almost immediately.


"Thank you, Lady Luko," Michelle said, though the white dragon didn't seem to be in the mood for talking. The light blue dragon seemed to be waking up and panicking again... Odd, she still didn't feel a hint of mana from him. She stood up, noting that though still shaky, her leg wasn't stinging like before and was about to walk over to the door when she suddenly got a mental image of the jerky. Then again, but a little more faint. Huh?

Then an odd feeling made her look down to see the critter nipping her boots. Was it just a coincidence?

"Sorry, my other pocket only has a bit of change," she apologized, then gave him a rub on the head. That was what you did with animals, right?


Michelle took a breath to steel herself, then pushed open the door a crack. There was a crowd. A large crowd at that too, with humans and dragons in it. Michelle swore her stomach dropped to the floor at the sight, even though there really couldn't have been more than 20 people or dragons there.


"... A while ago. How long did I sleep?"


She didn't notice until now, but there was a young soldier everyone was staring at, the one who just spoke. He sounded confused, and she was gathering her composure to speak when--CRASH! Something (that panicked blue dragon?) rammed into her from behind, making her fall on the door and push it open, simultaneously sending her tumbling into the dirt. Whatever that something was, it wanted out, and fast. Michelle tried to roll out of the way a bit, but all she got for trying was what felt like a foot to the stomach.


((.... In my defense, at the beginning of the post, I did not plan for Michelle to get trampled by a dragon. It was only when I remembered that the door was closed did events lead to this happening.))

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An alarm screamed in the room, waking the groggy Stephen Strange from a deep sleep. He couldn't recall if he'd had a dream or not. It had only been three days since his face-off against Dormmamu, and there hadn't been any other threats in the time afterwards. It was something Strange was grateful for; after the fight -not to mention being stuck in a time loop, getting killed multiple times- he was ready to rest for a while. One part of him wanted to sleep for half the day, but his position as Sorcerer Supreme wouldn't allow that. He slid out of bed and stood up, stretching his limbs and his back. He went through the usual readying routine; showering, getting dressed, grooming his hair. The Cloak floated from its hanger and onto his shoulders, fitting itself snugly into position. Strange cast it a glance before sitting down at his desk and punching the passcode into his computer. He absentmindedly stuck his razor and comb into his pocket after using them that morning.


He was typing an email when suddenly, his shaky hands completely froze. Furrowing his eyebrows, he tried to stand up...to discover that he could not move. The last movement he made was a desperate thrust, which only succeeded in knocking him and the chair he was in onto the floor. He lifted his frozen body off of the ground with the Cloak, but suddenly it began to freak out, making sudden movements in the air. "Stop it!" He commanded the relic, but something bad was happening. A tingling spread throughout his body, growing stronger and stronger. Someone had heard his shouts, since the pounding of running footsteps thudded outside. Wong flung open his door, but before the Master could say anything, Strange blacked out...and vanished.




A dead, barren landscape was all around, as far as the eye could see. The sky was dark, and yet there was not a glimmer of a star in it. Strange looked around, the Cloak shivering on him. It was afraid, clearly afraid. The sorcerer walked around a bit, whistled a few notes, looked around. And then, finally a voice resounded. A voice, quite like Dormmamu, except more...scratchy, and much less deep.


Welcome.... to my land. Your world... has outlived its light. My children, darkened by the aeons, and by those who have done them wrong, have awakened a powerful evil. An evil, born of the Multiverse’s evil. You mortals are resourceful. Such a pity your world will end. But it must end.


Strange raised an eyebrow. "That's a lot of evil. So, this is your land?" He turned around, looking for the source of the speaker. "It's rather empty. Maybe you should decorate it? Some flowers, a field of grass, maybe some stars?"


I advise you keep your trap shut. I have a powerful speech for you, and I'd rather not be interrupted. I am a lot more powerful than you could ever imagine. Now, he saw the speaker. A creature that was constantly changing shape, with piercing white eyes and looking to be darker than the sky. The kind of dark that you would experience in an underground cave, where you cannot even see the hand in front of your face. Yes, that kind of dark. And it certainly did not look amused.


"Oh, are you Dormmamu? You seem to have gotten a makeover. Quite the improvement, if I may add. Though hope you're not breaking your promise and trying to consume the Earth." He wished he had been wearing the Eye of Agamotto when he had..warped here. Oh well.


Shut UP! The entity sent out a wave of wind, nearly knocking Strange off his feet. I am nowhere near as insignificant as that little whelp you call Dormmamu. All will be explained in due time. It took a breath to continue, though Strange felt that it was more for emphasis than for the need to breathe.


Your world is lost to the cruel aeons. Cruel aeons that have done it wrong before. Aeons before Valkemare, there was a Multiverse. These dark remnants are all that is left of that once-glorious Multiverse. Valkemare must end. It seems glorious, but it will end. I shall bring a new world. A new world, where I am the only God. Where your memories never were. But yet you mortals are determined. Determined to live. To let your world live. I who allowed your creation... respect this. You have... a chance to save your world. Do not squander it. If you wish to let your world see another aeon, you must kill the Everlasting of old. They, who are my children, they have been corrupted. They must be replaced. The evils that have escaped must be destroyed. Or sealed for all time. If you fail, your world dies, to be replaced. I... am the True, Eternal Shadow. The world ends with... you.


"This all sounds rehearsed." Strange remarked. "That actually doesn't explain much. What's Valkemare? Am I the only one? Where am I going?"


Valkemare is where you shall be headed.


"Maybe you should edit your speech for the next person you snatch, Dormmamu. Explain a bit more."


I am not DORMMAMU! The creature shrieked, before slamming the ground and splitting it beneath him. The Cloak tried to lift him up, but somehow he dropped below, fading into unconsciousness...



The whistling of wind aroused him from his knocked-out state. Strange slowly opened his eyes to see the day sky above him. Part of him hoped it was all a bad dream...but then he realized he was falling. Falling through the sky, and fast. Letting out a surprised yell, he slowed himself down in the air...but it was too late. He crashed through a roof, his shoulder striking a hard floor before the rest of him followed suit. He clenched his jaw and grunted in pain, laying there on the floor. He might have hit something -or someone- on his way down, but he didn't register it. He muttered a swear, before standing up and brushing himself off...




If anything surprised him, it was when the dragon asked what Earth was. The planet that we live on, obviously. He raised an eyebrow, more confused than ever. How could one not know what Earth was? "M-maybe my food was laced with a dose of LSD? It'd explain all the dragons I'm seeing..." He muttered the last part.


The feathery smalldragon spoke up. "What Pitch means is that there is no place called 'Earth' on Valkemare, and we just saw you there." Kyle recalled the edgyshadowthing mention a Valkemare. Was this place 'Valkemare'? Don must've gotten his hands on LSD and played a sick prank on me. No way this is real.


"You just...saw me there? Like, I appeared out of thin air?" Kyle asked, uncertainty in his tone.


The black smalldragon spoke again. "Well? What are you here for, and are you affiliated with those shadow dogs?" That question made him pause.


"Sh-shadow dogs? What the actual f***?" He'd never heard of shadow dogs before. Yep, LSD. "I-I have no clue what you're talking about..."


Suddenly, the sound of a door bursting open made Kyle turn around. Big mistake. A larger version of the feathery smalldragon crashed into him and knocked him over, onto his back. He felt something snap inside of him -a rib, probably- and pain shot through. He looked at the baritone, and luckily it was unharmed. No dents, no scratches. Kyle sighed in relief; he'd rather not owe the school 2,100 bucks for a damaged baritone. He coughed as the air was knocked out of him, and he struggled to regain it.




Elphaba watched the scene with curiosity, and quite a bit of concern. A dragon had rushed out of the hut, pushing a woman through and knocking the boy-soldier onto the ground. Out of the corner of her eye, she also spotted a man with a cape crash through the roof of that very hut. She was sure that it would be a very memorable day for the villagers there, with all these sights. Especially for a remote village in the middle of nowhere- surely eventful things did not happen often. Looking at the woman again, Elphaba saw that she was keeled over in a curled position, trying to regain breath. The boy also seemed to be trying to breathe again, after being knocked over by something much bigger than a horse. She walked to the woman and held out her hand to help her up.


(Happy 2,000th post. Now I get a fancy custom title. Whee.


I hope you don't mind the extra dialogue I added in when Strange dreamed. I felt like he would be a smart*** in that moment, and I didn't think Shadow would take too kindly to it. xd.png)

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((I'm... not entirely sure. I did go into "waiting stasis" though, so that's partially my fault.))


Green Shard acknowledged him! Although, in his interest of catching her attention, it wasn't clear if she noticed because of the mind-noise communication, or because he was pinching the strange, outer skin on her legs. (On that thought, that skin was weird... like it was organic, but it wasn't at the same time?)

The create backed up a bit, allowing Green Shard to scratch him on the head and say something. He didn't understand a word she said, but there was definitely a pattern to the noise. Her tone was easier to decipher: friendly, but not excited. When she walked away, he couldn't help but think that there wouldn't be another protein strip from her.


His head frill collapsed in disappointment, only to flare back up again when the being somehow unstuck the rectangle - the door - from the wall, opening it up and letting a barrage of noise come through. Right away the creature shrunk up and coiled a bit, alarmed by the sudden noise.

Loud! Lots of commotion! Things happening outside! The creature wanted to coil up next to someone, but the closest someone was Green Shard, who was peering out past the door.

Suddenly, a scrambling noise. The creature looked behind him, then fled as a blur of cream and blue feathers rushed past him! There was a yelp, and Green Shard vanished with a crash!

The creature heard some scrambling outside, but within a few seconds he couldn't decide if he wanted to investigate or not... With Orange Glow occupied in a mind-noise discussion with the white being though, the creature decided to peek out past the door.


Poor Green Shard was laying on the ground, and the pale being was trying to run away again. Something within the creature's mind clicked and made him conclude that no, this wasn't a game of his. More strange though was the gathering of beings, all surrounding one lone figure; so many beings! Some of them looked like Orange Glow's specie, and many others were bipedal creatures with no scales, wings, or tails, but plenty of cloth on them - creatures that matched Green Shard's own appearance. They must be a similar specie too. The figure in the middle was also this specie, but seemed... out of place. In particular, it held a weirdly-coiled piece of metal that kept catching the light and making the creature's eyes hurt. Judging by the behavior of all of these beings, the lone figure with the shiny coil was a suspect of something, or at least targeted for some reason; the creature recalled the elemental soul-speakers from home, and how they would sometimes gather all for the purpose of targeting a single creature. This looked similar, with one being surrounded by many others, the situations tense, but not quite a stand-off. The creature wondered if anyone in the crowd would start soul-speaking and gesturing; he hoped that the three of them could run away in time...

...The three of them! That's the first time he grouped himself with two other entities in a caring way! Green Shard and Orange Glow! In excitement, he crawled over to Green Shard, licking her hand and trying to mind-noise communicate his excitement to her, with images of glowing orbs in groups of three.

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((Sorry,... went a bit quiet. I'll post this wekend.


@pyro disregard my whole thing with your form other than the you're accepted part. You're accrpted AND I need to quit putting down my half-***ed ideas before noticing contradictions...))

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When did she manage to sit up? It was a good question, but at the moment she was more preoccupied with trying to breath. After coughing and sputtering for a while trying to get any air at all back into her, there was an odd sensation on the hand she was using to support herself on... Then the mental image appeared of glowing orbs, clustered around each other and in strange colors. A few moments later, she finally had some ability to breathe normally and noticed a green hand stretched out for her.


"Ahhhh.... Hahhttthhh... Thank you," she manage to weez out before pulling herself up. At the sight of the person who helped her, though, she couldn't help but quirk an eyebrow. Green skin? Then again, some adventurers use... Something to turn their skin blue, or yellow, or pure white, or almost any other color under the sun, really. Then she looked away, embarrassed; her hair color usually causes raised eyebrows anyway, so it really isn't as if she should comment. "Se...Sorry for st.. Staring, just... Hahhhh.. Green... Green skin isn't something.. Ahh... I see every day." Michelle withdrew a bit, and looked down--Oh! There was the little purple critter. It wasn't chirping anymore, but it still seemed happy. Then again, so far she hasn't really seen it unhappy either.


The purple critter seemed rather enthusiastic about something. Briefly, Michelle saw the glowing orbs again.... Was it because of the creature?


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