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((Multiverse)) Valkemare: The Everlasting Past

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A ruckus from behind them caused the traveler to swiftly turn around, facing the village once more. There seemed to be a commotion, with a loud noise that had a painful edge to it. While Steps did not understand the sound, so alien to their own chimes and language, the tone was enough to make them even more nervous. They've heard pain before, caused by the stone Guardians that patrolled the Underground; both their companion and themselves had uttered cries of hurt.


Whatever was causing that sound was hurt. Steps ran in a circle for a moment, trying to gather their thoughts. They didn't like where they had been, with so many strange beings around them speaking strange things. It had been too crowded, had too much noise and feelings that the traveler couldn't understand. But if there was someone hurt in there...


Overwhelmed, Steps made a split second decision and ran back into the village. They didn't like it when someone got hurt, and hearing that sound hurt them mentally. Even if they had to go into a place that was unknown, they had to help.


As their feet met stone and the buildings rose up around them once more, the crowd of people closed in around them. Uttering a squeaky chime in nervousness, the traveler tried to stand taller, trying to find anyone who looked injured. The people around them started to chatter a little more and more eyes found their way on Steps, but they focused on where they were putting their feet and observing the crowd of strange beings. It was possible that the injured being had already fled, but Steps didn't let that thought stop them. If they did, then the traveler will just have to follow them.


There were other creatures in the crowd, different from the main populace, who gave Steps interested looks. The traveler didn't know it, but a few of the dragons were paying close attention to them. New visitors were not uncommon, but the commotion in the tiny village might not be good and anyone who did not look local will need to be watched. No one wanted anyone to get hurt, but friends and family came first.


(I'm guessing that this is just a tiny village in the middle of nowhere? Maybe it's a market day, if a crowd is formed?)

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Voltalia fled theough the town, notijg the near-desertion of some areas. Other places looked like markets. She saw more dragons and humans. Occasionally, she'd see strange balls of energy being created.


There were market stalls in the crowded areas. She also saw shady stalls in alleys of the type she would have inspected within an empire's dominion. Those stalls usaually sold things illegal in the area - she had busted one selling D'Koss (sentient humanoids with large beaks and eyes on stalks). She had also heard a story in headquarters about some stall that had been selling Planet Busters (explosives that blow up planets).


Voltalia shook her hed. No time to dilly-dally. That was when a shadowy fox creature with orange and red eyes melted out of the shadows and a golden two-legged cat (Shiny male Meowstic, a Pokémon) sped in.


"Really?" Voltalia growled when she noticed the cat reaching for a gun and the shadow fox raising a clawed paw.


The cat fired a wave of plasma which missed Voltalia by inches. The Volt growled and fired her own plasma blaster (on her cheek), searing off the cat's arm. It hissed and fired on Voltalia again, leaving a hole in her breastplate. Voltalia retaliated with another shot theough the cat's chest, and it collapsed wheezingg, before stopping altogether. The shadow fox slashed Voltalia's shoulder before noticing the cat's death and fleeing into the shadows.


Voltalia breathed heavily, blood coming from her shoulder and burned chest. The cat was dead by now...


Eternal walked through an alley. The chatter ofdragons and humans on mrket day made him flinch back.


The Soulpeace continued through the shdows until the sell of blood caught his attention. He whipped his head to the side upon hearing heavy breathing even as he prepared to run.


He saw the yellow quadruped from before. He saw a dead, gold and white bipedal, two-tailed cat. His mind jumped to the thought that the quadruped had killed the ct. He was filled with terror. It could kill him!


Eternal fled, claws clicking on the occasional tile and creating gashes in the dirt.


((Yes, this town is in the middle of nowhere and it's market day, which is why nobody noticed a fight in a deserted alley. Though I do have plans for this town...))

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((Bump. Where is everyone? beningtian is out of town, but everyone else... I'd love some new joiners.))

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(I'm wondering if I should make another character, someone harder to control and use. A "meaner" personality, perhaps?)


Steps tried not to shove anyone, the crowd thinning every once in awhile as people visited buildings and shops. After a moment, they got out into a clear spot, people giving them curious glances and dragons watching carefully as Steps turned this way and that to catch a glimpse of anyone who looked like they were in trouble.


Suddenly a flash of white caught their eye and a creature raced out a nearby alleyway, face contorted in fear. Letting out a short chime, Steps took off after it. Obviously something had happened in the alleyway to cause such a reaction, different from how everyone else was acting in the crowd. Fear was a powerful emotion, one that stands out easily.


If the traveler had any extra energy, they would have flown over the crowd to get to the terrified creature, but alas they had no energy. Their scarf was empty, and very short. It would be of no use right now.


Chirping a little louder, hoping that the sound would carry over the hustle and bubble, Steps picked up the pace, dodging people as they tried to catch a glimpse of the white creature. Maybe they could help it, make it stop being scared.

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((Sure, go ahead.))


Voltalia snarled. She'd be licking her wounds if it hadn't been for the molten metal. Agony. Burning, dizling into her skin.


She was not happy, and the metal had a large amount to do with that. The female Volt snuck out, searching for water. After walkinh awhilw, she found a well and jumped in. The jetal emitted a spray of steam and felt uncomfortable, even painful, but it began ro cool down.



Eternal Slumber paid no extra attention to the strange figure. He was too scared of the humans and other dtagons, and he assumed the cloked figure was another human.


A human wizard raised her wand "The evil Soulpeace!!"


Eternal Slumber gulped. Oh... no... He turned to run, but a spear struck him in the oeg.


Human voices soon turned to screaming as multiple dark foxes appeared out of the shadows and a few humanss stepped out the crowd and aimed magic at their comrades...



Voltalia herd the chaos and loped over, deciding that she needed to know wht was going on before anything else happened.


((Yes, Voltalia can swim. Also, more Dark Legion! Things are about to get interesting...))

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((Back... And ehhh, I feel that the action is happening too fast. Can you slow down a bit, Dusky?))


Michelle rubbed her forehead and edged away from the tree. She shouldn't walk and look for waves at the same time, but it was hard not to, especially with how weird the world seems just from one simple little change. She stopped and checked again, frowning. Was her senses failing her? But no, she wouldn't even be able to sense the magic from the earth if that was the case. Still, she should be able to get some answers from the village. If all goes well, she can be in and out either before she was outed as a cypher or after she helped someone with her abilities.


She stopped as she got close and closed her eyes to better feel the waves coming from there, but almost immediately perked up again. There were sounds of panic coming from there without her having to even sense anything. People were running back into homes or taking out weapons, and there was lots of screaming from inside. Michelle bit her lip and took a deep breath, then forced herself to approach. Conveniently, there was someone with a broadsword coming out of a house nearby, face firm yet worried. Looks like this place is as dangerous as Arad.


"Excuse me!" Michelle called to the man. "Is something happening in your village? Why do you have a sword out?"


The man turned and started at her, but answered her grimly. "Something's happened in the middle of the village. There's this dragon who was around this area who was apparently killing people or something, then some weird things appeared, and now there are monsters all over the square! You best hide, lass."


"...N-no, I want to help!" Michelle clenched and unclenched her fists, taking a few breaths to calm herself. She doesn't have to tell him anything. "I... I have some powers that I can use to... To help fight them off."


To her surprise, the man only nodded. "Much obliged, lass. Be best get going."

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((Sorry, did not realize I was going too fast. I'll slow down after this fight. What happens to Voltalia... know that evil energy has its consequences, and the effects are amplified on Voltalia as she has zero resistance to it due to having no magic in her world.))


A Dark Legion member snarled to his fellow legionnare, "You! Catch the Soulpeace - the boss might find him useful!"


"What? That skinny, scrawny creature --"


That was when energy claws sunk into rhe side of his face. He staggered away and fell to the ground. A burst of energy and two flashes of light streaked by as the fight continued around them.


"Good riddance..." Voltalia snarled.


The first legionnare struck Voltalia with a ball of shadowy energy laced with orange. The dark energy washed over Voltalia, who contorted before shuddering violently, darkness leaking out of her body and leaving her with an indigo tinge to her body.


Voltalia's eye snapped open. Glowing orange. Her mechanical glows changed from blue to orange.


The Corrupteon gulped. "Oh... Lord Evil, NO!" He turned to run, but Voltalia pursued him. He shivered, anticipating the death blow - until he turned and noticed a blaster pulse coming straight at him, even as its firer shuddered on the ground. Then he saw no more.


Voltalia lay on the ground, spent and ravaged by the effects of the energy as she lost the indigo tint. Another Corrpteon stood above her, before biting down on her chest where the breastplate had burnt.


Eternal Slumber was feeling cornered by the creatures who called themselves Corrupteon. A cornered animal is a dangerous one, and the frightened Soulpeace was no exception, tail smacking in attackers' faces and teeth snapping. His opponents had the advantages of strength and numbers, however.


A ball of shadow hit the dragon hard in one joint, and he tottered. One Dark Legionnaire took the oppourtrnity to stab him - but they had forgotten about the rest of the fight. The wizards behind them hadn't.


Multiple balls of Fire mana set legionnaires aflame, causing chaos which the Valkemarians swiftly took advantage of. To make a long stiey short, Light mana beats dark creatures, even if it takes awhile. Outmatched and outnumbered, those Corrupteon quickly fled. There was still the rest of the attack force to deal with though.


((As both of my characters are out of commission, I'll use some NPCs for the rest of the fight. Enough citizens are fighting that approximately a third of the attack forces are dead or have run off - though as the attack force gets smaller, more attackers will run off. The Dark Legion was not expecting a small town to fight back, and Corrupteon *are* cowards.))

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(I'll post up a new character in a little bit. Just need to add some finishing touches.)


Steps staggered back as chaos suddenly erupted everywhere, the beings around them swarmed by dark creatures. They let out a chirp in surprise, spinning around as bodies rushed past and painful yelling filled the air.


Suddenly there was a hand on them, a large black clawed thing and they stumbled back as a large creature loomed over them. It's face contorting into a snarl, the corrupted dragon lunged forward, jaws wide and snapping at the traveler. It looked like an ordinary human to them, one in a red cloak; easy prey.


What they didn't expect was a mouthful of cloth and a harsh, loud chime to explode in their ears. Steps panicked, chirping fast and sharply as the dragon let go out of shock, not even leaving a hole in the beings body. Immediately the traveler sped off, bumping into dark and light creatures alight. They didn't know what was happening, didn't understand this aggressive and terrifying atmosphere, so when some creatures started to burst into light and flame they did the only thing they could think of; find the white creature that they had seen recently. While it would have been safer to get out of the fray, Steps had already made a connection that the white creature was in danger or at least scared; they couldn't leave it here even if they had never met. It didn't even cross their mind that they could run away.


Chirping loudly and startling a few of the dark beings nearby, Steps rushed passed more fights, looking this way and that for a splash of white. They had to dodge one dark creature as it lunged at them, claws outstretched. It tumbled past them into another dark being, their harsh squabbling silenced by a blaze of light that swept past Steps. The traveler didn't even notice, focused on their new task. Whatever happens, they had to find that white creature. It was the only one that they had truly focused on in this new place, one that looked so scared, and it had to need help. Whether Steps could help or not did not even pass through their mind.

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((Alright, got it.))


The wizard duo snd their Storm Dragon sprinted past an unconscious Soulpeace dragon.


The Storm spoke. "Wonder what happened to him?"


"No time to talk," the smaller but burlier man grunted. He cast a ball of Light mana at a dark fox that had attacked them. Said dark fox went to lunge again before the third member of the company got it in its face with more Light mana.


The thing emitted a rather feminine shriek before fleeing, but another, more foolhardy, one immediately attacked.


The Storm snapped, "Alistair. Krin. Let me handle this." So saying this, the she-dragon flew up, creating a large ball of Air mana in her claws. The force of it smashed the fox into a wall, where it lay still.


Nearby, the battle raged on.


((By now, about half of the Dark Legion attackers have been killed or have run off. Not as much time pssed, though, so...))

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(Alright, I've got the new character finished! Hope it's not too horrifying to anybody.

Name: The Blob/Blob

Gender: Many; it/itself. Being composed of a multitude of individuals with different gender formalities makes the Blob generally think of itself as either it or we. More often it is of the former, as some parts of it see itself as a monstrous abomination.

Universe: Inside (PlayDead)

Species: Human fused abomination

Alignment: Either True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral

Appearance:user posted image

Personality: The Blob has a one track mind, is incredibly clumsy, and quite puzzle oriented. As for how it acts, the myriad of minds that compose it actually makes the Blob very...dull. It’s usually very quiet, besides the moans, groans, cries, and laughter it usually emits unconsciously, and it doesn’t pay much attention to its surroundings. It has the habit of ignoring people and going on it's own path, usually trotting straight ahead and slamming into things. It can solve puzzles, like how to get over an obstacle or how to press a button that’s too far from its reach, even read simple signs. Things like math or even sentences it cannot understand and thus ignores. It’s not empathetic and has a bad habit of running over those who do not get out of the way. The Blob does a lot of exploring and experimenting with its environment, though things out of its reach or not in its desired path are usually ignored. It does a lot of touching and feeling to learn its environment, and may fall over on things it’s trying to feel. Its bulk can be dangerous, and it doesn’t have a good sense of balance. The Blob also has a bad sense of safety, not understanding that some things can hurt it. It knows pain, but can’t comprehend it very well.

History: What started as a little boy being chased by masked men ended as a fused flesh ball violently escaping a steel facility and rolling into a patch of sunlight. That story ended soon enough; the creature died slowly but peacefully, in the warmth of the sun. Why it was brought into Valkemare when it had been content in its death is unknown, but it doesn’t understand and only knows to keep going forward.


-The Blob loves warmth and the sunlight. It has the habit of just plopping down in such an area and resting for long periods of time.

-It isn’t that the Blob doesn’t know that it’s about to run someone over, it just doesn’t care. It knows they’re there, can hear their heartbeat and voice, but it is so straightforward and one track minded that it never notices until it stumbles completely over the body.

-The Blob’s faces and heads that poke out of its body do not have features. They are blank and smoothed over, though one can hear them make their noises.

-The Blob can hear and understand the common language. It just can’t speak it.

-The Blob is heat and cold resistant. It can handle fire on its flesh and, while it can shiver, it can’t get frostbite.

-Its skin is very slimy. It sweats a lot and has no hair on its body.

-Because of its bulk, the Blob falls very heavily when it goes over a ledge. If the height is big enough, the Blob will actually lose bits of itself; legs, arms, sometimes whole torsos. While it is not very careful, losing these pieces usually means that an individual mind is lost to the whole body. -This is devastating to its core and will leave it bewildered and in pain for awhile. The lost bits will move about and try to rejoin the Blob, but are unable to do so and slowly die.

-The Blob can swim very well and is very strong. Having so many arms and legs available allows it to grab many things and trot around at a fast pace.)

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((A blob? I approve! xd.png

Anyway, I'm thinking about joining this, though I have a few questions. The first is whether or not this is a canon-only multiverse (as in, you can't use any characters/lore you made up)? Also, since everyone is now out of the dream-state, would a new character still have to have that in its intro? Or would it be safe to have it introduced in another manner? Finally, would it be okay to introduce a character that used to be dead, but due to Eternal Shadow's summoning, was revived again? Would that count as a zombie character, or would it be mortal as it once was?))

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((Let me toss in a few of my dragons. Sheets for the other two will be added, but I'll start with this one. All three will be native to the Dragon Cave universe but it's up to you whether they know about Shadow.))



Name: Qaksh

Gender: Male

Universe: Dragon Cave

Species: Magi Dragon

Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Qaksh is smaller and more stocky than most Magi dragons, and his scales are closer to a reddish-orange. He wears some brown leather satchels at the base of his neck to carry his magic materials.

Personality: Nervous and uncertain. He likes to mull his decisions over at length, meaning that by the time he decides, the opportunity may have passed already. He is gullible to an extent and often goes much out of his way to help people, but he is also very strict about following rules.

History: Qak is an apprentice of an alchemist living in the Volcano territory where he was hatched. Said alchemist specializes in the utility and application of raw mana crystals and was a strict master, though not unloving. Qaksh had seen her bad side more often or not just because of his clumsiness. He has now been sent out on a journey to collect materials (although he suspects it's just because his master needs a break from him). He has a bad habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but at least he was sent with some friends (read: bodyguards), Myrdon the Lumina and Galho the Royal Crimson.

Extra: Qak has a collection of spells, though he only knows basic elemental ones. He specializes in utility spells such as creating light, locking doors, and mending objects, and knows quite a few things about herbs and mana.

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((@RottingWyvern Approved. I don't find it too scary, like skwerl.


@skwerl56767 I'lll list the answers.

- Yes, you may use original worlds if I can have a detailed description and you have whole lore, I just prefer canon or OCs of fictional verses without much of defined canon characters like Spore or Dragon Cave as more people know about those or can look them up.

- No, the dream ended. You can introduce them coming to the area where the action is occuring, though. Or they could already have been there.

- Well... Shadow's summoning is not quite necromancy, a bit closer to someone escaping the Doors of Death - except Shadow dragged them out if they were in the land of the dead, so that character would count as mortal. Zombies were revived via black magic. You can play someone Shadow summoned.


@Mage Yep, looks good. Accepted! Some dragons did get the dream too, but it's up to you here whether Qaksh did or not. You're good without that little bit about rising up like a star, as you did approve this RP, so you have read the rules.))

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The man lead her down the alleyways of the town, ever closer to the sounds of combat, and from what she can see, the fighting spilled out from the center already. There were bodies laying on the ground and against some walls, though Michelle didn't look at them for long enough to discern whether they were alive or not.

Suddenly, the man stopped her as they came out of an alleyway. Michelle swallowed and took a step backwards, fearing the worst—


“Er, are you sure you would be okay in a serious fight? I'd hate to have you come to harm, and no offense, but you don't seem to, urm, be good with combat."


Michelle let out her breath with a small smile. How nice of him, even though it wasn't the idea of fighting that made her so nervous. "Thank you, but.. It's just been a while since I last fought."


He frowned worriedly, but nodded and motioned at the alleyway in front. "Still, lass, let me go in first. Straight ahead and turn right." Without even waiting for her reply, he pulled the sword from his scabbard and ran forward, disappearing as he turned the corner. Michelle looked around to see that the area around here was mostly safe and nobody else was looking over at her hiding place, then ran towards the place where the man went.


Even without her paying attention to how the waves of the area were, she can tell that there was something.... Wrong where she was heading. Or something wrong was there. Michelle stopped at the corner to peek around it, maybe see if there's anything she can attack with first.


A shadow leapt at her and she recoiled behind the wall, then hit it with a sphere of green energy as it rounded the corner. It fell on the ground and rolled to its feet, growling before leaping at her again. Michelle jumped back, but the thing caught her leg and bit down hard.

"Ahhh!" She tried to kick it away, but the fox-thing had a firm grip and sharp teeth—and its waves were the same as the strange ones she—more growling, and she looked up to see more of them running at her. Michelle looked up for only a moment before she teleported up a short distance, then yet again onto the roof as several tried to get at her when she was suspended in midair. The one seemed to stop in confusion, letting her fling it away with a strong kick so she can get enough distance to blast it safely.

This done, she looked at the street below to try and find some objects that she—there! Praying to Kunilai under her breath, she lifted the cart with a gesture and crashed it into the pack that was trying to get to the streets.

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Three Corrupteon screamed as a large wooden cart landed on them. A corrupted dragon was racing by, setting the area aflame.


The Golden Wyvern glared before lifting off and body-slamming the corrupted Magi Dragon. "Stop this."


"You think I'll stop? How naïve. I'm not Scorch... I am the darkness. The darkness of your evil," The Magi's eyes glowed orange and red as he advanced. "Now shut--"


"Talk to the claws. The face isn't listening," Shimmer quipped as he he kicked the Magi in the face.


The corrupted Magi hurled a spell at the Golden Wyvern, burning a wing and causing him to yelp, before a Candlebra interfered with a burst of Light mana that knocked the Magi unconscious. A Corrupteon burst out of the Magi, and attcked. The Candlelabra hurled more Light mana at it, and the Golden Wyvern limped over before striking it in the face with his tail.


Hissing, the Corrupteon fled.


"Thanks for the save," Shimmer commented.


"Think nothing of it. These creeps have to go," the Candlelabra replied. "Now we need to kill some more of these monsters."


The battle raged on, but by now most of the Corrupteon had run off or been killed, and most non-Corrupteon Dark Legionnaires were dead or fleeing. Wizards were casting spells and dragons hurling mana as the duo slipped through the fight, hunting down another Corrupteon.

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((Me too. Mage was on last night but didn't check this thread - ?. I WAS stalking the Online users list for awhile...))

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It had taken a lot of running around, passing by the still forms of many creatures and the still fighting beings raging in the streets, but Steps finally saw the white creature they had been looking for. The chaos seemed to be dying down, with less dark creatures and more 'regular' beings in the area. Steps didn't understand why some of these creatures were lazing about on the ground, ignored by others most of the time. They didn't react to the travelers presence, which may be good since the last thing to interact with them seemed very hostile.


The white creature was on the ground, just as still as many of the other beings that were scattered about. It looked very peculiar to Steps, very different from anything they've ever seen up close. It was quieting down, the area seeming to clear up a little, so Steps relaxed a little and took to examining the body before them. They didn't know why it was on the ground, or why it didn't want to move about, so they circled it for a moment, chirping quietly every once in awhile. Maybe they could make it move by giving it energy? Chiming and brushing past companions helped refuel empty scarves and give energy to fly about; maybe they just had to 'wake' this creature up with the same tactics?


Rising their voice a little more, letting out longer chirps and running about the creature's still form, Steps absentmindedly wondered at this creatures presence and the place they seemed to be in. The ground itself was different, not sand or pale stone, and even the sounds here were bizarre. Maybe when this creature was re-energized, it could help Steps understand where they were, and maybe even find the Mountain.


---The Blob---


It had hit a tree. The tree didn't topple, which confused the fused monstrosity for a second before it leaned to the side and continued on past, trampling young and old plants alike. Bushes and logs broke underneath its heavy weight; sometimes branches from trees slapped into its tall form and scrapped its skin.


It didn't know how it had gotten here. One moment it was in the sun, warm and tired. The next, it was in the shade and surrounded by trees. Big trees, which some parts of the Blob remembered from a past time. Some of it remembered these plants, remembered how the bark and leaves felt. Most of it didn't know these memories and ignored them.


It hadn't liked the shade and the bristly undergrowth it was seated in, so it had laboriously stood up with loud groans and whines and then started forward. It didn't know where it was going or why, but those thoughts never really crossed its many minds. All it knew was to go forward, so that was what it was doing.


It had gotten to a nice speed now, trotting along comfortably before it brushed up against another tree. This one sent it toppling forward, it's hands reaching out hurriedly and helping to break its fall. Some parts of it scrapped the ground harshly, the body moaning and laughing loudly to itself as the Blob moved legs and arms about to push itself back into a walking form. Leaning this way and that for a moment, it caught its balance and continued forward again. The ground was quite uneven and littered with sharp sticks and thorny bushes. With so many obstacles, it was getting harder to move about without smashing into everything.


A part of it remembered running through a forest once. It had been easier then, with only two arms and two legs and a small body. That forest had been dark then too, though not by the shade of the huge trees. Cloudy skies, the small mind remembered; it had even rained that day. It wasn't raining now, which some of the Blob was thankful for. Another part remembered that wet ground was slippery.


Sometimes, a flash of sunlight poked through the trees and the Blob felt the flash of warmth for a moment. It gave a small pause every time this happened, but continued moving quickly afterwards. It wasn't enough to warm it's whole body and wasn't worth it to sit in this uncomfortable undergrowth. It needed to find the outskirts of the forest, a part of it realized. If it kept going forward, eventually it'd reach the edge.

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The group of Corrupteon were snarling at the grey-eyed Alt Vine. Keina glared. Just perfect... she did not need any more mangy attackers who believed in equality. Or that non-Vines should rule. Dragon-grass burst out of the earth.


The lead Corrupteon spewed flame from his mouth, torching through vines and causing a scream of agony from the Vine as the fire lit up the area. Another Corrupteon darted by, pursued by wizards who were also chasing a wolf, and ducking under a burst of Light mana that illuminated the cloud of dark energy hanging over the area.


Keina roared, "You inferior creatures DARE attack me again?!" Though burnt and wounded, she was stil wiling to fight as she lumbered forwards... but then an arrow sprouted from her chest.


The archer covered her ears as the Vine let out a horrible dying scream, before Keina toppled forward, crushing two Corrupteon. Two more caught arrows in their sides and another was disintegrated by a consuming arrow before the last one fled, ahadow-travelling away. As the archer walked through, she caught sight of a cloaked figure making strange nouses like a bell chiming. The attackers were spread thin now, and the dark energy cloud was fragmentong.

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