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    I like turning eggs green (^▽^)
    Level 10


I accept and honour IOUs! Will be slightly inactive due to school. 6Zj99ER.gifKSHKRso.pngWiyE8Tb.png1gIkby7.pngzMmL3QZ.pngHoMuQ9O.png


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    Hello :o

    No, I'm not inactive, don't judge off my most recent posts :P I check this forum often but don't necessarily post. Poke me via PM if you need to ask me something xD

    I hoard stripes c;

    IOUs owed to me:


    IOUs I owe:


    Willing to breed free of charge (including 3G Prizes), take a peek at my scroll to ask for pairings cx Just let it grow up on your scroll, though.

    Successful ND experiments -
    Total attempts - 6

    June 4 2016 - Ember egg
    June 8 2016 - Frostbite egg
    June 23 2016 - Ember egg, Pink egg

    Next experiment - N/A