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((Multiverse)) Valkemare: The Everlasting Past

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((Tentative character sheet? It's not canon, but it's something.


Name: Lolek

Gender: Male

Universe: Original Character. However, his main ability (Speed Evolution) is based off of the League of Legend's Champion Kha'Zix's ability to eat things and evolve (upgrade) real-time. Probably doesn't count, but I thought I would share. xd.png As for the universe I created for him, he's from another galaxy's take on a World of Dreams called the Abyss (so he's technically an alien and a supernatural being).

Species: Lentoaekel. These creatures originate from the Abyss, a strange world of dreams. Being native there they don't have mortal bodies the way actual mortals do, but their creator can occasionally gift them mortal forms so that they can experience things outside of the Abyss, such as fear, anxiety, and euphoria. These creatures are born from strange, fleshy purple trees that bear large translucent fruit filled with green slime. When these egg sacs (fruit) break, small, serpentine creatures are born, almost entirely limbless and yet capable in evolving in widely various forms. They need to consume mortal substances in order to evolve and sprout more limbs and other features; in the Abyss they have no need to eat or evolve, and nothing there can help them do such things. As such, Lentoaekel only become mortal as a learning experience.

Lentoaekel can evolve only according to their genetic makeup, so some individuals will never have certain features, such as poisonous barbs or wings. They also require large amounts of the respective sustenance in order to form a new feature, and the more features they have, the more they need to consume. For example, a newborn Lentoaekel could sprout insect wings, but only if it eats lots of insect wings or other fleshy objects so that it has the protein to form them. A much older, more evolved Lentoaekel could also develop insect wings in the same manner, but the amount of flesh it has to consume is gargantuan compared to the amount needed by the newborn; and that's even if its genetic makeup allows for the creation of insect wings. The genetic makeup "blacklist" is based upon what features the creature already has; for example, if it's too heavy due to other features, it won't be able to develop wings, and if it has a stiff tail, it won't be able to make it prehensile. Features are permanent once they are evolved and a Lentoaekel cannot "devolve" in order to try out new features. Similarly, the Lentoaekel cannot change the colors it is born with, but may seem to gain new colors based upon what features it has (so if a Lentoaekel doesn't have fins, but develops them, the fins may be a different color from the rest of the body even though they never changed color in the first place. It's like a coloration preset that each creature is born with). As a final note, it takes several days for a Lentoaekel to form its new limbs, and once they sprout it takes several more days for the limbs to become fully usable; so while they can "speed grow" things, it's not instantaneous.

Alignment: Neutral Neutral (when starting out); I'm not sure what else to give him since he starts out so young.

Appearance: Lolek starts out as a lindwurm-like creature. (Excuse my botched coloring job. xd.png) He has compound eyes, a small headfrill, and insectoid jaws with a long tongue. His tail starts out prehensile, and the tongue has a ball tip that allows it to act like a snake's tongue; so Lolek has no nostrils, but can still "smell" or "taste" things in the air with his tongue. He will have only a large chest and two sets of arms to start, with the top set having two long claws similar to pincers each and the bottom set only one claw each. He moves by crawling along like a snake with help from his arms. I plan on Lolek's mostly-evolved form looking like this, where he gains legs, larger claws, and even a hooked tail tip.

Personality: Being so young, Lolek doesn't have much of a developed personality, though he's widely inquisitive and curious. He has yet to learn about a lot of things, and doesn't really have a set of morals or principles to follow. Due to this he bases most of his first-time decisions off of feelings rather than anything he actually knows. Because of his ability to evolve he does have a tendency to try and eat things, regardless of whether or not they're organic or inanimate material.

History: As a youngster in the Abyss Lolek didn't have much to do, so he doesn't have much of a history. Nothing in the Abyss is appetizing to a Lentoaekel, so he never ate or evolved anything, and being so small with no predators all he ever did was explore, because all he wanted to do was learn. He spent much of his time exploring and discovering new things, until he began to discover only more of the same thing, in which case he switched to learning more about the things he already knew existed. It was during this time that he met his creator, who was talking to Eternal Shadow. Lolek didn't know either of them, so he willingly went up to them in curiosity. He knew that they were discussing something, but the two deities didn't use body language, noise, or lights; the only three things Lolek recognized as communication. Yet he could somehow feel the passage of information between the two. So he was completely clueless that his creator had agreed to lend Eternal Shadow one of her creations, to be given a mortal form to fight the Corrupteons in an attempt to save her multiverse. And Lolek happened to be Eternal Shadow's choice fighter. All the Lentoaekel remembered after that was being picked up by her and everything becoming vague and surreal, before he woke up in a strange, new place filled with the sounds of battle.

Extra: Fun fact: Both his name and his species name I created using a language I made up a long time ago (gosh, that document is old); both names mean "Form", with "Lentoaekel" being an older version of the word.

Look! You learned a useless fact! xd.png))

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((o: That was fast! Thanks!

I'm skwerl56767, and I'm here to rise up and burn like a star! Er... as well as I can!))




A small hole opened up behind a building, a black swirling maw with purple and green streaks bowing out onto the grass. The blades wilted and shrank into the presence of the strange energies, and the earth turned black like it was burnt. Then, crawling out of this peculiar portal, was a vicious, purple beast, with a serpentine neck and piercing green eyes!


It would have been impressive, had the portal been any bigger than a gopher hole, or the beast any longer than a human's arm. But as the strange creature crawled out and the portal sealed behind it (leaving a black mark behind), its senses opened up to the new world.

New! So much that was new! Its green tongue slithered out, gathering up new scents for the creature to analyze, before retreating back into its jaws.

New! Something smelled burnt! It could smell a strange new liquid! There was a weird smell coming from the ground! And it could see too, so many new colors! Greens, and blues, and yellows, and browns...

There was a shout, and the creature lifted its head. Curiosity peaked in its mind.

That was a new noise! What was that?


The creature reoriented himself, before pulling himself forward with his foreclaws, his second set tucked at his sides. The ground was softer than what he was used to, and the grass blades tickled his belly, so movement was awkward at first. Yet, he was so curious about the new noise, and the ones that accompanied it. Some harsh and clanging, some more basal thumps. There were also screeches that pierced the air. But as the creature grew used to the soft, brown earth and increased his speed, things began to quiet down.

The creature picked up his pace, worried that he was going to miss the excitement, and turned a corner in between two buildings. He immediately stopped at the sight of something slinking away.

Large. Black. Wispy. The creature's tongue slithered out to taste the air, but it couldn't taste anything off the beast. Not at this distance, anyway. But something felt... wrong about it.

The wispy beast disappeared past the building, and the small creature crawled forward to investigate. Was that one of the beasts the one creature told him about? The one that was always changing shapes? It said those beasts were bad, and were destroying its world, and then it said a bunch of other stuff he didn't quite understand. But as the memories came back, the creature began to remember that the beasts were bad. It also remembered meeting the creature, but it couldn't remember what happened in between the meeting and this current moment. It was odd.


The creature crawled forward, digging around in his memories, only to pause as a noise started coming toward him. He lifted his head quizzically at the loud noise.

Is something coming? What is-

He was cut off as something tan and blue rushed past him. Instantly he tightened up into a curl in alarm. The rush of adrenaline flooded his senses and made him react before he could think. It was a new feeling altogether!

WHOA! That hasn't happened before! He could feel the fear coming off in waves from the creature, and the strange liquid he smelled before was strong. The creature had disappeared behind the building opposite of him. Feeling his adrenaline wear off, the purple, serpentine being uncurled and headed to where the creature disappeared, questions dancing around in his head.

What was it? Why does it smell like that? How did it move so fast? He wondered. Is it friendly? Would it attack me if I came too close?

Despite the plausibility that he would be attacked, the creature only continued crawling forward until he came to the edge of the building, before peeking around the corner. The tan and blue thing was still there, huddled up and shivering, the strange liquid's scent still strong. It didn't seem to notice him at first, but it didn't seem hostile, so the creature came in for a closer look, crawling up onto a small rock and scrambling on it with his claws, trying to find a good resting position so he wouldn't slide off.

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((No problem. Tge fight has mostly died down, just a few straggler Dark Legionnares left. Cheekadee is inactive, so Sting is an NOC anyone can play.))


Eternal Slumber looked around. He was scared and nervous. So it did not help his mental state one iota when he saw the small, lindwyrm-ish creature.


He got up, and turned. In doing so, he soaked a foot in the blood on the ground from the earlier fighting. He fled, foot occasionaly slipping.


Not long after, he had to come to a stop. He was not very healthy, after all. The pale and overly skinny dragon gasped for fetid breaths, shaking slightly still. In the dark alley and its cold flagstones, he couldn't see much. He looked around, not seeing anything glowing.


The Soulpeace sat on his haunches and rested momentarily before returning to his feet, and staggering off, body swaying slightly under his own weight.

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The creature finally situated himself on the rock, but unfortunately, his object of interest decided that he was a bit too freaky to it. As he studied the peculiar features of the being - strange, half-feathered wings, a muzzle, four legs, a tail, scales... - it got up slowly with wide eyes. The creature chirped and bobbed his head, wondering what the being was doing.

It turned and fled, kicking up a clod of dirt into the air which struck the creature in the head. He tumbled off the rock, feeling his first burst of surprise. Rolling back over to regain his dignity, he brought his head down so he could scrap the dirt off his eyes with his first set of arms, his surprise turning into confusion.

Was that an attack? Was it scared of me? Did it not like me? And then, back to his first questions: What is it? How did it do that?

The creature gave his head a final shake to remove excess dirt, before staring at the spot where the being once was. It had really scraped up the ground while escaping; he had never seen such deep grooves before! He crawled over to the grooves to investigate, using his tongue to pick up new scents.

Earthy. Warm. A little tangy... what was that tangy scent?


He slithered into the groove and moved along it, still smelling for it. As he came closer to the end of the groove, the tangy smell grew stronger, and he came across another new liquid. This one didn't have the pungent scent of the first, but the tangy smell was very, very strong. It must be the source!

The creature moved his head around comically to observe the puddle of liquid at all angles. It was contaminated by the dirt, but it still had distinct, red hues. He lowered his head and took a tentative sip.

Tangy! So very, very tangy! It was like a bite to the tongue! He shuddered at the taste, and the aftertaste that accompanied it. It felt weird and smooth, but even though he couldn't identify the taste it too was rather strong. But it was... different. Like something that was mixed in with the liquid. But it wasn't a liquid, at least not as he recognized it.

He didn't like it. it was too weird.


The creature recoiled, swallowing the mixture and not taking another sip. Whatever the red stuff was, it wasn't tasty! He backed up from the puddle of liquid, crawling out of the groove, and his distaste was yet again replaced by curiosity as he spotted something small and cream-colored. Deciding it was more interesting than the liquid, he crawled forward to observe it.

A feather. Just a small nub, one of the really fluffy ones. But the creature couldn't recall any feathered beings he knew shedding these kinds of feathers; they always dropped the really big ones that looked like they had sharp edges. But this was a fluffy one. Did this being he was pursuing shed these feathers? Or did it drop it on accident? Maybe it wanted it back?


The creature looked off in the direction the being fled in, and bent down to pick up the feather in his jaws, holding it out so it didn't tickle his face. He then began his slow slither to follow the being; at least, where he saw it last. With the feather in his mouth he couldn't smell anything, so he was stuck with visual memories. Fortunately the panicked being left prominent marks in the ground where it ran, some of them red; it must have stepped in the yucky red liquid. It must not like it either.

Oh good. Maybe it knew what it was and why it tasted so bad. Then it could share the knowledge!

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Eternal looked around. Nothing. He looked again. Still nothing do far. GoN, he was so tired. He wanted to sleep, but he was caught in a haze bdtween wakefulmess and dreaming. His eyes fluttered open... closed... open again. Despite to chilliness of the dirt, this was the most comfortable he had been in a long time...


That was when his tail knocked over a bucket of cold water. The senastion of cold caused him to leap up, vvocalusing in shock and suprise. He curled his starved body up, painfully aware of the cold, wet liquid. Then he saw the blood mixing with it. He realized he must have stepped in some earlier... oh. He had left a trail!

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It was a long, slow crawl. The creature's surroundings came closer together, the walls towering faces of flagstone. The tall buildings left the alley in shadow, making it much darker, but the creature didn't mind the darkness; he knew he could still be seen due to his bright green claws and eyes. What was an even brighter color though was the feather, which he still held tightly by the shaft. It was by no means a glowing mushroom or beast part, but it was at least easy to identify.

The creature rounded the corner, and discovered his target. It looked exhausted, and was laying on the ground, trying to calm down. It swept its tail to the side and struck something cylindrical and metallic, causing it to fall over and clatter onto the ground, spilling its contents. The creature did not anticipate the loud noise, and shrunk behind the corner a bit, but kept his head out so he could observe the being. It was far too interesting!

The being hadn't liked the noise either, and jolted upright with a shout. It quickly left the growing puddle of liquid and curled up, like it wasn't very comfortable. As far as the creature could tell it was a normal response, but he still couldn't piece together what the being was. It didn't look like anything he had seen before, though its brighter colors reminded him of some towering creatures from the place he had been before. But they had very long legs and short tails, and no wings. They were also much bigger, easily capable of stepping on the being on accident.

Now that he thought of it... he hadn't seen anything familiar in this new place...


The being was still troubled by the mess it had made, so the creature decided it was time to come out now. He leveraged himself forward with both sets of legs so he had a decent speed, still holding the feather in his jaws, and began approaching the creature. He wasn't sure if he should be as close as he was before, or if he should keep his distance; he didn't want to scare it away again, it was as flighty as some of the burrowing beasts near his home! Unlike the burrowing beasts though the being didn't have anyone guarding it... maybe that's why it was so frightened? It needed another being like it to guard it!

The creature was excited about his new conclusion, convinced that he was figuring everything out, and quickened his crawl until he was close enough that the being could touch him with a wing tip. He then bobbed his head and stretched out his neck so he could place the feather as close as possible to the being. He wasn't sure if it would recognize the gesture or not, but the creature tried to indicate that it was a gift by curling up in a ball and flaring his head crest, head tilted ever so slightly. He had seen other creatures at home do it, though they had lots of crests to flare when they gifted each other. Hopefully his wasn't too unimpressive?

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Eternal Slumber froze. It followed him... was it going to-- why was it trying to give him a feather. No ever tried to give him stuff... He shook his head. Whatever the lindwyrm creature was, it was persistent like the hunters who wanted him dead. He didn't know what it wanted-- and then its crest flared.


Flaring crest... the last time he'd seen something like that happen was the time a Frilled Dragon had gotten angey at him. He didn't know why it had called him a demon. It wasn't his fault... right? And the lindwyrm was still there, still there... Eternal got up and turned once again to run, but this time he slipped on a stone slicked with water. Thump. He got back up, tail and forearm bleeding where rocks had dug into them.


The pale dragon began to run once more, flapping his wings futily as he raced away. But he had gone slower now panting with each step, gasping for the cool air. Night was coming, and the battle was over. But the Soulpeace only noticed the reddening sky.

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The traveler was a little bewildered with this new creature. It was lying on the ground, splayed out with some sort of...stuff underneath parts of it. The color was red, Steps decided, though nothing like the red sand or stone they've come to know in their lifetime. This stuff looked...sticky, maybe? It crawled around on the stones and looked like it was coming from the yellow creature itself.


The creature looked at them for a moment, it's face so different from what the traveler was used to. It didn't look very happy. Steps took a few more careful steps towards it, wary of it running away like the other creature. Chiming quietly, they tried to figure out where it's 'scarf' would be. It must be damaged, with how it looked so...ragged. Maybe Steps could help? Hopefully it wouldn't run off, because it doesn't do anyone good to run when they are hurt. Rest was important, which the creature might actually be doing at the moment. It may just be getting its strength up and wouldn't need Steps to help, but better safe than sorry.


They let out a few short chirps, a series of chimes that echoed in the alley. Their symbol wavered over their head for a moment, a shining white that glowed softly before fading away.

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The creature uncurled and relaxed its crest, simply watching as the being - despite its exhaustion - attempted to run away again. What puzzled him though was that it wasn't alarmed at first when he delivered the feather, just a bit... shocked, maybe? So why was it still running?

This being made him confused. Or perhaps... maybe running away meant something else to this being? Maybe it wasn't as frightened as he perceived it to be?

Oh! Maybe it's a game! Maybe this whole time it was meant to be a gesture of excitement and friendship! Some of the creatures at home would race each other for fun; it must have been slowing down because it was waiting for him to catch up!

The creature chirped, using his four legs to pull himself along after the creature. So much fun! But when it slipped, he paused, observing it.

That's twice it slipped in trying to run. Maybe that's part of the game?

Comically, the creature briefly rolled over onto his side and wiggled around a bit, before rolling back over. The being was limping from his own slip, and as the creature continued to follow it he suddenly became concerned.

Did the game not go well? It was oozing a strange liquid... His tongue slipped out, and he caught the same tangy scent that the puddle of red liquid had. Was it the red liquid? Did this creature ooze it? It didn't look very good when it oozed the liquid...


The being had slowed considerably, and looked to be on the verge of collapsing. The creature also slowed, but continued crawling forward, wondering how hurt the being was. It wasn't looking so good, with each limp growing more exaggerated, and the creature was worried that his new acquaintance wouldn't be able to run anymore.

Once the being had slowed enough he crawled over to its side and nudged its hurt arm, chirping. It had to stop moving, because the wound kept oozing the icky red stuff and it was starting to leave a trail behind! The being was also heaving, gasping for air like it was about to fall over. You can't run when you can't breathe! The creature nudged the being's leg again, still chirping and urging for it to stop.

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Eternal Slumber felt nudging. This, of course, scared him even more badly. He flashed back to when the humans grabbed him -- tried to kill him -- xrzgons too, dragons slashing -- with a cry, he jerked his leg away. Despite being exhausted, he stubbornly continued to run, run, run.


Then he slipped on more blod, one leg caught under his body. Snap! He yelped in pain, and got up, attempting to run, no, limp off.




Voltalia heard the chirping and cursed mentally. It seemed her translator wasn't active. Great. The figure came closer to investigate, and for the first time she noticd it was no human, though her body hurt too much to wonder.


It was chirping again, and a symbol caught her attention. What did it meqn? What did the creature want? She staggered to her feet, feeling how blood-soaked the ground was. Her blokd was still dripping from the wounds.


Better not to pick fights in this state. Besides, this figure could be an ally, so she shouldn't just chase it off. Ask questions first, fight if it gets aggressive. Hopefully it can understand her. Huh. It sems to be looking for sonething... but what?


"Do you... by any chance.... have bandages I could use?"

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((Hey, didn't you mention that wounds corrupteons deal have some sort of property to them? And if so, what are they?


Also, isn't it a bit excessive for Ether to just go panic-mode from a poke? I mean, at the very least, a dragon or two would have touched him when he was in Alt Black Dusky's care, right?))

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((Not sure. I believe I said poison. Painful, and lethal if left untreated for awhile. The pain is gradual, however. Once it starts to hurt the nervous system, death follows with 6 hours. Yes, it goes outside in from the circulatory system.))

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((Eh... I was thinking it would've done via magic, and that he was likely asleep given how nervous he was. And yeah... did not see the edit till you pointed it out.))

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"Are you alright to walk?" The Magi inquired, tilting his head in concern. This human seemed to have all these strange powers like levitation and telepathy, and stranger terminologies. At one point he thought that she might have come from the other side of the ocean, far from this continent. But, how would foreigners get to here without facing any difficulties? This village was right in the middle of the mainland.


The frills on the side of his face suddenly raised in an audible snap, before they slowly closed. "I thought I heard something but... Sounds like the weird black monsters have retreated." When he looked up the sky had turned red from just the setting sun, but to him it felt like a bad omen reflecting their rudely interrupted shopping trip.


"Oh right! I have to touch base with Galho to find Myr!" They were supposed to meet at the plaza, before this mess happened.


In a swift movement, he knocked the girl over with his neck and ducked down to toss her rather unceremoniously on his back while apologizing all the way. "Sorry sorry sorry sorry, sorry! I'm late, I'm terribly late!" Even though they could probably find him with a quick aerial scan, he went off in a gallop but made a conscious effort not to jostle his charge too much by stabilizing himself with his wings.


((I want him to crash into someone but...!))

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For some reason the nudging encouraged the being to try and run faster, and the creature was having a hard time keeping up. He was used to slinking around, not chasing down big scaly beings! As soon as the creature felt he was dropping behind though, the being tripped yet again onto its side, and this time there was a snap that accompanied it. The snap must have hurt it some more, because it had difficulty picking itself back up and limping away.

The creature wasn't sure if this was still part of the game, because the being kept going, or if there was something wrong. It had significantly slowed down now though, which made keeping up with it a little easier. The creature nudged its leg again and rushed forward to try and match its speed, paralleling the being.

Did it really like the game this much? It didn't seem intent on stopping. Did this race have an end, anyway? Maybe this being had some sort of honor to preserve, which is why it wasn't going to stop running? Hm... so either it was a dedicated racer with an honor to preserve, and it would keep running until it dropped, or it was a frightened being who needed a guardian. Which was more likely?

Well... what would happen if the creature jumped on it?


It had been quite a while since the creature had pounced on anything, and he was sure he would miss, but nevertheless he motored his tiny legs faster, keeping most of his tail in the air so it wouldn't drag and slow him down. Once he was close to coming ahead of the being he paused and scrunched up for a jump.

Now! The creature leaped forward. The being was just fast enough that he almost missed! Instead though, the creature managed to grab its haunches and heave himself up, before crawling forward in between its shoulder blades.

Now, to see what happened! If the creature was lucky the being would just try and shake him off before continuing the race. Or, if it was like those massive hoofed creatures at home, it would buck and possibly trample him. Hopefully not the latter. But the creature really wanted to know more about this peculiar being and why it was so persistent!

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(( laugh.gif ))


"Are you alright to walk?" the dragon tilted his head and looked at her with a... Concerned look. Michelle gingerly tested her leg and nodded. It still hurt, but if she didn't put too much weight on it she should be fine with it.

"Yes, I think so," Michelle affirmed, though she knew she was still shaky. Still, it wasn't only because of the wound, but there was something off about everything. The lack of mana in the air, the dragons everywhere, even the fact that one of them was speaking to her telepathically... He had just offered a healing spell. Would he know why the earth right here had a mana dead zone?


There was a loud snap from the dragon's direction, making her start. He had raised two large fins along the side of his head, though they were lowering now, looking up and around with an apprehensive expression."Is something wrong?


"Oh right! I have to touch base with Galho to find Myr!" The dragon exclaimed. Michelle turned back, confused. Why was he saying that to her? Before she can ask anything, though, a sudden movement from him and she found herself knocked over, then sailing into the air—she screamed once, panicking as she saw nothing but a sea of orange—and fell on something uneven and nearly sliding off—"Sorry sorry sorry sorry, sorry! I'm late, I'm terribly late!"


She was on the dragon's back, or at least most of her. At least his run was smooth enough that she managed to hold on and not fall, even if he was so fast she wasn't willing to risk teleporting. She caught her breath, taking this opportunity to think. Would this dragon be willing to answer some questions?


"Er, if you don't mind, would you mind answering a few questions? Why does this place have no mana in the air? Why aren't you speaking aloud at all? And... Where on Arad is this place?"

Where was he headed, anyway?

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Eternal Slumbwr felt something on his back. And his blood ran cold. He'd never seen someone on a dragon's back, unless they had a sword... or wanted to ride it. But he was the "black magic Soulpeace", the one everyone wanted dead...



He screamed and shook violently, attempting to get the thing off his back, but his adrenalin was running out. The pale dragon staggered, pain shooting up his leg, before he crumpled again. This time, he barely stayed his screech of pain, remembering what happened when he dared to cry out - the claws reaching for him...

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"A few questions?" Qaksh echoed. "You know strangely little about common knowledge, even if you might have come from an isolated area. There is mana in the air, although it is mostly found in liquid and solid forms around certain wells around the land, like natural springs. All dragons speak telepathically, and I am surprised if you have never encountered dragons at all. They permeate every corner of the land because of the high concentration of mana deposits underground. This is the world of Valkemare, and we're on the continent of Galsreim."


After he had answered, he made a comment of his own. "I've never heard of any humans with abilities like yours."


It was then that the dragon heard a scream, and he skidded to a halt, trying to be careful with his current charge. What was that? They sounded like they were in distress, whoever that was. "Wouldn't hurt to check that out a bit, actually," he told the lady. "Running late, but it won't sit well with me to ignore it."


He padded forward around the corner, and saw a slump of blue and purple, blood and several shed feathers. The Soulpeace dragon looked very battered, and a little wyrm-like creature with insect legs was crawling on it. It was unlikely that the small creature had caused any of the dragon's major wounds, but it was causing the soulpeace great distress.


"Excuse me, are you alright? Calm down, we're not here to hurt you..." Qaksh said softly. "If you stay still I can help you remove that... parasite?"


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The creature wasn't sure if he was pleased or not that the being jumped the way it did. Though the violent shaking was a new experience for him; it was almost like it removed his ability to see! He felt weird after that, like the world kept moving and he had no grip, so he just collapsed into the being's feathers and slid off as it fell over.

Odd... like dangling... no perspective... how did it do that? Must be some sort of defense mechanism. He wanted to know how to do that!

Once the creature felt he could move again he rolled over onto his belly and pushed himself up, but for some reason is limbs weren't cooperating and he stumbled back onto the ground. It was very awkward, considering he was mostly tail, but after two more failed attempts he finally managed to keep himself upright and stay that way.

He was still swaying, but the disoriented feeling eventually faded, giving the creature a good view of the being who was still on the ground. Its chest was still heaving, like it wanted to use it, but it wasn't moving. Curious, the creature climbed back onto the being so he could roll over onto the other side, and see what it was doing, but a noise made the creature look up.

Very large! Coming from the sky! It was a bright orange color, a color the creature hadn't seen in such large quantities before! It too looked like the weird being, with four legs and wings, but it didn't have any feathers, and it was much bigger. It also had a head frill, like the creature did; this intrigued him.


The new being landed and scrunched up its scaly face into an expression, but it was different from the expression the smaller being had before. The creature chirped and leaned forward in curiosity, only to sway back and raise his head frill in alarm as a strange sound started up in his head.

Whoa! What was going on?!

The creature shook his head rapidly - returning some of the prior dizziness - in an attempt to locate the noise, but it continued on inside his head, instead from outside. He tried rubbing his eyes to see if something fell on his head, but nothing came off. The odd noise had some sort of pattern or lilt to it, and it wasn't annoying, but it was so odd how he wasn't actually hearing it!

When the voice stopped the creature stopped brushing his face with his forelegs, and stared at the ground, before looking back up at the new being. It didn't look the least bit alarmed about the voice; maybe it knew what it was? Regardless, its shocking colors and head frill were really interesting! So much bigger than his own!

The creature bobbed his head and chirped excitedly, a little wary of approaching the new being after the chase with the current one (there was no way he could catch up to something bigger!), but he was still so curious and wanted to interact with it, to know what it was or if it could somehow explain the noise. He could smell that it was the same kind of being as the one he caught, but it looked so different!

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Eternal Slumber's eyes widened. A dragon! Oh no... they only wanted him dead. And yhen the telepathic talking.. like the angry dragons who chased him... sure, this one wasn't talking like that yet, but it could be a trick. He grunted, hauling bimself onto his legs. Hus wings flapped, generating enough lift that he could run on tiptoe with the injured leg lifted, but not enough to truly fly.


He was running now on tiptoe, swaying dangerously. Pain radiated outwards from the break, but if Slumber wanted to live he'd have to ignore it. The pale dragon's wings buzzed madly, and he seemed to hop as he ran now... but he was losing strength fast, and had no time to react before his wings gave out.


It was sudden, how he fell. Pain. Hus jaw hurt where it smasged against the ground. Hus chest and other legs too. And now he lifted it, the broken bone had broken flesh. It hurt. Everything hurt. And once again, unconsciousness washed over him, and the ill-fated Soulpeace finally had a little peace.

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((Pretty sure telepathy is instantaneous, though. And he couldn't have made it away that quick with his wounds, no?))

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