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gad786.pngwhat i am currently looking for:neglected and leetle tree

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    Dragon wishlists:

    current:collection 1:one of every dragon/creature/plant
    remaining:neglected and leetle tree

    collection 2:male and female of all dragons/creatures
    collection 3:all sprites
    collection 4:CB of all dragons/creatures
    collection 5:CB of male and female of all dragons/creatures
    collection 6:CB of all sprites
    collection 7:CB of all sprites male and female
    collection 8:All frozen hatchis (stage 2)
    collection 9:all frozen hatchis male and female (stage 2)
    collection 10:all frozen hatchis (stage 1)
    collection 11:all frozen hatchis male and female (stage 1)
    collection 12:all frozen hatchis sprites
    collection 13all frozen hatchis sprites male and female (stage 1)(stage2)
    collection 14:Many sets of legendary trios(untill i get a GoN)
    collection 15:hoard of pinks(60)
    collection 16:hoard of vampires(100)
    collection 17:hoard of purples(60)
    collection 18:3 alts and 3 normals of every creature if it hasnt happened already
    collection 19:Lots of lineage work

    https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=137455&view=findpost&p=8960643 <-----my wishlist