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favorite face on dragcave?

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i was looking at the different dragcave creatures and i think the one with the most human faces are the dinos.


so which dragon/creature has your favorite face?


my favorite faces are:


1.green dino



4.plated colosus

5.royal blue







i think these dragons have the coolest faces.i like plenty of other dragons on dragcave,but these have the best faces,i think theyre more detailed,while the others are more snakeish.i think dragcave needs more dragons with heads bigger in comparison with theyre body.



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Xenowyrm (Thalassa)

Avatar of Creation



Two-headed Lindwurm

Frostbite Dragon

Black Tea


Howler Drake


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Xenowyrms (all)

M. Silver


Avatar of Creation

Pyralspites (totally not biased here ;P)

F. Gemshards

F. Anagallis

Magelight Pygmy (all)

Bright Pink

Guardian of Nature


Honorable Mention: F. Neglected, Desipis

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In no particular order:



Avatar of Destruction

Royal Crimson(admitted bias)




Black Marrow

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Off the top of my head, I really like the faces of the pyralspites, bright pink, and xenos. But there are definitely more. I also like the male gold's face actually.

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I don't think I've ever paid specific attention to just faces! Huh. For sure my favorite's gotta be Green (I love the line of the beak/jaw).

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Oh, well... I like Lunar Herald heads a lot, actually. And Shadow Walkers. Can't go wrong with a Pyralspite or Solstice, either~ :3

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Of the top of my head: Marrows, the current female Silvers and Hollies. I hope the Marrows won't be changed any time soon.

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I've always liked Silvers' faces as they look so happy and friendly. Cheeses too. Male Anagallis looks like it's laughing, so I must include them as well. Avatar of Change has a face full of pride which is one of my favorites too, even though my all-time favorite must be the Mistletoes' faces. They're almost like the most innocent faces ever. :3c

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